Palin’s Marriage by Innuendo

“Innuendo” is an indirect or subtle reference to something. Someone who is relying on innuendo is suggesting something by insinuation.Todd, Sarah Palin, and their attorneys have adopted “innuendo” as their mantra. Unfortunately the word “innuendo” has become the victim of misuse and abuse. Whenever the Palin family or their lawyers (which includes the APD) seek to deny a direct attack by a named source, the suggestion is that there is no direct statement, but only “innuendo” that something unfavorable to the image of the Palins actually happened. For example, when Shailey Tripp said that Shailey Tripp had sex with Todd, the Anchorage Police said it was “just guilt by innuendo.” The quote from January of this year was:

“It was just guilt by innuendo, nothing else,” Lt. Dave Parker told the Daily News on Wednesday. “There’s not one scintilla of evidence that Todd Palin had anything to do with this.”

The only “scintilla of evidence” was the statement given by the sexual partner of Todd Palin, while taking a lie detector test, that she had sex with Todd. The only “innuendo” involved was the statement by Sarah, not Todd, when she insinuated that Todd had not had sex with Shailey Tripp. When Sarah said, just ask Todd, “hey Todd, you been hanging out with hookers lately, he’lll tell you the truth.”  The “innuendo” was that Todd had not had a sexual relationship with Shailey Tripp, but of course we know he did.

Back in November of 2009, when Going Rogue hit the shelves, the LA Times commented on a passage that was “unusual for a political memoir.” They reported:

“Amid rumors that Palin and her husband Todd, known as Alaska’s “First Dude,” were getting a divorce, the governor recounts this moment in her odyssey. If it reads like a Harlequin novel, viewer discretion advised.

“That day in sunny Texas when the divorce rumors were rampant in the tabloids, I watched Todd, tanned and shirtless, take the baby from my arms and walk him back to the ranch house so Trig could nap while I made calls,” she writes in “Going Rogue,” the much-publicized memoir out Tuesday. “Seeing Todd’s blue eyes smiling, I chuckled. ‘Dang,’ I thought. ‘Divorce Todd? Have you seen Todd?’”

Thus Sarah Palin created the image of a happy marriage by “innuendo”. She suggested that if she found Todd to be sexually attractive, then the couple had a happy marriage. However now we know from Joe McGinnis’s book, that marriage is not a prerequisite to a sexual encounter with Sarah Palin, especially if the man is an athlete with great hands!

The National Enquirer reports this morning that Sarah and Todd Palin are, once again, headed for a divorce.

Whether Todd and Sarah actually divorce is inconsequential. The relevant story is that Sarah Palin has intentionally misled the American electorate about the importance of family. When Vanity Fair reported that “there wasn’t much parenting” going on in the Palin household, we were sympathetic to this kids, but hoped it wasn’t true. When Vanity Fair reported a year later that the Palin refrigerator carried dents substantiating the claims of battle done between Todd and Sarah with cans of food, we laughed and thought it might be true. Now that McGinnis’ book has been released and he has further documentation of pre-marital and post-marital affairs of Sarah and Todd Palin, we realized that the history of marital problems for the Palins was likely accurate.

Now that  the National Enquirer is reporting that the marriage is over,  it seems that this was a “marriage by innuendo.” It is always tragic when divorce is the best option for a marriage. It is even more tragic when politicians deceive the electorate regarding their values. The offense to the public is not the fact of a divorce, but the deception of a happy marriage.

If the Palins ever had a happy marriage and a tight-knit family it was long before Sarah Palin became a celebrity. To portray herself as a dedicated mother and wife is clearly not true. To suggest that abstinence education is effective is insulting to our intelligence. Let’s hope that any political future of Sarah Palin is the result of “innuendo” and “nothing else.”

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  1. Wouldn’t it be ironic if SP’s less-than-stellar sexual behavior was the death knell on the quest for power of this ‘family-values’ presidential wannabe? Between the possibility that Track is not Todd’s kid and Todd’s own indiscretions with Shailey, this messy ‘marriage’ is anything but examplary. I’d love it if she had to drop out and disappear.

    P.S. What’s that ‘key’ thing hanging at her neck? Whatever happened to her gratuitous use of the Star of David or the honking-big cross she has sported in other photos? I wonder what that key opens….


  2. Another excellent article by your accomplished hand, Malia. Your title is superb and I appreciate your level-headed, tenacious, dedicated approach to all things Palin.

    Thank you so much for helping to expose the malodorous abyss that is the Palins.


      1. Malia:
        While the subject of Queen Palin may be put to rest (we can only hope), your dedication and vigilance will still be needed to educate and expose Rick Perry for the fraud and hypocrite that he is. Thanks for keeping me informed.


  3. Well said, and thank you for your unwavering persistence to shine the light on deceitful politicians but the bloggers work is not yet done…not as long as there are wannabe sarah palins queing up to ride the griffter gravy train and fleece the american public those like the perrys, bacmanns. The MSM has signaled their defeat unless they get their moral compass and spine back fast is now up to social media led by bloggers to alert and inform the public on what is real behind the smiles, winks, and sugar coated words of our elected statesman.


    1. Nancy,
      I’m not really ready to think that she is finished! Just because that seems logical, we know that Palin doesn’t always behave logically.


  4. This will be interesting. If the marriage is disintegrating, who will be out there rustling up all the people needed to mount her campaign in 50 states? Who will be fielding all the requests for interviews? Who will get the kids? The mansions? The wrecked vehicles in the front yard? Since Todd has already entered the SnowDog thing, we know what he will be doing this fall/winter….and it won’t be campaigning for Sarah. I feel bad for the kids, but then, I’ve felt bad for the kids for three years now. Unfortunately, this won’t matter a whit to the GOP….they thrive on the unfamily values of their candidates.


      1. Malia, I just went to C for P and I never do. The article this man lnked to is absolutely insane and delusional! It’s also filled with outright lies like the IM blog is defunct. Really????
        I want to admire their loyalty to Sarah but I just can’t. Why dont they realize that they are the ones who have been deceived by Sarah! It’s truly pathetic that they don’t know this! What would it take for them to admit that Sarah has lied to them about so many things!!!! They really think they have proof Joes book is filled with lies and not that Sarah is the liar. Are they insane, stupid or both? I could go on about each of their
        many false and delusional beliefs but what for! It’s just still so shocking to me that people are so naievely deceived by her!
        And I wonder if by chance a light bulb goes on one day, and they realize they have been had, will they apologize to those who tried to warn them.


  5. National Enquirer is really forcing the Empress’ hand. Everyone who walks through a checkout line sees “Todd filing for divorce” and “Palin will not run” in bright colors. Very hard to miss. We all know there’s one thing (well, actually, there’s a long list) the Empress hates and it’s someone predicting what she will do. Watch for volcanoes and earthquakes in Alaska, the southwest, or wherever the Empress is residing these days.


  6. The only actual defined criteria for “a marriage,” in some places, is that it contain a male and a female. The marriage enterprise, then, can be anything the male-female partners want.

    IMHO, Todd Palin is too into the money, and Sarah Palin is too into the image, for either one of them to give up this particularly lucrative enterprise.

    If, however, the money-earning potential drops with the primary earner’s poll numbers (or is that pole number?) then, all bets are off and I would expect a dissolution of the partnership.


  7. Malia, do you have a copy of the latest Enquirer? They said on their blog that they would be having an interview with the beating victim of Todd & his “pals” when in high school.


  8. Have you followed up with the APD to see if she ever got her property back? Gryphen posted some pictures over at his site. But no follow up has been done. What is going on with Joe Mc Ginniss and Shailey Tripp? It looks like he is discrediting her.


    1. Guest,
      I have been in touch with Shailey, and the last information I got was that some of the items confiscated had been returned, but others had not. I would be shocked if anything that could implicate Todd is returned in tact…like a cell phone or her laptop, and I predict they will have all the information mysteriously deleted or the property will never be returned.


  9. Malia, I have read your blog for a long time, and think you describe Sarah Palin’s mental state[s] very well. Thank you for all you do.

    Did you watch Rachel Maddow last night? She interviewed Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace whose new book was released yesterday.

    Apparently a character in Wallace’s novel is a woman who has hidden bi-polar disorder from her family and is in the VP spot… at least I think that’s it. As Sarah threatens a law suit with one publisher, I doubt she realized that Nicole Wallace’s new book contains even more damaging information abour her character. That Nicole Wallace has strong Republican ties and writes such a book, I do find surprising, unless the nabobs of the Republican party are fed up with Sarah’s antics. Interesting.


    1. nenagh,
      Thanks for the information. I missed Rachel Maddow last night, but I’ll definitely find the book! That will be so much more damaging to Palin because they are Republicans. Thanks for reading and supporting the blog. Malia


  10. Like the obnoxious McGuiness is accurate lime the Bible. The hatred against this wan is absurd. You should focus on the White House and Cair and the true liars and corrupters out there.


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