“Important Political News” About Sarah Palin

“m” sent this link from MSNBC, recorded yesterday ,on Sarah Palin. Rachel Maddow concluded by explaining that this was “important political news about Sarah Palin”.

This would be an appropriate time to remember stories from the past done by MSBC on Palin.

This is the Msnbc Story on Palin’s lack of qualifications, immediately after the 20008 election.

This was the response of McCain and Nicole Wallace to Palin’s book Going Rogue.



Here’s the link to Nicole’s New Book.

Given the fact that Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace had the most interaction with Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign, it is interesting that their assessment of Palin was the same as reported in Joe McGinnis’s book,

And Geoffrey Dunn’s book,

And Frank Bailey’s book.

Maybe Palin’s attorney will THREATEN a suit again Nicole Wallace and her publisher too?

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  1. Of course both Steve and Nicolle kept quiet about the threat when they had the opportunity. It seems it is only coming out now because Nicolle has figured out how to make a buck.
    There’s always a turning point. With regards to KO and Maddow and their reaction to Joe’s book — that was it. That Maddow goes on to host Nicolle just tells me — it’s all the same game and it is all about the money.
    Sigh. ….my bad for actually thinking they might be different.
    Where, oh whereare H.L. Mencken, Jessica Mitford, Edward R. Murrow, I.F. Stone, Lincoln Steffens, Ida Tarbell, Ida B. Wells and all the ‘real’ journalists?


      1. Malia, I watched Sarah on Fox business tonight but before the Judge was to interview her he interviewed Juan Williams, Williams said he was disturbed with the comet from Sarah about “Herb”Cain being the “flavor of the week”. The Sarah came on the Judge was asking about her plans, she would not answer, she said”We have to go back to my co-workers that was just on, I did not say what he said” she was mad again. I listened again to Greta’s video and Sarah certainly said what Jaun said.


      2. mmboucher8,
        I can’t decide if she is so ill or so drugged up that she can’t remember, or if she just believes she can lie and nobody will call her on it!


  2. Wowsa. Having listened to Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace, I am pleantly shocked at their candid views of Palin. Calling Palin “the failure of the vetting process” is the BEST thing Schmidt could have said — though it sure casts a pall over anything positive McCain might ever want to say about Palin in the future!


    1. BW,
      I think we knew this, but I’m surprised too that they said it. It makes me wonder if they think she is about to run, and they are trying to do damage control.


      1. One of the most appalling aspects of McCain’s ’08 campaign was the fact that he did not vet Palin. Five minutes on Google would have been enough to show that this woman couldn’t run a pie shop and yet he had the unmitigated arrogance to just slap her on the ticket; telling the American people that she was a candidate who could be taken seriously and who was capable of doing the job. Nothing could be further from the truth; he perpetrated one of the most disgusting acts of electoral fraud and dishonesty in history, and he has yet to answer for it. I can think of nothing bad enough to be visited on him for what he’s put the people of this country through.


      2. Julian,
        I agree, but I blame the GOP for allowing her to continue through the 2010 campaign. They knew she was outrageously uneducated and dangerous, but they let her raise money for them. Then as soon as the 2010 elections were over Bush came out and spoke against her. One after another GOP leaders started speaking out publicly against her, but by the time they did she had gained even more supporters and more money. If she runs as an independent and splits the conservative vote in 2012, they will get what they deserve.


  3. I’m so thoroughly disgusted and fed up with all those phoney “news” stations that have eaten the brains of the stupid and lured the cowards of mainstream media to become the whores they’re all showing to be. I used to like watching (on the internet) Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann. That they did not invite Joe McGinniss for the interview they NEEDED to do, and then to put down his research in his book – which they did not read I am assuming, I will nevermore watch their cowardly and greedy faces. That so pissed me off. The rest of those mealy mouthed cowards who thrashed the man and the message reinforce so many of my already formed thoughts, feelings and opinions of the falsity of so much in this country. They are as much as snakes as Sarah Palin. They all should be slithering back under the rocks they came out of.

    However, since everything seems controversial (understatement in the extreme) in the political arena these days, I am glad to see that his book is stirring up the pot. As an Alaskan, I think Joe McGinniss did our state a great service by putting it out there for the world to see – the kind of slime that oozed from the Palin’s and the damage she did to Alaska and its people. Thank you Mr. Joe McGinniss and I as an Alaskan and an Alaskan Native, give you a BIG THANK YOU for your revelations that we had already known about and you corroborated and discovered and gave them to the world. They who are the fools and deniers and cowards (you all know who you are!) will have to some day eat your words and slink away in shame. You of this ilk will never recoup your standing (low as it is now) ever. The stupid will never get it. Some day, also, everyone will know the entire scope of the Palin’s dirty and criminal deeds – those that even all the author’s didn’t put in their books. I for one, will never forget who the thrasher’s, trasher’s and cowards were. History is going to be very unkind to all of you in your sunken boat. You will richly deserve it.


  4. P.S.: Thank you Malia for allowing me to post my .feelings and thoughts. I will laud your contributions as I do all the author’s who speak the truth – whether bloggers or book author’s. A big thank you to you as well.


    1. deennaa,
      I think everyone who posts on this blog has strong feelings, or we wouldn’t be spending our time. I am glad to post your comments any time! Malia


    2. Deennaa – Yesterday I came on and decided I was just too upset to even make sense of my feelings. i decided to come back today and try again. I am angry with Schmidt, Wallace, McCain, Maddow, Olbermann, etc. Schmidt and Wallace, because they were a party to promoting a totally crazy woman, propping her up, feeding her talking ;points and then turning her loose on the national stage to spout her hate tinged speeches. There are not enough words I can think of to describe that fool McCain. My most sincere sadness is at Maddow and Olbermann. Rachel is a person I have been a supporter of since before she got her own show – and in the process have endured slings and arrows from Repub’s and Tp’ers whom I offended. Keith, I have always admired and enjoyed watching. I have made a decision to no longer watch either of them.
      I don’t know how Rachel could have had Scmidt and Wallace on her show to chuckle about Palin, what they did etc. It is a slap in the face to all of us.


  5. Malia, it is interesting that the Palins are not challenging or calling Glen Rice or Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace liars!

    The grizzly mama bear may talk a good game about suing you but if you swat her in the nose with a 2 X 4 she backs down and bleeds just like purse carrying Tawd.

    Time for the rest of Wasilla to come out and tell the world how crooked the Palins realy are.


    1. Oh Poppy,
      I wish more people who know the real gossip would tell what they know. Maybe they are waiting to see if she declares? I guess we will see.


  6. Out of curiousity, I went ahead and downloaded Nicolle’s book on my Kindle and am about 1/2 way through it. It is not particularly well written and I don’t actually see that much similarity to Sarah. Tara has a history of working very hard, graduated from college and became a lawyer, then a state Attorney General. That is nothing at all like Sarah’s background. She has one daughter, who is cute and smart and goes to school. No resemblance at all to any of Sarah’s offspring. Her husband is a former FBI agent..so clearly an educated man. Not like Todd at all. I think Nicolle just thought she would jump on the bandwagon of people making money off of those of us hoping to find out more about Sarah.
    Save your money as, in my very honest opinion, the book was not worth the $11.99 the Kindle edition cost me.
    Wasn’t it PT Barnum who said “there’s a sucker born every minute”? I would be the one at 11:29 last night.


    1. M,
      Thanks for sending this one too! I’m going to do a post right now, and within 24 hours she repeatedly calls candidate Herb “Herman, so she offer any excuses for calling him Herb except sheer stupidity.


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