Jesse Ventura Thinks Palin Will Be a Contender

The average person might believe that Sarah Palin would never attempt to secure the GOP nomination for President. Her poll numbers are too low, and she loves money too much. There is too much garbage that might surface if she were to throw her hat in the ring. The average person might confidently declare that even if she ran, she would never win the nomination. Jesse Ventura is not the average person. To describe him as “colorful” might be an understatement.

He was a navy seal.

His achievements include  attaining the position as third in command for the motorcycle club to which he belonged called “Dago,” in which he is proud of his distinction as a “full-patch member.”

He was a bodyguard for the The Rolling Stones and then became a professional wrestler.

In 1998 he became the Governor of Minnesota as a member of the Independence Party of Minnesota. Ventura describes himself as fiscally conservative and socially liberal.” He has been a supporter of gay rights, and abortion rights.

Mr. Ventura has become a celebrity and appeared on various talk shows, including Larry King. He is also an author.

Ventura has never been reticent to share his views about Palin. In 2009 he called her a “quitter” and declared “I would never vote for her.”

In March of 2010 he declared he would move to Mexico if Palin was elected President.

In October of 2010 Mr. Ventura gave an interview to Politicususa in which he said:

“I’ll put it to you this way about the Tea Party: Anybody that would put Sarah Palin to the top of their list will never get me. She’s a quitter.”

“(So your not a fan of Palin) You’re damn right. She quit in the middle of her term. That’s the contract you have with the voters.”

The interview continued. When asked if he thought she was qualified to be president, he said, “Well, I felt she was completely unqualified. I had more qualifications than she did. I had served as a mayor of a town [Brooklyn Park, Minn.] of 60,000 – hers [Wasilla, Alaska] was 10,000. I had served as governor for two years when everybody wanted me to run for president in 2000, and I said I’m not prepared to be the president. I haven’t even completed office as a governor yet. Now, she never completed her office as governor. She didn’t even get two years in hardly! And she quit to get money. Jesus, how do people not see that! She saw greener pastures, said, Screw the people of Alaska, and went on to collect.”

“When asked if he would do an episode of a show on her, he bluntly stated, “I wouldn’t waste my time.” Ouch. Ventura is everything that Palin pretends to be. He is a true independent. He was elected to office as a legitimate third party candidate, and he is an outsider. Ventura even has real fame that isn’t limited to Fox News, Facebook, and Twitter, and he didn’t hesitate to offer quite the comprehensive destruction of the myth of Sarah Palin.”

In an interview with Joy Behar, Ventura explained that Michele Bachmann was his Representative in Minnesota. In his opinion the reason people like Bachmann and Palin is that the dumber you are the more people like you. He described Palin and Bachmann as puppets. It was his opinion that the GOP isn’t looking for leadership, but instead for puppets.

Mr. Ventura has now expanded his opinion to say that he thinks Palin will not only run for the nomination, but that she will win the GOP nomination.

You may agree or not with Mr. Ventura. The message is that some people who pay attention to politics still see her as a threat. Whatever he is, a biker, navy seal, body guard, Governor, Author, and political commentator, Mr. Ventura  is not a member of the Republican or Democratic Party. He is a true independent. He is not a proponent of Sarah Palin, and he is not a Democrat who wants to see her nominated so that Obama could have an easy victory. In his opinion she is a real threat to America.

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  1. I’m not sure about how valid Jesse’s opinion is anymore…he has basically been living full time in Mexico for the past few years. I think alot of these political has beens and wannebe’s like Trump are just trying to get free publicity.


  2. Malia, thanks for the description of Ventura’s political position. I’ve called myself a political atheist; my social and fiscal views are very similar to Gov. Ventura’s.


  3. Gov. Ventura’s comment should be a wake up call. Media and political opinion makers call him a conspiracy theorist. This term is very misleading. The truth is that the government presents the theory, and we “theorists” present facts and scientific evidence that disproves the government or corporate story. Ventura knows how the elections have been rigged. Anyone with a knowledge of system security can see how vote counts are bogus because the electronic voting machines can be compromised and the data (vote count) can be manipulated when it is sent to the collection point. A software engineer who was going to testify on the data manipulation died in a private plan crash a couple years ago.

    Malia has the right idea. Tell the truth, get the word out about these people so that public opinion keeps them out of the nominating process.


    1. aj,
      I think that even though Ventura may not be in the know, we all should not assume anything until the declares. If she says that she is going to run, then we can’t assume people will know the facts about her. Malia


  4. I would rather hear what Jesse Ventura has to say on any topic than any of the top Republican Party members….or Sarah Palin.


  5. FYI – Ventura appears on CNN’s Piers Morgan show tonight – Monday, April 4th – (Interview taped on April 1st)

    “Tonight: Jesse Ventura
    Jesse Ventura sits down with Piers to talk policy and the situation in the Middle East. He’ll also talk about his show Conspiracy Theory and running for president. ”

    From Morgan’s Twitter page
    “Jesse Ventura: Sarah Palin will be 2012 GOP nominee, and “she’ll do what she’s told.” VIDEO: [intvw airs Monday]”

    One of the comments that Ventura made truly makes you question his knowledge of Palin, which a number of the comments on the page question too:

    “She’s the type of person that certainly will be controlled by the status quo and the power structure. So she’d make a perfect candidate for them, she’ll do what she’s told.”

    She’ll do what she is told???? We know that ain’t true!!!


    1. I saw this interview while waiting for Anderson Cooper to come on, and all I could think was, “geez is that Jesse Ventura? He really looks like crap…needs to cut his hair because it really looks bad on him.” he clearly identifies more with his wrestler image…why are we even asking him what he thinks? Dear men, if you are going bald, you will be far more attractive to women if you keep your hair trimmed short. Got that Mr. Trump?


  6. I’m amazed at how far Ventura got politically…from wrestler, no less. I know that he heartily dislikes Palin and he knows from his governing that it’s MUCH harder than it looks.

    However, I part ways with him when he thinks that the GOP will let her be the nominee. He is under-estimating the Big Boys in the Back Room.


    1. BW
      I surely hope you are right! My fear is that he is connected in some way that is not obvious to us and that he is trying to warn us. Malia


  7. Jesse has nothing to gain from his candid interview and I think he’s calling it the way he sees it. He’s not alone, most view Palin the exact same way he does, and they see the disaster in the making if she’s the GOP nominee. What he overlooked is her huge ego. Even if the GOP doesn’t nominate Sarah, she assumes that her Tea Party is a majority in America and she’s going to run as an independent anyway, and possibly throw the election to Barack Obama


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