Shame on McCain, and Those Using Palin for Personal Gain

 story is just out today announcing a documentary on Sarah Palin which is scheduled to debut in Iowa next month. Conservative filmmaker Stephen Bannon produced the film and financed the film himself, at a cost of $ 1,000,000.00.

The film is entitled “The Undefeated” as is advertised as presenting Palin in a “highly favorable light.” Bannon intends to feature the film in early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. So why would Bannon attempt to promote Palin when she has only a 5% approval rating in states like New Hampshire? Why would TLC make a “reality” show about Sarah Palin doing a variety of things she has never done before? Why would Fox News employ her as a commentator when Roger Ailes views her as an idiot? Why would John McCain choose her as his Vice Presidential running mate, if he would not endorse her in December of 2008? . The answer is clear. Money. Palin is willing to be used, and people are willing to use her for financial gain. That is advancing the Palin brand at the expense of the country.

Drug dealers sell drugs for profit, and seem to lack any concern for the damage they cause to people’s lives. John McCain, TLC, Fox News,and now Stephen Bannon seem to be willing to sell Sarah Palin for profit, regardless of the damage caused to the country. Each has been rewarded by the decision to promote Palin. McCain was re-elected in Arizona. TLC received a $1.2 million dollar tax credit for Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  Fox New enjoys the highest ratings in the country, and now Stephen Bannon joins this group of users. They each may have profited by their association with Sarah Palin, but at what cost?

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  1. A million dollar two hour commercial? Cheap–huh?
    Sounds sycophantically boring. Who wants to watch the Quitbull for this long except her Flying Monkeys and Bots. Two hours?!? That’s a bit masturbatory isn’t it. Oh Sarah, thy name is Narcissus—Narcissa?


  2. Malia,

    Have you checked to see whether S.Bannon applied for a film tax credit in Alaska?

    According to reports, Bannon relied heavily on voiceovers from Sarah’s Going Rogue audiobook. Publisher’s don’t give away that access for free.

    I wonder if Sarah is making another little profit out of this so-called self-financed film?

    It would be interesting to see where Bannon got the backing for the film. One million isn’t much for a Hollywood-style feature film, but it is a lot for a documentary. Beyond that, very few docs make money, much less break even with widespread ‘theatrical’ distribution.

    This smells fishy to me…


    1. Factchecker49,
      It reeks to me and I bet there is a story, but I haven’t uncovered it…yet. I’ll post anything I find. Malia


      1. He is apparently really wealthy and has made other films like this. But I bet there is more to the story. Two hours!!!! Can you imagine the laughs of pundits everywhere?? It just proves what people say about Sarah– me, me and more me. She LOVES the movie by the way. This was stated by Tim Crawford, who works for her. I laughed when I read that thinking of course she does!! Sarah can watch Sarah the way she imagines Sarah is for hours and hours at home n her own theatre!!!


      2. Malia, I want to thank you for investigating this fraud…I’m so sick of her I can’t even comment on her at the moment but I do want to thank you for doing all you can to expose this grifter, liar and fraud.


      3. NJfan,
        I appreciate your support and I’ll keep doing what I can as long as she is a threat! Malia


  3. Malia, thank you for your persistence in all things Palin. I agree with your points here; all of the players in the Palin circle use each other. I do wonder about this film-do they expect people to go to theaters and pay to see this movie? Also, the Politico article said that the film-maker backed the film with $1,000,000 of his own money. There may have been other backers as well, but they don’t say. It is quite possible the film cost more than $1M.

    Again, thank you for your efforts, especially in regard to the AK film commission.


    1. Turtle Tears,Thanks for your support and words of encouragement. I haven’t had any luck yet with any office re the tax credit, but it seems so obviously wrong to me that I hope somebody will notice. Malia


      1. Malia,
        I appreciate your willingness to put yourself out there and take a stand. Even if nothing comes of it, you have established a public record of what appears to be a wrong-doing. That in itself is important, and as the wheels of justice often turn slowly, your efforts may be found to be more significant down the road.


      2. Turtle Tears,
        I know you are right. It was months after I wrote the post “That Dog Don’t Hunt” revealing that she didn’t have a hunting license in 08 and 09 but little was said in the press or media for months. I just want things to happen faster. thanks for you support. Malia


  4. They are all indeed using her to make money. McCain got backed into a corner to use someone from the fundie right-wing religious base (and I am NOT defending him.) Putting her in as his running mate constituted an extremely critical lack of judgment. She campaigned for him because she was “politically indebted” to do so, and it’s also why McCain never tells the truth about her, he’d appear like the idiot he actually was/is for running her on his ticket. He did a heinous thing to the country running her with him.

    But the POG (party of gridlock) cannot afford to lose her base–the base are loyal voters. (She’s like a female Limbaugh–they can’t afford to lose his “base” either, but the difference is he’s not running for president.) The propaganda machine will do “what is necessary” to keep her out there and in good standing with her rather delusional base. They hope the film will help nullify and disprove all the truth that has come out lately casting her as the lying, incompetent (b)(w)itch that she certainly is. She LOVES the limelight, the celebrity, and could care less about governing anything–she still holds on to the idea of winning the prize, the presidency. This country cannot afford that or allow that to happen.


  5. “Palin is willing to be used, and people are willing to use her”

    Funny you made that comment about Sarah Palin because you can actually use that same comment towards Bristol Palin, daughter like mother.

    Can you say:

    They’ve all had their way with Bristol.

    We know how the boys used Bristol, but you ask how did DWTS and Candies use Bristol?

    Bristol was used for ratings by DWTS and in return for making a fool of herself she was compensated for it but it was DWTS who made money off of her while she was being ridiculed.

    How did Candies use Bristol? Bristol is uneducated and has no training in what she is talking about to kids. Bristol is being ridiculed about what she doesn’t know and what she doesn’t practice (abstinence). Bristol is being compensated for her ignorance while Candies makes money off of her.


  6. Greetings Malia! Will there ever be no end to this grifter’s modus propagandi? She is so delusional, even her Faux brethren are making no attempt to conceal their real feelings about her. Next to her secret move to AZ, the right move for the Faux brass is to dump her. As to those who will use $P for personal gain, I still think that Mr. Bailey just teased us with his “tell-all” book. The so-called “smoking gun” was not evident. I think the really damning e-mails are in a very safe place, ready to be used as bargaining chips to save his arse if; by an act of divine Providence, $P is indicted or subpoenaed for questionable conduct and activities. After all, he was in her employ and carrying out her directives; that makes him an accessory to her under-handed and unscrupulous actions while in office.


  7. I’ve always thought she was “special.” She is like a 50-year old Britney Spears. She isn’t a functioning adult, has to be watched constantly, but she can shake her ass & make a buck, so they let her. Notice Sarah is never photographed alone? No one sees her unless someone is with her, usually several someones. I bet the next time we see Sarah she’ll appear to be alone. On IM everyone was making fun of her Planet of the Apes hairdo & she showed up on DWTS with her hair all flat. Too funny, hop, Sarah, hop!


  8. Not to remove blame from the users, because they disgust me; but Malia, would you allow someone to use you or any of your family members in this manner?
    $arah loves money, and will obviously do anything to get it.

    The love of money is truly the root of all evil.


    1. Cracklin’ Charlie,
      You are exactly right, and we knew that from the night Palin appeared at the Convention using Trig to advertise her position on abortion. Malia


  9. Am I missing something? What’s the deal with “Undefeated?” Who is this movie about? If it’s about the Empress, it must be a Monty Python movie, and she is in a Black Knight type role. After being soundly defeated, all that remains is the head yelling threats, trying to pick a fight.
    I’m guessing it’s rated OWB-55, only for old white bigots, age 55 and over.


  10. Des Moines Register has an article today that several theater owners have been approached to screen $arah’s propaganda in Iowa.

    Many refused. They claim there won’t be much money or demand to see the movie.


  11. I would like to know if the making of this ‘film’ could be considered a campaign donation, if she runs. I really wish that July 15th would hurry up and get here. Her pac report is due then for the first half of the year.


  12. I’ve been around for a few years and i can say I’ve never, ever witnessed such a monumental mess in our country like the palin machine. When will this end? The whole thing has been disqusting and damaging to all of us. This woman is NUTS. Ailes is evil. Fox news is a propaganda machine. I can’t believe that we’ve been lowered to the point of actually worrying about this bizarre woman becoming elected as president!! WHY are we so worried? Has our system so failed us that this could happen? This is incredibly insane.


  13. I agree with your analogy, but I think we are seeing that the use of scara has bitten them all in the butt. It may have made them some money and gained some attention at the start, but I do believe all of them REGRET their association. Mr. Bannon will be chucked under the bus too, we just have to sit back and wait. Fortunately, other people like yourself, Colbert, Stewart, Fey, etc., will have lots of material to work with.


  14. Malia,
    You cannot take advantage of the willing.
    She is using them as much as they are using her. That is what she does. She is stupid, self centered and now very wealthy, and it is not because she is intelligent and works hard.
    She stopped working hard when she quit the Gov. office.
    She has used people and made the system work for her. She will implode sooner or later and I hope she does not take this country with her.


  15. hmmm……

    “In recent days, she rehired two logistics aides, Jason Recher and Doug McMarlin, that she had dismissed, a Palin aide said Wednesday. She is planning to increase her public exposure. In addition, a full-length feature film focused largely on her time as governor is in the final stages of editing by conservative filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon.

    A few months ago, the aide said, Ms. Palin and her staff discussed releasing a series of short Internet videos to put her term as governor into a more favorable light than the mass media has portrayed it. The idea was shelved when complex issues such as her tussles with the oil industry over a natural gas pipeline could not be distilled into a 60-to-90-second clip. They were then approached by Mr. Bannon, he said. The Palin staff helped him contact key players in Alaska, but he said the former governor did not pay for or participate in the production of the film.”


  16. Re: “Drug dealers sell drugs for profit…”

    Drug dealers do this openly, and without the hypocrisy employed by politicos.

    Authenticity: Drug dealers 1, politicians 0.


  17. I just don’t think this will be a hit by any stretch of the imagination. Only the palin worshippers would pay to see it. She’s also starting a bus tour up the east coast, willing to bet she’ll buy a ton of dvd’s to give out, you know, to boost it’s ratings? All that’s left for props is willow and piper. Tripp and Bristol have their own “freakality show”, Track’s busy with pickle and ice cream runs, Trig is proably not as portable and Todd and his buddies are busy decorating the new compound.

    She’s firing up the bus again, got a free two hour ego massage, and a fire in her belly, can it be she’s “pregnant” again, and it’s a latex allergy?


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