Sarah Palin’s Quest for Wealth Supercedes The Importance of Education

California State University Stanislaus takes great pride in its diverse student population.  The school identifies itself as a “minority-serving” institution and advertises itself as having “outstanding retention across all demographics.” In fact CSU Stanislaus advertises itself as having a student population comprised of Hispanic, Asian, Black, Native Pacific Islanders, Native American and some students that have mixed ethnicity.  Only 39% of the students at CSU Stanislaus are reported to be Caucasian.

Sarah Palin announced that she would be making a speaking appearance at the school on June 25, 2010.  Nothing was disclosed about the fees that would be paid for the appearance, and in fact the school announced that the fee arrangement was confidential.  The school made national headlines when students went dumpster diving and retrieved pages 4-9 of the contract. While the fee arrangement was not part of the pages retrieved, the luxury accommodations, the demand for only black automobiles, and the insistence for only bendable straws became the focus of many late night comedy routines.  The story took a much more serious tone when threats were made to State Senator Leland Yee when he inquired as to the amount of the fee being paid to Palin by this state university.

Palingates, the website that posted uncensored copies of threats received on Senator Yee’s fax, has also provided confirmation of the fees paid for Palin’s appearance.  Palingates has reported that the CSU Stanislaus foundation has made two payments to the Washington Speakers Bureau of $37,500 each, for a total of $75,000, and an additional $18,000 for deluxe hotels, four first class plane tickets, SUVs, and other expenses that we can only assume would include a generous supply of bendable straws.

The fact that the fee amounts to almost $93,000.00 is not surprising, given other speakers fees charged by Palin.  The truly remarkable things about this appearance are that:

  1. CSU Stanislaus has recently announced, without warning, that scholarships at are being eliminated.  These scholarships were previously funded by the CSU Stanislaus Foundation which is the same foundation that was cited as the source for the fees paid to Palin.
  2. It is curious that Sarah Palin would be targeted by any university in the country to address its students.  The name “Sarah Palin” has not been synonymous with “superior intellect” or “higher education” (Litman 18-20).
  3. Palin’s own father has admitted that she has not been “comfortable” with Asians.   Given Palin’s recent endorsement of the Arizona law which allows for racial profiling, and was clearly intended to target Latinos, one might assume that Palin’s level of discomfort extends beyond Asians.

So why would CSU Stanislaus spend this much money and be willing to generate public outcry to host Sarah Palin?  Could it be that Kristin Olsen, the Assistant Vice President for Communications & Public Affairs who plays a leading role in the e-mail communications relating to Palin’s appearance is a local Republican politician, an opponent of abortion, and is herself running for the California assembly?  Maybe it has something to do with Bernie Swain, the chairman of the Washington Speakers Bureau and is an old friend of the CSU Chancellor Charlie Reed from their days at George Washington University? Whatever the reason for paying over $90,000.00 to Palin, her fee represents an outrageous expense for this public institution with major financial challenges.  This is a school that has had to reduce its budget by $584,000.00, and financial constraints have lead to a reduction in student enrollment.

It is amazing that Sarah Palin would donate her time to the NRA Convention, but she wouldn’t donate her time to this public institution of higher learning.  We can only conclude that she values guns more than education.

17 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Quest for Wealth Supercedes The Importance of Education

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  1. Snap! Great post Milia! Full of info! Thanks!
    I don’t think we’ve heard the last of her appearance there. I expect it to bust wide open, after these revelations are revealed to the Students.
    4, 3, 2, 1…..


    1. jrhoard, We can only hope that there will be an increase in attention to this outrageous event! I expect that if she does appear there will be plenty of students there to make their feeling known. Malia


  2. Always enjoy your insights, Malia, but what I find truly distressing is that faculty members seem more interested in politics and power than education.
    Palin resents the educated. Presumably they remind her of her parents. She acts like smart people are out to ‘get her’ in some way.
    I’m not sure what the university staff’s reasoning is, other than greasing Palin’s palms for future considerations.


  3. “Supersedes” would have been correct (don’t know if you changed it because of that other poster.)

    Another great post!


  4. A enlightening read, but then,that is what I have come to expect from you Malia.
    It must have been hard not to add, that Bristol is a high school dropout with only a GED to her credit, and Piper seems to be dropping out of school at a very young age.
    It is truly ashame that CSU Stanislaus would pay the Queen of Word Salad to slaughter the English language.


  5. Greed and stupidity are fighting for first place in this woman’s brain and heart. She is shameless, so obviously there will be no regrets.


    1. Irl, well said! I don’t think she has any regrets…whether because she is clueless or ruthless…or both. Malia


  6. Malia, Malia, Malia,

    Thank you for being you. You are a beautiful person and your writing reflects that.

    Palin is not ever going to be close to being beautiful as a soul or otherwise, and her daily episodes reflect that. She is hateful and that is unattractive …. to say the very least.

    I hope that the Rachel Maddow’s of the world will bring her to her due finality.

    I escaped from South Dakota and there one finds most of her followers and rapt admirers. ( Ahem…. “isn’t she just so cute?”)

    Well, so is Dolly Parton, and she DEFINITELY has moxy and a business brain. Wigs and all. I have spent some time around her and she is instinctively amazing. Sarah thinks she is… well, a rock star.

    Note to Sarah: You need some type of talent for that label!

    The English language would be a good start. Sarah should be relegated to diagrahming for the next year in an imposed solitary existence.


  7. The CSU Stanislaus Foundation needs to do it’s job and raise money for the students and not spend time promoting the grifter. Their need to promote their own special interests will hurt the universities ability to raise funds in the future….


  8. And don’t forget Malia, she charged the Omega Rainbow (home for the disabled) right before speaking at the NRA! She campaigned on being a champion for the rights’ of the disabled!! Not that this situation at Stanislaus is any less odious, but anyone who has followed Palin at all knows she cares nothing for education, while she does claim to care about people with special health care needs. I think what we have proof beyond a shadow of a doubt is that Sarah Palin only cares about MONEY and lots of it.


  9. The more Palin’s shenanigans are exposed to the light of day, the more her popularity will drop. There’s never been a greater need for investigative journalism than today when so many of our politicians, like Palin, are criminally self-serving. Any poor slob who thinks she represents the common person, as she claims, and cares about them is deluded. It is ALL about HER.


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