I miss Walter Cronkite.  Having grown up in the 1960s, Mr. Cronkite was reporting the news throughout my formative years.   He wrote for Huffington Post before I had even discovered HuffPo.  Prior to the internet, our news came from T.V. through the nightly news.  Walter Cronkite epitomized truthfulness, integrity and accountability that were previously associated with the news.  As one of the most honest and trusted figures in the United States, Mr. Cronkite became known as “the predominant news voice in America.” Among his many awards, Cronkite was recognized for his fair, factual and unbiased reporting.  He received the President’s Medal of Freedom, which is the highest civilian award in the United States.  If Walter Cronkite said something you knew it was true.

Today people get their news from various sources.  It seems that all too often what is reported as “news” has no relationship to the truth.  Unfortunately, when something is heard on the radio or T.V., many still assume it must be true.  Yet time and time again what we hear is OFTEN not true.  Whether a legitimate mistake was made, or an intentional attempt to misstate the facts, it has become all too common for the news to be much more about ratings and much less about facts.

During the 2008 campaign, the many inadequacies of Sarah Palin became apparent, especially during the Katie Couric interviews. Yet many people still “liked” Palin, focusing on her appearance, her five children, and her special needs baby and her “common sense conservatism” (even if they didn’t really know what that meant).  When Game Change made its appearance on the shelves in our local bookstores I thought the truth about Sarah Palin would finally surface.  I thought Palin would no longer be a celebrity.  Surely people would no longer be foolish enough to pay her a fee of $100,000.00 to give a speech composed of “word-salad.”  John Heilemann and Mark Halperin reported in Game Change that several of Senator John McCain’s lieutenants agreed that if it looked as if their candidate might actually win in November, they would have to discuss how to relegate Ms. Palin “to the largely ceremonial role that pre-modern vice presidents inhabited.”  It was “inconceivable that if McCain fell ill or died, the country (would) be left in the hands of a President Palin.”

As Ex-Governor Palin continued to be hired for speaking engagements and I began to realize that many didn’t believe the allegations in Game Change, or they just hadn’t taken the time to educate themselves. In my ongoing quest for information on Sarah Palin, I discovered an old Fox news clip that had previously escaped my attention.  It must have been “God’s plan” to cause this story to come to my attention, knowing that I would report it today.  The clip is by Carl Cameron, the Chief Political Reporter for Fox News.  Mr. Cameron provided a very revealing report, on November 5th, 2008 the day immediately after the election results were final.  Mr. Cameron explained that he had learned a great deal of information from McCain’s aids regarding Palin.  However Cameron was not allowed to reveal this information until after the election was over.  He explained in his report that as long as the campaign was underway, the comments were “off the record.” However the day the campaign was over, while the information was current, and fresh in his mind, Mr. Cameron gave this report:


Fox News, which advertises itself as the one with “fair and balanced” reporting suggested that Sarah Palin was reported by the McCain campaign to be mentally unstable.  Fox reported that Palin lacked a basic understanding of history and geography.  The Chief Political Reporter for Fox News reported that McCain’s own staff was very concerned about the safety of our country if McCain should win, because Palin would be next in line if anything were to happen to McCain.

Coincidentally, the same day that Game Change was released to the public, Fox news advertised their new hire, Sarah Palin.  Palin explained that she was “thrilled to be joining the great talent and management team at Fox News,” and found it “wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news.” Palin was probably too busy on Nov. 5, 2008 to watch the news, so she probably didn’t realize that she had been the target of such a scathing report by Fox News’s Chief Political Correspondent. Maybe Fox was never interested in “fair and balanced” reporting, but instead ratings.  The “great talent” that was mentioned by Palin must have been a talent for generating ratings and in turn, profit. Palin has clearly demonstrated her aptitude for making money with the truth having never been a limiting factor.

Palin obviously took the job with Fox for the money.  I assumed that Fox wanted Palin because of her conservative views; regardless of their previous report of her many limitations and mental instability.  However now I realized that it was not her conservative views, but her attractiveness, and her willingness to lie.  Consider these examples of various people at Fox News who have told lies.  Actual footage has been supplied so there is no doubt about what was said:

Sarah Palin:



Glenn Beck:





Roger Ailes:


Sean Hannity:


Bill O’Reilly:




However the most revealing video regarding Fox News is made up of people who previously worked at Fox news.  They knew the inside story.  Coincidentally, Walter Cronkite was featured on this video:


Shame on You Fox News!  You don’t deserve to call yourself a “news” channel.  Walter Cronkite was a news reporter.  You don’t seem to have any of those types of people in your employ.  Instead you seek out people who exhibit a blatant disregard for truth, but are able to generate ratings.  You and Sarah Palin perform a disservice to America by your lies and deceit.  People who watch Fox News have put their trust in you, and you lied to them.  You have demonstrated your willingness to say or do anything for money and ratings.  That is not called reporting the news; it is called prostitution.