Obama, the Supreme Court Justices, and the Members of the Military are Bound for Hell

34 thoughts on “Obama, the Supreme Court Justices, and the Members of the Military are Bound for Hell

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  1. This clown and the Westboro Baptist Church are like the hippies during Vietnam who spat on soldiers coming home from the war.
    The biggest difference is the hippies didn’t use religion as justification.

    Wallace even tried to get her to make a distinction between the extremism of her “faith” and that of Islam, by comparing the American soldier to terrorists. “The American soldier is worse?”

    Are we sure she’s not Oily Taintz’s sister? I mean, come on…..disgraced attorney, extremist nutcase along with a totally indefensible position.

    Many undocumented would welcome becoming American citizens if they had the chance, and here are a bunch of nitwit wackos who are decidedly UN-American.
    It’s too bad they can’t be deported.


  2. Think carefully about what is going on here folks. This is not Fox news making fun of this kook, it’s Fox news airing her views. For reasonable and rational people this is outrageously stupid but for the rabid right it comes across very well. At least until she gets to talking about the military and that may lose a few of them.

    Ask yourselves the question: Why is Fox news airing this kind of insane and hate promoting garbage if not to please a large part of their audience. Her idea that Obama is the ‘beast’ is not laughable as much as it is dangerous rhetoric. I wonder if one of the rabid righties will now pick up a gun and go out hunting for Obama, thinking he/she is totally justifed to do so.

    How far will this go until the big letdown. A letdown on the scale of what the German people experienced when they were forced to come to terms with all the lies and hate propaganda they were convinced to believe? What will America’s big letdown be?

    Will all the hate end in the form of a mushroom cloud revenge attack?


  3. These Phelps family members are really wacko…what they are saying is so cultlike. Its like she is brainwashed and repeating whatever she was told by her wacko father. Its hard to understand how these people are such effective lawyers, unless the judges don’t really listen but basically know they have a legit case anyway and do whatever they can to get them out of the courtroom????



    1. Laura,
      Unfortunately, the Right of Free Speech,guarantees protection to people that we might think are crazy. I agree with the Supreme Court, and I agree this woman is a lunatic! Malia


      1. Laura and Malia, my overriding concern is not so much your sentiment that she is a “lunatic”, but the overriding: “What or Who made her so?”
        She is as obviously sure of her convictions as she is eloquent, no matter how wrong this may seem to the rest of us.
        It speaks of intense indoctrination from an early age.
        Is this a variant of Stockholm Syndrome?
        Of utter identification with her abusers’ dogma in order to survive?
        The mind stutters at the implications of the reasons for her dangerously cold-blooded demeanor. It has that kind of certainty that has permitted institutionalized torture throughout history…Think about it…

        Michael, I agree with your assessment of FOX’s reasons, but in spite of it all, I support the First Amendment. That said, I know this very same concept requires us to be vigilant and outspoken about its abuse.
        Hopefully, these kinds of abuse will pull the more-or-less rational majority to the center of reasoning.

        The men who wrote the Constitution were ahead of their time, no matter how flawed, they saw a “big picture”. May the majority, through all of these trials and errors, evolve towards greater altruism rather than greater greed and injustice.

        Not that I am convinced of it.

        At this point it all is rather foggy and depressing to this old woman who was birthed into WWII in Germany, but I am determined to keep that flame of hope alive… if only for future generations’ hopes and dreams…


    2. Laura —
      You just mentioned the family and that’s important. This is not a “church” of substantial following. It is a dysfunctional family with very UGLY beliefs who are getting WAY too much air time from the media. We need to let them fade into obscurity, which is where they belong. They ARE A cult and 99.9% of the American public does not belong to it.


  4. And what exactly was she talking about with the fruit and the meat? I still want to know if we give her lots of fruit and meat, will she be happy…she is a very hungry lady! And what’s up with the big 10-4? Is this a cult of former truckers? Why is it ok for her to use the term “badass”. The SNL skit with the Devil this week was an awesome commentary on this family and church. I would like for her to meet some of the US military…those I have met have far more dignity and nobility and positive ethics and understanding of God than she has (however, she wouldn’t listen anyway since she just keeps talking and repeating whatever words were permanently injected into her head).


    1. Laura,
      I think the mistake we make is assuming that anything she says makes sense! Her language is not indicative of a “good Christian woman.” It is also interesting that if you are a member of the Military, you are going to hell, even if you’re straight, just because you serve next to a soldier that is gay. Wait…that means that if a gay man saves the life of a straight man who might be the father of Christian children, and he has dedicated his life to protecting the constitutional rights of this woman to protest, he is still going to hell because someone in the military is gay. That makes sense??? This woman is a perfect example of why mentally ill people should not be allowed to buy guns! Malia


      1. Malia… No, she is not indicative of the ideal of a “good Christian woman” , but rather of the badass (her word), dogmatic, driven to dominate at all cost, ideologically pure Christianist man.
        Her unconscious, innate defense against what she has been forced to endure?
        If I believed in any religion, I would say she is doomed to the proverbial Underworld.
        As it is, she is dangerous, as are her fellow fanatics.


      2. I think the presume that military members are going to hell because they are killing people?…though it makes perfect sense that we would get Westboro’s message confused because how they communicate it is all jumbled up. My nephew met one of these people, made a reasonable comment to the person, and got gobbledegook in response.


    2. Laura… her terminology seems to be dictated by early indoctrination which probably will not be updated as she has been broken to the cause during the 10-4 days.


  5. As I was reviewing this video and reading the comments – I flashed on something from many years ago. Some of you remember the Jim Jones tragedy. I knew one of the people who was very involved with Jones. He managed to escape the mass suicide, but a few years later ended up killing himself. He had been quite “normal” until he got involved with Jones. He was so brainwashed he was like a smiling zombie. I have known some people in my life who, while not necessarily having training in how to brainwash, were very good at it. Unfortunately, one of these is a relative of mine. I have seen her take a situation where people would disagree with her point of view and after she was through with them, they were totally agreeing with her. She had a very strong will and people would just give up after awhile. Creepy, but true. She would keep repeating the same thing over and over and over until they just gave up. I knew from the time I was a child she was unbalanced, so she had no way of reaching me. But – people like that are very powerful and they can totally control others. The people become like little puppets and say what they are programed to say. Obviously, this family has been through some type of indoctrination. That does not negate the fact they are responsible for their behavior and words. What they are doing is disgusting and dangerous.


  6. fromthediagonal, I’m not American and so I don’t identify with your 1st. amendment. We in Canada have our own laws which protect our freedoms and rights too though. But I don’t question a person’s right to speak in this way, I question what would cause people to go so far off track that they would want to speak and think this way.

    There’s something going very wrong in the US today and I fear it is being nurtured and propagated by those with an agenda. An agenda to foster hate against others who are not Americans or christians in order to make it easier to destroy them when the time comes.

    I see America’s problems being directly related to it’s declining energy wealth. Oil specifically, for which there is no substitute in the short term and probably not even in the long term. Cutting back on energy consumption is the only answer. And so when a country, any country which is powerful, comes up against a problem like that the only solution is war to take what it needs. Not little wars like Iraq and Afghanistan that never work out well and are too costly for the benefits gained but large scale wars where hundreds of thousands or millions of people die. Americans need to feel that it’s going to be worth it for good legitimate reasons which don’t include oil.

    Nuclear arms have saved us from large scale war for a long time but in regards to the ME, only because the Soviet Union stood as the deterrent force. Now the situation is getting a lot more desperate and Russia is not going to be available as a deterrent.

    Don’t anyone take this as me being a supporter of the Soviets or even Russia now. I’m not, but I am realistic in understanding the situation in the world with energy resources.


    1. Michael… maybe I should have been more specific.
      I am a naturalized citizen and agree with the First Amendment on Principle.
      When dissent is stifled because national communication is synchronized, dissent is elimininated.
      This then becomes the Death of Freedom of Opinion.
      The term in NAZI Germany was “Gleichschaltung”.
      It was practiced early on in the synchronization of radio and printed matter in line with the dogma of the NSDAP.

      Today we have many more avenues of information, misinformation and disinformation… take your pick!
      This does not necessarily make us any more informed, because we still follow our preconceived notions.

      Think about it!


  7. Why does she remind me of the twisted logic of James Jones or David Korsch? I believe THIS to be true & just, so it is an example of the power of Gawd’s will. While I don’t believe in THAT – therefore it MUST be EVIL and an abomination of Gawd’s will.

    If Conservative Christians believe every life is sacred, no life is a mistake, and each of us has a purpose only Gawd knows. Than all Gays & Lesbians are born innocent, their life is not a mistake and each have a universal purpose only Gawd can judge.


    1. {{{Enjay in E MT}}}…
      Love yourself for Who you Are
      Love others for Who they Are
      Love Love
      Love Life…

      Give what you can
      Take what is given
      In Love
      In Kindness
      Carry On!

      Religions do not provide

      Experience does…



    2. She reminds you of Jones and Koresh because it is the same thing. They would barricade themselves and fight to the death. Right now they are feeling very powerful. As to why FOX NEWS gives them a platform – why do they give Palin, Beck and others a platform? I do not have an answer to that. Crazy breeds crazy, I guess.


  8. Malia ~
    Here’s another “event” to check out. Palin and her parents gave an interview to the BBC. The print version is interesting in itself, but apparently the video version is on BBC 2 tonight at 10:30 (EST?). Check this out: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/newsnight/9411955.stm

    And you have to love this fragment sentence in her word-salad in which she tests a new positioning herself for a possible 2012 run:
    “And just the idea of whether the American electorate is ready for someone a bit unconventional, who is willing to tell it as she sees it, not be beholden to special interest or such obsessive partisanship as to let a political machine get in the way of doing what’s right for the voters.”


  9. Malia –

    Just a quick comment as the grandchildren are home from school and homework, dinner, etc. Wanted to thank you for giving all of us a forum for “unloading”, comments, hopes and a safe place to be. I was reading the comments today and realized all – even though of possibly differing opinions – were being gracious and thoughtful to one another and taking time to clarify their comments. That is a wonderful thing and I appreciate all of you.


    1. Pat,
      I appreciate ALL the comments, even those that are Pro-Palin so long as they don’t involve hateful names, or threats…which I have gotten and simply don’t approve. Some people visit the site, and express pre-palin views, and I almost always post them. I have NEVER received a pro-Palin comment that was factually based…but instead people tend to attack by called names and using hateful language, instead of attacking the factual basis for anything said. Malia


  10. fromthediagonal, I’m thinking and you’re causing me to think more. It’s pleasure talking to someone of such experience.


    1. Michael, the ability and willingness to think as objectively as possible separates Progressives from those who live their regressive lives.

      Personal truths are subjective, colored by our life experiences, not informed by rigorous scientific demand for proof of any thesis.
      Religions further that subjectivity by demanding unquestioning, absolute adherence to inflexible ancient dogma. Take it to its logical conclusion and you find explanations for the implacable hatred of science education by all orthodoxies and their fundamentalist followers.

      Maybe this explains some of the differences between Progressives and Traditionalists, and why we refuse to be herded into that “speak with one voice” cohesion as a party. I believe it was Churchill who said: “Democracy is an untidy system, but I prefer it over all others”. To which I would add: May we be able to keep it “untidy” by furthering education and critical thinking for all!

      Thanks for the mental jog this morning. Now for that cup of tea!


  11. I am not watching the clip as I have seen more than enough of these people already and just don’t want to see anymore. They are a hateful group whose rhetoric is disgusting and disturbing. We had the experience of them coming to our state- near my home- to protest at the funeral of a solider who died. Local veterans groups got in between this group and the mourners to shield them from the hatred emanating from this “church”. The state passed a law creating a buffer zone of at least 1500 feet between the protesters and any place funeral services are taking place. They knew they couldn’t constitutionally stop them but they could make them stay a distance away.

    I watched an interview with one of Phelps sons who left the church and family a long time ago and he talked about the abuse he, his mother, siblings and other family members suffered at the hands of his father. He said his father was the law in the family and therefore the church- as most of the church is family or related through marriage. His description of life within the family and church was horrific- which of course the church denied took place.

    I don’t doubt that he told the truth, as our family had experienced a family member getting involved in a cult. It was not perceived to be anything other than a church in the beginning but we later found out they grew progressively more bizarre. We didn’t know what to do- even though we considered all kinds of things, even up to kidnapping her and the kids to get them deprogrammed. The Phelps offspring have never known anything other than their fathers church and have no idea of normal outside that family and church. They have been brainwashed- including the daughter who is the attorney for the church. She wouldn’t know what to do with herself without the confines of her father and his church.

    While I detest their message and hatred and the grief they cause families already hurting, I know they have the right to do it. As nasty as they are, we can’t allow our disgust at the message to take away any of the freedoms guaranteed to us by the Constitution or any of the Amendments. I would love to be able to travel to all the places they go and be able to get in between them and the families of the fallen with bigger signs and louder voices so we could neutralize them, but I know I have to stand for their right to say what they do, as hateful and wrong as it is.


    1. MTinMO,
      You summarized the feelings of the country so well! Thank you! I didn’t know about this interview, and will try to find it. Thanks,Malia


    2. MTinMO, You have seen first-hand what can be done by power hungry demagogues, religious or secular. Yet you defend the right of groups like this to speak. To hold on to your principles is much harder in the aftermath of personal, emotional involvement. Discussion then becomes so much more than a philosophical one. You have my admiration.


    3. I also saw the interview you mention. Felt a lot of empathy for the person – even on the program, though, he seemed like he was still recovering from his experience. His time with that family will always impact his life – but he is the healthy one and he is moving on and knows the dangers of what he went through. Cannot remember when I saw the interview – maybe last year sometime. Do you happen to recall who interviewed him?


  12. I’m sorry to say I’ll be joining Obama and the military. No, I wasn’t participating in a military funeral. I am straight, but not narrow minded. One of the other religious groups who pass judgment has convicted me of blasphemy. My crime? I volunteer on stage crew for community theater, and we are doing “Jerry Springer the Opera.” The leader of America Needs Fatima and his people flew in to protest on opening night. I’m not feeling proper Catholic guilt, so I’m guessing I’ll be stoned to death as is the custom with blasphemers.
    Well, like I tell all judgmental Christians, Who died and left you in charge?


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