Sarah Palin, The Mrs. Robinson of Wasilla

Sarah Palin, Mrs. Robinson,  The Empress apparently was interested in more than tall black men.  I guess when she says family is important to her, she is including ALL the family.


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  1. Makes me think that Shawn Christie’s story about Sarah sexting him is probably true. Meanwhile he and his father sit in jail…….


    1. Peggy
      It is amazing to me how much Palin and Mrs. Robinson look alike! There are also many pictures of Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft that look like or remind me of Levi and Palin!


  2. That photo has bothered me since I first saw it, as it just didn’t seem “right”. I totally believe Levi on this one. No wonder, it the fairy tale bot is to be believed, all of the girls friends wanted to hang out at their house. Nothing about this family will surprise me any more.


      1. She’s onstage playing a part, as all politicians do. Think to Sasha Obama being trotted out to say cute things to her dad on the live video. According to Sadie, Levi was never close to Sarah or Todd. At the RNC she had to pretend to be close.


      2. So you’re saying that Sarah Palin’s idea of pretending to be close with her daughter’s boyfriend is engaging in some creepy, flirty, innapropriate touching? Exactly what “part” is she playing?

        And you compare that to a kid saying cute things?


      3. Sorry, Malia, I was responding to “Carolyn’s” assertion that Sarah was just playing a part similar to Malia Obama.

        I highly doubt this was the only time Sarah Palin flirted with Levi. I’ve seen mothers like her who competitively flirt with their daughters’ boyfriends.

        The very best we can say about the situation is that Sarah Palin didn’t actually have a sexual relationship with Levi, but only flirted inappropriately with him. Sick and twisted no matter how it’s sliced.


  3. Well, she doesn’t dazzle anyone with her intellect or command of facts, and yet she craves attention like a junkie. I also think her behavior is a result of early abuse.


  4. I think she tried to seduce Levi, probablly to throw it into Bristols face or to cry rape.

    He was too dim about it, even though his friends thought she was acting flirtatious with him.

    But Sarah acts flirtatious with most males. I’ve never seen any public figure who oozed that sort of flirtatiousness before.

    A female Fabio. I think he is just as tacky as she is.


      1. In 09, he was asked if Sarah made pases at him on inside edition and he said no, with a “wtf” attitude.

        He is lying about the cougar thing. He obviously has no idea whats in that book as most of what comes out of his mouth contradicts it.


  5. Levi needs to remember just what his actual life was like even in 07. You know, the year he dated multiple girls, including Lanesia.

    He’s playing up the media’s interest. He’s a skilled opportunist if anything. So much of what he says can be debunked by actual timelines, AND his past statements.


  6. Also, Malia, remember Levi once said that Bristol told him her mom didn’t like him.

    Sherry Whitstine once said that the whole point of Bristol moving to Anchorage in January was to distance her from Levi.

    Levi is simply rewriting history to sell books.

    Not that I believe Mercede, but she once wrote and told Gryphen that Levi never was close to Todd or Sarah.


  7. That was a huge step for Levi, to go back and look at things with a more view and realize what was going on. The fact that it creeps him out says a lot about how he really sees the Empress. Talk about PAYBACKS! Now we know where the pedophile notion comes from.
    Only a sick Narcissistic mother would be competing with her daughter for men and children.
    The timing of all this publicity is amazing, poetic justice. While the Empress was deciding/teasing, the roof caved in on her.


    1. My youngest son got mixed up with a mother like that right after he graduated from HS. He was madly in love with her daughter, mama was madly in love with him. She’d call him all times of the day & night (even from midnight on). She’d visit him at college, even waiting outside the classroom to spend time with him. When he & girlfriend had a fight, which was frequent, she intervened, even going so far as to come to us (ex & me) to try to get us to work on him to reunite with her. When I’d try to talk to him about her inappropriate behavior, he just wouldn’t believe it. A boy in love sometimes abandons all logic. I still thank my lucky stars that they finally broke up for good.

      Thanks Malia!


      1. KiheiKat,
        Thank God ! What a nightmare for you! I hope your son found someone whose mother was not so crazy. If he had married the girl, and had this woman as his mother-in-law, it would have been so bad for him, and his wife!


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