Sarah Palin is an Environmental Disaster

As indicated in yesterday’s post, Sarah Palin has been in bed with big oil and British Petroleum for years.  The next logical question is whether Palin was conscientiously indifferent to the failure of BP to comply with safety standards, or whether she intentionally disregarded the impact of BP’s failure to comply with safety standards in an effort to increase the profits of BP, and thereby her state.  Consider the positions of Palin regarding the environment:

After reviewing Palin’s history of environmental apathy, it is clear she willfully and consciously favored oil companies over the constituents and the resources of the state she was elected to protect. She purposely sought to increase the profits for oil companies at the expense of Alaska. Palin’s hands are not merely covered in oil, but in the blood of the countless animals who died as a result the aerial hunting, loss of habitat and environmental degradation in the pursuit of profit.

13 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is an Environmental Disaster

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  1. When $$$$ is your God; morality and ethics become sins.

    Hypocrisy becomes the normal, hatred a virtue.

    These are the opposite of the qualities mankind needs now.


  2. Excellent article as usual Malia! geez your good! I’m posting this article everywhere I can so the public can see what a fraud this woman is. And hopefully, maybe just maybe, they’ll stop acting like she’s anything of real significance that anyone should be listening to. Its such an insult to our integrity the way they continue to publish her comments when they are so far fetched from reality and full of untruths. Even when it doesn’t make sense they post it. Why? Are they trying to dumb down everyone? one wants to be that uninformed. Most political figures are figures of inspiration by the simple virtue of what and how they say things. There is nothing of real compassion in this woman. No sense of loyalty to anyone but herself. Not even her kids. Not even poor little Trig. I think of him all the time and just want to hold him. He’ll never know that she was never there for him. He’s so precious. That would mean more to me then going out and preaching hate lies and division to the world. Its no wonder she put the fence up. I would not be seen in public if I were her one of her children. So embarassing.


    1. LXO3, It’s amazing to me that when we begin a list of things we know, it gets to be really long. For example when I started writing this article, I knew she was not a friend to any environmental causes, but didn’t anticipate I would find so much! She is the “gift that keeps on giving”. Malia


    1. JCos, I think she has the skin of one in what used to be her office, before she quit, so she can point to that when she tries to explain how big they used to be. malia


  3. Good write up but one point, the Slate article you linked to where you state she (Palin) herself shot wolves from planes does not include that statement in the article. It does state that she was a proponent of the practice but not that she indulged in the practice herself.


    1. EyeOnYOu, You are right…I was just remembering something I had seen about her shooting from a plane or helicopter, but didn’t try to find it. Sorry, Malia


      1. LXO3, I am doing my best to make a record of the lies, so that if she should run in 2012, there will be a source of information that anyone could access to …remember. Malia


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