And So It Begins…Perry’s Getting Ready

As we contemplate a Rick Perry campaign, we will see more and more articles like this one.  Perry thinks he can surpass Bachmann in appealing to voters.  A  Fox News poll  has reported that in a new poll Perry is right.  They report Perry is a close second to Mitt Romney, and ahead of Bachmann.

11 thoughts on “And So It Begins…Perry’s Getting Ready

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  1. Malia,
    These two people scare the hell out of me (as do most of the GOP candidates). My hope is that they will eventually have to go after each other with their disgusting, dirty politics, and maybe they will have a mutual destruction…or self-destruct!


    1. Malia, great post ! Did you see this post from Lew Rockwell ? Lew is a Libertarian who used to work for Ron Paul. He wrote :”No wonder the Republican establishment loves Rick Perry. He participated in the Koch Bros. latest secret confab of plutocrats and their wholly owned intellectuals and politicians. It’s a reminder, as well, that the Kochs hate Ron Paul, and might be sending in their boy Rick for that reason alone. (Thanks to Bob Wenzel)”


  2. I’ve read some things about perry and he has some major skeletons in his closet (closet, get it?) In the race between him and KBH for the republican nomination she was leaking hot tub stories about him and the Texas state treasurer , I beleive. Perry’s wife busted them and is rumored to paid to stick around. Where there’ s smoke there’s fire.


    1. jcinco,
      I think if he runs there will be a lot more effort to reveal the truth. There are a lot of fires in Texas right now. Maybe he is to blame?


      1. These people are downright scary, and with all the corruption and backroom deals I’m afraid that some day our vote won’t matter at all. We’ll “think” it does…but it won’t. GO Malia! Expose ’em!


      2. Didn’t he veto the no texting while driving? If so, forget it buddy….we have a right to drive without be run into by people who can’t manage to drive straight while texting.


  3. Gah, I hate this man. Sadly, I can SO see the gop going for this asshat. Urgh. I’ve always hated him as my Govn’r Hair, I’d hate him more in washington.


  4. The link with the Koch Brothers says it all. This guy looks creepy to me, lets hope some new crazy’s declare and cancel some of these early birds- if not, we’ve got to dig our heels in even more.


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