The “Underwhelming” National Launch of the Undefeated

Cheryl provided this link that describes the national launch of the Undefeated as “underwhelming”.  The total revenue generated by the movie was reported to be $28,700.00, which translates into about 287 people per day for each of the 10 theaters.  This is especially significant when the movie was being touted by Fox news.  Thanks Cheryl for the link!


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  1. I’m laughing as I write this, so any typos have a reason.

    Fox “touts” this FAILURE of a “film,” but fails to mention Murdoch’s grand cluster**** in England, as well as the implications here.

    Epic fails on both counts.

    Both Palin and Murdoch share some things – both are manipulators, liars, masters at deception and hypocrites (have I missed anything?).
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that their failures as of late are related in some way, too.

    I’ll be glad to see Murdoch’s empire die a noisy, rattling death. We’re not likely to see that with Palin……She’s too busy dragging the corpse around, in denial
    that it died, already!

    😀 😀 😀 😀


      1. The producer and the company that promoting the movie are pretending that it’s a great success. Of course, the reasons it’s not MORE successful are because of its limited release and their only have a few weeks to publicize the film. I had to literally LOL when I read Bannon talking about what a phenomenon the movie was with over 5k people, allegedly, seeing it this weekend. However, they talk about sell-out shows yet the theatres were 1/3 full for these “sell-outs”. The ‘bots may have bought the tickets but they couldn’t even give them away!!

        On one of the forums, a Palin fan was saying this was already a “game changer” and was going on and on, responding to every poster with more insane b.s. about how Palin was going to be the next President. I let him know that the amount of people that saw the film was less than 1/1000th of 1% of the number of people who voted in 2008 and wanted to know if that was still a game changer. That’s how stupid these people are to believe this film will make an impact on anyone.

        Palin can make all the movies she wants, filled with biased reports of her gubernatorial career or she can write books and film reality shows. However, nothing will change the truth that is already out there and has been known long before she ever became Governor. She’s unqualified for public office and relies on lying, cheating and manipulating her image to get ahead in life. It won’t work any longer.


      2. Kate,
        To me the funny thing is that by making the movie as they have, Bannon has necessarily put Sarah Palin into the world of the movie critics who are not political. When a movie critic says that the movie is comical in its omissions, you know that you are not hearing political rhetoric. Malia


      3. Malia & Cheryl, thanks! Do the number of tickets sold reflect the actual bodies in the theaters or tickets purchased? I read somewhere that someone had bought out a whole showing, can’t remember which one. Maybe there were only 287 “mobilizers” who bought all the tickets. 🙂

        Question: I’ve found that lately, I can’t comment unless there are previous comments & then I have to use reply. Many times, I’ve wanted to comment to a new post but can’t seem to find a way to do it. What am I doing wrong? I used to be able to comment right away, am I losing it? 🙂 Help!


      4. KiheiKat,
        I don’t know what to tell you to fix the comment problem. Maybe someone reading can help??

        I think that all we can tell are number of tickets sold. Thus is someone wanted to buy out an entire show, all we can know is that it was sold out. However if people have done that, which I also understand has happened, it will be really funny if the movie gets into more theaters, and becomes a bigger flop!


      5. KiheiKat,
        jcinco said to try this:
        Malia, please tell KiheiKat to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page as that is where the “new” comment box is now….

        Hope this helps! Malia


  2. Thanks for the information. “Box Office Numbers” does not even list this movie.

    Of course I have just received an email from TeamSarah saying that Arc Entertainment (the company that produced the movie) says it is a hit, with “multiple” theaters selling out.


    1. Miss Sunshine,
      Of course Mark Bannon is saying that it is a hit, but the real proof will be what happens in the next couple of weeks. I know when I put “Sarah Palin” into my computer this weekend, the first thing that came up was a link to the movie theater featuring this movie. That placement is very expensive, and if they did that in every market, it would be very expensive. I would guess that ticket sales for the weekend did not generate enough revenue to cover the cost of the advertising.


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