Proof that Fox News is Embarrassed by Sarah Palin

Over the last two years we have watched Sarah Palin say some of the most foolish things while doing an interview on Fox News. Just a few that come to mind are:

1. Building Dikes to control the Gulf Oil Spill.

2. Dumber than Bush

3. Fox News Commentators think they are off camera.

Two days ago we laughed watching Palin on Fox calling Mr. Cain “Herb” instead of “Herman”. I posted an article poking fun at Palin for calling Mr. Cain “Herb”.

My article included a link to a Fox News web site that worked when I posted it. Two days later the video is not available with a simple explanation “Page Not Found.” Perhaps Fox News is hoping that their transcript, which contained the correct first name for Mr. Cain, would be the only evidence still existing of that interview. Here is the transcript. However even the transcript revealed that Fox had been embarrassed by Palin’s use of the name Herb, and they corrected her in their transcript.

However here are segments of the original video.

The internet featured multiple articles which commented on the reference by Palin of the name “Herb.”

Tonight Palin gave another interview which proves that Palin doesn’t just like to call Mr. Cain “Herb”, but someone must have told her she screwed up by calling him “Herb.”

Now,this is an important lesson in how misinformation is conveyed to Palin fans. The web site reported:

No, Sarah Palin Did Not Call Herman Cain Herb and Did Not Put Him Down UPDATE: Why Doesn t the Fox News Transcript Match the Politico Video?

Wednesday, 28 September 2011 19:15 | Written by – | |

Somebody told me that Herman Cain was asked about this on CBS News and said Governor Palin was “wrong,” evidently based on media reports. But let’s go to the transcript, shall we? VAN SUSTEREN: How does, though, a politician, though, connect with the people and get it across so it doesn’t just sound like more […]

Robert Stacy McCain

 The truth is that Palin didn’t know Herman Cain’s name.  The truth is that Fox News wouldn’t have corrected Palin when they issued the transcript if they didn’t recognize that she, and thus Fox News, would the subject of much ridicule.



NSG provided this link.    This is the complete interview.  She calls him “Herb” four times and Greta works the next time she speaks to use the name”Herman” to try to help Palin, but Palin doesn’t pick up on the clue and calls him Herb a 5th time.  NSG points out that not only does she call Herb the flavor of the week, but she suggests that she spoke to the Prime Minister of Israel, and SHE conveyed what the majority of Americans think about the conflict in Israel.  While disparaging “Politicians” she says, “Ya Just Don’t Get It.”  Maybe if they quit their jobs too they too would have time to “get it.”


Thanks NSG for the  link!









44 thoughts on “Proof that Fox News is Embarrassed by Sarah Palin

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  1. Sarah is starting to go after the hand that feeds her, Fox. This is the second (that I have seen) interview in which she’s made a snide remark concerning Fox. First was on Greta when she accused Fox of misinformation reagarding her poll numbers. And then in this interview with the judge she attempts to set Juan Williams straight. Her days at Fox are numbered. The judge can barely contain his contempt for her.


    1. Martha,
      I thought the same thing! You notice she doesn’t do interviews with Bill O’Reilly any more, and Glen Beck, even though gone from Fox is never seen with her. It is amazing the level of disgust people have before they say “NO MORE!”


      1. Oh contrary, SP & Glen Beck are going to be polluting the air near me just next week.

        “Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are coming to town for a once in a lifetime event and you don’t want to miss it. FM NewsTalk 97.1 and Hansen’s Tree Service proudly present Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, Friday October 7th, at the Family Arena.

        Join FM NewsTalk 97.1 as two of our country’s leading conservative standard bearers share the same stage. Sarah Palin first made history on December 4, 2006 when she was sworn in as the first female governor of Alaska. In August 2008, Senator John McCain tapped her to serve as his vice-presidential running mate in his presidential campaign, making her the first woman to run on the Republican Party’s presidential ticket.

        Glenn Beck, known for his quick wit, candid opinions, and engaging personality, has attracted millions of viewers and listeners throughout the United States with The Glenn Beck Program. His radio show is heard on over 400 stations. It is the third highest-rated national radio talk show among adults ages 25 to 54.

        Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the fusion of two intellectual conservatives as they Defend the Republic on the Family Arena stage.”

        Unfortunately, I work that day, so I’ll have to miss this ‘opportunity of a lifetime’.


  2. I’m waiting to hear that Roger Ailes’ “course correction” for FOX includes dumping Palin at the end of her contract (Dec.?) After all, Ailes has already named Beck and Palin as being “troublemakers” for the Fox brand.


    1. BW,
      I’m waiting too! If she sees the writing on the wall, she’ll run for President…not because she could win, but because how else would she get on the news?


  3. Deeper into the Fox hole they fall.

    Dig in….it only cost Fox some millions for stupidity.

    How the mighty have fallen. They deserve each other, and Sarah has helped to weaken peoples’ trust in the media, so let them swim in the cesspool of their making.


    1. Linda,
      I thought when Ailes announced that they were going to move to be more liberal in their reporting, that we would see a decline in the publicity of the Quitter, but I guess not.


  4. Amazing. I can’t believe that even Fox is still contorting themselves to this degree to prop up the Palin fraud. Of course in Fox’s case, they still have to prop up their own damn fraud.

    FYI, the link I was using for the Greta appearance still works. It’s the whole appearance, and I think I originally found it while peering into Palin’s Facebook page:

    The “Herb” Cain nonsense begins around 5:30.

    Her insane “I had dinner with the Israeli PM and pretended I’m an authorized American diplomat” is at 11:17. To me, that’s the bigger smoking gun out of that appearance, yet no one has batted an eye that she claims to have actively undermined the American President & Secretary of State.

    If anyone has the skills to capture any of this before Fox “disappears” it, too, please do!!!


    1. I have to agree with NSG’s comments re dinner with the Israeli PM. When I first heard that, I was absolutely astounded and then really irritated. Not only does she certainly NOT speak for me, but, last I heard, she is a private citizen, not a declared candidate and certainly not an office holder at any level. I’m also no attorney, but how in the world is it acceptable for a private citizen to be flying around the globe, repeatedly dissing our government (while getting paid huge bucks for it) and then blatantly promoting the same, hateful rhetoric on mainstream and social media? Why is no one calling her out on that???? Really, it just blows my mind! Personally, I think a tipping point is very near on many levels.


      1. LB,
        I think the problem is that as a private citizen we are free to travel where we want, meet with the people we want, and say whatever we want. I am hopeful that as Palin fades, someone in the administration would talk to foreign leaders and make sure they know she doesn’t represent the majority of Americans.


      2. Exactly, LB! And I completely agree with you about the tipping point being imminent. Redstate/Erickson today is Exhibit A. Heh.

        Malia, I def see that as citizens, Sarah & the rest of us have the right to commit this kind of BS, speak our minds, whatevs.

        My outrage is that if, say, Barbara Boxer had done this in 2004, the entire national media would have personally built a ginormous gallows smack dab in Times Square to string ‘er up. Have to support the president on foreign soil!!! Dixie Chicks!!!

        Oh yeah. It’s ok if you’re a republican.

        The more I read & write about all this, the more clear it becomes for me. I’m pissed & annoyed by Palin herself. My real anger & disgust is for our “journalistic” and political “leaders” who don’t call it for what it is.

        And that’s why I’m grateful for the thoughtful sanity around here. 🙂


  5. Fox has such journalistic integrity that they allowed her to go on again last night and say that she never said Cain was “flavor of the week” either; that that was the media twisting her words again! I guess when she says as POTUS that she intends to bomb Iraq, then Iraq threatens us back, she will giggle and say she never said what she said. Just what the world needs.


    1. Sally,
      Or worse, after she drops a “nucular” bomb she’ll say she never ordered it, and it was someone committing a blood libel on her!


  6. Does the person who has to transcribe her bullshit get hazard pay? I made the mistake of watching the Napolitano interview. I can never figure out what the hell she is talking about. This woman who got a $7 million book advance, gets $3 million a year for spewing her nonsense on Fox News and $100,000 a speech actually tries to pretend she is in the middle class.


    1. Karen,
      Hazard pay would be appropriate! I feel I needed someone to console me as I read each of her books! It was a painful experience, and I could only read about 10 pages each day.


  7. She constantly contradicts herself. Debates are helpful because they offer a window into the candidate’s views but then they’re bad because we only remember sound bites. Private sector experience is necessary to be a good POTUS, but then she quotes her 20 years of government experience. I also love how she referred to herself as “middle class.” Then, lots of projection by saying that Obama wasn’t vetted and her references to “crony capitalism.” Her mind is definitely not tethered to reality.


    1. karenw729,
      To suggest she is part of the “middle class” is such a joke. How many “middle class” families are worth over $12,000,000.00, have two houses, ride in private planes, only drink from bendable straws, and have someone to wash their panties?


      1. pcbedamned,
        See, the difference is you buy them, and get a good price. She make someone else buy them for her, and have them waiting for her when she gets thirsty.It’s like making someone else hold the button for you while taking a drink from the drinking fountain.


  8. Hi Malia – I believe they pulled the Greta video because in the Freedom Watch interview, she gets bent out of shape by Juan Williams and claims that she did not call Herman Cain the “flavor of the week.”. The Greta clip proves that she did. She’s certifiable. Thanks.


  9. It is a case of the Emperor wears no cloths. I heard it when she said Herb. Why doesn’t she just admit her mistake. It isn’t within her DNA to admit wrong and people want to put her in the white. Good grief. They need to open their eyes. She really is coo coo for coca puffs.


    1. AFM,
      Even if she isn’t comfortable admitting a mistake, you’d think that when you are on national television and do something so stupid that you’d be embarrassed to say that you didn’t say what you said!


  10. This whole episode is so typical FOX/Palin. When this first happened, HP ran an article on it. As I comment on HP quite a bit, I went on the article and saw some comments from people concerning Herb Caen – which led to some of us walking down memory lane together – back to the 60’s and 70’s in The City and Herb’s columne. We had a great time – it was fun.


  11. The one man sarah wrecking crew is running full tilt boogie.This woman may be able singlehandedly to bring down Fox news,the tea party and the republican party and they are still letting her go.She is the single greatest weapon the left has ever had,Peaches and Herb,ya gotta love it.


    1. Neil,
      I am amazed that Fox is still letting her speak. You can tell in this interview that Greta get annoyed and defensive when she speaks about doing her homework, and talks about Palin trailing in the polls. It serves Fox and the GOP right for aligning themselves with her.


      1. It surely does Malia.By the way That last video is hysterical.I had to wipe the tears from my eyes.The palin doctrine! Oh my God the woman is bonkers.Who could take that seriously.It’s amazing there are still people out there that believe she is capable of leadership.I think we may have dodged a bullet.


      2. Neil,
        I think people are catching on, and the GOP doesn’t want her to run. I think its gotten to be a source of embarrassment, and she would surely split the Republican vote, so who knows who might win! Serves them right!


  12. Right after that interview, even the peeople at PeeLand were saying she said “Herb”..then others were correcting them saying she said no she said “Herm”….Herb/Herm she still didn’t know his name. Fox and her supporters are always covering for her..Idiots all of them!


  13. I am so grateful this ridiculous farce of a woman is playing out her drama in an age when video and audio recordings can be made. Of course she said “Herb”. And Greta was good enough to pronounce his full name “HERMAN Cain” and Granny P. still did not pick up the clue.

    Later, when called out on her sorry mistakes, she lies and spins, but the record is there.. I think it is a survival function of her mental illness that what ever she says, she projects with 110% conviction.

    Healthy people might say to themselves, “she wouldn’t lie, given that there is an independent record of the conversation?” – oh yes she would, and has!

    Pardon me for digressing a bit. My sister worked for a manager much like Granny P. This woman would do or say ANYTHING in the moment to get her desired results. One morning she told her sales team that she would give her mink coat as a bonus if any salesperson made X amount of sales within 30 days. My sister worked night and day for an entire month to hit that very, very high mark.

    Next month, after a round of polite applause for her hard work, she had a private conversation with Mrs. Mink Coat – when can I pick up the coat I won? Mrs. Mink Coat swore up and down that she had never made that promise. Never would she have given anyone the opportunity to “take away my precious mink coat”.

    My sister did not get any support from the rest of “the team”. They wanted to keep their jobs, and if the promise was not in writing, the point could never be proved by he said/she said measures.

    When my sister attended the next month meeting, she put a tape recorder on the table. Mrs. Mink Coat turned red, and forbid any recording of their meetings.


  14. Her lemmings are always denying the stupid things she’s been saying during the entire 3-year period she has been on the national scene. The media, which is enamored of her for some unfathomable reason, reports accurately every stupid thing she has said and done, not to mention that there are videos showing her instances of idiocy. In any case, she cannot be gone from the political scene soon enough. She is a boring, loud-mouthed narcissistic fool who has extended her 15 minutes of fame 3 years beyond the point where they should have ended,


  15. “Don’t look for me to make a decision.” …..Ha ha ha ha!

    She’s so amazing, not at all ashamed, lol. Sarah is doing what Sarah always does, which is to make money and get attention and make more money. Running for President was never in her plans. It’s so ironic she points out how the media gins up controversy to get viewers to “tune in,” when that’s literally what she created her family to be, a walking controversy.

    Wasn’t it her choice to book “Kate Plus 8” onto her boring reality show? Didn’t Bristol stage a confrontation with a gay man to boost her own sagging ratings? What about discussing her boobs with Greta on national television, or riding around in a bus and winking to the press that she’s on “vacation?” (How ridiculously long afterword did we have to talk about Paul Revere’s ride?). Whether it’s a gaff that creates it for her, or a deliberate spectacle, Sarah’s controversies are never-ending.

    And btw…did she actually say Obama was not vetted? LOL. A psych major would have a field day with this woman, with her all her projections and delusions.


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