TLC Supports Mis-information


The last TLC episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska demonstrated that TLC is officially willing to trade truth for ratings.  Sunday night’s episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska , included Sarah Palin making two political points.  While getting out ingredients for s’mores, she voiced her disapproval of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, suggesting that this was a governmental attempt to control what we eat.  In case you couldn’t hear what Palin was saying, TLC was kind enough to provide the text of the  comment at the bottom of the screen.  Of course there is no law or even proposed law to attempt to control what people eat.   Palin made a point of suggesting that Michelle Obama’s fight to encourage people to take personal responsibility regarding weight was somehow inappropriate.  We know that the rate of childhood obesity is skyrocketing.  We  pay with tax dollars for people to have the freedom to eat foods known to increase the likelihood of diabetes, and cardiac problems.;  Thus Sarah Palin was critical of Michelle Obama for encouraging citizens to take personal responsibility for a problem that affects the people in their private lives, and adversely affects taxpayers. 

In the same episode, Palin criticized environmentalists for their opposition to logging and deforestation.  Although nothing about Obama was mentioned by Palin, the viewer certainly assumed that Palin was critical of the Obama administration for any efforts to limit deforestation in Alaska.   In this instance it was Palin’s total absence of acknowledgement of the attempt by the Obama administration to allow the expansion of logging in Alaska, that was so offensive.  Just this year the Obama administration has come under harsh criticism for its approval of the sale of timber from the Tongass National Forest in Alaska. The Obama administration has approved the sale of timber from the Tongass National Forest in Alaska. The 17-million acre forest is the largest stand of continuous temperate rain forest in the U.S. and contains a lot of old-growth trees. This first sale will come after seven miles of roads are built for the 381-acre clear-cut. Either Palin didn’t know or purposefully failed to mention that the Obama administration had worked to limit the laws regulating the limited removal of trees in Alaska.  The Obama administration allowed the cutting down of trees,  in spite of the knowledge that  deforestation now accounts for nearly ¼ of global CO2 emissions in the world.

Thus, TLC is a party to the dissemination of politically charged and factually incorrect information.  Shame on TLC!

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  1. If TLC is a NewsCorp property, it’s owned by Rupert Murdoch, the purveyor of lies, misinformation, disinformation and extremist propaganda.

    Nothing like a little BS from B.S. on TLC to misinform one’s day!!


    1. Erica,
      I have some cards I’d like to send her on re-cycled paper, but I have the good judgment not to do that, since she doesn’t read, I’m sure she wouldn’t read a note from me. Malia


  2. I think TLC’s “infractions” go further than that, as in the case of them pulling down the video that showed Palin does NOT have a poster of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” — a lie she forgot to do her homework on since TLC had already taped her TV studio/office. They are colluding on a sanitizing of this dingbat, thus further cheapening their brand.


    1. BW,
      Of course I agree and I hear they are negotiating another season of this show. The only good news is that it will be next summer before they can film another show. Maybe I’ll do a post with ideas for the new season. Could be fun! Feel free to send ideas. Malia


  3. She would never have known that they were recycled and frankly wouldn’t care. Thats too much detail for her to consider. We should all boycott TLC. I personally never watch the program…but have caught glimpses of her rediculous scripted program. I let THE IMMORAL MINORITY do that for me and report on it. Thats equal to suicide for me. I just can’t do it. My stomach is way too weak for such incredible nonsense and uneducational material. And as for TLC ..shame shame shame on you. Rupert should go back to the country he came from. The right complains about the so-called immigrants destroying our country.. this immigrant is destroying our country with its propoganda and hate message .. they’re destroying our diversity because they can’t stomach minorities accomplishing anything…they preach hate, prejudice, division. These so called amuricans like palin..beck..hannity..limbaugh..are getting paid MILLIONS TO DO IT by RUPERT MURDOCH–an immigrant! And they call themselves patriots? for who? Rupert Murdoch? TRAITORS is what they are.


      1. Rupert is from Australia. I wish he would return. Surely there is some damage he can do there. Maybe take Sarah with him.


  4. …Murdoch is from Australia originally, came to New York via London, probably bought US citizenship via his wealth and voila! there we are… dammit!
    His empire began with acquisitions in Australia, moved on to SE Asia, Great Britain etc. and now he is controlling the better part of the world with his sleaze. For what it is worth, I think that man read way too many Ian Fleming novels, identified with Fleming’s villains and it will take an Agent 007 to overcome him. Which is not possible in the real world/


    1. fromthediagonal,
      Thanks for the information. I am so disappointed to hear he is from Australia, as I previously had a very high opinion of Australia. Now I know that Mel Gibson and Murdock are from the land Down Under,so maybe even though most of the people who live there are very nice, maybe there’s a reason it is called the “Land Down Under” …and its not because of its location on the globe. Malia


  5. Malia, the ratings on her last episode were the lowest to date. We all have to remember that this debacle airs at least 3 times on Sunday night. There could be some duplicate numbers there. You know her rabid fans – little like DWTS. Of course, I don’t have a clue how they do TV ratings on shows, but it is a possibility.


    1. suz1941,
      I think given the polls, that we should not confuse viewers of the TLC show with people who support her. Some of us,like me, watch the show because I feel a need to inform myself about the show, but will never watch another TLC show in the future. Malia


  6. A second season? I thought that was a rumor! I sure hope so! I will never watch TLC again andvi know I’m not the only one. Actually I never watched it but for sure I won’t now. I wrote them and signed petitions when the show was first announced. Last weeks episode had less than 2.5 mill viewers, I believe one of the lowest yet. I can’t imagine anyone subjecting themselves to 2 hours of her this week. I didn’t watch it, but from what I have read, it was all about Sarah. It’s interesting that none of the episodes showed either 1) the struggles inherent in raising a special needs child or 2) her entire family, ALL of them together. I’m not surprised but Sarah missed a great opportunity and chose to show case herself and more of herself . Typical narcissism.


    1. Lisabeth60,
      The most amazing thing to me is that between all the episodes aired so far, the “family” has taken three trips in the RV. Trig only accompanied the “family” in one of the trips and the children NEVER wore seat belts. Todd and at times Sarah did, but not the kids. As a parent, I was amazed at the callous attitude of parents who would themselves wear seat belts but allow their children to ride unrestrained! I have a friend whose son was killed in a car accident while riding in the back end of a station wagon unrestrained. TLC should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Todd and Sarah to make this show while advertising their apparent lack of concern for the safety of their children. Outrageous! Malia


  7. I’m no fan of Palin and the sooner her “15 minutes” is up the better but she does not criticize Obama directly or implicitly, she criticized “conservationists”. No matter how wrong headed or dishonest what she says might be, to accuse her falsely only plays into her hands and puts more time on “15 minute” clock imo.

    Keep up the good work.


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