Does Sarah Palin Cause, or Attract, Bigots?

Yesterday, in response to this post, that had nothing to do with religion, “Pete” lodged an anti-Semitic attack. Pete said:

“Hey Malia and similar Nazi-Talmudists…start thinking about that one-way ticket to Israel…or maybe some of you are going to be shoved inside a forced-labour camp

Love you Jews…but only if you are in Israel! Have a nice day”

“Emily” inquired about why would I allow this kind of hateful comment to appear on this blog? It seemed necessary to demonstrate the extent of the bigotry that is associated with Sarah Palin. Whether Palin causes people to become bigots, or whether she simply attracts bigots is not the issue. Either way, Sarah Palin should be ashamed of her bigoted attitudes and those of her supporters. Palin appears to be indiscriminate in her discrimination.

1. Asians: Her dad said that she left school in Hawaii because she was uncomfortable around all those Asians.

2. Blacks: Palin defended Dr. Laura’s repeated use of the “N” word.  Then there is the report that Palin referred to President Obama as “Sambo”.  There was also a public outcry by African Americans as a result of exclusion in the Palin administration while she was Governor.

3. Hispanics: When Arizona passed its law allowing racial profiling targeting Hispanics, Sarah Palin supported the law.

4. Homosexuals: The book Palin tried to ban from the Wasilla library was Daddy’s Roommate.

Palin opposes same sex marriage and even opposes extending federal rights and benefits to same-sex couples . Palin also endorsed the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. 

5. Muslims: Sarah Palin objected to Muslim Americans practicing their freedom of religion to worship on property they owned in New York.

6. Jews: Although Sarah Palin has advertised herself as a supporter of Israel, that is different than promoting freedom of religion and respect for Jews.As illustrated by the “Key of David” she wore on her trip to Israel, it appears she thinks SHE will be the person to convince the Jews of Israel of the error in their ways, and embrace Jesus as the savior.

Over one year ago, I posted this article warning about the bigotry that Palin and her supporters had toward Jews. When Gabby Giffords became the victim of a mentally ill shooter, Palin suggested that Sarah Palin was the victim of a “Blood Libel” a term used to attack Jews.  As time has gone by, Palin has demonstrated that if you are not white, conservative, and Christian you shouldn’t have the same rights that she enjoys. Consider what Palin, and her supporters, fail to recognize about Jews in this country:

1. Jews comprise only 1% of the world’s population(13 million).

2. Jews have won more Nobel prizes than any other ethnicity, and a disproportionate number, 160 out of 660, or 24% compared to their 1% of the population.

Consider the famous Jewish scientists, businessmen, and thinkers, Albert Einstein (the most famous scientist of the 20th century),

Karl Marx (German Philosopher and founder of modern economic history and sociology) , Signumd Freud ( founder of psycho analysis and the father of psychiatry), Jonas Salk ( created the first Polio Vaccine), Abraham Waksman (antibiotics), Haym Solomon and Isaac Moses (created first modern banking institutions), Altmans, Gimbels, Kaufmans, Lazaruses, Magnins, Mays, Strausses, Rosenwald, Hart, Shaffner, all leaders in retail department stores and marketing. Jews have also been key figures in American literature and film including Philip Roth, Saul Bellow, Bernard Malmud, Woddy Allen, Steven Spielberg, Flo Zigfield, Samuel Goldwyn, and Louis Mayer. Consider famous Jewish inventors including Theodor Judah (chief architect and engineer for the American Transcontinental railroad) and Emile Berliner the inventor of the phonograph. Remember the contribution of Jews to Art and Literature like Mark Chagall, one of the 20th century great painters, and Poet Emma Lazarus most famous for her poem “give me your tired…your poor…your huddled masses” found on the Statute of Liberty.

As a group, American Jews tend to be better educated and earn more than the average American. Forty six percent report family incomes of over $100,000 compared to 19% of all Americans. Twenty seven percent of Americans have college or postgraduate education education. Fifty nine percent of American Jews have comparable degrees.  Until the 1950s, a quota system at elite colleges and universities limited the number of Jewish students.Today, American Jews no longer face the discrimination in higher education that they did in the past, particularly in the Ivy League. For example, by 1986, a third of the presidents of the elite undergraduate clubs at Harvard were Jewish.[71] Rick Levin has been president of Yale University since 1993, Judith Rodin was president of the University of Pennsylvania from 1994 to 2004 (and is currently president of Rockefeller University), Paul Samuelson’s nephew, Lawrence Summers, was president of Harvard University from 2001 until 2006 and Harold Shapiro was president of Princeton University from 1992 until 2000.

Perhaps it is Sarah Palin’s attitude toward Jews that causes her to continually condemn the “elites”.   I wonder how “Pete” would measure up to some of these Jewish leaders of our country? My husband is a Jew and in the last two years alone he has created over 100 jobs in his business, when jobs are so desperately needed in the country. My son is a Jew. He’s a senior at an Ivy League college, majoring in Chemistry, and applying to Graduate programs in Chemistry in hopes to one day make a difference in science and medicine. He may not be the next Nobel Prize winner, but you can bet he’ll be trying to help mankind, regardless of a person’s religion or bigoted attitudes. My oldest daughter is a Jew. She is a Junior at an Ivy League college and working to become an expert in alternative energy to help the country make a transition from our dependence on foreign oil, while saving the environment. She has been to Togo Africa, Istanbul, Turkey, and Israel during the last two summers in an effort to help these countries advance their attempts to become energy independent.   My youngest daughter is a Jew. She is still in High School and spends three hours every weekend tutoring less fortunate children who need help in math and English. The United States of America is a better place because of these Jews. I wonder if “Pete” thinks the country is a better place because of ANYTHING he has contributed?

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  1. I am so sorry that you were on the receiving end of such stupidity, but I agree that you needed to let the rest of us see it. Since I have always been WASP I have never personally experience such slurs, but I surely do not condone them.

    I feel that Sarah Palin’s speeches during the campaign incited such hatred. There were so many times she should have stopped the person and told them that what they were saying was inappropriate and not to be tolerated. Instead she often smirked at them and showed them that she agreed. But, it was also good for those of us who were getting complacent to see these horrible people still exist. She turned the rock over and exposed them.

    I personally hope John McCain spends eternity in a very hot place for giving this woman a voice. Shame on him!!!


    1. hockeynana,
      As long as a comment is not vulgar, I will post them as I believe it is important for all of us to realize that there are people in this country who really feel this way. We like to fool ourselves into thinking that this type of bigotry is a thing of the past, but it obviously isn’t. Thanks for your support! Malia


  2. I am late in getting to it, but am loving the fact-based Palin biography/tell-all by Geoffrey Dunn. From it I am clear that Palin’s bigotry was formed early — in high school — when members of her church were the “in crowd” and those who attended another Protestant denomination or “worse” were on the outs. Her perverse connection between her religion and her craving for ‘popularity’ made her what she is today: a fundamentalist narcissist. The twining of those two themes comes across well in Dunn’s book.

    Malia ~ I urge you to reference Dunn’s book more often because you undoubtedly appreciate that it is so loaded with research directly from Wasilla and those who knew/know her. He tells a story about the evolution of this VERY mean-spirited person and shines a light onto the falsehoods of her ”narrative” as she would prefer we see her.


  3. My father was a superintendent of schools in a town in Massachusetts. He told us he was glad to get a job where there were a lot of Jews, because “Jews are good for education. They want it. They support it.


  4. Malia:
    Thank you, once again, for a wonderfully written piece.
    I am so sorry about “Pete”.
    I am a person who grew up in the midwest, but my mother was from the east coast, and believed all people had the right to worship in the way they felt fit their lives. When I was growing up in the late 60’s, she took us to the synagogue, methodist, lutheran, and baptist churches so we could see that we are all ‘just people’. More people need to do that.
    I am still astonded at the bigotry and hate in this world, in this state of Alaska, and in my community. Pieces like the one you wrote will help eradicate the hate. Thank you. You are a national treasure, and never ever forget it!


    1. Miss Demeanor,
      Don’t feel as if you should apologize for Pete. He is the only one who should apologize for himself, and I’ll not be holding my breath waiting for that. I am just as offended by the discriminatory remarks made by palin and her supporters about other minorities, but don’t have the personal stories to share because I am a white christian. Just because its not as “personal ” for me, I take as much offense to the attitudes toward other minorities, as I think it is equally wrong.


  5. Wonderful piece. Thank you. and screw you pete you moron. Honestly, a stupid, ignorant, bigoted, palin panty sniffing moron. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!


  6. Lets be fair. She’s not prejudice when it comes to having sex with i.e., african amuricans..but thats it! No hanging around with you. No being seen with you. Heaven forbid she do anything NICE for a minority. So thats the crazy part. If she’s a bigot why would she sleep with a man of color? It just doesn’t make sense. Unless her superiority was at play here. Like when she was Gubnr in Alaska. I am the Gobnr..I can do what I want and get what I want–with the help of my girls-Even!! a good piece just like that!


    1. Cleo1217,
      Maybe she uses Black people just for sex, and another group to wash her panties. Just because they are good enough to service her needs, doesn’t mean she isn’t a bigot. Malia


      1. My MIL was an outrageous bigot and used to say – all the time – that her worst nightmare was being raped by a big, black, buck. She’d have a dreamy look on her face when she said it. We all thought that it was her best fantasy.

        When my BIL was in the Navy, stationed in Japan, he sent home a picture of him in a bar with a Japanese bar girl sitting on his lap as a joke. She got so upset, she called the Secty of the Navies office & tried to get him sent home – no joke. She didn’t want him bringing home any _____. She needn’t have worried, she passed on her bigotry to her children.

        A pox on Pete! Great post Malia!


  7. You do realize that Hispanic is an ethnic group and not a race? I know that you are not the only one that uses hispanic as a race and that misconception is widely used in this country, so it is nothing personal. Hispanics are comprised of many different races, blacks, Asians, mulattos, people of indigenous backgrounds, etc.

    You do realize that the same type of people that colonized North America, colonized South and Central America. They mostly all came from Europe in the 1500 and 1600’s not to mention the Italians and the German who went to South America after WWII. For example, just watch one of the hispanic soaps and you will note that there are blonde, blue eyes individuals there and also very light skinned dark haired people depicted, Also, to prove the racism of Hollywood, when Sofia Vergara (now in Modern Family) started in Hollywood they dyed her hair dark black because she did not look “Hispanic enough”. She is from Colombia and yet she was not “hispanic looking enough”. Her normal hair color is a light brown. My mother is hispanic and she has blonde hair and blue eyes and very fair skin. My husband is also hispanic and he has light brown hair, blue eyes and skin so white that he actually looks like he was dipped in bleach since he has no color whatsoever. His whole family is extremely fair also.

    I can understand why Americans think that hispanics are all the same color because illegals aliens are mostly of the indigenous race and this is due to the fact that South and Central Americans are very prejudiced. The lighter their skin and the more “European looking” the better jobs they can get and that is why so many come to the US. Why do you think that the Presidents of Mexico, Guatemala, Salvador et. al are all up in arms because of the illegal immigration crackdown? They do not want them there. They would rather them come to the US. The southern border of Mexico is up in arms because of the illegals that are passing through there from other countries. The same is true about Jamaica, the lighter the skin the better kind of jobs they are able to procure. I stayed with a Jamaican friend at her sister’s house and I was appalled about how they treated their darker skin compatriots. As a matter of fact their mother wanted her daughters to marry “light”.

    I know that it might be difficult for yu to believe, but North America is a lot less racist than their southern neighbors.


    1. Guest,
      I know what you are saying is true. I have some friends who are of Indian descent, and I understand from them that in India, there is a lot of discrimination based on the degree of color…with the lighter skin being the preferred color. So amazing to me!


  8. I am also a Jew, and graduated from an Ivy League college…Columbia University. Bigotry is sometimes subtle, and often fatal. Let us be mindful of the possibilities.


    1. GG from Cincy,
      Congrats on your education at Columbia. I have a good friend of the family who is there now. The comments like that from Pete demonstrate obvious bigotry. It ‘s much harder to address the subtle bigotry that is often a part of the world we life in.


  9. As Governor, Palin also refused to certify the Juneteenth celebration in Alaska, something the Gov is required to do every year. Even when she was called out on it – she still refused to certify it. I don’t think she ever did. Not a good person.


  10. I used to be friends with this guy who is anti-semitic. He took every thing Eustace Mullins as the gospel. One day he went on an anti-semitic rant and I pointed out, “Chris, Albert Einstein helped us develop the nuclear bomb and without his help we would be speaking Japanese today.”. His response? Jewish bankers were responsible for WW2 and that FDR and Churchill helped them make a profit from it.


    1. Sarah Palin has a serpent’s heart,
      Thanks for the additional information, but I am sorry that you know him. I hope he never enjoys another Spielberg movie!


  11. I guess the Jews are going to be the latest victims of American white Christian ignorance. These bigots don’t take the time to separate religion from politics. They don’t realize being Jewish is a religious choice, like the many other religions we are free to practice in America. The bigots don’t realize Zionism and Israel are political entities. It’s the same problem they have with Muslims, thinking all are Arabs. Nope! While the majority of Arabs are Muslims, the second largest religious group in the Arab world is Christians. You’ll find a similar demographic in Israel where most are Jews, but there are also Muslims and Christians.


    1. aj,
      I think about comedy central’s Restoring Sanity rally, when they had Karem Abdul Jabbar appear and remind everyone that he is Muslim!


  12. I’m disgusted that someone would sully my good name that way! I thoroughly enjoy your blog Malia the few times I have posted a comment it has been about Sarah Palin. I don’t like her because she’s a liar and a hypocrite. She doesn’t attract followers who are sensible, she attracts uneducated and ignorant people. Since intolerance stems mostly from ignorance, it’s more likely that Palin attracts bigots. She isn’t the cause of bigotry, but she would definitely appeal to a bigot! Keep up the good work! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed on your follow up ethics complaint!


      1. Oh I already read the comment by Pete (the bigot) and it was cringe worthy to say the least. I was fortunate enough to travel through Europe with a student group in high school. While we were visiting Munich we spent the day touring Dachau, the first Concentration Camp preserved for historical purposes. It serves as a memorial site and museum. I walked around numb the entire time especially after viewing the large ovens. It was very informative and educational so I was glad I went even though the experience was emotionally draining. If Pete the bigot had gone to Dachau he would never have posted such an asinine comment!


  13. Malia, you describe yourself as a “white christian” and your children as Jews. I don’t doubt that they self-identify as such, and are accepted as such by their associates. There are Jews, however, who would require them to go through a conversion ceremony to be accepted as Jews, because their mother is not Jewish. This happened to William Cohen (former Senator and then Secretary of Defense) when he was growing up in Maine – I read his autobiographical account years ago in a Unitarian Universalist magazine – a summary of the facts appears in the Wikipedia article about him. Cohen as a boy had been attending the synagogue, so when he was told he could not have a bar mitzah without a conversion ceremony first, he declined, and has been a Unitarian Universalist for decades.

    Cohen and his wife, Janet Langhart, an American woman of color, have written a book: Love in Black and White: A Memoir of Race, Religion, and Romance. The book’s final chapter features Janet’s masterfully crafted play, a dialogue between murdered Emmitt Till and the Holocaust’s Anne Frank.


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