Shailey Tripp is the women charged by the Anchorage Police with running a house of prostitution. She is the woman who pled “no contest” to the charges, and was given probation . This week Shailey Tripp appeared before the judge and because she complied with the requirements of her probation, all charges were dropped. In my last contact with her she had not recovered her cell phones or lap top, so we can not yet confirm what information was contained on them that the police chose not to review and/or erased. Shailey has now revealed that:

“… Todd Palin along with other people recruit and groom men and women to be prostitutes. These prostitutes are eventually given positions inside a company and used to secure business deals. These business deals often involve obtaining military and government contracts. The people who use the prositution services are usually in positions of power.

I have witnessed this first hand and am speaking from my own personal experiences.

… I used to think Sarah Palin knew nothing of these kinds of things but I’ve had a year to think it over very carefully, and I am now convinced Sarah Palin not only knew of these actions but went through great lengths to cover it up.

On the same day that I reported that Palin referred to the acts of Arnold Schwarzenegger as being “disgusting” and “irresponsible”,

I am reporting that the conduct of Todd Palin is “vile”, “unlawful,” “sinful,” immoral,” and “loathsome.”

One might question the veracity of the report by Shailey Tripp. I don’t have personal knowledge of the truth of the accusations against Todd or Sarah Palin. Likewise, I don’t think Sarah Palin has personal knowledge about the sexual adventures of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Anthony Weiner.  Thus I am commenting about Todd Palin, and the accusations against him, in the same way that Sarah Palin has offered her opinion about Arnold and Anthony.