Bristol Palin Lies Like Her Mother

As early as the speech of Sarah Palin at the Republican National Convention we heard Sarah Palin lie. During that speech she talked about saying “thanks but no thanks” to the bridge to nowhere.  Later when Charles Gibson interviewed her we learned that she actually favored the bridge.


Geoffrey Dunn has devoted an entire book to the Lies of Sarah Palin. 

Even though I had strong feelings about Bristol’s appearance on Dancing with the Stars, and her willingness to abandon Tripp for celebrity engagements, and her corrective jaw surgery, I have tried to refrain from direct attacks. However after the publication of her new book my attitude changed.  Part of what was so offensive about the new book was that Bristol admitted that she was willing to lie. She admitted in the book that she lied to her mother about where she was going and the person with whom she would be. That was quite an important lie. In the book she has told her audience that Levi “stole” her virginity. Yet in interviews she has said he didn’t really “steal” her virginity as evidenced by the fact that she continued to have sex with him. Thus she admits she lied to her mother, and later admits that she lied in the book about her “stolen” virginity. Even if you feel her lies were excusable, at some point we have to quite making excuses for her repeated lies. We now have proof that Bristol, like her mother, will lie about anything. We have actual interviews of Bristol talking about her intentions with regard to the move to Arizona that demonstrate, once again, that Bristol can’t be trusted.

In January of 2011 Bristol moved to Arizona. She bought this home.


The move to Arizona made the news not only because Bristol had moved out of Alaska, but because she was able to pay cash for her new home. 

She was reported to have told friends that “she may enroll at an Arizona college once she moves into the home she just bought in the Grand Canyon state.”


She actually moved into the house in Arizona.

Bristol gave an interview on the Bob and Mark show wherein she said she “loves her new home” she “loves the town she lives in” and that she was planning on meeting with representatives from a Phoenix radio station about working as a dj for them. She also confirmed that she had a new boyfriend in Arizona.


The radio station confirmed that they had offered Bristol a job saying”

“It is an official offer to a very well known personality, who may be looking for a new career in what will most likely be her new home state,”

In the same article there was an incation that Bristol migh be attending Arizona State University in the fall.

Without question Bristol had not made permanent decisions about school, or employment, but it was clear that she had moved to her new home in Arizona planning at that time to live there rather than use the home for investment purposes.


Six months later, Bristol has changed her story, to suggest that the Arizona home was purchased for “investment”. In a recorded interview Bristol has explained that the house in Arizona was simply an “investment property” and she is leasing it out.. It is insignificant to all of us where Bristol is living, how many investment properties she has, or if her “medically necessary corrective jaw surgery” was in fact plastic surgery. What matters, is that Bristol is not trustworthy. What is so offensive is that Bristol thinks she can change her story and we aren’t smart enough to remember what she said and did just six months ago. If you lie often it is hard to keep track of the story you have told. Sarah Palin has that problem. It is now apparent that Bristol Palin is plagued with that same defect in her personality. Whether being afflicted with a tendency to chronically tell lies is inherited, or learned, is unclear. What is clear is that Bristol and Sarah share the same trait. Like mother, like daughter.



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  1. The problem here, as it has always been with her mother, is that the MSM invariably chooses to ignore the lies. It doesn’t matter that the Palins change their stories, they contradict reams of evidence. The media just reports the newest version that either Palin presents. Bristol has watched for years how her pathological mother has been given pass after pass. Twisting the truth for convenience, self-preservation, and ambition have paid high dividends for her mother, and she is simply following the family tradition. It’s pathetic to watch, and so frustrating to know that the MSM is either complicit for ratings or too lazy to hold the Palins to the truth.


    1. TksABunch John,

      Somebody in the media should hold her accountable. She is an adult now and helping promote the image of her mother, so she doesn’t get a pass any longer.


  2. Well, we all knew this a long time already. Mini-Me Grifter-in-training has been lying all along, and her lies are being ‘refudiated’ by more and more of her former friends. (See also Mercede’s blog about Bri$tol spending many a night BEFORE the camping trip in Levi’s bedroom, moan so loud, she embarrassed his uncle into talking to Levi about it – only to hear her moaning the following night again…


    1. FEDUP!!!
      When you hear these stories, even if we believe them, a Palin-fan might try to “refudiate” the claim. However this is Bristol Palin herself saying one thing in Jan. and now saying the opposite. What would they say to this?


  3. Malia,

    I think it is completely obvious now that Bristol lies just like her mother. She moved to Arizona to be with her new boyfriend and had NO interest or plans to attend college. When she got homesick and cried on DWTS, I was shocked at her immaturity and her dependence on her mother. So, when the news first came out that she had bought a house in Arizona, I didn’t believe for a second it had anything to do with plans to go to college. Sure enough, one of the entertainment sites reported on her new boyfriend, Gino, and even commented about his photo on her bedside table. (And didn’t Gino dump her because she “hooked up” with a previous boyfriend?) Then her book came out…what a pile of crap! The interviews about the book make me gag, because she lies, and nobody calls her out on it. I thought the most telling appearance was on The View, because nobody hugged her, and they were not warm to her like they are with most of their guests. I think their arms were twisted to have her on the show because of her book, but they were pretty cool to her.

    I have a grown daughter who has a narcissistic personality disorder, and her 20-year-old daughter has learned manipulation, lying, taking advantage of others, etc. My grandaughter is beautiful and intelligent, but these behaviors (which I believe she learned) are absolutely heartbreaking for me to witness. I don’t think Bristol ever had a chance, but now she is an adult and she is responsible for her own behavior…just like my grandaughter.


    1. GG from Cincy,
      Thank you for sharing this most private information. I do think that people often pass on their dysfunctional behavior to their kids. So sad.


  4. Sad, really. Bristol is young, has a child to support, and her whole life ahead of her. Sarah has not taught her well, and Bristol will eventually find out that what goes around will come around. What a dysfunctional family.


  5. I have concluded neither of them have a conscience and are enraged at anyone deeming them “haters” when people don’t buy the lies.

    I wonder if they’ll lose any evangelical supporters when Track’s baby is born only four months after the wedding. Hail the Christian family values family who makes a living standing for abstinence!


    1. Rene,
      If Sarah’s pregnancy and Bristol’s pregnancy didn’t matter to them, I doubt that Track’s baby will matter. Just unbelievable! Malia


  6. Malia,

    It’s true it did not matter about the other out of we’d lock pregnancies. They just hold up a placard that reads “pro life” switching the topic putting the one on a different pedestal! I can’t help but laugh at the Palins and Bristol praised for learning from her mistake. Then SP sending an apparent or staged shotgun wedding to a magazine.

    Bristol established herself as a liar back when she posed for Harpers magazine as if she bought all that as a clerk out of HS.


  7. I wonder if it is learned behavior, or genetic?

    I would be very interested in DNA samples from the whole lot of them: Heaths, Palins, Johnstons and Curtis Menard’s family. (Teenaged Track looked the spiting image of Curtis Menard, not Todd Palin.) And brain scans. I really do think a part of SP’s brain simply sputters on and off, and she has learned to compensate, like a blind person trains their hearing.

    In her case, I think she has trouble with empathy and reasoning, and has learned to play on the emotions of others like a violin.


  8. It just boggles my mind how these liars & grifters get away with all this crap…Bristal’s a good student, learned from the best ..I don’t know how these hillbillies can look in the mirror of a morning..Just a life of lies…They make me sick…Sorry Malia ..Been a hard day…


  9. I think Levi came out the winner in that relationship. What man wants to be with Bristol? Obviously Gino dumped her and Ben Barber doesn’t seem to be pining over her. I wouldn’t give a crap what Bristol does in her personal life if she kept a low profile like Track. But she insists on preaching abstinence, being dragged around the dance floor by Mark Ballas, trashing her baby daddy, going on book tours, and using Tripp as a prop and for photo ops. As far as I’m concerned Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin is fair game.


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