Unprecedented Hypocrisy in Texas of Rick Perry

Texas has been the subject of national attention this summer. Unprecedented drought and fires have plagued the state.

Rick Perry the Governor of Texas has demonstrated unprecedented hypocrisy as he rails against federal government spending, but at the same time rails against President Obama for not providing more federal dollars to Texas. Rick Perry proclaims himself the champion of conservative fiscal values. In his book Fed Up he wrote:

“We are fed up with bailout after bailout and stimulus plan after stimulus plan, each one of which tosses principle out the window along with taxpayer money.”

But Rick Perry wasn’t fed up when he received $17.4 billion in federal stimulus money, which was used to balance the last two budgets of the state.

As early as April of 2011 Perry was critical of the Federal Government for not providing more financial help for Texas in its battle with fires.

He said:

“”I think we’ve had 9,000 separate fires in the state of Texas,”

“The federal government has only helped us with 25 of them. That’s inappropriate.”

The truth is that the reason the Federal government only helped with 25 was because Perrry only requested Federal funds to help with 25. Perry’s office confirmed that they had only requested help with 25. FEMA also confirmed that it has approved all 25 grants for Federal assistance in Texas.

Unfortunately fires and federal stimulus money are not the only two examples of hypocritical statements made by Perry on the campaign trail. While Perry criticizes the federal government for out of control spending he has submitted a bill to the Federal Government for $350,000,000.00 that he estimated Texas spent on housing and feeding of illegal immigrants.

However the most amazing example of Perry’s irresponsibility, and willingness to blame the federal government for his failures, is the contribution of the state of Texas to world wide pollution. Texas emits 11% of all US greenhouse gas emissions, which is more than any other state in the U.S. If Texas were a country, rather than just a state, it would be the WORLD’S eighth-largest polluter. On January 2nd, 2011 the EPA took affirmative action to require Texas to be accountable for its contributions to the pollution of our air through enforcement of the Clean air Act standards. What was Rick Perry’s response? By February of 2011 Texas filed suit against the EPA, asserting that greenhouse gases are not a threat to public health, rather than working to reduce the pollution caused by Texas in violation of EPA standards with which the rest of the country must comply.

While the fires in Texas threaten life and prosperity in Texas, Rick Perry presents a similar threat to the entire country. Only YOU can prevent forest fires, and only YOU can prevent Rick Perry from becoming President.

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  1. Malia, thank you for your continuing research on our liars. Perry is a classic example of the Tea Party and Republican ignorance and double speak. These people have not taken the time to understand and examine how our government works. They are condemning the programs they voted for to keep us safe and help us in emergencies.


    1. GG from Cincy,
      I can’t tell you how many times my conservative mom from Oklahoma tells me…it’s true …”I heard it on the radio.” Makes me crazy.

      I’m getting a pedicure which I treat myself to once a month, and one of the ladies who isn’t busy comes over and talks for about 10 minutes about herself. She finally asks me…”So what have you been up to lately.” Recognizing that this woman is probably a Republican, I simply say that I write a political blog. She assumes it is conservative, and asks me who I support for President, assuming it would be one of the Republican candidates. I simply ask her if she means in the Republican primary, and she looks at me confused, as if there is no other possibility. After she clarified that she was asking about the Republican primary, I said probably Mitt Romney. She said she favored Rick Perry. Instead of trying to convince her of the stupidity of her answer, I simply asked her what was it about Rick that she liked. She had a hard time giving me any answer, and then finally said “Well, he’s going to get rid of that green gas.” Of course she couldn’t explain what she meant by green gas, and it was clear there was NO HOPE!


  2. I can’t wait for his competitors, esp. Romney, to dig into Perry’s “record” more. A lot of hypocrisy will come to light FAST, hopefully so he disappears from the national scene and goes back to being a Big Fish in a Little Pond where his swagger will impress the little fish once more.


  3. Rick Perry is the biggest hypocrite. Perry granted permission to Waste Control Specialists to dump radioactive waste into an aquifer in West Texas. 13 states will dump the waste there for the next 15 years.

    Waste Control Specialists are close to Perry. The owner is Harold Simmons who has given nearly $1M to Perry’s campaign. After 15 years (when the license expires) TX taxpayers will have to pay for the clean up of this projected superfund site.


  4. I’m in the middle of two huge fires in Bastrop County near Austin. Incredible viewer pictures on KVUE.com. Over 14,000 ac. and 300+ homes burned since 2 pm yesterday and still burning. Please keep us in your prayers.


    1. Kallie,
      I am sooo sorry to hear that you may be one of the victims. We will all say a prayer for you and in the mean time we will do our part to make sure that the next President doesn’t rely on prayer only to solve our problems. Keep us posted on what’s happening.


  5. And thanks to IM and you Malia, as well as Regina and others, Mr. Hypocrite with a gun is on his way back home because he finally saw the light. Now whether he plans to hold open prayer over the parched and smoky land, or whether he holds a hose, at least he is in the state is supposedly has been such a good caretaker of. Right. Bet he’s asking for money and troops and fireplanes by evening.


    1. Sally,
      No doubt he’ll decide that the appropriate intervention is divine, and that while we are waiting for God to act, the Federal Government should.


  6. Perry just appeared in Bastrop. He said help from Ft. Hood will arrive in 72 hours. We need help now! Oh, he also said he would be asking for disaster declaration for the state and hoped that it would be responded to affirmatively and swiftly . Yep, he’s asking for federal help.


  7. When I watched him speak about the devastion of the fires, I couldn’t believe my ears when he said that FEMA was on the way. I thought he said he didn’t need or want any federal government interferring in his state. They that said they don’t want government helping are now begging for help from FEMA like New Jersey and the southern states suffering from the devastating works of nature. Hypocrits! All of them.


    1. grammy11,
      Yes this is the same man that has criticized Obama for the stimulus, when Bush got us into this mess, and Perry balanced the Texas budget with billions of federal dollars!


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