Video Reports on Todd and Sarah Palin

These videos demonstrate the fraud that was intentionally created and promoted by the Palin.

This Video, “Happy Anniversary Todd and Sarah” demonstrated the attempt to create the impression of a perfect couple.  I guess that “fire in her belly to serve Alaska” burned out??!!!

These videos reveal the original impression created by the National Enquirer Story that was quashed by the fraudulent and misleading Press Release of the APD.

30 thoughts on “Video Reports on Todd and Sarah Palin

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  1. The video made me actually want to barf! What friggin liars they have been proven to be here in Alaska. Thank you bloggers (Alaska) that have brought things to the forefront with proof sources which show the Palins to be the unethical and giant frauds.


  2. They are such a happy couple after all these years! What to do about those tiny, bothersome details of Brad Hanson and Shailey Tripp? But those are just minor details. Sod and Tarah are such a happy couple!


  3. Just curious. Why are you so deadset on spinning their relationship into something you can’t prove? Isn’t that vindictive. Relationships take hard work everyday. This has NOTHING to do with Sarah’s professional career and you know it. Don’t veer from the path. Obviously nothing has split them up and nothing probably will.

    Aren’t you a lawyer? I assume you’re intelligent but some of your posts prove otherwise. I’m not trying to insult you, I just find it interesting that you think you know who these people are based on nothing, really.


    1. K,
      I know lots of politicians …both Democrats and Republicans…have been unfaithful to their spouses. What is particularly offensive to me is that Palin paints herself as a person with strong “family” values, and even gave a title to her last book suggesting her commitment to “family”. She began every TLC show saying that “I love Alaska like I love my family.” She quit her job as Governor, and the indication is that both she and Todd have been unfaithful, so the indication is that she was not being honest when she talks about how important her family is to her. She abandons Trig regularly so the indication is that she does NOT love or value her family much. Thus I write about it because she is a hypocrite.

      When Palin demonstrates corruption by influencing the APD to issue a press release to the NATIONAL ENQUIRER then I do object because I don’t want a leader of the country who is so dishonest. Malia


    2. Sarah Palin is a complete fraud, from her political credentials to her grasp of every domestic and international issue to her basic character. Bill Clinton’s marital relationship didn’t matter because he was so accomplished and capable in other areas. Sarah Palin’s continued deception regarding her marital life and parenting ability (which, unlike B Clinton, form a cornerstone of her candidacy and so called legitimacy) is further proof that she is nothing but a lie.


  4. Just curious, why are you compelled to come to this blog and offer your two cents? Many supporters of John Edwards resented the fact that he was secretly involved in a relationship during the time he was running for president. If tawd does frequent prostitutes it’s just further evidence that everything about sarah is a facade. sarah never offers any solutions, basically her whole script is family values and bashing the president. We’ve already seen what type of parent she is if her children’s behavior is any indication and now we learn her marriage is a fraud.


  5. K, who is spinning something that cannot be proven? The truth is coming out. Fact: Palin is a liar. Fact: Palin is a terrible mother. Fact: Palin could not do the Gov. job without Todd assisting her. Fact: the Palin’s bail their children out of trouble and hide the truth about the trouble. I could go on and on but why bother, do your own reading.

    This family is nothing but a fraud, they are self centered con artists who are only out for money and fame, that’s fine, but they can drop the Christian family value happy marriage facade and shut their traps when it comes to things they no nothing about, they only pretend and lie. And enough with bashing our nation’s President, they have no clue and only want to cause strife and division. The only love they have is for themselves and money.


    1. M,
      The most amazing fact to me is that Palin complains about the price of gas, the national debt, and taxes, but she left Wasilla and Alaska further in debt than when she took office. Malia


    1. Barbaric Thoughts,
      Thanks for the clarification that it was someone from C4P rather than Palin who made that Anniversary Video. You just proved my point! Malia


  6. Oh my goodness, what are you people?

    Sarah and Todd Palin’s marriage would have crumbled a long, long time ago if it wasn’t rock solid.

    As a woman and a student, I am so thankful Sarah Palin is on the national political scene. Finally, a woman to look up. Her courage, character, integrity, and leadership are inspiring.

    Ma’am, shame on you.

    Palin 2012. Or whenever.


    1. I didn’t think it was possible for someone who was literally born yesterday to be able to post a blog comment.

      “Student,” indeed. You have a lot to learn about relationships, not to mention a lot to learn about courage, character, integrity, leadership, and inspiration. Are you so naive to believe that there aren’t marriages of convenience that last because of mutual dependence?

      Do yourself a favor…find a woman to be inspired by who actually deserves your admiration.


      1. um, I already did find a woman who inspires me. If you knew any truths about Governor Palin, you would know how so disconnected and nuts you sound. That you actually believe the garbage that’s posted on here and elsewhere by our leftist media speaks volumes about you.

        I was born in ’85, thank you. I also wasn’t born in the US. I know plenty about strong women (who, where I am from, were treated like second class citizens), hardships, and relationships. More than you care to give me credit for.

        Now, whether you’d like to believe it or not, I have meet Sarah and Todd Palin. And it wasn’t for seconds, it was for about 20 minutes. If she was as toxic and fraudulent as you say she is, I think I would have somewhat picked up on that, no? A vibe that I imagine might come from the likes of you. I can only hope no one as delusional and hateful as you are is living anywhere near me (Mid-West).

        The woman who runs this er, site is an embarrassment. Instead of craving/attacking/smearing the life that Palin has (via her own hard work and success), try emulating it. You would be much better off than wasting your time posting unbelievable nonsense. God bless Sarah Palin for having to put up with the likes of you and others who post trash about her and her family.

        Malia, women will continue to lag behind (yes, we lag behind in the US. Hillary? remember how she was treated?) because of women like yourself. So, yes, thank the Lord there’s a Sarah Palin who inspires and will continue to do so.

        Oh and by the way, tomorrow morning, I will be sure to send out a check to SarahPAC in honor of you Malia. In the check’s memo, I will be sure to mention your name to thank you for the reminder why Palin needs my money to stay where she is, a dominant voice in politics, in the US and yes, in our world.

        Peace out.

        PS. The last time I felt like I had to lecture girls how to behave was when I was in high school. It’s time to grow up ladies.


      2. Oh, you met Sarah for 20 minutes? Well now, that’s different.

        Go ahead and send that check. Send her ALL you money! That’s what a REAL fan would do. The world NEEDS Sarah (and Sarah needs a new red jacket. You don’t expect her to pay for that herself, do you?).

        By the way, I love Hilary Clinton. Now that’s a woman to be admired. I’ll even give you Condi Rice, even with her major ethical problems. She’s strong, intelligent, and accomplished and ruled Stanford with an iron fist. Sarah is a little girl compared to them.


  7. 93 % of Alaskans approved of Sarah’s performance, the highest approval for a US politician in recorded history. THe other 7 % NUTS?


    1. Colin,
      I am assuming you are referring to approval when she took office. Otherwise I would believe that 93% of Alaskans approved of her resignation. If it is other than one of those two, please provide you source for this information. Malia


    1. idesign regularly hits every blog and article to do damage control day after day after day. The bots also tweet writers of articles anytime they don’t agree. The bots will be Palin’s downfall–people are sick of their spin. Even the rightwing says Palin needs to get her rabid followers under control because they are a reflection on her but she never will.

      Hey, idesign, why don’t you google the latest article by Jim Geherty about SPAK (where you did regular damage control on their blog)
      and the tax subsidies and why Palin’s show received $1.2m in tax subsidies while she professes small government. Taxpayers paid 1/3 of the cost.
      Wasn’t she a producer? Keep throwing money her way while she takes advantage of the “little guy”.


  8. I can’t believe it. This woman, Malia, has such a meaningless life that she decided to create a web site to attack someone she does not know anything about and does not agree with. She is almost as bad as the sewer dwellers in Alaska that filed all those phony ethics complaints. They were paid by Soros, but Malia is so amateurish, George can’t even free up a few bucks for her. I guess she gets her reward by having a few Palin fans showing up and bumping her hits from 10 per week to a larger number. “They like me, they really like me”…. right Malia?
    This is the best she can do with her life? It is scary… its kind of like people who collect dirty diapers and sniff them at night. Or go aroung stepping on ants and other insects to power up the killler instinct and hunter gene.
    Malia, this has to be the one of the most amateurish lie and smear sites around. Back to night school.


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    1. Marian,
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