WTF??? Jon Stewart Discovers Palin is a Russian Spy


11 thoughts on “WTF??? Jon Stewart Discovers Palin is a Russian Spy

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  1. Boris……This your handler, Vladimir. Boris…..Must tell Natasha…….SHADDAP!!
    Kremlin not like Natasha reveal secret……

    Moose and squirell………Oh, moose dead now? Squirrell most dangerous…..will reveal to president most secret of secret………If not tell Natasha shaddap, map she make with crosshair….WHAT?………surveyor symbol? SURVEYOR SYMBOL?

    Must tell Natasha shaddap!!

    “Hey, Rocky, wanna see me pull a rabbit outta my hat?”


  2. Malia. out of curiosity I ran Sarah’s criminal record online. Do you have any idea what these charges are? 5AAC06.370(A): CRIM NEG FAIL REG NT and 20AAC05.115: C/F W/O PHOTO ID


    1. Nancy,

      “crim neg” is criminal negligence.”

      I would look up the offense, then the sentence or punishment related to it, as it varies from state to state.

      The rest? I’m not sure, but the fact that there is no photo ID is evidence that the charge was not serious.


  3. Jon did an excellent job with that…it also reminded me that it would make more sense if Glenn Beck was on Comedy Central, merely to point out that what he is saying is satirical.


  4. Jon Stewart would have been a fun kid to raise ….. just want to pinch his checks when he does his quirky smile bit!
    That’s a Mom thing.
    You said it best Malia.


    1. Lauren,
      We can imagine him doing something a little naughty, but being totally unable to be as tough as we should when he makes that face. Malia


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