Politifact Identifies Biggest Lie of Year for 2010

Everyone remembers Palin’s Death Panel lie of the year for 2009.  Thanks to Lars, we now have the direct  link to the biggest lie of the year for 2010.  While its no surprise, it is still just another example of the false information being spread by the “common sense conservatives.”



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  1. Malia,

    I actually believe that Shailey Tripp may be the biological mother of Trig. I think that she may have been persuaded to give up that child she created with Todd because of her economic circumstances. I have nothing to back up my theory. But I hope that with new info coming out in the tabloids that you will look into this. I love your blog. You are very thorough and back up your words with facts. Please look into this. Sarah Palin is not the biological mother of her beautiful Down Syndrome baby.


  2. Seriously Malia,

    Sarah did not give birth to Trig. Whose baby is he? Her husband Todd and perhaps his massage therapist Ms. Tripp??? She’s begging for money on her website, but she must have signed something that prevents her from telling the entire truth. I just think it’s completely bizarre, the entire story of her affair with Todd. I hope you can uncover the truth. I do believe she is the bio-mom of Trig.


    1. Jillene,
      I wish I could tell you the truth about Trig. As of today, I still don’t know who the real mother is. I don’t believe it is Sarah, and suspect that she thought she could get away with this lie when she was only the governor, but now a lot of people are paying attention. If she runs we will all push harder to uncover the truth. Malia


  3. just trying to help. not only that, i find myself, foolishly, at war with stupid zombies on FB reminding them that “obama care” was in fact, written by the congress & senate. obama was left w/ negotiating w/ drug & health care companies. PBS had a great piece about the health care bill.


    1. Lars,
      And the funny thing is that its been about a year, and patients that previously got care have not realized a change, and doctors are still making a good living. something must be working!


  4. ONE collective lie, but look a the WIDESPREAD damage it did in the credulous electorate who think their politicians are speaking truthfully. The opportunity for reform of health care may not recover in our lifetimes from the collective greed of these pols who have been bought by pharma and insurance special interests.

    It’s shocking too that Americans in general are not aware of national health care plans working well in other countries. It’s not as though we are leading in this innovation. We are in fact LAGGING in delivery of health care. We are the wealthiest nation on earth, but rank 37th among developed nations, including those with national plans. SHAME on us and on these scandalous LIARS.


  5. Malia – Brava – Thank you for choosing to link to the Politifact website. I believe I recommended that you contact the St. Petersburg Times with a copy of your letter regarding the APD scandal. The St. Pete Times is one of the best newspapers in the country. They report news in a professional and non-biased way. They are respected in the industry and by their readers.

    Again, Malia, thank you for all you are doing to expose the fraud and grifter and empty headed ex 1/2 term governor – Mrs. Palin.


  6. THIS IS GOOD NEWS THURSDAY MALIA! Check it out guys and gals!
    America’s Hatred of Sarah Palin Reaches Historic Heights
    April 6, 2011
    By Jason Easley

    In case you thought there was no way that America could possibly hate Sarah Palin any more than they already do, check out her new approval ratings from the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. Palin’s approval rating has dropped to 25%, which is tied…


  7. Malia,
    I can’t thank you enough for your consistent dedicated work to reveal this real troubling woman who could have been a VP and even tried PRESIDENT! I don’t doubt she had a plan anyway to do McCain in had she won VP. Trust me. She’s put many other men under the bus. While she is beyond our comprehension with her most unusual stances and her way of communicating (3rd grade mentality?–no offense to 3rd graders), I’m just glad you never faltered in your research and informative articles on her dastardly ways. I think she’s sitting back quietly hoping the HBO Change movie is going to change the minds of many and bring her image back in a positive lite. UH…I THINK NOT! But good try. Does she never know when to stop? It’s pathetic. It’s groveling at this point. Has she no shame or pride? I think she might want to find a place far away while she can and before that HBO movie comes out. I personally will be boycotting HBO that day. I couldn’t bring myself to watch anything sarah. Please..I’ve had enough already of them trying to convince US OF SOMETHING SARAH CLEARLY IS NOT! Just stop already. People are truly sick of her now. As we can see 25% APPROVAL!!!!!


  8. I”m sending the politifact link to all my news stations and ask that they report on this. The Republicans really hit below the belt using this misleading and unpatriotic tactic, as they always seem to do. We have to defend the President and the Dem’s!

    Help get this out there people! Make it a big deal.


  9. After I had my 3 heart attacks and Sarah Palin stated the death panels were coming I packed my bags . Its been sitting by the door for over a year. Know one has come by or called. Where are you Death Panels. Did your forget me. Need money for gas.LOL


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