Given the Anchorage Police Department’s statement to the National Enquirer that is inconsistent with records of the APD and Court Records, I called Mr. Mew the Police Chief today to ask for clarification.  Having received a message machine, I have sent the following letter:

Malia Litman

(Street Address)

Mr. Mark Mew, Chief of Police

Anchorage Police Department

632 W. 6th Ave.

Anchorage Alaska 99501

Re: Anchorage Police Department Report 10-3948, and any others

that may pertain to Kashawn Thomas and/or Shailey Tripp

Reported Date: 1-24-10

Arresting Officer: David Burns, Officer # 30356

Dear Mr. Mew:

I am receipt of a Press Release posted on the internet dated Jan. 25th, 2011 regarding the “Shailey Tripp Investigation APD #10-1823. According to that Press Release the Anchorage Police Department stated the following:

“Shailey Tripp Investigation APD #10-1823

The Anchorage Police Department investigation and arrest of Shailey Tripp has recently been mischaracterized in internet blogs and in a National Enquirer article. Several errors regarding the investigation and arrest were reported in the Enquirer article (printed and internet versions):

*None of the physical evidence examined by police showed any connection to Wasilla resident Todd Palin and his name did not appear in any of the records seized by APD.

*The investigation of the prostitution operation was initiated by Anchorage Police Department’s Vice Unit responding to internet advertisements, not through information developed from any tips or other persons.

*No rolodex was seized and taken into evidence.

*The National Enquirer has not contacted Anchorage Police Department Public Affairs Unit to fact check its story so their reported “call to Anchorage Police Department” could not have been returned.

*“Bloggers” have had no access to the evidence seized so their linking of evidence in police custody to any other person is incorrect. “

I am a blogger and write daily at If you were referring to me as one of the “bloggers” who has no access to the evidence seized you are correct that I have no access to evidence seized. However I do have copies of the police records, and they present a different story than what you have mentioned in the press release issued to the National Enquirer. In particular :

1. You state that the investigation of the prostitution operation was “initiated by Anchorage Police Department’s Vice Unit responding to internet advertisements, not through information developed from any tips or other persons.”

In the records filed in the District/Superior Court for the State of Alaska on March 4, 2010, Case No. 10-2448 In the matter of Shailey Tripp at page 3, there is a reference in hand written notes to “Court notes” which states the following:

“ADP got call of potential prostitution ring at an office…”

In addition the Immoral minority blog has produced copies of what appear to be APD records which specifically identify “William Fortier” as the person who made the call advising the APD of the potential of a house of prostitution.

Additionally in a court record dated 3-4-10 the Court ordered Ms. Tripp as a condition of her release to not “associate with or contact directly or indirectly, the following persons: Ms. Thomas, Ms. Jorgenson or Mr. Fortier.” (pg. 2 of 3 signed by the Judge/Magistrate).

2. According to records of the APD #10-3948, Officer David Burns, with a “Reporting Date” of 1-24-10 pertaining to arrests made at 1601 Abbott Rd. # 204 for prostitution certain items were seized which included:

“Several items were seized during the search of the business. To include office documents, computers, office machines, unused condoms, used condoms, calendars and books with client phone numbers in them. Several photographs were taken during the search and after. …”

I also note that in other documents produced in the court proceedings that as part of the “conditions of probation” that all items seized from Kashawn Thomas that she would “forfeit items seized.” I understand that none of the “items seized” from Shailey Tripp were returned.

Given the “office documents, computers, office machines, calendars and books and photographs” that were seized, I am assuming the APD made additional arrests based on this evidence. I assume these arrests would also be a matter of public record, so you would not be disclosing confidential information. Please identify who was arrested based upon this evidence seized. I assume you still have the “evidence seized” in your possession and I hereby put the APD on notice that because the APD has issued the statement that “none of the physical evidence examined by police showed any connection to Wasilla resident Todd Palin and his name did not appear on any of the records seized by APD” it is important in the interest of full disclosure for the public to know exactly what evidence that you seized was “examined.” If his name was not on the list, who’s name was , and what if any arrests have been made or charges filed?

Shailey Tripp has indicated in more than one statement that there was evidence of Todd Palin’s meetings with her that existed in the evidence seized by the Anchorage Police Department. Even if his name did not appear in the evidence examined, perhaps his name appeared in evidence that was seized but not “examined.” Because cell phones were seized, did the police check all the phone records to determine the identity of callers to Ms. Thomas and to Ms. Tripp?

I attempted to contact you by telephone today, but received a message machine. Thus to document the fact that I have contacted you, I have reduced my questions to written form to request information. It is important to me that I report the truth on my blog, and I am seeking only the truth. Given the fact that Sarah Palin has indicated that she is considering running for President of the United States, it seems that all the voters in the United States are entitled to know the truth. If you respond in writing I will report your response on my blog. Thank you.


Malia Litman

Thus, I have reduced my question to writing and mailed them to the APD today.  If I get a response by telephone I will advise the readers of this blog.  If I receive a written reply I will notify you of the contents of that letter.  Normally I would not expect any police department to respond to a request for this type of information, but because the APD volunteered information to the National Enquirer, it seems incumbent on the APD to provide an explanation of the inconsistencies in their statement and their own records.  It is important for all the voters in the United States to know the truth about Sarah Palin as she is a potential candidate for the Presidency in 2012, and even if she doesn’t declare herself as a candidate, she is currently raising money through the SarahPAC to support political candidates, and I would hope that anyone sending her money would want to know the truth about her.