Over the last two years we have watched Sarah Palin say some of the most foolish things while doing an interview on Fox News. Just a few that come to mind are:

1. Building Dikes to control the Gulf Oil Spill.

2. Dumber than Bush

3. Fox News Commentators think they are off camera.

Two days ago we laughed watching Palin on Fox calling Mr. Cain “Herb” instead of “Herman”. I posted an article poking fun at Palin for calling Mr. Cain “Herb”.

My article included a link to a Fox News web site that worked when I posted it. Two days later the video is not available with a simple explanation “Page Not Found.” Perhaps Fox News is hoping that their transcript, which contained the correct first name for Mr. Cain, would be the only evidence still existing of that interview. Here is the transcript. However even the transcript revealed that Fox had been embarrassed by Palin’s use of the name Herb, and they corrected her in their transcript.

However here are segments of the original video.

The internet featured multiple articles which commented on the reference by Palin of the name “Herb.”

Tonight Palin gave another interview which proves that Palin doesn’t just like to call Mr. Cain “Herb”, but someone must have told her she screwed up by calling him “Herb.”

Now,this is an important lesson in how misinformation is conveyed to Palin fans. The web site http://www.sarahnet.net reported:

No, Sarah Palin Did Not Call Herman Cain Herb and Did Not Put Him Down UPDATE: Why Doesn t the Fox News Transcript Match the Politico Video?

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Somebody told me that Herman Cain was asked about this on CBS News and said Governor Palin was “wrong,” evidently based on media reports. But let’s go to the transcript, shall we? VAN SUSTEREN: How does, though, a politician, though, connect with the people and get it across so it doesn’t just sound like more […]

Robert Stacy McCain

 The truth is that Palin didn’t know Herman Cain’s name.  The truth is that Fox News wouldn’t have corrected Palin when they issued the transcript if they didn’t recognize that she, and thus Fox News, would the subject of much ridicule.



NSG provided this link.    This is the complete interview.  She calls him “Herb” four times and Greta works the next time she speaks to use the name”Herman” to try to help Palin, but Palin doesn’t pick up on the clue and calls him Herb a 5th time.  NSG points out that not only does she call Herb the flavor of the week, but she suggests that she spoke to the Prime Minister of Israel, and SHE conveyed what the majority of Americans think about the conflict in Israel.  While disparaging “Politicians” she says, “Ya Just Don’t Get It.”  Maybe if they quit their jobs too they too would have time to “get it.”


Thanks NSG for the  link!