SARAH PAC has filed their second quarter disclosures that are required by the FEC. You may find the actual documents here.

In case you don’t have a few extra hours today because you are seeing the Undefeated for a third time, here are some interesting facts:


1. Schedule A is a list of the itemized receipts. This is an accounting of the people who have made donations to the SaraPAC. There are 1565 “Itemized Receipts”.

2. 584 of the “Itemized receipts come from retired people.

3. 209 of the “itemized receipts come from unemployed people

4. Only 4 people from Alaska made a donation

5. The total donations from people in Alaska came to a total of $550.00. One person gave $300.00, so the other three people from Alaska gave a total of $250.00.

6. 58 separate entries were made by “anonymous” with no address listed. All but five of these anonymous donors gave less than $100.00, with some as little as $1.00.

7. Although there were 1565 separate donations listed this should in no way indicate that there were 1565 people donating money to the SaraPAC. With each person listed, the is a date identified when they made the donation, the amount of that specific donation, and their total donations to date. The majority of donors gave more than one time, so we could easily conclude that less than 1000 people gave money to the SarahPAC in the second quarter of this year. By way of example, Quang Do of Arlington Texas is listed 29 separate times, making a total of $1500,00 in donations.

8. Some of the donations appear to be duplications. In my cursory review of the documents, I identified 7 duplications, and I made no attempt to identify all duplications out of the 1565 entries. The donations that I identified that were identical were:

a. John LeBrell 4-2-11 $50.00 total $250.00

b. Solia Tong 4-2-11-$65.00. for a total of $325.00

c. Jimmie More 4-5-11 $50.00 for a total of $275.00

d. Quang Do 4-1-11 $25.00 for a total of $450.00

e. Quang Do 4-7-11 $ $25.00 for a total of $500.00

f. Gary Gordon 4-7-11 $100.00 for a total of $500.00

g. Jimmie Moe 5-5-11 One donation of $50.00, and one donation of $25.00, but both occur on the same day, and both show a total donation of $350.00

One interesting donor identified as Jennifer Robinson lists her employer as “God”. She only donated $50.00, so God must not pay very well.


Schedule B of the filing is a list of the “itemized disbursements.” This is a list of the payments made my the PAC. Just a few worth mentioning include:


1. Bus wrap fee of $13,708.44

2. Chuck & Sally Heath “correspondence and card mailing $3200.00

3. Timothy Crawford makes $15000.00 per month as the Treasurer. I wonder if Sarah thinks he has earned his salary given the errors in the FEC filings referenced herein? I’m not an accountant, and I’m not getting paid to review these documents, and it only took me about 4 hours, so what is Crawford doing to justify his $180,000 per year salary?

4. Clapp, Peterson, Van Flein, Tiemessen are paid a retainer of $5000.00 per month. Now that we know Mr. Tiemessen is the one that got the Anchorage Police Department to issue the press release to the National Enquirer that was contrary to the APD’s own records, I should think he should get a raise! Connections like this are priceless! I do wonder if this was considered PAC business? Maybe Sarah Palin paid Mr. Tiemessen a separate fee from her personal account to cover this expense. I wonder what is the going rate for a police department press release?

5. North Star Strategies were paid a “logistical consulting” fee every month of $5000.00. North Star is located in New Orleans. Do you think they were “consulting” about the “logistics” of dike building in the Gulf?

6. Formost Graphic Company located in Maryland was paid on 3-29-11 $3000.00 for “Thank you postage”. That’s a lot of gratitude.

7. There is a payment to the Chain Bridge Bank in Virginia for “merchant fees “ of $79,359.00. No further explanation is given for the huge expense.

8. There are payments to C Transcontinental LLC in New Jersey for $10,000.00 per month for “chief of staff”. Has Todd moved to New Jersey?

9. Formost Graphic of Maryland was paid another $3000.00 on 6-12 for “thank you letters.” That’s even more gratitude.

10. There is a payment to “republican Presidential Travel for $6999.00. Is the SARAPAC picking up the expense of Airforce One, or was she doing a segment for the “undefeated?”

11. There is a charge for storage in Palmer Alaska of $362.56 . What is the PAC storing? Could it be the thousands of e-mails that were not produced or redacted? Could it be copies of all Todd’s e-mails? Could it be to store the evidence the Anchorage Police Department never reviewed but was in their possession? Are the Palins keeping baby furniture in storage for Track’s baby?

12. There is a payment to Anthony Ranucci in Ohio of $2603.92 for “rental car, tolls, Parking, Gas, and Per Diem. Who is Mr. Ranucci and what was he doing in Ohio?

13. There is a payment of $18700.00 to the Young America’s foundation which is listed as a “contribution to the foundation.” This seems an unusual amount to give to a foundation unless of course the real payment was to cover something they paid to Palin personally when she spoke at an event sponsored by this group.