America’s Fascination With Sex and the Palins

Politicians have been associated with sexual indiscretion as early as the creation of our Democracy. We have learned about George Washington and his success as the Commander in Chief from history books, but his prowess in the bedroom is much harder to find. Historians are unable to document what many suspect about the President. When we remember JFK, the first thing that comes to mind might be his assassination, followed by the Bay of Pigs, followed by his affair with Marilyn Monroe.   However it is hard to find any pictures of the two of them together, and the few that exist show the President looking away.

Bill Clinton will always be remembered for his Oval Office adventures with Monica Lesinsky and the dirty blue dress.

 The pictures of Clinton and Lewinsky are limited in number, but are available to anyone with an internet connection.

Today with the international access to information through the internet, cell phones, Facebook, and Twitter we live in a different time. The difference is probably not the sexual exploits of politicians but the ease of access to information and pictures of those exploits. To think that I can access a picture of Anthony Weiner

from my home in Dallas Texas, within hours of the story becoming headline news is an amazing accomplishment of technology, but is also a sad commentary on what is considered “News”. Sex sells. Politicians involved in sex scandals sells even better.

Because name recognition is so important to the ultimate success of a politician, the sexual adventures of a politician or her family are destined to promote name recognition. Consider the name recognition that has arisen from the sexual exploits of the Palins.

1. Sarah- As the mother of five children, the last of whom was born when she was in her 40’s serves as confirmation that she is sexually active. There has also been questions raised about the father of her oldest son.

She has been rumored to have had an affair with Todd’s partner Brad Hanson. 

2. Todd-He has been rumored to have taken advantage of the services of prostitutes.

3. Track has recently married with no advance announcement, without his siblings in attendance, in an outdoor service when his father-in-law was the pastor of a church, giving rise to the question of whether Britta is pregnant.

4. Willow has been rumored to have been pregnant. .

5. Levi Johnston, the father of Bristol’s son has posed naked for Playgirl.

6. Now Mercedes Johnston is also posing nude for Playgirl. 

7. Bristol is the member of the Palin family that seems to have exploited her sexual experiences to the greatest extent.  Her fame, fortune, and potential future involvement in politics is all directly attributed to her sexual exploits. When she was first introduced to the American public she was a 17 year old unwed pregnant teenager.

She capitalized on the image of her sexual exploits at such a young age through dancing with the stars.

Now in a book available in book stores across the country she shares the most private of experiences, the first time that she had a sexual relationship, which she describes as happening at age 15. She has shared her wisdom that “abstinence is not realistic” .”   Later when it was to her financial advantage she became a spokesperson for abstinence, and has declared that, in the future,  she won’t have sex until marriage. This is particularly funny when this is the same person who declared that even though her virginity was “stolen,” she felt that once her virginity was gone, there was no reason to refrain from further sexual adventure. So just to review:

Abstinence is not realistic, but she is now going to become abstinent; and

Even though she is going to be abstinent, there is really no reason to remain abstinent because of that fateful night when Levi “stole” her virginity.

In spite of her lack of experience and education, Bristol has announced that she plans to become a politician one day.  Levi Johnston is a high school drop out  and he is following in Sarah’s footsteps. The high school drop out aspires to be the Mayor of Wasilla.  

It seems that the Palins equate sexual adventure with qualification for political office. Perhaps they don’t realize that most politicians didn’t become politicians BECAUSE of their sexual exploits, but IN SPITE of their sexual indiscretions.  Sexual exploits generate “news.”  “News” generates name recognition.   Name recognition is essential to success at the polls.  We must be cautious that the politicians we elect are the most competent and educated candidates, rather than the most promiscuous.

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  1. Malia,

    I’ll tell you something I don’t normally talk about, because it’s family, but I think it pertinent here, because of the content of this latest entry.
    My niece’s son only recently got a girl pregnant, and it seems he and his friends (who all come from Republican families in Wasilla) have been sexually active for some time.
    She miscarried shortly after (whether by nature, or purposefully no one knows), so his life is not saddled with that extra responsibility, but it’s the whole thing that concerned me.
    Sure, kids are sexually active, Heck, I was as a kid, but the level of irresponsibility was still there, because my niece had nothing much to say about it, not from embarrassment, but that she thinks it’s perfectly O.K. Had that happened to me, at his age (16) I would have been roasted alive!

    That Palin thinks nothing of it either doesn’t surprise me anymore. Wasilla has problems deeper than it’s neo-nazi and drug problems. There is something very wrong with that town.
    Though my niece is no longer a Palin supporter, she still bears the same ignorance to morality that Palin exhibits.
    I suppose when one sees that what is going on is O.K. with everybody else, it’s just natural to do as everybody else, to be part of the community. I think it’s wrong, but who am I but a stupid amoral liberal who dances with the devil every chance I get (according to the new theological extremists of the right).

    While none of this surprises me about Palin, what DOES, is her stubborn insistence for hypocrisy, and the blindness of her minions.


    1. gokemidoro,
      Thank you for sharing this most personal of information. Perhaps I am just old-fashioned, but it amazes me that as teenagers seem to be having sex at younger and younger ages, that there is so little education available to them about protecting themselves from pregnancy, STDs and Aids. It also amazes me that there seems to be indisputable evidence that 95% of adults have premarital sex, that Sarah Palin was pregnant when she married, her mother was pregnant when she married, that Brisol was pregnant out of wedlock, and that Track’s wife was evidently pregnant when she married, and Palin still advocates abstinence. What a disservice to our young people to promote such an unrealistic and impractical approach to human sexuality.


      1. Exactly Malia, they preach abstinence and expect their children to “obey”, they don’t talk about the reality, “hoping” it will never happen. They believe if they talk to their kids about “if” you have sex, then make sure it is safe sex, that it sounds like they’re giving permission, so nope they can’t go there. No birth control, no abortions, no sex before marriage (ha). Thus we have lots of pregger Christian

        I bet Bristol got birth control pills without her parents knowing, that or Sarah and Sally having been preggers before marriage knew she should be on them. She may have gotten pregnant on purpose to entrap Levi. Mercede said Bristol made him wear a gold wedding band to show other girls he was taken. She’s an insecure, jealous person or now thinks she’s somehow “entitled”.

        What she says in her book doesn’t add up to her actions.


      2. MM,
        When I first heard the rumors and Mercede’s accusation that Bristol WANTED to get pregnant I thought that was crazy. However as I learned more, I realized that it was probably true. While it is medically possible that you can get pregnant on birth control, the reality is that it is extremely unlikely. Most women, especially young teenagers, who are on birth control would be very aware if they forgot a pill and take necessary precautions until the next month.


      3. Because of the family history, both $arah and her mother pregnant at the time they married, I would have thought it would be imperative that Palin would make sure she taught her daughters about birth control & sex rather than just issuing the abstinence pledge. What makes it worse is that these same teens who are raised with this abstinence only theory are the least likely to use birth control if they do become sexually active because birth control is also considered a negative to those who are so quick to preach abstinence.

        People have been having sex before marriage for centuries and it will continue as long as we live. However, reality and the Palin family have never been linked at any time.


      4. Kate,
        Of course you are right, and so many young women today are harmed by celebrities like sarah and Bristol who glamorize teen pregnancy.


      1. crystalwolfakacaligrl,
        I think the water is safer during the summer, but in the winter when it’s cold and dark it seems to be an epidemic problem. Go home before the fall.


  2. Malia, have you seen the Britta baby shower pic Grypen has on his blog? She’s definitely preggers. Looks like at least 5 months. October or November stork delivery? followed by the official wedding in Dec.

    I wonder if they have an actual marriage license or whether her father the Lutheran reverend just married them. Surely he made it legal.


  3. I think part of the reason that teens have sex younger and younger is that they 1. don’t get much attention at home (dad and mom on blackberries ignoring kids, “families” at a restaurant with kids running all over the place while parents ignore them, I could go on endlessly with examples), 2. don’t get much education about anything sexual except from movies and TV (sex ed as taught in most schools is just p lain stupid), and 3. in small towns there is not much else to do but screw, do drugs and drink. I live in a small town in SE Indiana and the SAME lack of moral values is evident here. Wasilla is no different than here in BF Indiana. Blow jobs to keep boys’ interest in FIFTH GRADE (yeah 10 years old), moms dressing daughters in slut clothes, letting them wear make up and skimpy bathing suits, being too busy to supervise their kids… this place has it all.
    I know when the majority of the difference started here, during the idiot Bush’s first stolen presidential term, they threw out the solid sex ed and replaced it with abstinence only. My daughter had more comprehensive sex ed in 7th grade than she did in her sophomore year in HS. That same year, the pregnancy rate in the HS shot up over 300%. Every year more and more teens are pregnant. My daughter and her fellow college graduate were shocked at how many of their classmates, male and female, ended up being married after pumping out a kid or two. I told her and her pal not to be shocked but that the Bush admin did away with smart learning and replaced it with the same stupid shit as the war on drugs. Just say no doesn’t work if you don’t give people the reasons why…


    1. Gindy53,
      I know what you are saying is so true! It seems it is not that unusual to hear about young teenage kids having sex, but it is more unusual for parents to talk frankly to their kids about the practicalities of having a sexual relationship at a young age. It’s outrageous to me that Bristol can write a book about the frequency of her sexual relationship with Levi, have a child, and then promote abstinence. We watch as she gets paid a lot of money because she had sex. She is featured on magazines and television shows because she had sex. Why are we surprised that the rate of teen pregnancy in this country is on the rise?


      1. HI Malia ! In response to your comment, above – and also the overall posting:

        a. birth control (esp. pills, in some ways) require responsibility/reliability. I am pretty sure that certain illness/antibiotics will still even interfere with their effectiveness…
        Anyway, I am just saying that Bristle still does not seem to take accountability – but instead STILL to claim the old “its for cramps” excuse. So how reliable might she have been, in this respect?
        b. Whoops. I forgot b already, in my jest for point a
        c. (misc) – honestly – Track’s straight eyebrows dont look like Curtis M., to me. Do you (all) think they look like T.Palin’s??


      2. doh ! point b (above)

        I would prefer to consider Track and Britta as total “innocents,”
        as in unable to choose their relatives.

        However, when I see the pic you posted of them – it is just
        to think of Scarah coaching the beautiful young bride
        on the amazing camoflage (sp?) abilities of the well-placed SCARF !!


  4. Malia – I would assert that the Palins are supremely amoral people. They seem to not have internalized a moral compass – a moral code. They lack any fine-tuning in terms of ethics and integrity. I have researched such persons and have known a few in my lifetime. They are careless and do not understand much less feel compassion and empathy. I see the reckless way the Palins go through life and their lives are a mess. They are unaware and do not learn lessons.

    The recent statement by Mrs. Palin, “Do not retreat, reload…” after the horror of the Tuscon murders (one sweet and innocent little girl was shot in cold blood – Granny Grifter – think about the blood.), is beyond astonishing.

    How she can have the gall to go on FoxNews Channel and pontificate about anything I will never understand.

    Keep up the good work. Palin is on her way out – unless she does something very bizarre and strange to bring attention to herself.


    1. thomas,
      The fact that she used this term AGAIN tells me that she is not only foolish and stupid, but evil too. For her to say that she has a “servant’s heart” and use this phrase again is offensive and outrageous.


  5. I think Bristol in DWS is much more sexually suggestive than posing nude. Nudity can be an art form; there are many paintings, statues, nude models in art class, etc. The human body in itself is art and a wondrous creation to admire. Suggestive dancing, hmmm.. I don’t know. maybe okay by oneself, as Salome danced for the King, but couple dancing as in gyrating??


    1. Pollyin AK,
      I agree and I find the picture of Marc Ballas mounting Bristol on the dance floor to be much more suggestive than the naked pictures of Levi.


  6. That is an amazing photo of Marilyn Monroe, one that I’ve never seen before. She appears to be naked in that form-fitting dress.

    Go back further in history and there are multiple presidential scandals–mistresses, illegitimate children. But there was a time when that sort of behavior for us commoners was scandalous and an illegitimate baby “ruined” a woman for life.

    Somewhere there’s got to be a happy medium. I find it disgusting that Bristol Palin is rewarded for bearing a child out of wedlock, as if that’s some great accomplishment. On the other hand, I don’t think she should be demonized, as she would have been sixty years ago.

    Just as intellectualism has recently been derided in favor of “common sense”, now so-called “family values” candidates can have lovers, prostitutes, illegitimate children. It’s like going through the rabbit hole and being in Wonderland–up is the new down and vice versa.


    1. padoreva,
      When I was learning about JFK and Marilyn Monroe, I learned that there are virtually NO pictures of the two of them together, because the Secret Service confiscated all of them. That was a time when the pictures didn’t hit the media the second someone took the picture on a cell phone.

      It seems to me that as sexual relations between young people have become much more common, that we have not evolved in terms of our ideas about what it appropriate in terms of relationships. For example Palin thought that the way to deal with the pregnancy was to declare Bristol and Levi were getting married. That wasn’t the solution I would have hoped for. I would hope that Sarah would encourage Bristol and Levi to go on to college with the help and support of both families who might pitch in to help with Tripp, The importance of education for Bristol would be so important to her ultimate happiness and that of Tripp. Whether she is married or not in my mind doesn’t change anything about making the decision to have sex out of wedlock. The important thing to me is that she lied to her mother, she and Levi didn’t act responsibly to prevent a pregnancy or the transmission of a sexually transmitted disease. Levi having another child out of wedlock is illustrative of the importance of these things, and the failure of both sets of parents to instill these values in their children.


      1. Certainly Palin doesn’t value education. I find it hard to believe that she graduated from college with a degree in journalism. She has been amazingly successful for how intellectually vapid she seems.

        I just don’t understand the right-wingers devaluation of education. If we’re not going to end up as a third world economy, we need highly educated kids who will innovate. Yet the rethuglicans seem to only want to educate kids well enough to be mindless drones in a service economy, certainly not enough to have critical thinking skills.

        I had a conversation about the debt ceiling the other day with my neighbor, who would have been a very intelligent man, had he continued his education. Instead, he is a brainwashed follower of Fox News. None of his kids are planning on going to college; they are joining the military and he is very proud. He railed about how much the government spends on ridiculous programs, such as public television. When I told him that was a tiny drop in the bucket, and I curbed myself before I compared it to our defense budget.

        He volunteered that he would prefer to cut funding for the schools, rather than raise the debt ceiling. (And this is a man who still has two kids in school.)

        Thanks Fox and Rupert Murdoch–you’ve succeeded in making us the dumbest country in the world.


      2. padoreva,
        It is such a travesty to have people like this who could be educated but instead they are told lies and they believe them. It seems like people like Palin, Perry, and Bachmann try to encourage lack of education so that people won’t be educated enough to recognize just how totally full of it they are.


    2. MM was the real “Dill”! She would often go with out undergarments and she shaped her body using dumbells to keep her breasts firm & tone the rest of her body.
      Today everyone is plastic-silicone.
      I don’t think Brisdull should reap all the money for telling lies. She is a grifter!
      And could you IMAGINE if that was one of the OBAMA girls who had a baby out of wedlock?!?
      Just sayin’!


      1. crsytalcolfakacaligrl,
        If it would have been one of Obama’s daughters, Palin would probably have called Pastor Muthee to declare her a witch.


  7. Ya gotta love those sanctimonious Palin’s, always loudly preaching abstinence to the masses, while in the meantime they’re busy screwing anyone they can, both politically and literally. Outside of the Westboro Baptist Church, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more hypocritically pious and morally bankrupt.

    It’s funny how the very people who advocate the hardest for shutting down Planned Parenthood are the ones who would benefit from it the most. What can be said except that we do reap what we sow, and in the Palin’s case, what they like to sow (besides fertile females) are lies, and logic and history tell us that no good will ever come out of lies.


    1. The sanctimonious, oldfashioned, project onto others their own faults or “sins,” if you will. As we have seen, those who rail against gays are themselves often (especially the right wing christian Teabagger types) closet cases. The fake Psychologist, George Rekers, who was caught at the Miami airport returning from Europe with his male escort is a prime example of that hypocrisy and those lies and projections. That man was especially egregious because he caused (in my state, Florida, where I worked in the Foster Care/Adoptions system) the state to disallow gay adoptions for many years by testifying in court that gay parents are perverts! Thankfully, that ruling has been overturned and gays and lesbians are adopting in Florida now.

      Hypocrisy combined with sanctimony is a way to gain my revulsion. The grifters like Palin and Gingrich and many others who stand on the public stage with their palms open for money, money, money and then use that money for Tiffany jewelry and Cadillac Escalades and luxury tour bus costs that the Rolling Stones would envy, are nothing but the lowest of human life on the planet.

      Where is charity and love? Where are the Beatitudes so lovingly taught to me by the Sisters of Notre Dame when I was in elementary school. That is Christianity. Warriors for Christ? Denouncing, demonizing and hating the “Other,” gays and undocumented aliens and Muslims, etc.? Those are not morally defensible stands. Those are hatreds and homophobia and xenophobia and simple-mindedness.


  8. The Palins’ libidos must rage within all of them like bonfires. They all need to take injections of libido neutralizer. Either that, or the Palin prayer warriors better get on it on behalf of Sarah & family, and start requesting that God give them strength to fight their overwhelming impulses to give in to their sexual desires. If the warriors previously asked that, their prayers went blatantly unanswered (Maybe God wasn’t on their side that day).

    There has probably NEVER been such a family of hypocrites as the Palins. GIven their conflagrant lust and Sarah’s fire in the belly, perhaps they will all self-ignite and we will be done with them. If only!


    1. Ruth – I loved both of them. Marily Monroe and President Kennedy. She was a troubled but lovely soul. He loved his wife and children and he was a great president. He was in Tampa (my adoptive mother was a teacher then and she told me the school children and teachers watched his parade through downtown Tampa) perhaps the day before he went to Dallas. One of the most wonderful people I have learned about on this earth was Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onnasis


  9. Malia, not on the Palins but seeing the quick shot of Congressman Weiner prompts me to remark that in Britain we obviously regard things like that in a different light. One of the 2 MPs who has done most to highlight (I nearly said expose) the Murdoch empire’s crimes is Chris Bryant and until recently he was more famous for appearing on Gaydar in his Y Fronts. His constituents still elect him by huge majorities and it was no bar to his becoming a minister in the last Labour government.


  10. Malia,

    Britta IS pregnant!!!!

    Why hasn’t grandma wished them her on her FB/twitter, she is all quite . Like to see how she would spin this news!

    And Bristol could not even convince her own brother’s girlfriend not to have premarital sex. and she is preaching the world.
    here she is with Dr. Drew :


  11. I don’t know how anyone will break this to sarah. But her kind of trailor park uneducated no pride no shame family WILL NEVER EVER SEE THE INSIDE OF THE WHITE HOUSE–except as tourists passing thru maybe. Can you imagine this low life lot living in the white house representing Amurica? I THINK NOT! Obviously everyone else feels the same. See? Money DOES NOT BUY YOU HAPPINESS OR EVERYTHING! As we can see you cannot buy class with stolen money!


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