Palin Criticizes Breastfeeding and Raising the Debt Ceiling

“Common Sense Conservatism” has been the closest to a policy position Sarah Palin has been willing to articulate.  Even though she has embarrassed herself by referring to our “North Korean Allies,” a Blood Libel committed against her in Arizona, giving birth to Trig in Anchorage, and Ronal Reagan attending college in California, Sarah Palin is usually careful not to attempt to offer any policies.  Since she is no longer a politician she is not required to vote on anything, or sign into law any bill.  She is free to criticize the President without offering any solutions to the many challenges facing the President.  In an unusual move for Palin, she appeared at a luncheon before the Long Island Association, which bills itself as the state’s largest business organization.  The format of the appearance was a question and answer session with the President of the Association, where the topics to be covered in the questions were provided in advance to Palin.  Of course her fee for the event was “undisclosed.”

In a mocking tone, Palin was quoted as saying: “It’s no wonder Michelle Obama is telling everybody you need to breast feed your babies,… The price of milk is so high!”   At least she didn’t suggest that the First Lady was requiring mothers to breast feed.

However the more revealing comment came when talking about the economy.  Palin explained that in her opinion Congress shouldn’t vote to raise the debt ceiling.  “All that’s going to do is create this allowance for more big spenders to get in there,” she said.  “It doesn’t necessarily have to result in a government shutdown.” She said that “the government receives so much revenue” every day that she doubted the money would run out to pay for critical operations.  . Once again Sarah Palin demonstrated her failure to understand or appreciate the challenges of running the federal government.  A quick search of information on the internet of the “debt ceiling” reveals:

Unless Congress acts, and soon, the United States could face “a worse financial economic crisis than anything we saw in 2008,” warns Austan Goolsbee, chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers (and former Slate contributor). Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner sent a stern letter to Congress: Inaction would cause “catastrophic damage to the economy, potentially much more harmful than the effects of the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009.” … What would happen if Congress failed to up the ceiling? Goolsbee and Geithner have it right: It would be a catastrophe. The Treasury would no longer be able to issue new bonds, meaning that the United States would eventually start failing to pay its bills (like Social Security payments) and to service its outstanding debt (paying bondholders interest). The world bond market would likely panic, raising borrowing costs for all individuals and businesses. Moreover, the United States’ borrowing costs would never fall as low again—investors would never fully trust the United States to pay back what it promises.  The White House is warning of financial Armageddon this spring if Congress fails to raise the Treasury’s $14.3 trillion debt ceiling.  Here are some basic facts about the debt ceiling:

What is the debt ceiling exactly?

It’s a cap set by Congress on the amount of debt the federal government can legally borrow. The cap applies to debt owed to the public (i.e., anyone who buys U.S. bonds) plus debt owed to federal government trust funds          such as those for Social Security and Medicare.  The first limit was set in 1917.

How high is the debt limit right now?

The ceiling is currently set at $14.294 trillion. As of Jan. 31, the debt subject to that limit totaled $14.079 trillion — or $215 billion shy of the cap. But the total can fluctuate up or down daily.


How is the ceiling determined?

Based on policies in place, such as the $858 billion tax cut compromise passed in December, lawmakers determine how much the government will have to borrow over a given period of time. They then set the debt limit           accordingly.”Congress has already passed and the President has already signed legislation that increases spending or decreases revenues. Those decisions have already been made,” said Susan Irving, director for federal           budget issues at the Government Accountability Office.


In that sense, much of the political rhetoric is misleading because the money has already been committed and lawmakers are arguing over whether to pay the bill, according to former Congressional Budget Office Director Rudolph Penner.

When will the debt ceiling be reached?

The Treasury estimates U.S. borrowing could hit the debt ceiling sometime between April 5 and May 31.  The amount of debt subject to the limit can fluctuate on a daily basis. Plus there are steps the Treasury Department        can take to stave off the day of reckoning. But Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said such measures could only buy “several weeks.”


What happens if Treasury hits the limit?

No one knows for sure since it has never happened. But the going assumption is that no good can come of it.  Treasury would not have authority to borrow any more money. And that can be a problem since the                    government borrows to make up the difference between what it spends and what it takes in. It uses that money to help fund operations and pay creditors.


In conclusion it would likely result in catastrophic economic turmoil if the debt ceiling was not increased.  Since the budget has already been approved by the Republican lead House of Representatives, the increase in the deficit has already been mandated by the Republicans in Congress.  To fail to increase the debt ceiling would be like refusing to pay a debt you have already incurred.  It would be like telling your loan officer that even though you took out the loan, and spent the money, the loan exceeds the amount you feel comfortable paying, and therefore you aren’t going to pay.  Your loan officer would never loan you any money again, but of course you would still owe the debt.  Maybe Sarah Palin doesn’t understand this concept since she has millions of dollars in her personal account, and since she is no longer a politician.  In spite of the First Lady’s advocacy of breast feeding for health reasons, Sarah Palin mocks the First Lady’s efforts.   She mocks the economic experts working so hard to address the multitude of economic problems facing the country.  Palin should stick to those subjects about which she is an expert: hiring a babysitter to feed a baby, and choosing a paint color for someone else to paint on her ceilings.


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  1. she didnt criticize breastfeeding. She criticized the first lady. Not a new thing, esp when this first lady is worthless and leaches off taxpayers to pay her 20ish friends nice salaries


    1. Wow. What ugly, uninformed talk. Where do you get these “facts”? Michelle Obama has no more staff than Laura Bush, but she is more visible as an articulate spokesperson for raising health kids.

      I think your screen name says it all.


      1. I decided to look up the 20 something reference and found this NYT article in case anyone wants to follow up.

        My guess is that in some cases, it is preferable to have young people who have the energy and motivation to be at the White House at all hours?


    2. Huh,
      I am without words to describe how appalling it is to me that you would describe Michelle Obama as “worthless”. I have the utmost respect for Michelle Obama, and believe that she has focused on non-political issues like childhood obesity. For Palin to mock her for her comments regarding breastfeeding is reprehensible. You should be ashamed of yourself for attacking her. Malia


    3. Troll, go back to the hole you crawled out of!
      I have been patiently trying to overlook your responses to the varying posts, but you finally hit my personal limit!

      Malia, I wish/hope you can take care of this. :/


    4. I am a Vietnam veteran who served honorably. I am a father and a grandfather. In my entire life, there have been few First Ladies with the intellect, warmth, generosity, parenting skills, talent in communicating with and listening to others, and general competency in her role as does Michelle Obama. It is more than crude and disgusting for a poster on this blog to post what you have posted. Mrs. Obama has her own professional credentials also. I am amazed at what some in the United States have the gall to post online.


  2. Like I said before stormfront would probably appreciate your commentary. Everyone sees you as the proudly ignorant palin worshipper you are around here. Even the republican party is trying to distance themselves from the self-absorbed 1/2 wit. of course there will always be the unhinged sheeple like you that think she has something to offer to the national dialogue but most rational thinking people see she only has hate and divisive rhetoric to contribute.


  3. $arah was careful this time…..Bachmann decried the tax exemption for breast pumps-she actually whined about what amounts to a tax cut!

    But she’s still showing her stupidity about this country. The debt ceiling is nothing to screw around with. lifting it is the only recourse.

    And Malia, looks like the baghead $arah worshippers just wait for your every new post-gotta be first!

    Hey huh (try “duh,” it fits), where’s the PROOF? Oh, I forget, you bagheads don’t ever have any.


  4. I wonder whether some organizations hire Palin as a speaker for the fun of hearing these ill-conceived ideas tumble from her mouth. Tracking Palin is often referred to as being like the lurid interest one has when passing a train wreck’. Maybe that’s why she gets some of these gigs.


  5. Dear Huh: Even if she (and you) hates Michelle and thinks she is dirt….what does it say about Sarah that she would publicly make a sarcastic comment like that about breastfeeding? And does Sarah have any understanding of why Michelle is making these statements and who she is targeting? Here is an article that provides a hint about what may be motivating Michelle? Also, why is Sarah picking on Michelle regarding the price of Milk…does she think Michelle caused the price of milk to increase?????


  6. The Grifter was the queen of paying her cronies exorbitant salaries for government jobs. And then compounding her fault, as in the Mat Maid scandal, by allowing more friends to “qualify for” and then default on government loans.

    She has no respect for breast feeding babies because her newest child was not borne by her, so she couldn’t have breast fed even if she wasn’t a coldblooded reptile.


  7. Fact is, Palin mocks just about everyone she does not agree with, (or who do not agree with her), but she especially goes after the Obamas–as I said in an earlier comment, she is part of the attack and smear machine run by the right. I believe the big mega bucks handlers, and backers of the neocons who control the puppet strings have sent marching orders, and those orders include anything the president (or first lady) says or does, verbally attack it. In general, that’s what she does. On most issues or subjects. she spews her shallow, lame odious “two cents worth” to political grandstand, get attention, and to appeal to her sheeple base, and/or anyone else she can “take in.” This anathematic woman has no business mocking anyone, particularly the Obamas.


    1. Aries,
      I think that is why I felt compelled to write the Ignorance/Virtues of SP: A Humorous Refudiation of the Half-Term Ex-Governor. She deserves to be mocked! Malia


  8. I think it’s interesting that we are focused on the breastfeeding issue and not as much the debt ceiling issue….perhaps that is because some of us at least assume experts in economics and policy will have some role to play in the decision, as must have occurred in past efforts to raise the debt ceiling (is there an historical timeline of debt ceiling increases?) I am not convinced that Palin has expertise in economics and policy given her academic background and general inability to provide analysis beyond the superficial layer. I really thing this woman’s career should be talk show host. Why does she not see that is her calling?


    1. Laura,
      I think she aspires to be a talk show host, but until the election is over, she knows that the way to money is to accept donations to her PAC She can do the talk show thing after the election, or after she resigns. Malia


      1. What are the rules on use of PAC money…can she use it if she decides not to run? Or, could she decide to run but rely on “free” marketing such as facebook and twitter so she doesn’t have to spend much on the campaign?


      2. Laura,
        I looked into this and it is amazing that the rules are so limited. She definitely doesn’t have to run herself to use the money, and can use the money to take private planes and stay in luxury hotels. The rules are amazingly limited. Malia


      3. Laura,
        The amazing thing about that return is that de-icing was listed as an appropriate expense, but the expense of the plane was not. Either both we appropriate or neither were???!!!!!!!!!!!! Malia


    1. What’s causing me to laugh about the price of milk story is that the other day I purchase some milk at the dollar store. It was Feb 14. There was very little milk in the fridge case. One jug was dated Feb 11. The other which was hidden behind a jug of chocolate milk and was dated Feb 19, so I grabbed that one…it cost something like $3.25, which surprised me, since I was in “the dollar” store, but we needed milk and had to head home with our takeout food. Once we got home, my son prepared to pour himself a glass of milk, and one for the neighbor kid who was joining us for dinner….but, it turns out the milk was buttermilk! Now we are searching for recipes that use buttermilk.


      1. Also, the issue about breast pumps, as mentioned in the blog post link posted by blueinredstate is interesting. Considering pumps as medical equipment makes a lot of sense. A) if you have a clogged breast which I can speak from experience is very painful, a breast pump is an important piece of medical equipment, b) if you want mothers on welfare to go back to work, a breast pump is an important medical tool to assure the child gets the best nutrition while the mom is working, c) the cost of a breastpump is so minimal compared to other medical expenses associated with having a child, why make breast pumps into a poster child for the conservative cause, it’s ridiculous!


  9. Malia

    It only proves Palin is ignorant for nursing children are NOT generally given cow’s milk to replace breast milk, but instead drink baby formula.


  10. BTW did u see her suit? What’s up with that?
    The $ she makes she does not own clothes iron press ?
    The suit she wore looked cheap and wrinkled.

    Yeah we all know how patriotic bullshit lady she is, she might as well wrap herself in a flag for crying out loud! A pin and wrist brand flag geeee .
    Why does she drag Bristol for all the events these days?


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