Not long ago it was necessary to highlight the Culture of Corruption that defines Sarah Palin’s Alaska. That article was written as a result of amazement at the irony of Sarah Palin becoming the Governor as a result of people believing in her as the anti-corruption candidate, who became just as bad or worse than anything Alaska had seen.  We learned about corruption in the Department of Economic Development when they approved a tax credit for a film made for political purposes. Featuring the Palin family riding in vehicles without seat belts, child restraints, and teenage mothers living the high life, the film was contrary to the best interests of Alaskans, but promoted the best interest of the Palin family. . A 1.2 Million dollar tax credit was awarded to Jean World Wide and the Attorney General failed to even respond to this atrocity. When the National Enquirer reported that Todd had been involved with prostitutes, the ADP, under the leadership of Officer Mew, issued a press release to the NE that was directly contrary to its own records. No retraction, modification or clarification was ever made. When it was proved that Sarah Palin had violated the Alaska Code of Ethics, the Attorney General didn’t even order an investigation, but simply declared that “legislation” is not “legislation.” 

“Guest” brought a new story to my attention last night. It is the story of Police Chief Mew of the Anchorage Police Department being involved in a “bumper cruncher”.

In Texas we call this a “fender bender”. In Texas a “fender bender” is of little consequence. In Alaska this “bumper cruncher” is of great consequence. The offense is not the fact that Police Chief Mew was capable of making a mistake. The offense is not that he, like most of us, have used our cell phones while driving, and creating a potentially dangerous situation. The fact that Officer Mew violated Alaska’s Negligent Driving statute is proof that he made a mistake, but it is not outrageous. AS 28.35.410. The outrage is that Officer Mew, like Sarah Palin, are above the law. Officer Mew was not even given a ticket, even though he clearly was at fault, and even though he admitted that he had been distracted by the use of his cell phone.

Police Chief Mew was given a verbal reprimand. Troopers in Fairbanks have actually arrested drivers for using cell phones. Texting in Alaska is punishable with a fine of up to $5000.00 and one year in jail. Does Chief Mew deserve to spend one year in prison for this minor infraction. Of course not. But he does deserve to be given a ticket and held accountable for his conduct. If he had to appear before a judge, he would have to be accountable for programming his phone to alert him of a meeting, when he knew that it would sound its alarm while he was driving. A pedestrian could have been crossing the street when he was distracted. Instead of simply crunching the bumper of another car, he could have crunched the spine of an old lady crossing the street.

“Real” people have to abide by the law. Sarah Palin is repeatedly reminding us that she is a “real” person. The ugly truth is that she and her family and government officials in Alaska are not “real” people. They are the “elites,” not because of education or accomplishment, but because they are above the law. When a member of the Palin family breaks the law they are not charged, even though other “real” people who vandalized a house have a criminal record. When “real” people commit a burglary, or endanger a child, there are consequences and a criminal record that will forever remind them of past criminal conduct. When the Anchorage Police Chief, or the Governor or her family breaks the law, it is essential that they be held accountable. For the people of Alaska to believe in our system of justice; to respect our laws; to be accountable when they break the law, their leaders must be treated as a “real” person. They must be viewed equally under the law. Officer Mew, John Burns the Attorney General, and Sarah Palin and her family are members of the “elite” because they are above the law. Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton.