Revelations From SARAHPAC

SARAH PAC has filed their second quarter disclosures that are required by the FEC. You may find the actual documents here.

In case you don’t have a few extra hours today because you are seeing the Undefeated for a third time, here are some interesting facts:


1. Schedule A is a list of the itemized receipts. This is an accounting of the people who have made donations to the SaraPAC. There are 1565 “Itemized Receipts”.

2. 584 of the “Itemized receipts come from retired people.

3. 209 of the “itemized receipts come from unemployed people

4. Only 4 people from Alaska made a donation

5. The total donations from people in Alaska came to a total of $550.00. One person gave $300.00, so the other three people from Alaska gave a total of $250.00.

6. 58 separate entries were made by “anonymous” with no address listed. All but five of these anonymous donors gave less than $100.00, with some as little as $1.00.

7. Although there were 1565 separate donations listed this should in no way indicate that there were 1565 people donating money to the SaraPAC. With each person listed, the is a date identified when they made the donation, the amount of that specific donation, and their total donations to date. The majority of donors gave more than one time, so we could easily conclude that less than 1000 people gave money to the SarahPAC in the second quarter of this year. By way of example, Quang Do of Arlington Texas is listed 29 separate times, making a total of $1500,00 in donations.

8. Some of the donations appear to be duplications. In my cursory review of the documents, I identified 7 duplications, and I made no attempt to identify all duplications out of the 1565 entries. The donations that I identified that were identical were:

a. John LeBrell 4-2-11 $50.00 total $250.00

b. Solia Tong 4-2-11-$65.00. for a total of $325.00

c. Jimmie More 4-5-11 $50.00 for a total of $275.00

d. Quang Do 4-1-11 $25.00 for a total of $450.00

e. Quang Do 4-7-11 $ $25.00 for a total of $500.00

f. Gary Gordon 4-7-11 $100.00 for a total of $500.00

g. Jimmie Moe 5-5-11 One donation of $50.00, and one donation of $25.00, but both occur on the same day, and both show a total donation of $350.00

One interesting donor identified as Jennifer Robinson lists her employer as “God”. She only donated $50.00, so God must not pay very well.


Schedule B of the filing is a list of the “itemized disbursements.” This is a list of the payments made my the PAC. Just a few worth mentioning include:


1. Bus wrap fee of $13,708.44

2. Chuck & Sally Heath “correspondence and card mailing $3200.00

3. Timothy Crawford makes $15000.00 per month as the Treasurer. I wonder if Sarah thinks he has earned his salary given the errors in the FEC filings referenced herein? I’m not an accountant, and I’m not getting paid to review these documents, and it only took me about 4 hours, so what is Crawford doing to justify his $180,000 per year salary?

4. Clapp, Peterson, Van Flein, Tiemessen are paid a retainer of $5000.00 per month. Now that we know Mr. Tiemessen is the one that got the Anchorage Police Department to issue the press release to the National Enquirer that was contrary to the APD’s own records, I should think he should get a raise! Connections like this are priceless! I do wonder if this was considered PAC business? Maybe Sarah Palin paid Mr. Tiemessen a separate fee from her personal account to cover this expense. I wonder what is the going rate for a police department press release?

5. North Star Strategies were paid a “logistical consulting” fee every month of $5000.00. North Star is located in New Orleans. Do you think they were “consulting” about the “logistics” of dike building in the Gulf?

6. Formost Graphic Company located in Maryland was paid on 3-29-11 $3000.00 for “Thank you postage”. That’s a lot of gratitude.

7. There is a payment to the Chain Bridge Bank in Virginia for “merchant fees “ of $79,359.00. No further explanation is given for the huge expense.

8. There are payments to C Transcontinental LLC in New Jersey for $10,000.00 per month for “chief of staff”. Has Todd moved to New Jersey?

9. Formost Graphic of Maryland was paid another $3000.00 on 6-12 for “thank you letters.” That’s even more gratitude.

10. There is a payment to “republican Presidential Travel for $6999.00. Is the SARAPAC picking up the expense of Airforce One, or was she doing a segment for the “undefeated?”

11. There is a charge for storage in Palmer Alaska of $362.56 . What is the PAC storing? Could it be the thousands of e-mails that were not produced or redacted? Could it be copies of all Todd’s e-mails? Could it be to store the evidence the Anchorage Police Department never reviewed but was in their possession? Are the Palins keeping baby furniture in storage for Track’s baby?

12. There is a payment to Anthony Ranucci in Ohio of $2603.92 for “rental car, tolls, Parking, Gas, and Per Diem. Who is Mr. Ranucci and what was he doing in Ohio?

13. There is a payment of $18700.00 to the Young America’s foundation which is listed as a “contribution to the foundation.” This seems an unusual amount to give to a foundation unless of course the real payment was to cover something they paid to Palin personally when she spoke at an event sponsored by this group.

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  1. #10 Presidential Travel- That is a private airline company. Based in AK, but the owner lives in TX. Yep, go figure.
    #12- Is the bus driver for her ” I really Hate America” Bus Tour
    #7- Would that be the broker fees or closing fees on her AZ Mansion?
    #5- is Randy S- her ‘advisor/bodyguard’ He has moved quite a bit in the last 2 years


  2. Malia, I went down some of the list of donors – did not have time to go through it all yet. I noticed the same thing – many retired, and lower income people, and the absence of many Alaskan donors. Sadly, palin has managed to deceive many people out there, who don’t even realize how she actually uses her PAC – for her own expenses. They are supporting her, while she continues to play the will I/won’t I game regarding running for POTUS. I feel so sorry for many of these people, as I believe they are probably decent and honest and good-hearted, and could never begin to understand how someone like palin is only using them, as they would probably never do this themselves. Palin is truly despicable.


    1. concerned grandma,
      Me too!!! I am sure these people just blindly follow her and believe everything she says. Of course they can’t know the whole story or they’d never give her money.


  3. There is an Anthony Ranucci in Ohio who is head of the Greater Cleveland Young Republicans. Maybe he was doing advance work for her bus tour that didn’t quite make it to Ohio.

    I cannot believe the huge monthly expenses that are being paid by this PAC. Sarah is Grifter Extraordinaire! And to think unemployed and retired folks are paying for this.

    Thanks for plowing through the reports. It would be nice to know what is in that storage unit. It is not that they don’t have room at their compound. Maybe they wanted to put something where it wouldn’t be covered by a search warrant for the compound.


    1. Jeanette,
      I would love to know what’s in that storage warehouse, and its hard to imagine what the PAC needs with a storage warehouse???


      1. my bet is that she is storing books, the autopen, leftover mailing materials, the missing RNC clothes

        She has had that warehouse listing for a while now


      2. mxm,
        Maybe a lot of books that she bought with PAC money which is how her book got to be a best seller.


  4. Anthony Ranucci is head of the Cuyahoga County Young Republicans. I have no idea what he would have ever done for her though. Do you think he took a bus load of people to one of the magic bus stops?


  5. Malia, I enjoyed your report on the PAC release. Other interesting questions that I have—Palin pays close family friends in Wasilla and Anchorage $10K per month for clerical support (mother and daugter Lane and Ms. Ryan). Additionally, there are others who receive regular payments for clerical support. Among the coterie of clerks in AK, the $10K fee rivals the salary earned by her chief of staff, longtime political strategist Michael Glassner, aka C Transcontinental LLC.

    Do longtime family friends and confidants really provide clerical support or do they babysit? Are the odd amounts charged for postage really for stamps or supplies like diapers? Photos of what exactly were expensed from Target? Why is there an expense item for catering charged by her clerical scheduler? By the way, this scheduler makes a nice salary for managing the calendar when Jason Recher of NorthStar is doing all her advance, again after quitting or being fired a few months back. The manservant Jason must have recently moved to NO for the DC metro area. He and his lovely bride must be very happy there.

    Finally, did Mom and Dad Heath send out holiday cards (with all those clerks, they just couldn’t seem to get the job done so once again Sarah had to hire family), or did they help redact those pesky emails? After all, who can you trust when you are Sarah Palin…..

    The sloppy record keeping and shoddy reporting is likely intentional. As are the astronomical Visa bills that have no detail. They are getting away with it so why not.



    1. mxm
      yes, they are getting away with it until the irs investigates her personal use of the PAC money, and that’s where she may have a problem. We will see.


  6. Malia,

    Something stinks here. Those “donors” don’t look legit to me. I am Asian, and some of those names aren’t really names.
    Besides, any minority who has a brain has found out by now (like my niece) that Palin has a problem with Blacks, Hispanics and Asians.

    Why would they contribute to a known racist? Seems there’s more to look into.


    1. gokemidoro,
      It amazes me too! After her father said she left Hawaii because she wasn’t comfortable with all those Asians, I can’t imagine that any Asian would give her money!


  7. Quang Do

    Really?… are you sure that’s not a typo Malia, could be Dang Don’t. But then he did give generously twice in one month so I’m sure it’s legit eh?

    I would be soooo embarrassed to be associated with this family in anyway.


    1. Tyroanee,
      I’m not sure of anything, but just reporting what seems a strange name for a person in Grand Prairie Texas. Malia


  8. NorthStar Strategies – the original staffers Jason Recher and Doug McMarlin. She dismissed Jason Recher from her staff, but recently put them back on. Coinciding with the “Griswold” bus tour/family vacation.
    Recher — a 31-year-old veteran of the Bush White House — one of Palin’s most-trusted advisers. Helped her “navigate the intricacies of a national campaign and vigorously defended her against aides to John McCain who had turned on her amid a series of public stumbles and private infighting.”
    Recher remained close to Palin following the campaign and traveled to Alaska both before and after she announced her decision to resign from office in order to plan the rehabilitation of her image and help set the course for her political future.
    Recher and McMarlin, a seasoned GOP communications specialist, formed a company called NorthStar Strategies shortly after Palin stepped down in 2009 and continue to be in Palin’s inner circle.

    “Recher organized Palin’s successful Going Rogue nationwide book tour and was often photographed by Palin’s side as she signed copies of her bestselling book in venues across the country.
    “You have to give Jason credit for a portion of her continued popularity with her supporters,” Peter Watkins, who worked in the White House with Recher, said.”
    – RealClearPolitics

    Good work, Jason. Thanks ever so much. Apparently it’s all due to you.

    I suspect the $79,000 was down payment for the Scottsdale house.
    A handful of the contributor names are known Patriot/Tea Party folks.

    Quang Do. Really? The Vietnamese Buddhist monk? The Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam? That Quang Do? Okay, that’s just weird. Come on, Timothy Crawford. If you’re going to falsify records and file phony reports, at least be intelligent, ‘kay?

    There’s also a government employee Quang Do in Texas:


    1. guest,
      This Quang Do has an address in Grand Prairie Texas which is just to the west of Dallas. He lists his employment as an engineer but doesn’t indicate who he is employed with. I know I have seen his name on other quarterly reports showing his donations. Malia


      1. It’s one of the duplicates and employer is listed as “Quang Do”. There’s a Vietnamese restaurant by that name. Think the engineer owns the restaurant? Who knows. Doesn’t really matter. Interesting to speculate as an amusing Sunday game, but we’re really not going to know.

        What we WILL know, is that they make a mockery of public disclosure and proper accounting and reporting. Obfuscating even if nothing’s wrong. Just ’cause.
        But we knew that.


      2. guest,
        I don’t know if we will ever know who Quang Do of Grand Prairie Texas really is, but I think I will definitely avoid that restaurant!


  9. There is a payment to the Chain Bridge
    Bank in Virginia for “merchant fees “ of
    $79,359.00. No further explanation is
    given for the huge expense.

    “Merchant fees” sounds like credit card processing fees, possibly to process all the donations paid online by credit card.


    1. Laura,
      I don’t know the requirement, but they did report even $1.00 donations, I’m sure they wanted to advertise as many people as possible who gave to her PAC.


  10. OT, but I saw the Target screenshot elsewhere, and wondered about her listing Wasilla as residence. Didn’t they make a big to-do about her being in nursing school in Anchorage, and Track starting college? Now what? Are they living at the compound earning their keep babysitting the kids? “What a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive” (Sir Walter Scott.) The Palin’s web is so tangled I doubt anyone knows the truth about anything.


  11. It’s obvious that Palin is sending a lot of direct mail solicitations, hence the marketing-speak payments for “correspondence and card mailing”, “thank you postage” and “thank-you letters.” (We need a mole to receive this junk and report!)

    Also, the merchant fees” undoubtedly relate to the fees that banks charge for acting as the clearning-house for online transactions like the donations to the grifter from her PAC site.

    That leaves a lot left over from earnest donors to over-pay her treasurer, new chief of staff (Michael Glassner) and payoffs to AK police. (No wonder Todd is still free! Now we know how much his liberty costs!)

    It’s pretty deplorable that PAC laws are so loose that Palin (and every other politician) can use PACs as personal piggy banks.


    1. BW,
      I agree and feel sorry for all these retired and unemployed people who don’t realize that the money they give is wasted.


  12. Commenters over at IM are always telling us how so many people in AK love, respect and support the Palin’s. Yet only 4 of them supported her enough to donate to such a worthy cause. Even her own parents wouldn’t volunteer their time to stuff envelopes. I wish the elderly and unemployed would take a cue from the people who know SP best and save their money.


    1. Sue,
      It is amazing to me that even her friends didn’t contribute. I would think that she would get her employees to donate, even if she had to reimburse them, but I guess that was just another thing she overlooked.


  13. Anthony Ranucci seems to be a republican operative in Cleveland.
    He was listed under Young Republicans, is a John Ashbrook Scholar & is connected to the Heritage Foundation . . . .Talk about serious GOP if this is he.


  14. Malia: I assume there’s no legal prohibition against nepotism, judging from SarahPAC paying her parents $3,200?

    Also, one wonders if they are earning the minimum needed for Social Security credits,to add to their public employee pensions? Why else would they hire themselves out as rat catchers in NYC after 9/11? It would be worth watching to see if they “earn” another SS minimum in other quarters.


    1. Felix,
      No there is no nepotism rule that is applicable, but if they did nothing to earn the money, and it was just given to them that would be inappropriate. Malia


  15. I reviewed some of this online a few days ago Malia and all I can do is shake my head in disqust. This Pac is nothing more then her personal checking account and I wondered what chuck and sally heath did to justify paying them 3200? Maybe it was for their anniversary picnic? The descriptions of the expenditures almost sound juvenile. There is an astounding amount going out to attorneys and the 10,000 per month to the chief of staff is another interesting one. With all this money flowing out every month it’s no wonder she’s desperate to keep the scam going. I don’t see a whole lotta contributions in there either. People are mailing her money so she can continue the lifestyle she thinks she’s entitled to. You’re doing a great job!


    1. shughes2853,
      She spent almost as much as she took in during this last quarter, so I think people may be tired of giving her money. Malia


      1. Hope you don’t mind all my comments, the PAC and its puts and takes are of great interest to me. I posted a longer comment on Politicalgates a couple days ago that included this quick look at historical SarahPAC performance:

        PAC Take

        2009 first half (5 months) = 732K

        2009 second half = 1.4M

        2010 first half = 1.3M

        2010 second half = 2.0M

        2011 first half = 1.6M

        This is essentially flat performance. She had to generate tremendous hate and racial animus to churn the devoted into contributing 2M during the second half of 2010, along with a book, a reality show, DWTS audience appearances, frequent FOX news appearances. She can’t keep that pace up and there is less and less interest in her. Her paid speaking gigs are essentially down to none. The vacation tour was a bust, her FOX news appearances have dwindled to next to none.

        And tonight, Joe McGinnis scared the bejeebus out of her.

        I must admit that I am enjoying her decline.


  16. There doesn’t seem to be a payment to RAM which suggests that she is no longer with Palin and makes her appearance in Iowa look like a desperate attempt to get back in Queen Sarah’s graces. I never believed from the wistful look on her face as she was ignored by Palin, that she had been pardoned by “her highness”.


    1. RAM was paid monthly through May, and the Toki revelations happened towards the end of May. We will have to wait until January 2012 to see any confirmation of her status as a paid employee. I am sure that between then and now we will see what has become of RAM.


      1. mxm,
        It wouldn’t surprise me if she keeps RAM on the payroll just so she won’t write a book or tell everything she knows to some news agency.


  17. I notice none of the money went to candidates ‘who share Sarah’s conservative beliefs.’ Isn’t that what it was set up for? Do these people realize what dupes they are?


    1. Sally,
      There were a few donations to candidates, but the amount was insignificant compared to the rest of the payments.


  18. This report also shows more than $250,000.00 spent on postage! I added entries for postage only – did not include where postage was one of several items. That’s a lot of mailing!!!!!


      1. Malia, I have looked into those companies and services in prior reporting periods. She is purchasing likely contributor lists and direct mail donor campaign services from these companies. These costs are for lists, printed material, assembly and postage. It is the primary way that the PAC is raising money. I would imagine they are putting together the begging packages using glossy and glitzy teasing images and messaging.

        That bank fee is really high though, if it was $79K that is 5% of 1.6M. Something odd about that.

        After analyzing and writing guest posts on Palingates about the PAC cash flow, I have written to CREW to ask them to investigate the PAC and did not get any response. I suppose in the grand scheme of things, it is small $$$$.


      2. mxm,
        The rules are so lax about what a PAC can spend money on, that there will probably be nothing done by the FEC about the abuses. The real kicker may come from the IRS regarding her personal returns that do not reflect the things that she has done with PAC money that is probably subject to gift tax issues.


  19. “In case you don’t have a few extra hours today because you are seeing the Undefeated for a third time ….” LOL! Sorry, I’m not planning to see it because of the ticket price — unless someone pays me $100 to see it, it’s not worth my time. Make that $200.

    Sad to see donations from retired and particularly from the unemployed — but unsurprising to see only four donations from Alaska.

    Your questions are good ones. $15K per month for the treasurer? $10K per month for “chief of staff”? (as these are employees, were payroll taxes withheld?) $5K per month for “logistical consulting” — in New Orleans? “Thank you letters” and “thank you postage” in two separate payments of exactly $3K each? Were people paid for paying Palins?

    And yes, WTH is with “merchant fees “ of $79,359.00? “Merchant fees” paid to a bank suggest credit card transactions– refunds for purchases of Palin’s book, perhaps, purchases faked to make it appear a best-seller, with the understanding that purchasers would have their money refunded?

    Smells like the proverbial dead salmon floating downstream. Keep it up, Malia.


    1. Kevin,
      I feel I should go just to see it, but I’ve read so much about it that I feel as if I’ve already seen it, and I can’t bring myself to give them the price of admission. Malia


  20. Maila,
    What’s also amazing is to reflect on how much publicity SP drummed up during this time — India, Israel, bus tour, tweets, blood libel, etc.Yet, for all the ink and airtime she got for free, she ended up with a really tiny return, in terms of dollars.
    Her overhead is fantastic compared with the results.


  21. Oops, I put these on the wrong thread.

    phoebes-in-santa fe

    I’m looking at the list and there are several duplicate listings. The most interesting is:

    Anonymous Anonymous
    Arlington, Virginia 22207 n/a 04/18/2011 2.00
    “Anonymous Anonymous” from Arlington, Virginia had a couple of donations, with the aggregate over $1000.00. How can someone give money anonymously? I do all my donations through ActBlue and I have to sign up the wazoo, correct name, occupation, etc. Who are these – or this – “anonymous anonymous”?

    Also, Mrs Kuhn, clerk at Gettysburg College, in Pennsylvania, must be sending all her earnings to SarahPac. She’s made several hefty donations this quarter.

    These people who contribute to SarahPac are complete idiots, and I, for one, don’t feel sorry for them.


  22. Malia,

    I know other people have commented on him, but I went to school with Anthony Ranucci for undergrad- he graduated a few years behind me. He was involved in the Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs at Ashland University (whose motto is “No Left Turns”- they had John Boehner speak at a dinner about a month ago), and from what I remember he’s your typical “up-and-coming young republican”- will eventually either run for office himself or try to be as involved in a bigshot’s campaign if he can. Other than that, I don’t know much about him, other than he seems the type who would not “lower himself” to driving a bus as suggested earlier, and what’s listed on his LinkedIn page: “Organizing and running local and regional campaigns in Northeast Ohio, as well as working on Republican GOTV and election strategies state-wide.
    Economic and Public Safety policy especially in regards to Emergency Management.
    Professional Development Certificate in Emergency Mangement from the FEMA National Training Institute”

    The Italian Language Studies is a summer school type thing, open to anyone, and his activities don’t really mean too much- student senate- most people aren’t involved in unless they’re in Ashbrook, the honoraries just mean you have X number of credits in a subject/a certain GPA in those classes/paid the fee, and who’s whois offered to many/most college students (again, certain GPA, activities). Not really sure what he would have been doing for her bus tour, unless he drove to one of her stops to be interviewed for a position- she seems to like to surround herself with ‘moldable’ people.


  23. Sarah’s employees? Beneficiaries? Paid volunteers?

    True North L’Attitudes, Robyn Engibous – Ted Stevens staffer
    Marilyn Lane – Sen. Linda Menard’s Chief-of-Staff
    Carol Ryan – “Standing Strong For America”, Valley Republican Women’s Club (VRWC),
    Anahita Nemat – Member Services Coordinator of “a national Political Action Committee” (SarahPAC); National Leader Screenings Coordinator, Preserving the American Dream Project; Political Director, Elizabeth Emken 2010; Campaign Manager, Beadles for Congress; Office Manager, Todd Spitzer.


    1. guest,
      Thanks for the information again! You know more than I do about these people so your information is invaluable! Malia


  24. I’ve always thought the “Postage” expenses were a huge red flag. They were also a significant chunk on a previous PAC filing that “mxm” heroically dissected on an older Palingates blogpost. Plenty enough to arouse suspicion, I’d say.

    My first thought, which I still hold, is that Postal Money Orders are being purchased, with cash, for all of the hush money we surmise Sarah has to be paying out. A commenter on a recent IM post said that Eliot Spitzer was nabbed in this way – I’ve not personally verified that yet, but don’t doubt it. It’s not required that you fill in the payee’s name until after you leave the Post Office cashier window. What a potential money-laundering boon! Maybe all that “clerical work” is trips back and forth to the Post Office.

    Unless the PAC is shipping heavy, unsold leftover books all over the place, the postage costs are ridiculous, and inexplicable. For Timothy Crawford to be being paid $15,000/MONTH (!) for this purposely vague report is a crime in itself. He’d better be saving up to pay taxes on the monster 1099 headed his way.

    Keep up the great work, Malia! I read every day, and admire your tenacity.


    1. Heidi3,
      Thanks for your support! I predict there will be some sort of accounting but it may take awhile for us to learn about it. Malia


  25. mxm said: “That bank fee is really high though, if it was $79K that is 5% of 1.6M. Something odd about that. ”

    Years ago, I owned a retail store. I would deposit daily receipts and the bank would credit my account the amount of the deposit minus the fees charged by credit card companies to the merchant for customer’s use of their credit card. I think it was 3% to 4% for mastercard and visa and 7% for american express. I recently heard that credit card companies charge retail stores up to 7% for accepting debit cards.

    So if this is what sarahpac’s “merchant fees” are, then 5% is about right. But please be aware that I hired a bookkeeper and tax accountant, so I don’t know if these merchant fees can be “written off” like sarahpac appears to have.


  26. Malia –

    The Board of the Chainbridge Bank is hip deep in former GOP elected officials and Dominionists. I looked into them after the end of the year filing for 2010 had so many ‘fees’ for the bank.


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