Sarah Palin’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Politico ran a story today quoting an interview of Sarah Palin with her old buddy, Greta. She is quoted as saying:

“Still very engaged internally with my family in discussions about whether we should do this or not, Greta,”

“But in the meantime, I’m getting kind of a kick out of … getting out there, giving a speech, making some statements about things that must be discussed and then the very next day watching some of the candidates get up there and discuss what it was that we just talked about, like the corruption, the crony capitalism, the waste, the fraud – some of those things that are going on right now. It’s like, come on, candidates, it’s about time you started talking about that!

“And if that perhaps is my role right now, presently, is to get people talking about the issues that the American people deserve to hear discussed, and the solutions that can result from the discussions about some of the issues that we talk about, then I’m going to keep doing that.”

“I’m sick of giving the same answer, believe me,” to the presidential question. “I’m anxious to give an answer and get on with life one way or the other. But whichever direction life takes me, I’m going to continue to speak up for we the people and the tea party movement and the mama grizzlies.”

“Narcissistic personality disorder”  is defined by the Mayo Clinic as :

“Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. Those with narcissistic personality disorder believe that they’re superior to others and have little regard for other people’s feelings. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

Narcissistic personality disorder is one of several types of personality disorders. Personality disorders are conditions in which people have traits that cause them to feel and behave in socially distressing ways, limiting their ability to function in relationships and in other areas of their life, such as work or school.”

Sarah Palin is the poster child for Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

Only a mentally ill person with an “inflated sense of their own importance” would suggest that the country is talking about “ crony capitalism, the waste, and fraud” because she did an interview in which she talked about these things. It would be like saying that on the tenth anniversary of 9-11 we were talking about 9-11 because of Palin’s facebook post that day. 

We have also seen examples of Palin’s feelings of superiority to others and little regard for other people’s feelings. One of the most memorable examples was the description by Frank Bailey in Blind Allegiance when he described the day one of Sarah’s supporters gave her his most precious of possessions, his fedora, brandishing all of his campaign buttons . Sarah thought that this campaign worker’s hat was “icky” and threw it in the trash.

When she became a part of John McCain’s campaign she demonstrated her lack of regard for his staff, by insisting that they wash her panties. (GameChange)

Sarah Palin is also vulnerable to the slightest of criticism. Remember when Karl Rove said, it looked like she might run and she got upset. She was described as having “thin skin.” Even though Rove was not trying to be critical, she perceived his comments to be an attack on her.

Sarah Palin is not a child, but she is the poster adult for “Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

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  1. SP keeps talking about the pool of candidates changing. I think she is waiting for Bachmann to drop out so she can be a beauty contestant again. However I’m doubtful that Bachmann will oblige by the end of Sept., leaving Princess Sparkle Moose in a quandry…and up against an even meaner TPer than she is, with bigger guns and testosterone and a pocketful of LIES to boot.


  2. Forgot to add that there are far too many ”g’s” in her quote to be credibly hers.

    Palin’s quote should read like this: “gettin’ out there, givin’ a speech, makin’ some statements about things that must be discussed and then the very next day watchin’ some of the candidates get up there and discuss what it was that we just talked about, like the corruption, the crony capitalism, the waste, the fraud – some of those things that are goin’ on right now. It’s like, come on, candidates, it’s about time you started talkin’ about that!

    Palin’s narcissism just might drive her to run, but this ignoramus is not the one to fix what ails us, any more than Bachmann’s claim that it’s “easy” to fix our economic crisis with “backbone.” Fact-free again, MB.


  3. Woo! I got a very goose-bumpy feeling when I read that she had campaign aids hand wash her panties. WTF is going on there? I hope someday we understand the whole dynamic that drives her. I personally think that she was born with a brain that does not fire on all cylinders, or maybe her soul is missing something. I also think abuse may play a part.


      1. MadMs,
        It is disturbing to me too! I can’t believe she calls herself a “common” person, condemns the “elite” …and then insists that the identity of her panty washer is quite significant.


    1. Sarah Palin is mentally disturbed. As one who had a rewarding and successfu career in child abuse investigations/foster care/protective services in FL & MA, I do see that Palin came from a dysfunctional family and that she herself suffers from mental illness. I am not a psychologist. I do have a degree in psychology. I can assess people and situations and family dynamics with great skill. I have a work record that is impeccable and always on the mark. I was an expert witness in courts in MA & FL. Palin is a mess, psychlogically. The family she came from and the family she and Todd made are both troubled. There is a problematic tension and a lack of genuine care and love. The people in the Palin/Heath families are concerned with the shallow and the frivolous and with appearances and they lack substance. Oh how they lack substance.

      They do not deserve our attention. They are hollow, empty-headed people who talk and talk and say nothing. So many Republicans are like that. I saw Marcia Blackburn (R,TN) on with Chris Matthews today. She is a fool. She says nothing when she talks. She is like a parrot. She is like a stuck record. She is a mess. Her mind must be tangled in webs and tied in klnots. She is difficult to watch and listen to. She is a mess. Where did these ridiculous fools come from. Do people in TN really think Marcia Blackburn is up to the jop of Congresswoman? And Michelle Bachman?

      God help us if the Republicans gain seats in the US Congress next year. They have truly gone over the cliff.


      1. thomas,
        Thanks, as always for your comments. It is really frightening to me that so many people support Palin when she is so clearly sick. I look at the outrageous things Perry has done in Texas, that have nothing to do with politics and everything to do with corruption and a total lack of concern for texans (like the toxic waste dump, and I am amazed that he is the leading contender. Just appalling! Malia


      2. I certainly include the many empty-headed and foolish male, Republican members of Congress. There are so many. Sometimes those men astonish and shock me with their ignorance and hypocrisy. Mica here in FL and others on key Congressional committees, are outright liars on issues and consistently misrepresent facts on CNN,.MSNBC, C-Span, etc. FoxNews channel is so bad that I truly cannot watch it – constant distortion and lies and twisting of the facts to suit the extreme right wing agenda (with a few exceptions).


      3. I come from a family like the Palins – so pathologically ill it’s scary. However, they have $$$$$$ and you would not believe how people suck up to them – which is in equal measure both frightening and disgusting to witness and it’s made me understand all too well how a “Hitler” comes into existence by promoting his/her false charisma. For a long time when I tried to relate my experiences with my dysfunctional family, I was met with glazed eyes given to most people growing up without concern or love is next to impossible. However, since Mel Gibson had his narcissistic meltdown, now I simply say “I’m not interested in seeing his/her ‘inner Mel Gibson’ and finally people “get it.” Lord help us all with Election 2012.


      4. Cynthia,
        I am sorry about your family. Sometimes we find new “families” within our friends, and I hope you have one.


  4. Malia –
    Good article. She makes me want to upchuck – is that even a word?
    Sooo looking forward to the book that is supposed to be out soon concerning the baby hoax. Gryphen said it was to be this month. I hope it answers all of the many questions we have about this nonsense concerning Trig.
    Yes – she is sick – no doubt about it. And I am not even a doctor! All anyone has to do is look at her behavior – there is something seriously wrong.
    Mudflats has been doing some interesting posts concerning things “left on the cutting room floor” from Bailey’s book concerning extreme drug use, bingeing (sp?) and purging, temper tantrums, etc. Out of control behavior for sure.


    1. Pat,
      Yes I am disappointed they left that out. we need to have a requirement for the Presidential candidates of an independent certification.


  5. I’m thinking that palin spends most of her time, like Frank Bailey said in his book, wondering what others are saying about and getting even with those that dare criticize or question her.

    My friends and I wonder why the republicans are not talking about jobs and why they are ignoring the science behind climate change. Why they can’t say anything but NO to the POTUS and why adult men and women can’t play nice with the democrats.
    Why after all the tax cuts for the wealthy the economy has not produced the jobs the republicans said it would. And why if it hasn’t worked up till now, why it will in the future.
    Why the supposed pro life party would let someone die who did not have health insurance. Why that same pro life party cheers the fact that Texas executes men and women. And why they put mentally ill and developmentally delayed adults to death..

    So sarah, inquiring minds want to know about these issues, not your crony capitalism,(which I’m pretty sure you don’t know what that means) or if you are going to run or not.

    I don’t care if you do or you don’t. You proved beyond a shadow of a doubt your incompetence 2 years ago and nothing you have done since then has indicated to me you have grown or changed.

    PS And why in God’s name we should elect rick perry after the lousy job he has done in Texas?!!!


    1. Diane,
      I am not oblivious to the distress over economic issues, and that people think Obama is at fault. What that means is that regardless of what we do or what happens, we may have a Republican President in 2012. Perry, Palin and Bachmann would be so much worse for the country!! Why don’t people see that?


  6. If the GOP audience applauds one more time when the question concerns the death of a person, I am going to throw something. These people hare heartless. Do they have no concept that it could be THEM wrongly accused of a crime in Texas, in a coma with no family and no health insurance, thrown out of their home due to greediness of the mortgage lender, burned out of their property because of an incompetent governor, flooded out of their home with no FEMA to offer fast assistance? Not to mention what they intend to do to public education, air and water quality, regulations on food safety…the list should horrify any thinking American.
    My only consolation is that in 2010, we did not realize their agenda, and now it is all out there. If America chooses to become a third world nation in 2013, I pray I die a quick and easy death.


  7. It never ceases to amaze me how far the hate-mongers will go to discredit Sarah Palin. Here are a few:

    The photo of her (to many’s glee) of her in the blue shirt holding the “assault-rifle”.
    [url] E2%80%99t-make-love-make-war/[/url]
    This picture of Sarah Palin with the “rifle” is NOT actually a working firearm. It is a US Military training LASER used by the military on a training course (sort of like laser-tag). She did this at a military base. Anyone who knows anything about guns can tell this by looking close to the non-fiream’s bore and the electrical cables coming down below.

    In another famous photo [url][/url] there is a [i]shopped[/i] face picture of her in a bikini-bodied girl holding a “rifle” near a swimming pool. It is actually a Crossman air-rifle, or BB gun, that is, to all of you gun illiterate “experts” and hatemongers.

    Last of all, the one which EVERY Palin hater LOVES to quote:

    Another myth perpetuated by the Palin hate-monger Nazis is that she said “You can see Russia from my backyard”. That was actually a Saturday Night Live quote from a skit done by Tina Fey who was pretending to be Sarah Palin. It was supposed to just be a joke or satire, but the hate-mongers love to keep perpetuating it as her real words to discredit her to this day. The REAL Palin DID say once that there are parts of Alaska where you can see Russia on a clear day.

    So, not surprisingly, many haters think they are so clever quoting this propaganda to try to discredit her intelligence and “lack” of geographical knowledge. It turns out those who keep pushing this false quote are themselves the ones who are ignorant about geography and don’t know the difference between satire and slander.

    FACT- The two continents of Asia and N. America are roughly 40 miles apart across the Bering Strait- even less if you count the small Russian Islands in between.

    Stop with all the hate and slander already. Is that what we get from the “tolerant” and “sensitive” politically correct left? Guess so.


    1. Recognizing an incompetent buffoon who thinks she is capable of being president, & who constantly criticizes one of the most competent, articulate & compassionate men ever to serve in our White House, is not “hate.” It is also not “slander” to shine a light on the asinine and unintelligible words that come out of the mouth of Mrs Palin.

      All who do show what a nutcase Sarah Palin is are serving this nation very well. Malia is one of my heroes. She and the Alaska bloggers and Mudflats are the highest form of investigative journalissm. No matter what Palin worshipers think or write, she is ridiculous.


      1. thomas,
        Thanks for the vote of confidence. What I learned about Rick Perry is so amazingly bad that it’s beyond belief. I’ll write about it in the am, but we should all be doing everything we can to make sure he doesn’t get the GoP nomination!


  8. Malia,

    I never knew much about Perry until you started writing about him but had my doubts about him since he and Palin were so approving of each other. Now, I’m floored by how blatantly Perry misleads, LIES, and so obviously accepts bribes from Merck and who knows how many other companies?! He also comes across as being manipulative, nasty and just like Palin, has advisers that keep his administration going because it doesn’t appear he knows what he’s doing, either. When I see this guy standing before a crowd and criticizing our President, pretending that he is responsible for bringing all those jobs to Texas, lying about the stimulus and saying that it didn’t provide any help for anyone in this country and didn’t create any jobs, I want to smack that snarky look off his smug face. The stimulus saved his sorry ass when it came to Texas budget and most people know that or at least should know that if they are planning to vote for him.


    1. akrnc,
      He is foul! Because I live in Texas, there is much more that I have “heard” but can’t prove yet, so I haven’t written about it, but if he gets the nomination, I will begin doing everything I can to expose him. It frightens me to consider the damage he could do to the country. It has nothing to do with his positions on the issues, it has everything to do with corruption!


  9. Malia – I went to Mudflats and read the current reporting on Palin. There are some comments that are so right, so beautiful and so very meaningful. There is one link to The Guardian (the English paper) about the film “Gotcha.” The director appears in a short video. It is enough to scare the pants off of any rational and thinking human being.

    As much as I say Palin and the rest of the empty-headed right wingers do not deserve our attention, I strongly support your mission to expose and hopefully render powerless the misguided, ignorant, anti-knowledge and anti-science agenda of the right wing extremists (Palin personifies this ignorance for many and she is charismatic = Danger, Will Robinson!). Perry and Bachman and Palin all share this face – a face of danger as if they are saying “just wait until I dan do what I feel is right – the rest of you,. and Democracy, be damned – the one true and righteous christian god is with me – fools.”

    Why do so many Americans not recognmize this ignorant taunting that flies in the face of our national dialogue, of compromise, of reason and logic and even of our culture and our civilization. Civil discourse is now peppered with comments based on these dominionist and extremist christian ideas and feelings. Yes, feelings. The whole movement is emotional, not rational. Not itellectuall;y sound. The dominionists don’t care. Who needs science and reason and logic. Who needs messy Democracy.

    As a secular hjumanist who learned about the Beatitudes and Love (from Catholic nuns and priests in the ’50’s and ’60’s) which, I was taught, is the basis for the christian religion, Palin and Bachman and the other right wing American religious extremists do scare the hell out of me.


  10. This whole nominating process is a great example of the need for independent psychiatric evaluation of candidates before they can run for high level office Palin has been the poster person for this argument. Bachmann add Perry just add to the mix and expand the insanity. And let’s not forget the dry drunk decider responsible for our employment and financial problems.


  11. This is my theory, I think Sarah and Michelle are going to go off on their own agenda and run together. Sarah for pres and Michelle for vp. The writing is right in front of us. They will run 3rd party.


    1. no_name_amie,
      You may be right! I think Bachmann is the only one of the front runners that she hasn’t attacked. I think they each talk to the same God. What we don’t know is whether Palin has ever shared her drugs and men with Michelle???


  12. I could not stand her at first sight, at her first words, she made my skin crawl. I saw her total falseness, her lack of genuineness immediately. I am sure many people who had parents with NPD could see right through her. My mother had it and she was very abusive and very superior in her opinion. They are impossible to please unless you worship them in all their glory and God help you if you don’t because you are in for some horrible treatment from them. They make your life a living hell and to an innocent child, one who doesn’t understand what they’ve done wrong to receive such physical and emotional abuse grow up feeling shamed and with little self esteem. Sarah Palin is a monster, even if she grew up in a lot of pathology, she could do better, but she won’t. Narcissists do not change. Malia, a thousand kudos to you for all you did in trying to expose this fraud. May you stay safe and protected. We all owe you a debt of gratitude for your bravery for telling the truth.


  13. I enjoyed reading your analysis of Sarah Palin. You brought to the surface an awareness of the charismatic facade she employs. The “poster child” of NPD…that really says it all. Makes me wonder how close she is to fulfilling the title, “Malignant narcissist”.

    My very first impression of her was that she was… entertaining. She clearly pumped new life into old political men, who, as they stared at her moose calendar, probably envisioned her more as the first female governor with the potential to become “Playmate of the Year” rather than a person in the Oval Office.

    One would think that someone so interested in politics would want to live in Washington; however Palin chose to live in an isolated region like Alaska, as if being physically distant from the Capitol would somehow soften the criticism she would inevitably receive.

    I would be interested in reading your psychological assessment of Hillary Clinton, who seems to polarize people to the same degree as Palin. Of course, since an honest analysis is apolitical; one can’t be a hater of someone and produce an accurate assessment. By the same token, one can’t be a friend or ally of Hillary if the analysis is to be without bias.

    I think all candidates running for President should be examined thoroughly, using the DSM-IV or V (NOT the MBTI) as part of their background check to exclude anyone with any type of serious psychological or emotional dysfunction. Just look at North Korea as an example of what happens to its people when ruled by a diseased mind.


    1. Jeff,
      I think you are spot on! I think that a mandatory psychological analysis of anyone and everyone running for President should be mandatory. Whatever the report, people could choose to accept or reject it but it would be helpful. I also think we should demand the actual medical records of anyone running…not just a summary report from the family physician. In Palin’s case the one page letter from “Cathy Baldwin Johnson, one day before the election was totally inadequate.


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