The Washington Post is warning Americans, not the British, that Sarah Palin might be a “wild card” in the 2012 election. . While the article itself is instructive, there is a total failure to identify which card(s) she would be. Here are just a few possibilities:

1. Queen of Hearts- She says she has a servant’s heart, and her book is called “America by Heart” so she might like this image to prove that she is not heartless.

2. Queen of Spades – She fancies herself as royalty. Her push-up bra would indicate she is a female member. Why Spades? “Spades” has been used as a derogatory term to describe African American people, and Palin has a history of both being a bigot, and having a fetish for Black men. Thus queen of spades is a name she might give herself.

3. Ace of Diamonds. Sarah Palin has made enough money as a celebrity, she might just become the Ace of Diamonds.

4. Joker – A Joker inspires laughter, and Palin does that. Whether talking about Herb, her friends in North Korea, Reagan attending college in California, building dikes, squirmishes, shackely, or refudiation, she is definitely a joke.


The problem with Political Jokes is they get elected.