story is just out today announcing a documentary on Sarah Palin which is scheduled to debut in Iowa next month. Conservative filmmaker Stephen Bannon produced the film and financed the film himself, at a cost of $ 1,000,000.00.

The film is entitled “The Undefeated” as is advertised as presenting Palin in a “highly favorable light.” Bannon intends to feature the film in early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. So why would Bannon attempt to promote Palin when she has only a 5% approval rating in states like New Hampshire? Why would TLC make a “reality” show about Sarah Palin doing a variety of things she has never done before? Why would Fox News employ her as a commentator when Roger Ailes views her as an idiot? Why would John McCain choose her as his Vice Presidential running mate, if he would not endorse her in December of 2008? . The answer is clear. Money. Palin is willing to be used, and people are willing to use her for financial gain. That is advancing the Palin brand at the expense of the country.

Drug dealers sell drugs for profit, and seem to lack any concern for the damage they cause to people’s lives. John McCain, TLC, Fox News,and now Stephen Bannon seem to be willing to sell Sarah Palin for profit, regardless of the damage caused to the country. Each has been rewarded by the decision to promote Palin. McCain was re-elected in Arizona. TLC received a $1.2 million dollar tax credit for Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  Fox New enjoys the highest ratings in the country, and now Stephen Bannon joins this group of users. They each may have profited by their association with Sarah Palin, but at what cost?