Introducing Rick Perry

It’s hard to know where to start.  I have learned and written so much about Rick Perry that it is a challenge to know where to begin.  This article from “think progress” is a brief introduction.  I will provide more details for the many examples of corruption and lies of Rick Perry, but this is a good beginning.


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  1. Malia, I’m looking forward to what you have to say about Rick Perry. In the meantime, here are some other good sites that speak truth to his lies:

    The Texas Democratic Party has a great website, Excellent source with links of information as “The Hot Seat”, “Texas Record”, “Top 10 Failures”, and “Leadership Scandals”.

    “The Rick Perry Primer” by Texans for Public Justice:

    From : “…if you want to know the true Rick Perry, take it from my fellow Texan, Paul Begala. ‘It takes a lot of balls to execute an innocent man,’ is a line you’ll never forget.” She’s linking into this site:

    Keep speaking truth to lies, Malia!


  2. I used to think G.W. Bush was the worst thing to ever be visited upon this nation, then there was Palin, I knew that was as bad as it could get, and now there’s Perry. He truly terrifies me.

    Did you read The New Yorker article about the innocent man he executed? It’s called Trial By Fire, written by David Grann September 7 2009. It’s available online. Perry is a deeply evil man. His abortion law mandating sonograms is so horrific I couldn’t believe even Texas let that happen.

    I am actually afraid of him getting the nomination.


    1. Barbara,
      Yes the entire country should be scared! Texas has many electoral votes, so it is especially frightening that he is even a possibility. I have many articles to come as I read much and wrote another blog about him during the 2010 campaign. He is a monster!


  3. Came across this site
    and thought it might be an interesting one to follow
    with the current crop of Fundamental Christians
    the GOP believe will ‘save our country’ from
    President Obama and his agenda.

    Five Points of the Rick Perry Rally – Not in the Mainstream Press

    1. Significance of the 50-State “Prayer Warrior
    2. Coded But Blatant Political Messaging
    3. Changing Public Tone Toward Jews
    4. Mike Bickle’s Leading Role
    5. The Event Was Not Representative of all Conservative Evangelicals
    [end snip


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