Which Wild Card is Sarah Palin?

The Washington Post is warning Americans, not the British, that Sarah Palin might be a “wild card” in the 2012 election. . While the article itself is instructive, there is a total failure to identify which card(s) she would be. Here are just a few possibilities:

1. Queen of Hearts- She says she has a servant’s heart, and her book is called “America by Heart” so she might like this image to prove that she is not heartless.

2. Queen of Spades – She fancies herself as royalty. Her push-up bra would indicate she is a female member. Why Spades? “Spades” has been used as a derogatory term to describe African American people, and Palin has a history of both being a bigot, and having a fetish for Black men. Thus queen of spades is a name she might give herself.

3. Ace of Diamonds. Sarah Palin has made enough money as a celebrity, she might just become the Ace of Diamonds.

4. Joker – A Joker inspires laughter, and Palin does that. Whether talking about Herb, her friends in North Korea, Reagan attending college in California, building dikes, squirmishes, shackely, or refudiation, she is definitely a joke.


The problem with Political Jokes is they get elected.


21 thoughts on “Which Wild Card is Sarah Palin?

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  1. And the Ace of Clubs? Sarah certainly loves to clobber those whom she perceives has crossed her, although RAM with her nightstick also qualifies!


    1. m,
      She keeps appearing on national news, and doesn’t say much, and every time I wonder if she’s going to make an announcement that will rock our world.


  2. Malia, I doubt mom will be a Wild Card for POTUS.

    Mom may play that game to hit the TPers and the Sea of Pee’ers for one more haul but I think mom is finished as far as POTUS goes.

    1) Mom was bloodied up pretty bad by Joe McGinniss’s book. I don’t know if you realize it, but it was a two handed in your face Glen Rice slam dunk. It not only cost mom the POTUS title but it may have cost mom her marriage too.
    Dad is still deciding if he can deal with his friends knowing mom got her innards pushed out by a negro or that mom gave Glen Rice a flute job.

    2) All the talk about mom abusing us kids verbally, not feeding us and pawning us off to whoever made eye contact with mom has brought back terrible childhood memories and now she has to deal with that and is afraid that I might write my memoir book about it being that I’m a rebellious teenager against mom.

    3) Mom now knows that key McCain people grew some gonads and are speaking out and mom does not want the rest of McCain’s people to drop their testicles and speak out as well which will happen if mom goes for it.

    4) Mom may be loosing her $1 million pretend job with FOX and is hoping to hook up with CNN, MSNBC, Telemundo or North Korea Peoples Network which means mom can’t afford more bad publicity that will come out.

    5) Too many books and movies are coming out against mom and she is afraid what the HBO movie will do to her.

    6) Mom is unqualified and ignorant but I don’t think mom is that retarded to think she has any chance of being the GOP nominee. The current GOP POTUS wanna bees will see to it that mom is totally destroyed beyond recognition.

    Well that’s what I think.

    Ooohh gotta go, I just seen a LA Laker go by and I need to get his attention.

    Let’s see I got my daisy dukes pushed up into my crotch and I’m Fired Up And Ready To Go.


    1. Willow,
      Good to hear from you today! Happy Rosh Hashana! Hey, have you met Herb? I bet if you guys had him over he’d make some pizza for you.

      I’m not sure that anyone in the news business would hire Sarah after the many stupid things she has said and done at Fox. She might want to consider working as a sportscaster again though because I bet she could get some exclusive interviews and private information. I think they call that “pillow talk” but your mom could just call it “common sense post-sex conversation.” If she keeps notes she could write another book. When she is too old to get those exclusive interviews, your dad could come to the rescue with some of his employees. Then they could make a reality show called “Todd Palin’s Job Creation in Alaska” and when ratings start to drop he could feature a new Palin daughter for each show. Maybe Officer Mew could make a guest appearance, as one of Todd’s best customers. What do you think?


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