Proof that Fox News is Embarrassed by Sarah Palin

Over the last two years we have watched Sarah Palin say some of the most foolish things while doing an interview on Fox News. Just a few that come to mind are: 1. Building Dikes to control the Gulf Oil Spill. 2. Dumber than Bush 3. Fox News Commentators think they are off camera. Two... Continue Reading →

“Important Political News” About Sarah Palin

“m” sent this link from MSNBC, recorded yesterday ,on Sarah Palin. Rachel Maddow concluded by explaining that this was “important political news about Sarah Palin”. This would be an appropriate time to remember stories from the past done by MSBC on Palin. This is the Msnbc Story on Palin’s lack of qualifications, immediately after the 20008... Continue Reading →

The Oddest Couple-Palin and Christie

"m" sent this link to a new commercial featuring Palin and Christie.  Watch and enjoy!  Thanks M    

Which Wild Card is Sarah Palin?

The Washington Post is warning Americans, not the British, that Sarah Palin might be a “wild card” in the 2012 election. . While the article itself is instructive, there is a total failure to identify which card(s) she would be. Here are just a few possibilities: 1. Queen of Hearts- She says she has a... Continue Reading →

Corruption is a Way of Life in Sarah Palin’s Alaska

  Not long ago it was necessary to highlight the Culture of Corruption that defines Sarah Palin’s Alaska. That article was written as a result of amazement at the irony of Sarah Palin becoming the Governor as a result of people believing in her as the anti-corruption candidate, who became just as bad or worse... Continue Reading →

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