Letter To Anchorage Police Department Sent Today

Given the Anchorage Police Department’s statement to the National Enquirer that is inconsistent with records of the APD and Court Records, I called Mr. Mew the Police Chief today to ask for clarification.  Having received a message machine, I have sent the following letter:

Malia Litman

(Street Address)

Mr. Mark Mew, Chief of Police

Anchorage Police Department

632 W. 6th Ave.

Anchorage Alaska 99501

Re: Anchorage Police Department Report 10-3948, and any others

that may pertain to Kashawn Thomas and/or Shailey Tripp

Reported Date: 1-24-10

Arresting Officer: David Burns, Officer # 30356

Dear Mr. Mew:

I am receipt of a Press Release posted on the internet dated Jan. 25th, 2011 regarding the “Shailey Tripp Investigation APD #10-1823. According to that Press Release the Anchorage Police Department stated the following:

“Shailey Tripp Investigation APD #10-1823

The Anchorage Police Department investigation and arrest of Shailey Tripp has recently been mischaracterized in internet blogs and in a National Enquirer article. Several errors regarding the investigation and arrest were reported in the Enquirer article (printed and internet versions):

*None of the physical evidence examined by police showed any connection to Wasilla resident Todd Palin and his name did not appear in any of the records seized by APD.

*The investigation of the prostitution operation was initiated by Anchorage Police Department’s Vice Unit responding to internet advertisements, not through information developed from any tips or other persons.

*No rolodex was seized and taken into evidence.

*The National Enquirer has not contacted Anchorage Police Department Public Affairs Unit to fact check its story so their reported “call to Anchorage Police Department” could not have been returned.

*“Bloggers” have had no access to the evidence seized so their linking of evidence in police custody to any other person is incorrect. “


I am a blogger and write daily at malialitman.wordpress.com. If you were referring to me as one of the “bloggers” who has no access to the evidence seized you are correct that I have no access to evidence seized. However I do have copies of the police records, and they present a different story than what you have mentioned in the press release issued to the National Enquirer. In particular :

1. You state that the investigation of the prostitution operation was “initiated by Anchorage Police Department’s Vice Unit responding to internet advertisements, not through information developed from any tips or other persons.”

In the records filed in the District/Superior Court for the State of Alaska on March 4, 2010, Case No. 10-2448 In the matter of Shailey Tripp at page 3, there is a reference in hand written notes to “Court notes” which states the following:

“ADP got call of potential prostitution ring at an office…”

In addition the Immoral minority blog has produced copies of what appear to be APD records which specifically identify “William Fortier” as the person who made the call advising the APD of the potential of a house of prostitution. http://theimmoralminority.blogspot.com/2011/02/did-anchorage-police-department.html

Additionally in a court record dated 3-4-10 the Court ordered Ms. Tripp as a condition of her release to not “associate with or contact directly or indirectly, the following persons: Ms. Thomas, Ms. Jorgenson or Mr. Fortier.” (pg. 2 of 3 signed by the Judge/Magistrate).

2. According to records of the APD #10-3948, Officer David Burns, with a “Reporting Date” of 1-24-10 pertaining to arrests made at 1601 Abbott Rd. # 204 for prostitution certain items were seized which included:

“Several items were seized during the search of the business. To include office documents, computers, office machines, unused condoms, used condoms, calendars and books with client phone numbers in them. Several photographs were taken during the search and after. …”

I also note that in other documents produced in the court proceedings that as part of the “conditions of probation” that all items seized from Kashawn Thomas that she would “forfeit items seized.” I understand that none of the “items seized” from Shailey Tripp were returned.

Given the “office documents, computers, office machines, calendars and books and photographs” that were seized, I am assuming the APD made additional arrests based on this evidence. I assume these arrests would also be a matter of public record, so you would not be disclosing confidential information. Please identify who was arrested based upon this evidence seized. I assume you still have the “evidence seized” in your possession and I hereby put the APD on notice that because the APD has issued the statement that “none of the physical evidence examined by police showed any connection to Wasilla resident Todd Palin and his name did not appear on any of the records seized by APD” it is important in the interest of full disclosure for the public to know exactly what evidence that you seized was “examined.” If his name was not on the list, who’s name was , and what if any arrests have been made or charges filed?

Shailey Tripp has indicated in more than one statement that there was evidence of Todd Palin’s meetings with her that existed in the evidence seized by the Anchorage Police Department. Even if his name did not appear in the evidence examined, perhaps his name appeared in evidence that was seized but not “examined.” Because cell phones were seized, did the police check all the phone records to determine the identity of callers to Ms. Thomas and to Ms. Tripp?

I attempted to contact you by telephone today, but received a message machine. Thus to document the fact that I have contacted you, I have reduced my questions to written form to request information. It is important to me that I report the truth on my blog, and I am seeking only the truth. Given the fact that Sarah Palin has indicated that she is considering running for President of the United States, it seems that all the voters in the United States are entitled to know the truth. If you respond in writing I will report your response on my blog. Thank you.


Malia Litman

Thus, I have reduced my question to writing and mailed them to the APD today.  If I get a response by telephone I will advise the readers of this blog.  If I receive a written reply I will notify you of the contents of that letter.  Normally I would not expect any police department to respond to a request for this type of information, but because the APD volunteered information to the National Enquirer, it seems incumbent on the APD to provide an explanation of the inconsistencies in their statement and their own records.  It is important for all the voters in the United States to know the truth about Sarah Palin as she is a potential candidate for the Presidency in 2012, and even if she doesn’t declare herself as a candidate, she is currently raising money through the SarahPAC to support political candidates, and I would hope that anyone sending her money would want to know the truth about her.

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  1. Wow. Way to go, Malia!!!
    Thank you for asking the questions on everyone’s mind.
    I look forward to hearing if you have any sort of response from APD.


    1. Sunny Vee,
      I don’t know if I’ll get a response, but even if they don’t it will look bad for them. Since they interjected themselves into this controversy, they owe it to use to give us an explanation. We’ll see. Malia


  2. Malia,
    Excellent job! Thanks for everything you do regarding getting the absolute truth about the quitter out to all of us. You are my Monday hero!


  3. I’m sure there is a cover-up going on at the APD. After all, Anchorage is a city of 261 thousand, not exactly a booming metropolis by lower 48 standards. How long can it take to investigate (er, cover up) a pretty straightforward charge of prostitution, etc.

    Does that picture show the police chief with Palin? That would explain a lot.


      1. Malia, Please dont assume. their “spokesman” referred to a non official release of some sort not found on the APD website. Was he speaking on behalf of the APD or on behalf of paystub?


  4. According to records of the APD #10-3948, Officer David Burns, with a “Reporting Date” of 1-24-10 pertaining to arrests made at 1601 Abbott Rd. # 204 for prostitution certain items were seized which included:

    The above information pertains to the day (1/24) that Mr Fortier made the complaint. And the suite number is his (204). Shailey rented space across the hall in suites 201 & 202. The arrests were not made until 3/4.

    More information for you….

    Here’s what the APD arrest report for March 5th and 6th have to say.

    11/06/1974 10-03948

    PRACTICING PROSTITUTION 09/27/1991 10-03948




  5. It would also be interesting to know why this so called press released was not included on APD’s official press release page. As well as who decided they should address this at all. This is not a normal response from ANY police department. Most do not bother addressing gossip magazine article so why did they?


  6. Way to take them to task Malia. Another question to ask is why it’s not on the APD web site as an official police statement.

    Did you ask Shailey about her items? Does she expect them back?

    And don’t we wonder just “who” Todd referred to Shailey for personal happy endings? Oh yes we do!

    Also too, I’d keep sending the letter until they deal with your request, bug them, don’t give up.

    And thank you Malia! I’m a voter who wants to know the truth. And I hope the Anchorage police dept. remembers they are public servants, paid for by our tax dollars, they are not there to cover politicians rear ends and scandals, or they may find themselves involved in a scandal.


    1. M,
      My feeling is that the day they involved themselves in issuing a response to the National Enquirer, they put themselves into the public debate and should be accountable to respond to these type of questions when their own documents contradict their own statement. Malia


  7. Yet another of your excellent blogs! IF ONLY they (PD) will provide you with an answer! When it comes to Palins, (especially SP), most everything connected to them becomes convoluted and louche.
    Thanks for your hard work!


  8. Malia, I am sick and tired that these people get elected then get power hungry. I hope the truth about this cancer Palin comes out in the light and maybe she’ll become someone’s girlfriend in jail.


    1. I think keeping attention on the police department especially by a lawyer should keep them a bit nervous.
      Does the original police report look ok to you.Besides the police report and letter from APD being a bit conflicting,do you see any errors in reporting or policy.I assume criminal law is not your specialty
      Some of the stuff Shailey said to you and others seems a bit odd. .Do you think she is remembering everything about Todd and Sarah correctly?
      Did you receive one of the manuscripts from Bailey and Mudflats new book?


      1. Erica,
        No I don’t have a copy of the manuscript. Yes, I was only a civil attorney and never practiced criminal law. I don’t feel comfortable commenting on the police report because I am not familiar with what an “ordinary” APD report looks like. However if the APD “lost” the evidence, they didn’t do a very good job of altering the records. The records are less than a year old, so obviously the evidence is less than a year old, and I understand the “probationary” period for Kashawn and Shailey has not run yet, so I assume they would ordinarily maintain the evidence for that period of time. If they destroy the evidence now, after this letter of notice, it would be like admitting that evidence would have incriminated Todd. Shailey’s testimoney is evidence that Todd was involved, we are simply looking for additional evidence to confirm her statement. Even without records, the police could have done a polygraph test of both Shailey and Kashawn if they gave names of the men that had paid for their services. My impression is that the police didn’t ask, because they didn’t want to know. If this happened, it would be an indication that the police selectively enforce the law …meaning they enforce the law to the extent of arresting the women, but the men don’t get arrested. Remember they also chose to make the arrest of the women when presumably there were no customers present, and over a month passed between the informant’s call and the arrest. Thus there was plenty of time to watch and see who was frequenting the establishment and many other arrests could have been made. Malia


  9. Are there any Anchorage residents out there who can submit this same request, updated with the additional suggestions? I can easily picture the APD blowing off questions from Texans and other “outsiders”. Submissions from several Anchorage residents would be even better. Residents raising these same questions at Anchorage Assembly meetings might also be kind of fun!


    1. Jim,
      Great suggestion! Imagine the impact of 100 letters from Anchorage residents asking the same questions. Maybe even copy the Police Commissioner and the Governor.? If anyone does this please let me know and I’ll keep a running total. The NE might be interested in that story! Malia


  10. if todd palin sent his friends to shailey tripp for “massage” sessions that included sexual contact for money or anything of value he can be charged with a felony prostitution charge for “promoting prostitution”. not a misdemeanor. a felony. one law for everyone!!!!


    1. sexworkersunited,
      I didn’t know that but VERY INTERESTING! I also predict that no arrests were made of the men who made themselves familiar with the services offered. We might predict that the prostitutes would be arrested but not the men who’s cell numbers were on the phones confiscated or who’s names were listed in the receipt book for an amount consistent with anything other than a massage.For that matter do you think we will ever even be able to see a list of those cell numbers. You know they were on the phones when the arrests were made, but where are they now? Funny how things like that have a way of disappearing! Malia


      1. Malia, The question is did Todd Palin pay for and send clients to Miss. Tripp as his way of entertaining out of state/ out of country company representatives in town doing business with the state of Alaska? I mean I never heard of Todd golfing and he needed to entertain Sarah’s visitors.


      2. Put Em All In Jail,
        And because Shailey donated “gift certificates” to the Sarah PAC the real question is did Todd use them to pay for the entertainment? Seems like they use the PAC money for just about everything else, why not the gift certificates. If they used those, they might think that they wouldn’t have to account for who they were given to. Malia


      3. clients usually get misdemeanors. but this is different. the problem is defendents usually take the plea so nothing ever comes out in a trial. if shailey goes to trial it will be expensive and she will lose but info will come out. that is not what i would recommend for her. she also should get all her stuff back. its all a big negotiation. she needs a good lawyer. she will probably end up with a public defender. as far as cell phone records, its her cell phone. she can request the records from her cell phone company. her emails should also be on a server somewhere depending on who she used for her email service. they could be retrievable on any computer. if i were an alaskan i would be demanding the district attorney investigate todd palin as a public nuisance for promoting prostitution and sexual predation. i dont know alaska’s laws and i dont have time to look them up but this is a felony charge everywhere i have lived. if convicted or even if he takes a plea he would get probation at the least and it would be on his record for 10 years if not forever. and i’m not sure he would be able to own a gun afterwards either. after reading shailey tripps story my opinion is he not only is guilty of promoting prostitution. but also of sexual coercion, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. where is that gloria allred when you need her?


  11. Malialitman, thank you so much for following up on what concerns Alaska. You mentioned you do not expect a response, but I tell you that Alaska expects and demands that you get a response from the APD. It’s like being in court and the defense (APD) brings up a subject such as what and how the APD responded to the National Enquirer. Well that opens the door for questioning from the people of Alaska since what the APD says does not match what’s in evidence. We want to know the truth and the truth is muddied by what the APD says and what is in evidence. Thank you Malia Litman, thank you Gryphen – Immoral Minority, thank you to Shailey Tripp and a big thank you to Andrea McLeod. Andrea has been through a lot and deserves our appreciation.


    1. Wasilla Joe,
      It’s easier for me because I live so far away, but the people who live in Alaska, and especially Anchorage are the real heroes. Obviously I got the records from people there, so it is the people there who deserve the credit. Malia


      1. I am just afraid the information might be destroyed and this is my reason for sending the letter and putting them on notice that the evidence better not disappear. If they don’t voluntarily produce it a ‘FOIA request may be necessary. Malia


  12. Malia, Urging you to ask he question if Dave Parkers “press release” was sanctioned. And if yes, why was it not posted for the public??? This is way to important to ignore……



  13. Hi Mali8e –
    Good move on your part. Evidence does have a way of disappearing – and in the case of the Palins it does seem they have more than a few people in authority covering their backs.


  14. Can Shailey’s lawyer or somebody look at the evidence if it is still there and write down the information?If evidence gets lost doesn’t the person responsible for it’s safety get fired and maybe in this case an outside investigation?It can’t just be “sorry I lost the evidence”can it?


  15. One more thing right off the top of my head (haven’t read any responses yet) : Shailey in her blog writes that Toad sent some of his ‘buddies’ to her after he and she had sex a couple of times. To me, that sounds like Toad is actually a PIMP, and HE is the one who enticed her to have sex with him, even though it was only after having a relaxing massage by her first. (Also, too, if Toad was the PIMP, why would they absolve him from responsibility of running a prostitution ring? Has Shailey had her say in court about this yet?
    Those buddy-names should be found out if possible. Since Shailey has no HIPPA agreements (at least I don’t think so), she could spill the beans and name names.
    Also, too, ask for an OFFICIAL response to the NE story, and maybe also ask why the supposedly ‘official’ response is NOT on their website. Also, too, ask why they felt they had to respond that Toad was not involved in a prostitution ring (since that was not even implied in the NE story)


    1. FEDUP!!!
      Great ideas, and although I don’t represent her, I think she reads this blog, as that is how I was first contacted by her. Thus I bet she’ll read your suggestions. Malia


  16. Malia, off the subject, I was looking at the picture of the Anchorage Police Dept badge on your posting and if you look at the bottom 2 stars on the Alaskan flag you see a “U” shape figure on the flag.

    I wonder if Bristol took this picture in and told her doctor, “I love Alaska so much I want my chin to look like this”?


    1. thomas,
      I won’t give up until I know we are rid of her. Thanks for your comments. It’s always great to see a comment from “thomas”. Malia


    1. Newjersey,
      Yes one person who left a comment indicated that if that could be proved Todd may have additional criminal charges to be concerned about.


      1. I keep reading, re-reading
        “Todd may have additional criminal charges to be concerned about.”
        ADDITIONAL charges… do you know of pending charges? and “pimp” charges would be additional?


      2. Nhrtuvdxi,
        I don’t know of anything except what has been written in blogs, and the information here may be very different than what evidence the police have. Malia


  17. To this day I do not understand how this undereducated, bloated ego without conscience or “common sense” has been able to terrorize the entire State of Alaska. This is more than some pathological couple who bully their way for undeserved gain. I now believe it is more than that crime family having the “goods” on others but, in fact are the puppets of a wealthy ill intended benefactor. Question is “WHO?”.


    1. themom,
      I don’t know and don’t pretend to know. But I do believe in the importance of justice and truth, and so far I haven’t seen either associated with the Palins. Malia


  18. As an ex policeman (military), I say do not trust the cops. They must constantly be under public scrutiny. I could write down the many cases I am personally aware of that show police abuse of power…as the Lord Acton quote goes…power corrupts…absolute power corrupts, absolutely..

    Bless you


    1. kellyofsiam,
      I feel the police may be corrupt, but this letter gives them a chance to explain what they have done and demonstrate that they are not corrupt. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt right now. If they choose to ignore the letter or provide an unsatisfactory explanation then we can each form our own opinions. Malia


  19. Good work on setting the stage for further actions at least. If you keep up the good work it may even lead to you being excused for your stupid biased remarks about the protests in Wisconsin and your silly idea that the protesters have not come half way in resolving the disagreement.


    1. Michael,
      Just so we are clear I think the protesters have come far enough and my comment about the Wisconsin situation was a commentary on a system that would put teachers in the position of having the only option left to them to leave the classrooms to protest and Representatives to leave their state in protest. The system of government should not reward politicians like the Governor of Wisconsin for doing something so offensive, and everyone should realize that HE is responsible for doing this to the kids, and the system that we have with no term limits for most politicians is the culprit. It makes politicians much more focused on their reelection than taking care of the people they are supposed to represent. The nomination of Sarah Palin by John McCain is a perfect example of the point that I was trying to make, but perhaps did so in an offensive way. For that I am sorry. Malia


  20. Malia – Brava for picking up the ball dropped by the National Enquirer when they posted the APD statement but failed to report on the discrepancies.

    Also key is that the APD statement ‘cleared’ Todd of allegations of being part of a prostitution ring — an allegation that was not made by the NE. If you’re writing a follow-up letter, you may want to point this out.

    Quite a few national news organizations posted the APD statement. Some reported it as though the APD proved the rumors were false. Hopefully, each one of them will also report the errors in the statement and that it wasn’t an official ‘news release’ published on the APD’s website.

    Here are some of the sites that may want to correct their reports.

    Rita Esposito Watson, http://www.ritawatson.com, ritawilson@aol.com

    Aliyah Shahid, Daily News Staff Writer, ashahid@nydailynews.com

    John Berman, ABC News



    Anton Dosney



  21. Dear Malia,

    Thank You for this wonderful post and excellent commentary. I’ve been a long time follower of your blog, and hold you in the same esteem as Anree and many others, who continue to pursue transparency and truth from elected officials, and all others who are sworn in to serve and protect. You have my utmost respect and Gratitude.


  22. Malia and Commenters: I agree with the poster (above) who suggested that Alaska residents, especially Anchorage residents ALSO send this letter to the APD.

    While they can ignore one request, they can’t ignore DOZENS … so why don’t you do another post, encouraging that …

    As mentionned, since Shailey claims that TODD SENT HER CLIENTS ………. then he IS involved. This is all from the time BEFORE Sarah was well-known outside AK and at that time, the Palins could do whatever they wanted to do, with very little scrutiny.

    Chickens – coming – home – to – roost ? Let’s hope so!


    1. M,
      I understand that I was saying something different than most Democrats or liberals think, but that the nice thing about my blog is that all of us, especially me, get to say what we want and think for ourselves and don’t have a boss or network to be responsible to. I am very sympathetic to the plight of the teachers and to the Democratic Representatives. However I think it is incumbent on us to point out a problem in the system when our only alternative is to abandon class or leave the state. Thanks for your support. Malia


  23. By now they have already deep-sixed evidence and redone the paperwork, that’s how law enforcement operates here. They will send you minimal documents that say nothing you don’t already know. I had the state troopers destroy evidence I needed on purpose and then lie about it. They then set it up to look like it never existed. My FOIA request was only a couple pages of BS. Another trick they use here is to send 3 copies of useless material so it looks like they are sending a lot of information. What else would you expect from a state where the prosecutors withhold evidence routinely?


  24. Celia, The police need to be constantly aware of digging themselves a hole they can’t climb out of when they get involved in corruption. For that reason they have to take into consideration the needs of Shailey in this case. It will be up to Shailey how she handles the personal issues now and I suspect that she will take the easy way out and keep it personal. If the police decide to involve themselves in corruption then it will be granting Shailey immunity from any repercussions. We hope she has a higher cause but I’m doubting it now.


  25. My husband was arrested on 12-30-11 and none of the witness statements collaborated with the APD press release.

    It’s bullshit!

    APD Special Assignments Unit SWAT Team also excuted a search warrant at my premises while handcuffing me after they claimed they feared for my safety. Also I was only wearing my panties and bra andI was not allowed to dress or cover my body


    1. Mary swanner,
      Can you share more information? Did they come into your home? Did they have a search warrant? What was the charge? What is the current status of the criminal proceeding?


      1. Here is a section of what I wrote in a memorandum to the Judge. I am referring to myself in the 3rd person

        On December 30, 2011 Mr. Swanner was arrested for Assault in the 3rd Degree after neighbors called 911 and claimed Mr. Swanner had allegedly branded a weapon which is a direct violation of Alaska Statute 11.41.220.   The men said they were contacted earlier by Mr. Swanner over the telephone in regards to his wife Mrs. Swanner who lost her keys and was locked out of their residence.  The witnesses told officer’s they were outside smoking and Mr. Swanner allegedly approached them with a weapon.  Justin affirms he was not carrying a weapon and he simply pointed his finger at them.   These statements fail to show probable cause based on the credibility of the witnesses due to their level of intoxication at the time of the alleged assault.  Their consumption of alcohol and marijuana impaired their judgment and their ability to adequately assess their surroundings.  Mr. Swanner also maintains he kept a 40 foot barrier between himself and the witnesses and he was too far away for them to ascertain whether or not he was holding a weapon or anything at all.  

        After this alleged assault the witnesses finished their cigarettes and went inside to inform Mrs. Swanner her husband was home and they think he was carrying a gun.  In the attached Affidavit of Mrs. Swanner she indicates that the two young men were not alarmed nor upset about their encounter.  In fact she claims they were joking and laughing about it. They told her not to worry they won’t let him hurt her and they will shoot first.   Mrs. Swanner told the young men no one is getting shot and her husband will not hurt her.  She then willingly vacated their apartment and went home.  Once home both Mr. and Mrs. Swanner went to sleep.

        Sometime later noises were heard coming from the front living area.  Mrs. Swanner investigated and realized it was APD.   As the result of numerous negative encounters with APD Mrs. Swanner ignores police officers at her door and refuses to answer without incident.   APD recently came to her residence for an unknown on October 23, 2011 and they left without incident.  So she reasonable believed this would also be the case so she went back to bed.
        At around 7:52 am Mrs. Swanner awoke and heard commotion outside.  She attempted to contact APD to find out what was going on.  She got out of bed to use the restroom wearing only panties and a bra.   She opened her bedroom door to find APD SWAT in the hallway.  Mr. and Mrs. Swanner were then immediately seized and placed in handcuffs and brought out to the living area.

        APD SWAT then placed Mr. Swanner under arrest for 3rd degree assault and transported him to the Anchorage Jail.  The officers who remained at the residence commenced to Execute Search Warrant 3AN-11-2131SW.   During the execution of the warrant APD SWAT forced Mrs. Swanner to remain on the premises for hours and would not allow her to dress or cover herself.  This was an illegal seizure in which any reasonable person would have believed they were under arrest.  While detained APD SWAT subjected Mrs. Swanner to cruel and unusual punishment by not allowing her to dress or cover herself and leaving the door open for an unreasonable amount of time even after she told them she was cold.

        In an APD Press Release APD claimed Mrs. Swanner was escorted  home by Mr. Swanner after he allegedly brandished a weapon therefore APD officers claimed they feared for her safety thus being the reason they decided to deploy SWAT.  None of the witness’s statements collaborated APD’s claim that Mrs. Swanner was in imminent danger or escorted home by Mr. Swanner with a weapon.  Contrary to APD’s claim witnesses reported that Mrs. Swanner walked home alone and enter her premises upon her own free will.   Therefore no exigent circumstances existed and APD SWAT violated the Knock and Announce protocol while executing a search warrant.   This is a direct violation of the 4th Amendment; therefore all evidence obtained should be returned and suppressed as the tainted fruit of an unlawful search and seizure.


      2. Also they impounded my car with out showing probable cause:

        Aside from the above the State also failed to establish grounds as defined in AS 12.35.020 for search and seizure of the Jetta.  It cannot be affirmed under reasonable suspicion that the vehicle was used in a crime or in connection to a crime or to conceal or destroy evidence.   Mr. Swanner did not have access to the vehicle before, during or after the alleged incident as confirmed by witnesses.  The probable cause which was used to apply for the warrant was based upon the defendant allegedly committing 3rd degree assault therefore the warrant was issued to find evidence associated with 3rd Assault.  No evidence exists that the vehicle was used for or used in connection to an assault or to conceal or destroy evidence of such an assault.   The warrant only states the suspect’s vehicle was found in parking lot this vague description fails to indicate the specific items to be searched and seized.  The seizure of this vehicle is unconstitutional and violates the 4th amendment protection against illegal search and seizure with the failure to show probable cause along with a specific description of the items to be searched for and seized.  In addition the Receipt of inventory of property seized failed to list the Jetta thus confirming the illegal search and seizure.  I request to suppress all evidence related to the Jetta and it be returned to the registered owner(s).

        Here is the press release


        It’s funny that they treated me so badly considering I was the reason they decided to break in. I am looking into a civil lawsuit because they executed the warrant and would not allow me to leave OR DRESS for several hours and this seems unreasonable to me.


  26. I am an attractive petite 35 year old woman who was half naked wearing panties and a bra. I was forced to remain half naked while 30 male officers came in and out of my home. They would not allow me to leave, dress or cover my body for well over an hour. I am a victim of a brutal and violent sexual assault in 2007. These police officers VIOLATED and HUMILATED me.

    I believe if I were a 100 pounds heavier they would have let me get dressed. Also earlier this year an ANCHORAGE Police Office was convicted of several counts of Sexual Assault. Alaska also has the highest rate of Sexual Assaults per capita in the nation so more woman are raped here than any where else. Our law enforcement should be conscience of their conduct towards women.

    I am pissed and I am not letting go.

    Our police department has gone too far. Earlier this week APD was arresting drunk people who were not engaged in criminal activity in local bars!! ARRESTING DRUNK PEOPLE IN BARS!!!! SERIOUSLY – Anchorage residents need to do something about APD cause it is only going to get worst. They do what they want and SAY whatever they want too!!

    Another Person Deficated by APD

    Mary Swanner


      1. What is Anchorage ACL?

        I filed a complaint with APD Internal Affairs, Chief of Police Mark Mew, The Mayor, Anchorage Assembly, Ombudsman and Office of Victims Rights. The ombudsman and Office of victims rights have been the most helpful. Oh and I also have been in contact with several attorneys regarding a civil lawsuit.

        I don’t want APD to victimize another woman like this. It also pisses me off that they can just say anything they want in their press releases. Its plain BULLSHIT and I am not going to put up with it!!


      2. miss savage,
        I have found from experience that you will get nothing accomplished by going through the APD. There is an office in Anchorage of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACL or ACLU) and they are a non-profit organization that is devoted to protecting our constitutional rights. They might be willing to initiate a law suit for you.


      3. Oh I will get into contact with them. One of the Anchorage Assembly Members emailed me and said the talked with the chief and she wanted him to know the assembly was doing an investigation into my complaint. I also talked with STAR they gave me some good leads too.

        Thank you for ths ear and the advice.


      4. I will keep you posted for sure!! Yesterday I saw one of the officers that were at my premises that morning. He asked me with a smirk on his face if I was doing better. I said opposed to what? He said the other day you know. I said well let’s see am I doing better…. I am dressed today so I would have to say yes I am doing better. Then I asked him if it were standard procedure for APD to force women to stay naked like that? He said it depends on the circumstance. Then I said ok in what circumstances does APD force women to stay naked? He said he didn’t want to answer any more questions. But I asked him one more ..how many times while on duty has he personally forced a woman to stay naked. He lost his smirk. A@$holes


  27. http://www.anchoragecrimestoppers.com/unsolved.aspx

    1/9/2010 – Officer Shot in Ambush

    “In the early morning hours of January 9, 2010, at about 2:00 a.m., Officer Jason Allen was sitting in his patrol car at 14th Avenue and Medfra Street when he was ambushed. Officer Allen suffered several gunshot wounds in this horrific attack. The suspects were driving a late 80s or early 90s model dark sedan. If you have any information as to the person(s) responsible call Crime Stoppers at 561-STOP or submit your tip using this secure website.

    To be eligible for the $25,000 reward, you cannot remain anonymous. Persons must be willing to work with police toward a successful prosecution. The hotline to work with police and be eligible for the $25,000 reward is 786-8860.

    Contributions may be made at any Key Bank to:
    The Jason Allen Family Support Fund And/Or The Jason Allen Reward Fund”


    ***Contributions may be made at any Key Bank to:
    The Jason Allen Family Support Fund And/Or The Jason Allen Reward Fund” ***


    Wow! Talk about serving special interests; this is the ONLY entry in the “Anchorage Crime Stoppers” web site that is directly soliciting donations for a crime victim!

    What is even more disturbing is the fact that; “Persons must be willing to work with police toward a successful prosecution.”. Since when is it the police officers job to prosecute? Does the APD think they are judge, jury, and executioner? What if the prosecution is unsuccessful due to APD “losing evidence” ?

    I recall seeing a suspicious vehicle in early January, 2010 that fit the description above. This was about the same time that an officer from APD threatened to “rip my head off” if I testified against one of his friends in a domestic abuse/assault and forgery case. APD Internal Affairs stated that this officers threatening call (while on duty) was not a crime, and his threat was protected speech guaranteed to him under the US Constitution.

    APD has been contacted in regards to this matter but has not responded.I have also emailed Sean Parnell (as well as calling his office). A representative from the govenors office infomed me that they were looking into the matter but nobody has contacted me for about a year. I assume eye witnesses are assigned a “low priority” by APD.

    In retrospect, I think the vehicle I observed may have been involved in the alleged crime. I’m totally convinced that APD is corrupt. I base my beleifs on the indefensible actions of APD to “protect their own”.

    What police agency (besidesAPD) can point to themselves and say:

    “We had rapists (Anthony Rollins), illegal immigrants
    (Rafael Espinoza/ Rafael Mora-Lopez) serving as officers?
    We currently have Dave Parker (who loses/destroys evidence and gives misleading press releases), and Detective McKinnon (who takes months to return phone calls) and still expect the public to trust them?


    1. Alan,
      I am so sorry to hear of your experience, but it seems it is not unique. I am working on the follow up to the story re Shailey Tripp.


      1. Malia

        I didn’t post my story looking for sympathy; I just want citizens to know how corrupt APD is. Shailey Tripp and Mrs Swanner are the victims of APD’s corruption and incompetence.

        I have more to say on these matter, but don’t have the time right now.

        Have a good night!


      2. Alan,
        I appreciate anything you can tell me. I am still trying to get a report on what is happening on the evidence that was destroyed in the Shailey Tripp matter.


    2. I had a chance today to talk with a friend who has a relative working for APD.

      It seems that “the brass” at APD is peeved that I pointed out a few things that put them in a bad light.

      Hint to APD; go check out the “Crimestoppers” site and start apprehending real criminals that are running free in Anchorage.

      Just so everyone knows the most serious offense I’ve committed in Alaska in nearly 50 years has been forgetting to return a book at Anchorage Municipal Library.(The fine was dropped after I explained to the library staff that I was at the hospital for the 2 month premature birth of my daughter)

      APD “brass” seems to have this misguided theory that they can charge me for interfering with a police investigation based on the statements in my original post. I’m not surprised about that, considering their longstanding record of corruption. Neither am I worried about it; because I have the phone and email records that show I did take correct and reasonable action.

      I did a little more checking this evening and found this story, (see link below) that is more than two years old;


      This article raises another question,..Why would there be a support fund for this officer’s family? Wouldn’t his insurance company or the Municipality of Anchorage be paying for his medical costs as he was injured while in the performance of his job?

      I’d be more than happy to help APD do their job the correct and proper way. They can hire me as a consultant. Or they can stay the course they are on until they lose all credibility.

      I’ll be waiting to hear from APD about all the pertinent issues!


      1. Alan,
        Thank you for your input! I have been working on the story of the “evidence seized” of Shailey Tripp and then destroyed, but I’s not finished yet. If you have any more insight, please share! Thanks, Malia


  28. I am certain many people are waiting on that information.

    I’ve been following your writing for a while now and I’ve tried to make sense of the press releases from APD.

    One question many Alaskans have is “When did the items seized by APD become evidence?” The first time I am aware of these items being called “evidence”, is in Dave Parkers “press release” that was prompted by a call from a private attorney who apparently was representing someone from the Palin family.

    So if Dave Parker in his “press release” claims “*“Bloggers” have had no access to the evidence seized…” There should be a “chain of custody” record regarding the “evidence” that Dave Parker indentified in his press release.

    I wonder if anyone at APD comprehends the importance of the rules governing evidence chain-of-custody?

    Four of the most important rules in preserving the integrity of evidence are:

    1. Limit the number of individuals handling evidence.

    2. Confirm that all names, identification numbers, and dates are listed on the chain of custody documents
    3. Ensure that all evidence packaging is properly sealed and marked prior to submission.

    4. Obtain signed or otherwise secure receipts upon transfer of evidence.

    Proper evidence packaging includes:

    1 Appropriate packaging and labeling of all items.

    2. Each item properly sealed and marked.

    3. Correct and consistent information recorded on label and procedural documentation.

    Bottom line here is that APD has lost the respect of the majority of the citizens of Anchorage. APD has no legitimate defense to losing or destroying what they have identified as evidence.


  29. I’ve been following the story of the abduction of a young woman in Anchorage for the last two weeks.


    Parker is quoted as saying ….”People should not post things they don’t know to be true,” . I guess it’s another example of Parker/APD double standard. Unless Parker feels he has an exemption to a duty to tell the truth?

    I certainly don’t want to take away from the seriousness of the situation of the missing woman, but it seems that APD is more concerned about their image than solving this crime.

    I know APD is not thrilled with me posting on your blog about their approach to “law enforcement” I’d like to say something positive about APD but I can’t find anything positive to comment on.


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