Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin Scare Me

Malia is taking a much needed break this weekend. Over the next two days, Torie Thompson will be guest blogging. 

(Part 1 of 2)

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin could best be described as doctrinal and philosophical kindred spirits. Both tout their Christian morals and “common sense” philosophy along with their patriotism and politics.  They also share a mutual fondness for one another, with Beck gushing in an interview that Palin is “one of the only people that I can see that can possibly lead us” and Palin writing for Time Magazine that Beck is “an inspiring patriot”. While their commonalities appear innocuous, they are actually insidious.  

Both incite divisiveness and even violence with their anti-intellectualism and historical perversion.  One of the most egregious examples of late is Beck’s promotion of the book The Red Network: A “Who’s Who” and Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots. The book was written in 1934, and as the name implies, is an anti-communist rant. Despite having been poorly researched and written, Beck lauded the book implying that Americans need engage in acts harkening back to the Red Scare.  

During the Red Scare a sort of communist paranoia overtook the U.S. In The Red Network, the author Elizabeth Dillings accuses everyone from Albert Einstein to Eleanor Roosevelt to even Gandhi as having been a radical socialist based upon utterly nonsensical “evidence”, such as Einstein’s daughter marrying a Russian and Dilling’s inability to understand his theory of relativity. Does any of this remind you of the inane smear campaigns by Beck and Palin 

If Palin read, this a book she would enjoy. 

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  1. I have gotten to where I absolutely HATE our country due to people like Beck, Paylin [especially her and her IGNORANCE], Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Riley, Greta and all those people on Faux or the right wing. The fact that our MSM say nothing or ask NO QUESTIONS when they know full well that these people are outright LYING makes me LIVID. These people and those they serve have no compunction about making statements they know are LIES and no one anywhere is calling them out except the progressive blogs. Since when did our countrymen decide that being IGNORANT is wonderful? I can’t believe ignorance is celebrated because I know most people are not that stupid. I see the Texas Board of Supervisors for Education taking Thomas Jefferson out of their textbooks this year because they don’t like the fact that he took a Black slave for a sexual partner. This leaves their children in a position of not being able to learn about true U.S. history and yet, the Texas parents and Board seem to think it is acceptable for children to learn an alternate set of facts [or lack thereof].

    Why are these people PROUD of being ignorant and uneducated? I have never seen anything like this. At least in Canada, one not only gets a wonderful university education, but they also have universal health care, just like France and many other European countries. Why has the U.S. decided to become the opposite. If it is just to keep the next generations as ignorant as they have become so as to keep them in the republican party, that is a CRIME as well as a SIN. I hate the fact that our country cares more about making WORTHLESS, USELESS WAR than educating our children or the current generation of DUMMIES.

    I will never understand the attraction people have to the right wing or Tea Party/extreme republicans and what they represent and that makes me DESPISE these people and this country for siding with IGNORANCE and ‘FAUX CHRISTIAN’ BELIEFS [that suit them ONLY when convenient]. They are HYPOCRITES and not worthy of being Americans. I would love to move to Canada or France and renounce my American citizenship due to the right wing NUTS and IDIOTS!


    1. Disparaged,

      Thank you for your kind words. Filling in for Malia is not easy.

      The cult of anti-intellectualism, while not new as evidenced by Dilling’s writings, has reached frighteningly high proportions. This has been illustrated best by the Tea Party rallies. Ignorance isn’t something to be proud of, yet it has become the hallmark of this faux populist insurgence.


  2. I am not quite as convinced as you are that Beck and Palin are new BFs. After all Beck was pretty condescending on his radio show when he rejected the idea they could be on the same political ticket and on his Fox show he audibly said “bullcrap” in response to her answer about liking all of the Founding Fathers. In fact, I wouldn’t put it past him to have been ironic in comparing her to Geo. Washington!

    As for Palin’s feelings about Beck, I think her non-verbal language during that same Fox interview says a lot.

    I think they are putting up with each other because they both owe Murdoch for their existence. That makes them rivals for ratings as much as it does ‘allies.’


    1. B.W.,

      Whether their fondness for one another is sincere or feigned, matters little. They are ideological soul mates who seem determined on spewing vitriol, inciting violence and doing anything else to garner more attention for themselves and more money in their bank accounts. – Torie


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