Corruption is a Way of Life in Sarah Palin’s Alaska


Not long ago it was necessary to highlight the Culture of Corruption that defines Sarah Palin’s Alaska. That article was written as a result of amazement at the irony of Sarah Palin becoming the Governor as a result of people believing in her as the anti-corruption candidate, who became just as bad or worse than anything Alaska had seen.  We learned about corruption in the Department of Economic Development when they approved a tax credit for a film made for political purposes. Featuring the Palin family riding in vehicles without seat belts, child restraints, and teenage mothers living the high life, the film was contrary to the best interests of Alaskans, but promoted the best interest of the Palin family. . A 1.2 Million dollar tax credit was awarded to Jean World Wide and the Attorney General failed to even respond to this atrocity. When the National Enquirer reported that Todd had been involved with prostitutes, the ADP, under the leadership of Officer Mew, issued a press release to the NE that was directly contrary to its own records. No retraction, modification or clarification was ever made. When it was proved that Sarah Palin had violated the Alaska Code of Ethics, the Attorney General didn’t even order an investigation, but simply declared that “legislation” is not “legislation.” 

“Guest” brought a new story to my attention last night. It is the story of Police Chief Mew of the Anchorage Police Department being involved in a “bumper cruncher”.

In Texas we call this a “fender bender”. In Texas a “fender bender” is of little consequence. In Alaska this “bumper cruncher” is of great consequence. The offense is not the fact that Police Chief Mew was capable of making a mistake. The offense is not that he, like most of us, have used our cell phones while driving, and creating a potentially dangerous situation. The fact that Officer Mew violated Alaska’s Negligent Driving statute is proof that he made a mistake, but it is not outrageous. AS 28.35.410. The outrage is that Officer Mew, like Sarah Palin, are above the law. Officer Mew was not even given a ticket, even though he clearly was at fault, and even though he admitted that he had been distracted by the use of his cell phone.

Police Chief Mew was given a verbal reprimand. Troopers in Fairbanks have actually arrested drivers for using cell phones. Texting in Alaska is punishable with a fine of up to $5000.00 and one year in jail. Does Chief Mew deserve to spend one year in prison for this minor infraction. Of course not. But he does deserve to be given a ticket and held accountable for his conduct. If he had to appear before a judge, he would have to be accountable for programming his phone to alert him of a meeting, when he knew that it would sound its alarm while he was driving. A pedestrian could have been crossing the street when he was distracted. Instead of simply crunching the bumper of another car, he could have crunched the spine of an old lady crossing the street.

“Real” people have to abide by the law. Sarah Palin is repeatedly reminding us that she is a “real” person. The ugly truth is that she and her family and government officials in Alaska are not “real” people. They are the “elites,” not because of education or accomplishment, but because they are above the law. When a member of the Palin family breaks the law they are not charged, even though other “real” people who vandalized a house have a criminal record. When “real” people commit a burglary, or endanger a child, there are consequences and a criminal record that will forever remind them of past criminal conduct. When the Anchorage Police Chief, or the Governor or her family breaks the law, it is essential that they be held accountable. For the people of Alaska to believe in our system of justice; to respect our laws; to be accountable when they break the law, their leaders must be treated as a “real” person. They must be viewed equally under the law. Officer Mew, John Burns the Attorney General, and Sarah Palin and her family are members of the “elite” because they are above the law. Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton.






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  1. Malia ~
    I think your argument misses in that you talka bout “real people”, but Palin speaks about “real Amerikuns”. The latter is a different species. They are the “low-information voter” that Lofgren described in his articulate article on the decline of the GOP.

    “Real Amerikuns” care about themselves way above country. They nurse their grievances about job and home loss and turn into homophobia, xenophobia and every other phobia that makes them better than their fellow citizens. That’s who Palin’s base is, not the rest of America that believes justice should be impartial for ALL. And that’s why I do m,y personal best to keep Palin discredited as a purported political leader, “commentator” and even parent. She is woefully lacking on all fronts, but because there is a credulous, ill-educated audience for her, she can thrive as a grifter in our society.


    1. B.W., thanks for the reference to Lofgren’s article – just read it again; had forgotten how clearly he outlines the GOP agenda. The democracy-crushing agenda directed toward keeping any and everyone not of “their type” from voting and obstructing any and all attempts of President Obama to lead this country is designed to undermine our democratic system as we have known it and as it was designed to be by the founders.

      The “low information voters” have no idea how they are being manipulated, played, made fun of, and used by the GOP. They want someone to blame for whatever is lacking in their lives and the GOP makes sure they “know” who to blame. Having a black man as President makes it all so easy to exploit whatever racist tendencies may be present in addition to the “usual” agenda.


  2. The Palin / Heath family are damn lucky Sarah and Todd were co-mayor and co-governor of Alaska, otherwise their immediate family and relatives would have the surname “Defendant”.

    The Palin/Heath family got away with all sorts of crimes, some say they eveb got away with murder.

    Other benefits the Palin children receive that other children do not get in Alaska is the ability to skip school for extended periods of time and they still manage to get a high school diploma or promoted to the next grade.

    It will be interesting to see if Willow graduates from an Alaskan high school or gets a diploma since she was kicked out of school and was ordered to be home schooled.

    It appears Willow has dropped out of school has been seen wandering the streets of Los Angeles looking for a reality show or a husband.


    1. KMA, Palin
      Maybe Willow should go to some NBA games. She comments from time to time, so I’ll be sure to put her in touch with Ticketmaster.


  3. I have and will always give people the benefit of doubt,and that goes for Police Chief Mew as well; maybe he don’t know the laws of Alaska! Just a little sarcastic.


    1. Robert,
      After the press release issued to the NE, I think Alaska and Anchorage should be embarrassed by him. He should have been fired long ago!


  4. I forgot a point earlier and wish I could give credit to the source of this comment. (It might be in Geoffrey Dunn’s book on Palin.) The point is that the state of AK is like an adolescent, immature and lacking the morality of adulthood. We should keep in perspective that the entire population of AK is 700,000 and Wasilla, where Palin cut her teeth on “executive experience” is a town of 7000 where there are no social services to oversee.

    I mention this because while we are repulsed by the slipshod, often shady practices of the state government and the police forces there, we would do well to think of how a third- or fourth-tier city in the lower 48 behaves…or how a teenager with a lousy education and parental upbringing behaves.

    I am by no means forgiving AK for their lax justice system, but I am trying to put it into perspective of where the whole state ranks in my estimation and esteem. Because the Palins are (in)famous in AK, they are a big fish in a small pond and get a lot of legal ‘favors’ they shouldn’t get. That’s part of why Palin LIES and expects to get away with it when she goes national or international.

    How I wish that even her ‘base’ would tire of her because we need MUCH better role models than SP, especially in public life.


    1. BW,
      I agree and would love for Alaska to become a model for other states. It is because the government in Alaska is relatively young that they have a chance to reform their standards, and set an example to the rest of the country. so far, the only example that they are setting is what NOT to do.


  5. Alaska should pass a law that if you want the title of governor or mayor then you need to pass an IQ test, drug screening, and a lie detector test so that we don’t repeat the mistakes of our past like giving power to a mentally ill, uneducated, cocaine sniffing, lying, foul mouthed sex addict.


  6. I will never ever go to Alaska. I learned everything I needed to know about Alaska from Sarah Palin….and that is just too disgusting for words. The entire state seems bloated with self-serving “officials” and a populace who looks the other way when abuses occur. And many of these abuses are way over the top, imho. It is a frightening place – undercurrents of lawlessness and corruption, fear of reprisals, bullying….even the children of top officials, like the palin brood, get away with criminal behavior. I wouldn’t shed a tear if Alaska seceded; they can join Russia for all I care. Just take all your lying theiving stealing politicians and other corrupt officials with you. Maybe Putin has a “job” he would like to give to Mrs. Palin. Now there’s a real man; no purse carrying toady in him!


  7. Don’t be put off Alaska by the actions of the Palin family. I didn’t vote her and would never vote for her. She may be a big fish in a small pond but believe me almost every Alaskan I know wishes she would just leave. She’s a pathological liar and a bully, and she’s not fit to run this country. So try not to judge our beautiful state by this family of grifters, there truth will come out soon enough, and when it does hopefully she will go away.


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