If your reaction to the name “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” was to think that Sarah Palin owned and controlled Alaska, you would be right. Normal rules of ethics and logic don’t apply in Sarah Palin’s Alaska. There is only one rule in Sarah Palin’s Alaska. It is that Sarah Palin controls all government entities. Throw away logic and reason, fairness and morality. Remember that the Empress rules in Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Here are some specific examples that I learned about the hard way:



Logically, I would presume that if you were the Chief of Police in the Anchorage Police Department, you would be ethical and moral. I would not expect you to be incapable of making a mistake but once a mistake had been brought to your attention, I assumed you would strive to correct your mistake and set the record straight. I was wrong.

The APD issued its press release to the National Enquirer, at the request of Sarah Palin’s attorney. It was shown to be inconsistent with the Anchorage Police Department’s own records. Specifically, they reported that there was no evidence in their possession that tied Todd Palin to a prostitute. I brought to their attention that they had cell phones and a lap top in their possession from Shailey Tripp and Kashawn Thomas, that were never examined, but in their possession. APD Chief Mew refused to clarify the Press Release.


The Press Release stated that the arrest of Shailey Tripp, the one charged with running a house of prostitution, was the result of police investigation, and was not the result of a tip from someone in her building who reportedly saw Todd coming and going from the building. When I pointed out to the APD that their own records identified Mr. Fortier, by name, as the person in the building who reported the illegal activity, Chief Mew refused again to issue a modification or retraction of the Press Release.


A bipartisan legislative panel determined that Sarah Palin violated state ethics law that prohibits public officials from using their office for personal gain. The specific words were:

“Governor Palin knowingly permitted a situation to continue where impermissible pressure was placed on several subordinates in order to advance a personal agenda, to wit: To get Trooper Michael Wooten fired.”

The Palin administration was “shockingly amateurish; disturbingly so.”

Yet, when Sarah Palin explained these findings her account was completely the opposite. She said:

“Well, I’m very, very pleased to be cleared of any legal wrongdoing … any hint of any kind of unethical activity there,”

There were no consequences for the unethical activity of Sarah Palin in the Troopergate Matter, and no consequences for Palin stating to the press that she had been “completely vindicated”.


Sarah Palin’s Alaska received a $1.2 Million tax credit at the expense of the Alaska tax payers. The law that created the tax credit expressly excluded films made for political purposes. Palin herself admitted that the show was political in nature. I personally cited 23 examples of political matters directly discussed in the show. I thought the Alaska film department would revoke the tax credit if I brought this information to their attention. I was wrong again.


The state of Alaska requires a hunting license for anyone who hunts in Alaska. The Fish and Game Department confirmed that Sarah Palin did not have a hunting license in 2008. When she took the national stage at the Republican Convention in the fall of 2008 and talked about hunting in Alaska, the Fish and Game department didn’t seem to care. I thought Sarah Palin was required to follow the laws like other Alaskans. I was wrong again.



Many people reported on the appearance of impropriety when Sarah Palin’s Alaska derived $1,200,000 in tax credit as a result of a law enacted during Palin’s administration. Sarah Palin starred in the production and was the Executive Producer of the show. Sarah Palin was paid $2,000,000 for her involvement in making the show. The Alaska Ethics Code that applies to the Governor expressly prohibits the Ex-Governor from making money for two years after leaving office, from “legislation” that she was involved with during her term as Governor. Within the first year after she resigned Palin made $2,000,000.00 from a show that was reimbursed for part of her salary as a result of the “legislation” she signed into law during the time she was Governor. The Alaska Attorney General, the one appointed by Sean Parnell who became the Governor after Palin resigned, denied the Ethics Complaint reasoning that “legislation” was not the same thing as “legislation.”

Now I have a clear understanding of the reason the “reality” show was named “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

Later today I will be posting a copy of my letter to the Alaska Attorney General asking for reconsideration of his decision that “legislation” under the Palin administration is not in fact “legislation.” Given the history above, I have no expectation that the AG will do the right thing. Most people have forgotten about the fourth finding in the Troopergate matter that :

“Alaska’s Attorney General, who was the conduit for requests for information from the executive branch, failed “to substantially comply” with the investigator’s request to Mrs Palin to answer by email questions from the inquiry. That was a different AG, but it was the Attorney General’s office in Alaska, and it is a perfect example of the ability of the Alaska Attorney General to ignore the law and avoid accountability to anyone. If Mr. Burns ignores this request for rehearing (A Copy of which will be posted later today) he will confirm that Alaska is still owned by Sarah Palin.