No Deal; Government Shut Down Still Pending!

By way of update, there is still no deal on Capital Hill to solve the pending government shut down.  If there is a deal, it will have to be because Republicans and Democrats agree to work together.  The sad thing is that the motivation for each may be that they aren’t so concerned with the crisis the country would face, but the damage that might be done to their party if an agreement is not reached.|main5|dl1|sec1_lnk3|55121

5 thoughts on “No Deal; Government Shut Down Still Pending!

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  1. yup, and the pee farty hatriots will wet themselves when the govt shutdown happens. right. that’s what we need right now. americans that cant work or pay thier bills. the govt employs 2 million poeple. if only those idiots realized that.


  2. Malia, got a little gift for you – note the guy at 1:00

    BTW – set down your beverage of choice and grab a tissue!


    1. KatieAnnieOakley
      The tears are coming down and my stomach is hurting from laughing so hard! You made MY evening! Thanks! Malia


  3. Bill Maher and his panel tore into this issue, especially the idea that the Republicans wanted to eliminate a women’s health or shut the country down. Eliot Spitzer brought up the expense of two wars. Katty Kay of the BBC commented on how the rest of the world sees us.
    At the turn of the century we began a downward move to third world status. Our classification is not based on lack of technology or goods, it is due to ignorance and the lack of education.


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