Palin Promotes Economic Disaster

”You can’t underestimate the power of fear.” Tricia Nixon.  Scott Adams said, “You can never underestimate the stupidity of the general public.”  Sarah Palin is betting on both.  She is inspiring fear.  She is doing all she can to take advantage of the lack of understanding of the general public about what the debt ceiling is.  She is hoping that people will confuse raising the debt ceiling with raising the national debt.  Is there any dispute that the United States should continue to be responsible to pay the debt the United States HAS ALREADY INCURRED?!

Sarah Palin is accusing President Obama of trying to “scare” the American people regarding the failure to raise the debt ceiling.    Three days ago I highlighted the Twitter comment of Palin which was her attempt to create the impression that Republicans should refuse to compromise, even if it caused a default by the United States on payments of our existing debts.   The American people should be scared of NOT raising the debt ceiling.  Failure to raise the debt ceiling would ensure default.  Nothing would guarantee economic failure faster than default on our existing debts.  Palin’s comments are clearly designed to promote an economic disaster for the country.    The current national debt is “unsustainable” .  By saying that it is “unsustainable” it means that if we continue to go further and further in debt we will eventually be unable to pay our debts and the United States will default.   Default on our existing debt by not raising the debt ceiling would simply result in financial disaster sooner than later for the United States.  It’s as if Sarah Palin wants an economic disaster so she can blame Obama for the failure.  She is not the Governor, a Senator, or a Representative in the House.  She is not even the Mayor of Wasilla.  She is not accountable for anything she says.  While President Obama is doing everything in his power to avoid the disaster of not raising the debt ceiling, Sarah Palin is attempting to make that happen.  If it should happen, and disaster in the economic state of the country should result, Palin would be the first to blame Obama.  Regardless of your political philosophy or your attitudes regarding the economy, everyone, except Sarah Palin, agrees that defaulting on our debt which we already owe would throw the country into a crisis, the likes of which we have not seen in our lifetime.  If it should happen, it is doubtful that we will live long enough to witness a complete recovery.  Either Sarah Palin is ignorant and doesn’t understand the consequences of our failure to raise the debt ceiling, or she is so narcissistic that she is willing to do permanent harm to the entire country by doing what she perceives to be in her own self interest.  Either way she is intolerable.

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  1. I’m sure she doesn’t even begin to understand what the debt ceiling is, but even if she did, she wouldn’t care so I’d vote for both. Ignorant & hateful beyond belief.


  2. Malia, I don’t think it’s either/or–I think it’s both. She is both ignorant AND narcissistic. She figures she wins in any case–if the debt ceiling is raised, she gets to scream, “Obama has driven us further into debt!” If the debt ceiling is not raised, she gets to scream, “We’re going down the tubes, and it’s all HIS fault!” She doesn’t understand anything whatsoever about the economy, and her followers don’t either. They don’t even understand the terms of the debate–they just know that if the president is for it, they’re agin’ it. Intolerable is the perfect word for the lot of them.


  3. Sarah’s rediculous 8 minute speech is proof that she is clueless about the debt ceiling and the economy. And I don’t think she cares one tiny little bit about the effects on this country, even if she understood. I think she is just using the opportunity to whip up more fear and hate from those sad people who don’t educate themselves on political issues, but do vote. I also believe there are many repugs in Congress who care only about their political careers and not about the country. Everything they’ve done is just political jockeying to defeat Obama. Sarah Palin is the total OPPOSITE of a patriot.



    Quote of the Day
    “Scaring the American people is exactly what President Obama is doing. In that bizarre speech that he gave last night, it reminded me of when he insisted that TARP had to be passed — it was life-or-death, at that time, also.”

    — Sarah Palin, in an interview on Fox News, arguing against raising the nation’s debt ceiling and apparently forgetting that she supported the TARP legislation as a vice presidential candidate in 2008.
    and that Bush signed TARP into law in October, 2008


  5. HI Malia,
    Thanks, once again, for your insight and your way with words.
    I found your ending especially well-stated:
    “Either Sarah Palin is ignorant and doesn’t understand the consequences of our failure to raise the debt ceiling, or she is so narcissistic that she is willing to do permanent harm to the entire country by doing what she perceives to be in her own self interest. Either way she is intolerable.”

    Keep up the great work. Valerie 🙂


    1. SunnyVee,
      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. The more time passes the more frightened that I get! People just don’t seem to understand that we are not talking about the national debt, but making payments on the debt we already have. This is one of the most frightening things that has occurred in our country in my lifetime. Malia


  6. I’m not sure why we are surprised (or maybe we’re not) at the comments of the Empress. The current Tea Party view seems to be that we should allow the poor and disadvantaged (social security recipients) to subsidize the rich (Bush tax cuts) which would certainly include the Empress. Let them eat cake!!! Must be her motto.


  7. Well, I think she doesn’t know but even if she did, she would still be against the president. She’s an idiot. She continues to talk about things she has NOOOOOOOOOOOO understanding and the stupid media keeps reminding us of the stupidity and ignorance that spews from her mouth. I blame the consistent cuts to education and the arts over the years as the reason why our society is in a free fall into a state of dumbness. If you ever watch the movie Idiocracy, you will see a glimpse of what our future will look like if we continue to let idiots like palin down talk education as if it detracts your status as a “Real” American. She’s an idiot. Keep fighting the good fight Malia. 🙂


    1. Primogen,
      Thanks for your support, and believe me, I’ll do my part to remind everyone that it was Palin, not Obama, that worked to prevent the extension of the debt ceiling if it happens.


    1. BW,
      Thanks for sharing this helpful information! I wish Sarah could read, and maybe then she would learn a little more.


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