What is Wrong With Sarah Palin?

 As soon as the book Game Change was released, there was specific documentation of mental instability in Sarah Palin.  Twenty five specific adjectives or phrases were mentioned in Game Change to describe extremes in mood swings of Palin, which had been observed by members of the McCain campaign.  It was not bloggers or members of the “lame stream” media who reported their observation regarding the two Sarahs.  It was Republicans who had every reason to be supportive and positive about McCain’s choice for V.P. Those Republican insiders described the “perky” Sarah and the “catatonic” Sarah.  Recognizing that there was no documented expert giving an opinion, we were left to speculate about a possible diagnosis had an expert been consulted.  It was particularly relevant to consider the mental stability of a person a heart beat away from the Presidency.  It is not uncommon for Presidential candidates to be required to produce medical records, so surely we would insist on mental health records being produced if there were any, and if we knew to ask for them.  To date, I am unaware of any mental health records that have been produced, so we as lay people are left to speculate.

In April of 2010, I wrote an article discussing the possibility that Sarah Palin suffers from  Bipolar-disorder, based upon information reported in Game Changehttps://malialitman.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/does-anyone-know-the-real-sarah-palin-going-rogue-sarah-palin

Over the course of two years we have watched multiple speeches, television interviews, and appearances of Sarah Palin.  Never have I observed any such public appearances where Palin appeared to be so “perky” and NEVER before have I seen her stick out her tongue during an interview.  In her interview at the Liberty & Freedom conference, in her interview of two minutes, she was more “perky” than I have ever seen her, and in the course of a two minute interview she stuck out her tongue 7 timeshttp://www.examiner.com/right-side-politics-in-national/sarah-palin-interviews-herself-ftw-super-cool-funny-video.  Without being privy to her mental health records or doctors, we are left to speculate.  This is my personal speculation.  I am not an expert, and the only information I have is what is documented herein.

1.  Common symptoms of a “manic” episode of bipolar disorder are characterized by “…feeling extremely happy,…talking too fast and too much, and having more energy…”


2.The first medication listed on the internet of medications prescribed for bipolar disorder is Seroquelxr.  http://www.seroquelxr.com/bipolar-disorder/what-is-bipolar-disorder.aspx?source=829&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=unbrandxrdtc&utm_campaign=SQLJUN09&WT.mc_id=SQL0209GOOPSDTCU&gclid=CInt5oay3KQCFQK87QodoBfNKg.

3.In the listed side effects of Seroquelxr, one of the most serious, and potentially permanent side effects, is a condition known as “Tardive dyskinesia” which may involve the tongue and mouth and can be permanent even after you stop taking the medication.  The warnings provided by the manufacturer explain:

Tardive dyskinesia: Tell your health care provider about any movements you cannot control in your face, tongue, or other body parts. These may be signs of a serious condition. Tardive dyskinesia may not go away, even if you stop taking Seroquel XR. Tardive dyskinesia may also start after you stop taking Seroquel.”


4.Additional information about Tardive dyskinesia includes the following:

“All antipsychotics carry the risk of a muscle disorder called Tardive Dyskinesia that can be permanent in some Seroquel patients. The risk of suffering Tardive Dyskinesia becomes greater the longer Seroquel treatment continues, so patients may want to consider alternate options before using Seroquel, especially if in a high-risk category. All Seroquel patients should fully understand the risks and signs of potential side effects to avoid unnecessary suffering that could occur and to identify side effect precursors if Seroquel adverse effects do develop.  http://www.tardive-dyskinesia.com/seroquel.

5.There is no information available about any diagnosed mental illness of Sarah Palin.  There is no information to indicate she has ever been treated with Seroquel or any antipsychotic medication.  However we do know that the condition known as “Tardive Dyskinesia”can be caused by antipsychotic medications other than Seroquel.  In fact lawyers have filed multiple law suits against the manufacturers of antipsychotic medications as a result of patients being afflicted with this side effect.  Medications like Haldol, which has been around a long time, is “one of the worst offenders”. http://www.tardive-dyskinesia-lawyer.com/.

 Here is additional information available from a lawyer regarding the condition:

“Tardive dyskinesia most commonly occurs in patients with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or other psychiatric conditions who are given antipsychotic medication, but it can occur in other patients who are treated with these drugs. Some estimates suggest that it occurs in 15-30% of patients receiving treatment with antipsychotic neuroleptic medications for 3 months or longer. Other estimates suggest that with each year of neuroleptic use, 5% of the patients will show signs of tardive dyskinesia, i.e., 5% after one year, 10% after two years, 15% after three years with no clear upper limit. Eventually, according to these estimates, if on the drugs long enough, the majority of patients will develop the disorder. …

The elderly and female patients are more prone to develop tardive dyskinesia. …”.


We may never get confirmation of any diagnosed mental condition of Sarah Palin, or of any history she may have with anti-psychotic medications.  However if she is taking medication for such a problem, and if the “tongue problem” is of recent origin, I hope someone gives her a copy of this article so she can consult a medical doctor and consider the possibility of Tardive Dyskinesia.  If this is the case, she needs serious and immediate medical help.

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  1. Oh, Malia, Sarah knows your just jealous because the voices don’t talk to you!

    Seriously, you could be on to something. I wonder if there will be a reaction to this from the P crowd. There has been a lot of comment lately on how BS looks like there is some kind of drug stuff going on and the tongue thing is really bizarre. I have seen it on two clips.


  2. I want to see the Examiner video (where she sticks her tongue out repeatedly) but can’t get it to load. Anyone else have the same problem?


  3. I appreciate the motivation and speculation from this post. However, sticking one’s tongue with some frequency is not suggestive of tardive dyskinesia and I very much doubt Sarah Palin is taking Seroquelxr. If she were, she would appear much more sedate throughout the day and would be less able to function at her many speaking engagements. I have worked with patients with have had tardive dyskinesia and/or were taking Seroquel at some point. Also, Seroquelxr would not be the first line medication for a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. It is often used, but not typically by itself or as the first line. It would be more likely that she would be on a mood stabilizer (e.g. lithium, depakote, etc.).

    Don’t get me wrong – I am not a fan of the Palin and certainly believe it’s possible that she has a Bipolar Spectrum Disorder. It’s impossible to know without having direct contact and additional information. My impression is that she is more personality disordered than anything; she exhibits multiple traits consistent with Cluster B personality disorders (e.g. Narcissistic PD, Borderline PD, Histrionic PD, Antisocial PD).

    Again, I like that you are bringing up this topic and just wanted to share my thoughts/expertise.


    1. Phd in Clinical Psychology, I greatly appreciate you input. Obviously, I am not an expert! When I watched the video of this interview I was struck by the number of times she stuck out her tongue, and had never seen her do that before. Given all that we know about her, it makes us wonder about the explanation. I also thought it was peculiar that this behavior was exhibited in an interview where she appeared to be unusually energetic and “perky”. Thanks for your help and perspective. Malia


    2. * disclaimer! Reliable diagnosis cannot be made without a good clinical exam! However, speculation and sharing opinions is perfectly peachy. *

      I completely agree with the Cluster B, primarily Narcissistic PD diagnosis, but the most common explanation for moment-to-moment or day-to-day mood/behavior fluctuation is drugs. I suspect something in the stimulant/amphetamine class.

      What think you of requiring candidates/senators/congresspeople to have random urine drug screens? Most other state and federal employees have to.


    3. Either of you may be correct, who knows. However, I just read Martha Stout’s “The Sociopath Next Door” and she could have been writing about Sarah Palin. The woman is just plain scary.


      1. Rhonda,
        You will also recall that no real medical records were ever produced during the campaign. We got a single letter from her doctor. If she has been treated by a psychologist or psychologist those records need to be produced if she runs. If she hasn’t been treated, we should demand a mental evaluation before she runs. Malia


  4. There was a film made while BS was governor, I believe in her first year in office, that follows her around on the job. In scenes filmed in her office, I distinctly remember wondering what the heck was wrong with her mouth…lots of teeth and cheek rubbing with her tongue…very strange. Reminded me of the stereotypical open-mouthed gum chewer you see in comic sketches to depict a crass woman. You might want to take a look at that film.


  5. She is much too “peppy” to be on Seroquel or any of the others. Also too thin. I think she is self medicating with aderall to be a “teeny-tiny” starlet type and the tongue thing is a exaggerated sexual thing of hers. Bristol does the tongue sticking out too for pictures! I also think they are mocking TriG.They are THAT sick! So aderall is LEGAL speed amphetamine salts and she is drinking Baily’s in her coffee in the morning. (witnessed by passenger on recent flight)
    She is Probably BiPolar, among other things. But the meds would slow her way down and she would put on tons of weight.
    Speed does kill, so she ought to be burning out soon. She will never be able to keep this pace up for 2 yrs to campaign.


  6. Oh, I think she is also using xanax or heavy duty downer, sometimes when she is on “Vannity” in the eves she’s way exaggerated, or maybe too much Baily’s???LOL!
    She is on drugs, just not the right ones for her condition.


  7. I think her mood swings as mentioned in “Game Change” do indicate that she does have mental problems of some sort. As everyone will recall, Palin’s medical record (if you want to call it that) showed up the day of the election from the doctor in Wasilla who should have had her license suspended when she told Sarah it was OK (wink) to fly after her water broke. It was like a brief letter saying Palin was healthy – trust me.

    While the other 3 candidates produced medical records in a timely manner, not Sarah, even though she told Brian Williams they were forthcoming. I have always thought Palin unstable mentally.

    The main thing is that is just not smart, does not know or care to learn the truth of the history of our country or the world for that matter. She is a compulsive liar and she preys on people that are not particularly enlightened and just don’t want to move into the 21st century. She knows the MO of these people and promotes fear and hatred. This woman is not hard to figure out.


    1. totally agree with your last paragraph, but that’s only the insulting part of Sarah Palin. The scary part is her belief that God has a “destiny” for her, and she feels empowered and compelled by some supernatural force to lead an insurrection against the United States Government (not very patriotic). She thinks she’s been “chosen by God”. Always a dangerous mindset.


      1. Rhonda,
        Very dangerous indeed! However the longer she stays in the forefront of the public eye, the more people see her for the person she is. Malia


  8. My late mother was manic depressive and bi-polar, and I do see many of the traits in Sarah’s behavior, like the rapid speech, and weird and often inappropriate clothing and hairstyle choices. Bipolar people tend to only surround themselves with those who agree with them, and alienate anyone who confronts them.

    We haven’t seen the extreme highs and lows that often come with bipolar disorder, which she would not be able to control without medication.

    I do think Sarah is probably manic depressive ..and definitely is a sociopath with borderline personality disorder. I’m not a doctor, but being the child of a bipolar parent, I’ve researched alot over the years. I have also always thought that Sarah had to have some type of learning disorder like ADHD , or even low IQ, because although she has spent two years on the national stage, she can’t grasp anything beyond the same old talking points, she constantly mispronounces names and words, makes up words, and had to resort to “palm notes” to remember the three basic points of her Tea Party Platform.

    BS has proven time and time again that she simply is mentally incapable of expanding her intellect.


  9. She’s obviously “on” something. From what I’ve witnessed, this is not normal behavior. I tend to agree with crystalwolfakacaligrl.
    When I saw this headline, “What'” Right with Sarah Palin? came to mind.

    Thanks Malia for your observations.


  10. I’m telling you guys..and I’ve been saying it for sometime now. The woman does Coke (cocaine)! not meth..not speed..but Coke! Trust me. When you do coke you tend to twitch like that when you talk. This is after you have done it for awhile. Initially you don’t but then ..after awhile …you can’t even control it and you don’t even care as long as you’re froze. You suddenly become unspeakably stoppable. You rant on and on and make no sense. But you feel so grand about yourself too when your talking on Coke. That’s Sarah in a nutshell….or should I say Sarah in a snort!!


  11. When I first saw the video, I didn’t believe it was she — I thought it was a very convincing double doing a spoof. The inappropriateness was familiar from her “May I call you Joe?” and her shout-out to schoolchildren in the debate with Biden; this just took it over the top, as she took over the show and “interviewed” herself. Maybe her fans like it, but I don’t think that “Golly, gee, I’ll just play being President and we’ll have a great time!” will play in Peoria.

    I have no expertise in mental illness. It does resemble a textbook description of mild mania, whether due to BPD or stimulant medication. I suspect she is starting to break, medicating herself to avoid facing an increasingly unfriendly reality, and we will see worse in the next few weeks. Sad for her, but good for the country.



    1. Lars, I appreciate your feelings, and agree with your characterization, but I am afraid to post comments like this as some of my readers might be offended. I hadn’t heard the expression “bi polar fuck wit” but I’ll add it to my secret list. Malia


      1. hahahahaha. I too will have to add that one to the repertoire. I leave you with one of my favorites “shit-for-brains”.


    1. Visitor, Thanks for this link! I missed this one during the campaign, and you are exactly right, …maybe it is contagious!!! Malia


  12. We can’t get any medical records from BS like birth certificates, so mental health records would be even harder to get. Until I read about the tantrums I figured she was using amphetamines or a little coke. Now I agree with the bipolar suggestion. The tantrums and aggressive behavior go with the wired smiley face the public sees. That tongue thing is weird, like a snake lady.


  13. Setting aside medical symptoms, Palin’s behavior indicates that she is clearly “sociopathic” or more euphemistically “narcissistic.” Whether coupled with bipolar behavior or not, she is a dangerous package for our society.


  14. I think it’s bizzare how she sticks out her tongue and licks her chops. I always thought she was trying to be sexually suggestive to her male audience and her jerky motions that she does with her hands. It may be dry mouth from meds she is taking but I doubt it is seroquel because that mellows you out and also, too, Bristol sticks out her tongue as well…so is Bristol on meds too?


  15. We will know when the house of cards all comes tumbling down.

    Lets face it. She is an alien.

    those big lumps on her neck. New Sarah Palins waiting to pop out.


  16. I heard a Dr. Leslie Nyman, M.D. was murdered in 2010 by the Palins when he gave a diagnosis of psychiatric disorders to Sarah and her children…
    And that his information was what got Governor Frank Murkowski to reverse the Statutes of Limitations in 2003…and that really pissed off that grand scheme of things that Levi said was HUGE and that Senator Hollis French said was BIRTHRIGHT…so it sounds to me like Sarah is very very sick…and that crime sprees will be brought up in the courts soon…and her threats of “missed opportunities” will be brought up as well…seems humanity is tired of the “schuck and jive” of anyone anymore…finally right?


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    1. cialis,
      Absolutely, the more people who know the better! It would be nice if you’d mention my blog as the source, but copy away!


  18. Hi,
    Just happened upon this article, (and following comments), and just the other day was told by a co-worker of mine, that she worked with someone that worked for Sarah Palin when she was the Governor of Alaska, and that Sarah Palin is indeed a diagnosed “Bi-Polar” inflicted person,(the above mentioned former employee had the task of picking up her meds from the pharmacy). I myself, have a couple of family members that are bi-polar (on meds as well), and I can say, that it is a tricky mental disorder. Many afflicted people have a streak of genius, but have a difficult time expressing themselves or cannot verbalize their thoughts in a coherent manner. I think the “Donald” might be in for a few surprises bringing her on board his shameless train. Anyway, just f.y.i. 🙂


    1. Monah,
      Thanks for sharing!!! I wish you could get your friend who picked up her meds to speak out. Eight years should be long enough to wait!


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