The “Uninvited” Graphic




“nswfm” sent me this link to a very funny graphic of a photoshopped image of the Undefeated.  You’ll enjoy.  Thanks nswfm for sharing!

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  1. Actually, this comment is for Dee too.. I registered and posted at Politico (comment #717ish) to validate that you did attend the movie in Grapevine.

    Here is my review:

    I did attend a showing of “The Undefeated” in Grapevine, Texas on Friday. (Hi Dee! Yes, I saw the matching tie-dyed T-shirt group too. The two younger ones had such sullen looks on their faces. I bet they were longing to slip out early, and see the “Harry Potter” film across the lobby.)

    I attended the first show, for the cheapest ticket prices, and to actually see the movie before I commented on any sites. Let me say this as simply as possible: “The Undefeated” is a bad movie.

    It grips you by the throat and bludgeons you with sounds and images of SP being cute and perky and everyone else is reduced to silhouettes of fat, faceless men smoking cigars. It is a cartoon version of politics. It’s untrue, it’s simple-minded, it reduces human beings to cut-out dolls, even Palin, so it is unkind as well.

    P.S. I stuck around for the second showing as well, just to see what kind of people showed up. Fifteen of the 30 or so who attended the first showing, went right back in to see the second showing. Since the Grapevine AMC 30 has a full restaurant and bar in the lobby, I’m thinking these same 15 people attended every show that day. Well done, Palinbots, well done.


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