Shailey Tripp Accuses the Palins of Sex Trafficking

Shailey Tripp is the women charged by the Anchorage Police with running a house of prostitution. She is the woman who pled “no contest” to the charges, and was given probation . This week Shailey Tripp appeared before the judge and because she complied with the requirements of her probation, all charges were dropped. In my last contact with her she had not recovered her cell phones or lap top, so we can not yet confirm what information was contained on them that the police chose not to review and/or erased. Shailey has now revealed that:

“… Todd Palin along with other people recruit and groom men and women to be prostitutes. These prostitutes are eventually given positions inside a company and used to secure business deals. These business deals often involve obtaining military and government contracts. The people who use the prositution services are usually in positions of power.

I have witnessed this first hand and am speaking from my own personal experiences.

… I used to think Sarah Palin knew nothing of these kinds of things but I’ve had a year to think it over very carefully, and I am now convinced Sarah Palin not only knew of these actions but went through great lengths to cover it up.

On the same day that I reported that Palin referred to the acts of Arnold Schwarzenegger as being “disgusting” and “irresponsible”,

I am reporting that the conduct of Todd Palin is “vile”, “unlawful,” “sinful,” immoral,” and “loathsome.”

One might question the veracity of the report by Shailey Tripp. I don’t have personal knowledge of the truth of the accusations against Todd or Sarah Palin. Likewise, I don’t think Sarah Palin has personal knowledge about the sexual adventures of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Anthony Weiner.  Thus I am commenting about Todd Palin, and the accusations against him, in the same way that Sarah Palin has offered her opinion about Arnold and Anthony.

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  1. I was reading on IM that Ms Tripp took a couple of lie dectector tests and passed them. Gee this could be bigger than babygate or at least equal. Both are disgusting if true.


    1. I remember when the Tripp/Todd thing erupted – Palin backers were saying he had not been involved in a prostitution ring. Strange thing to say as he had not been accused of that. He had been accused of using the services of a prostitute. Where did they get the prostitution ring angle? Because it was happening then, perhaps?


    2. Hi Malia- This is a general comment, it’s not a reply to AFM, but I could not find another way to make a comment with the new system.

      We need to remember that a few months ago, when the Shailey Tripp story first came out, Palin was asked to respond. The initial story was simply that Shailey was a prostitute who’s services Todd used. But guess what SP’s response was?? She said something like… “It’s not true that Todd is involved in a prostitution RING.” BUT NO ONE ASKED ABOUT A PROSTITUTION RING!!! Sarah gave it away– just like that folks.

      Then of course we had the phony denial from the local police that Malia has been working on….. and the rest will become history.

      We’ve been following the Palins for a long time. Many of us have suspected that the corruption runs deep and wide. We have been wondering how they’d been able to support their life style BEFORE SP became a successful media whore. Well, the picture is surely beginning to clear up.


      1. Conscious at last!
        I was working on it just tonight, and will do an article in the am. I have learned that I can’t believe anything Sarah Palin says. Malia


      2. I guess there was more to Palin describing Todd as a small business owner beyond catching fish. It’s not the fish who smell in this story!


    3. Where is the evidence? Why is the MSM not picking up this story? Why hasn’t Sarah or Todd said anything? Where is the Enquirer? So many losse ends and none of them make sense.


      1. Carol,
        I just had a conversation with a lady from Alaska that just confirms my impression that if someone is going to take note of this it will have to be someone outside Alaska. Will write a post about it in the am. Malia


  2. Is she going to get her property back and will they be in tact. The McCain campaign or the palins erased thiings from Mercedes johnstons computer and they were not able to be restored.


    1. Pam,
      I predict that it will have been erased or changed in such a way that we will never be able to confirm what was originally on the phones and/or lap top. Shailey has indicated she will let me know when she gets them back so I’ll report to you. Malia


      1. Unless they were using military-grade data-obliterating software, it would be possible to retrieve data. And somehow I don’ think the APD is capable of finding shoes in a shoebox, let alone knowing about / utilizing that sort of software.


      2. It is likely they will damage her laptop or have changed the HD so no files can be retrieved even by those with sophisticated resources. I have had a laptop damaged and had my email hacked to be erased. The erasing of the emails happened a few weeks before the release of the Palin emails which I believe was an attempt to destroy reciprocals. Law enforcement and the DOC routinely destroy evidence for cover up purposes. I have had this experience myself. I have also had law enforcement play games with property they had which was not evidence that they treated as evidence and then made the ridiculous claimed they had to search it to make sure there was no bomb. There will be no information left on cell phones or the laptop and I suspect it will take a long time for Shailey to get her property. When it is released listen to the wording when they start excusifying and remember they have already stated they have no evidence of Todd Palin’s role in a prostitution ring. They have the evidence and will cover for the Palins.


      3. Celia,
        Unfortunately I am afraid you may be right, so I am hoping Shailey has records etc. that they don’t know about. Malia


      4. Celia,
        I am afraid you are right! I am hoping that Shailey has other records in her possession to confirm Todd’s involvement. Malia


  3. Thank you, Malia. I appreciate your ongoing efforts to find out more about the Shailey Tripp story. I also read with interest your posts on your earlier attempts to get the Anchorage Police Department on the record about the bust and the extent to which they had investigated the items they took from Shailey’s office. I am still very interested to find out what evidence was contained within Shailey Tripp’s phones and other evidence that was confiscated.

    Now Shailey has made her newest allegations about prostitutes being placed in positions where they would interact with people involved in military and government contracts. Mention of “military and government contracts” may get people thinking about things like fighter planes, bombs, and other military “hardware”.

    I want to take this opportunity to remind readers that software, networking, computer security, and other similar areas are very important aspects of modern military and government contracts. Not only is there a lot of custom software written for military and government applications, but there are also many other areas of government contracting that use custom software and/or programming. For instance, NOAA and their work on forecasting damage that could result from tsunami waves would be one example.

    Some of these contracts are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Shailey does seem to have significant skills in the area of computer programming and security. I don’t think her story is at all far-fetched, and some of the things she may know could be because of this area of expertise.

    In case people have forgotten, a few years ago there was a big scandal that came to light involving the Department of Interior and the “Sex, Drug Use and Graft”, as reported in one of the many articles on the topic here:

    The scandal in particular involved oil and gas industry relationships with government employees, as this quote details: The investigation also concluded that several of the officials “frequently consumed alcohol at industry functions, had used cocaine and marijuana, and had sexual relationships with oil and gas company representatives.”

    It doesn’t take long to find out that what Shailey Trigg alleges has already occurred within the industry. The question is, does she really know anything about it herself, and was Todd Palin really involved in arranging this kind of activity?


    1. Armchair Jane
      I will have an article tomorrow about a call I had tonight with a representative from an agency in Alaska. Just boggles the mind! Malia


      1. I cannot wait to read your article tomorrow.I will be checking in the morning to find out the latest you have on this story!

        Also I had to laugh at myself – I did NOT mean to write “Trigg” for Shailey’s last name. Shailey, if you are reading here, I apologize. It is just that the names of those two Palin babies have been much on my mind the past couple of years!


  4. It behooves us to remember that the population of the whole state of Alaska is akin to that of a third-tier city in the Lower 48 (700,000 residents) so it is regularly ‘incestuous’: everybody knows everybody else and everybody’s hand is in everyone else’s pocket.

    Hence there are regular payoffs, regular cronyism, regular vicissitudes that would get spotted immediately in a more sophisticated milieu, but are swept under the Polar Bear rug up there. ( I recall reading Alaska Daily News regularly online and there was a regularly updated Web page dedicated to FBI investigations of politicians there.)

    Consequently none of these accusations surprise me, but I’d sure like to have them confirmed by Geoffrey Dunn or Joe McGinniss, both of whom have just spent time in the belly of the beast. I hope that you are in touch with both of them, Malia.


    1. BW,
      I’m not sure what will result, but I know that some things can’t be disclosed until a final result is reached. I suspect that if Palin runs, there will be a lot more information that will surface.


  5. Aw this aught to be juicy as can be! The media will ignore it forthwith as expected. But none of it really surprises me if it is true, specially for toad. He just looks slimy


    1. Shiva,
      Since Shailey is finished with her probation and all charges have been dropped, I am wondering…hoping….that this is just the beginning. Malia


      1. Malia, is there a way to check on the procedures of returning private property? I find it odd (well in this case not really) that her property wasn’t returned asap after court. What reason could they have for keeping her property? This reeks of the same hold off on the email BS.

        And, wouldn’t they be afraid of evidence tampering if they delete items? And what about the cell phone records, Shailey should be able to get those herself from the cell co., shouldn’t she?


      2. MM,
        I am very sceptical that the evidence will be returned at all, or if it is I would be surprised to see it in the same condition as when it was confiscated. We will have to wait. Shailey still thinks it will be returned. Malia


    1. Sarh Palin has a serpent’s heart,
      I do know from Shailey that all charges has been dropped, and where she goes from here I am not sure. The last correspondence I had from her indicated that she had not had her cell phones and lap top returned, and I think she would only “testify” against Todd if there were some court proceeding against him, and I’m not aware of any at this time. If I can’t get the apd to even issue a retraction of their press release re the National Enquirer article, I would be surprised if they will bring charges against todd.


      1. Celia,
        I think you are right and that was the case. I hope she’ll feel free to be more specific about facts and details. Malia


    1. akgirls,
      I don’t think there is much question about the polygraph that S.Tripp took…but the really telling part is that Todd never denied this publicly,much less take a lie detector test himself.


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