Donald Trump Criticizes Republicans

When Donald Trump criticizes the Republicans and talks about how good President Obama looks in an interview on Fox, you know there is hope.


7 thoughts on “Donald Trump Criticizes Republicans

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  1. Donald Trump is the consummate hypocrite. He’s just looking for headlines and trying to appear separate from the loonies running. (Heaven forbid this is a warm-up to him running!) However, having been totally disgusting on the birther front, I don’t care if I ever hear from DT again. He may not know it yet, but he sure endangered his ‘brand.’


  2. Malia,

    The Chumpster does what he thinks will garner him more attention. He suffers from the same affliction Palin suffers from, and he’s not stupid – he sees her “unDEFEATED” self-aggrandizing infomercial was a flop, and he reads the mood of the country when it comes to the debt ceiling and GOP intransigence, so now he goes on a tack he thinks will get him back into “reasonable” territory.

    He’s doing what he thinks independents and moderate Republicans will accept.

    It’s not working. 71% of the American people disapprove of the GOP “handling” of the debt ceiling “debate.”

    It must really rankle to have to take the side of the Kenyan-born, Mau-Mau supporting, Muslim-loving, communist/socialist/fascist Indonesian Islamic terrorist in the White House. You just have to laugh. He was a part of that, too.

    And he thinks people won’t remember? Well, maybe the extreme right-wing, but he isn’t pandering to them, now. The rest of us remember, and it’s not going to go over well.
    Donald Trump is a certified clown. His word is no more important than Palin’s, and like Palin, he can’t see that no one will care.


    1. gokemidoro-
      I don’t think there is much I can add to your comment. Trump made me furious when he trash-talked Obama so badly. It was such bs.
      Somehow I missed this article yesterday and saw mention of it on IM on a comment someone left.
      As to Trump – he is disgusting – I do not know why he is now criticizing the Repubs and praising Obama – he just makes me so mad.


    2. I agree with you. Trump is trying to change his image, but he succeeded in making himself look like an absolute fool with the Obama birther garbage. As far as the debt ceiling, he is all for Repubs getting out there and playing political games with the welfare of the USA. Demanding cuts to the middle class, while not seeking revenue increases and protecting the wealthiest and corporations. Failure to raise the debt ceiling can potentially destroy our country. It should be passed with a clean bill and no more fooling around. Then cuts and revenues can be addressed after that. I absolutely do not trust Donald Trump!!


      1. concerned grandma,
        No only would it be devastating to our economy, but just the uncertainty itself leading up to the deadline will hurt the economy. Malia


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