What Does Sarah Palin Have in Common with Bowling, Booze and the GOP?

Most celebrities think of themselves as having one or two charitable or political issues which they feel so passionately about that they devote most of their free time to raising money for those causes.  In the past, I thought of Sarah Palin as focusing on the GOP and abortion.  However the fundamental error of this assumption was that Palin had a political or charitable purpose that was the motivation for her appearances. Recent speeches by Palin have shown the error in my logic.

Sarah Palin recently served as the keynote speaker for the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America Las Vegas Convention. Serving as the featured speaker at an alcohol convention in Las Vegas is inconsistent with virtually every professed maxim of Sarah Palin:

Palin suggests that she is the advocate for small businesses and free enterprise, but the very existence of wholesalers in the alcohol industry represents a middle layer of profit for an industry that serves no real purpose, beyond making money for itself.  The professed philosophy of Palin regarding business would suggest that she would not be a supporter of an industry that diverts money from a small business.  In most states, the law requires that those who sell alcohol to the public must acquire that alcohol from a wholesale distributor, and not directly from the supplier.

Sarah’s own PAC suggests a philosophy that is directly contrary to the notion that wholesalers should have any role in the sale of liquor.  The SarahPAC explains that all contributions to the PAC will be devoted to recognizing “hard work, innovation and integrity by rewarding small businesses and hard working American families.”  Thus supporting a business that is the epitome of a “middle man” would seem to be contrary to everything for which Palin stands.

The convention was held in Las Vegas.

This city is best known by the slogan, What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas, and the movie by the same name.  In case that image wasn’t enough to leave a lasting impression, the recent hit movie, The Hangover , reinforced the impression that Las Vegas is the epicenter of adult overindulgence in alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, prostitution and an overall sense of adult irresponsibility.  Even if you are not a movie buff, you probably know that Nevada is the only state in the entire country where the buying and selling of sexual services is legal.

Palin purports to be a very religious person.

However supporting any industry and/or city that promotes the consumption of alcohol, would be directly contrary to the teachings of Palin’s own church.  One evangelistic minister summarized the teachings of the church as follows: “Everyone who drinks has an alcohol problem….To put alcohol in the human brain is like putting sand in the bearings of an engine…. Imbibing any amount brings the drinker under alcohol’s power…”

This philosophy, warning against the dangers inherent in the consumption of any amount of alcohol would be consistent with Levi Johnston’s description of Todd Palin going out to the garage to drink a beer to avoid the judgmental eye of Sarah. Yet, Sarah was happy to appear as the spokesperson for an entire industry devoted to alcohol consumption.

The GOP featured Palin as the keynote speaker on April 9, 2010 at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.  This appearance came on the heels of another speech Palin gave in Nevada.  Given her vast knowledge and experience as a bowling aficionado, Palin was identified as the perfect keynote speaker for bowlers from around the country who plan to convene in Las Vegas.  Palin will have the opportunity to strut her stuff at the International Bowling Expo, sponsored by the Bowling Proprietors’ Association (BPAA) this summer.

One might wonder what alcohol, the GOP and bowling, have in common.  Wonder no longer!  Sarah Palin is the answer.  Why would she agree to hold herself out as the representative or keynote speaker at each of these meetings, but for the thousands of dollars they might pay her?  They were each willing to pay Sarah the designated amount she charges for services rendered.  No wonder two of the three groups identified Las Vegas as the perfect place for a convention, and a keynote address by Sarah Palin.  It must have been “God’s plan” that brought Sarah Palin to Las Vegas, and to the GOP.  The appearance in Las Vegas gave Grandma Palin an opportunity to stand up for her belief that men and women should be treated as equals.  Sarah, the living example of a virtuous and moral lifestyle, recognizes and celebrates the importance of, a man or a woman, being treated equally, and allowed to make a living according to “God’s plan.”  If Sarah is rewarded financially for her efforts, that is surely confirmation of the virtue of her efforts. The fact that she has been rewarded financially for her devotion to the “plan,” must be God’s way of recognizing her commitment.  Maybe one day Sarah will write a letter in God’s voice explaining this concept to those of us who still don’t get it (Palin).

However, given the recent “business expenses” of the GOP, I now realize that Palin may not be the only connection between the three.  The bowling and liquor industries both chose Las Vegas as the best location for their conventions, so these conventions have provided financial support to the exploitation of women.  Even though the GOP has branched out to other states, it has still demonstrated a commitment to similar values.  Those similarities are not confined to horse bridals. Voyeur in West Hollywood, which features topless dancers wearing horse bridles and other bondage gear while mimicking sex acts.  Perhaps the connection between liquor, bowling, and the GOP are much greater than we first realized.  Sarah Palin, in her infinite wisdom, realized the importance of all three, and didn’t hesitate to take full advantage of the recognition and money that would be associated with each.  She is one smart lady.

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  1. “Most celebrities think of themselves as having one or two charitable or political issues which they feel so passionately about that they devote most of their free time to raising money for those causes. In the past, I thought of Sarah Palin as focusing on the GOP and abortion.”

    Just about everyone has forgotten what Sarah Palin declared during the 2008 election campaign about “special needs children” — she promised to be “a friend and advocate” for the families of children with disabilities, and she cited the now-no-longer-carried-around-like-a-sack-of-potatoes/loaf-of-bread Trig Palin as her “street credentials” to speak on behalf of special needs families, which gave these families hope.

    Last June 2009 she appeared at her former BFF Meg Stapleton’s father’s bash in New York state to speechify and walk in an Autism Walk, bringing with her another prop, her nephew, who is autistic.

    Since then she has done nothing, NOTHING to advocate for either Autism or Down Syndrome. Last March 21st, she completely ignored World Down Syndrome Awareness Day, as well as the significance of the date itself. Not one word on Twitter, and nothing on her chosen means of communication to the world, her Facebook page — or even in an interview on Fox “News”.

    Good Friday April 2nd was also World Autism Awareness Day. Did Sarah Palin acknowledge this and say anything publicly as a contributor on Fox “News”? On her Facebook page? On Twitter?


    Whoever the child Trig is, he hasn’t been seen in public since Jesse Griffin pointed out on February 22, 2010 that the ears of the so-called “newborn Trig” appeared in pictures to be markedly different from the “campaign Trig”, and both infants’ ears seemed to be markedly different from the child carried around on Palin’s book-signing tour.


    (it may actually be THREE babies… )

    http://palingates.blogspot.com/ has a long list of strange mysteries attributable to Sarah Palin on the right-side menu of their blogsite — it would be the 8th Wonder of the World if the MSM ever actually INVESTIGATED the strange story of Trig Palin, let alone any of the other mysteries. It’s a sorry statement of the current state of MSM investigative journalism that only a handful of blogs have been doing this, and have been stonewalled in both directions — from the Palin camp, and from the MSM.


  2. Excellent piece Malia ~

    The former half term Gov needs to write those core beliefs on her hand so she knows what the audience wants to hear. Palin is a spokesperson for whomever has the dollars to pay her.

    Sold out herself & beliefs for money.
    Can we say Prostituted?


    1. I am glad you said “prostituted” and I did not. I was thinking it, but felt I should let you decide what you thought. You read my mind! malia


  3. Palin is a product with a specific function. She is a mentally ill person playing a role. The function that her product serves is to get attention/publicity and to mouthe right wing talking points. For a while, this product is serving her function; this mentally ill actress is able to play part of her role. (Clearly she is not able to be a political commentator, she can only read a script.) Various interests are still willing to pay for Palin’s services, as she will bring them the attention they desire.

    But if and when the critical truths about Palin are revealed, this gravy train might end. I agree, entirely, with Karen’s comment above. The question of Trig and the truth about his parentage, if revealed, will derail this crazy train express. Yes, indeed, as Karen pointed out, strange how we haven’t seen this child/prop, so central to the act, since IM’s post about the ear malformations.

    Sooner or later, later or sooner, this charade will end. We can see your lies from here Sarah.


    1. Conscious at last! Thanks for your comment, and I agree 100% I am ready for this charade to end, and I can think of nothing that would discredit Palin sooner than proof that Trig is not her child. I wish that would happen sooner than later. malia


  4. I noticed Gryphen’s Tale of Two Babies, and I noticed TriG is now missing in public.

    But I had not noticed that TriG stopped appearing as soon as Gryphen posted about Babygate’s Eargate. Are we sure of that correlation?

    Last week I asked at Immoral Minority, “Where’s TriG?” An anonymous poster said he is back with his “real family.” Is no reporter asking her how or where TriG is as she troops around the country digging for gold?

    Bristol lives in Anchorage when she’s not traveling for her TV career. She travels with TriPP but not TriG. Sarah is rarely home in Wasilla. Some say Todd moved to Palmer, but even if he still lives in Wasilla, he has snowmachine (and maybe oilfield) work out of town. I’d think he would have been photographed taking TriG to the doctor or doing some other parental task. Willow is old enought to be irresponsible. Piper is too young to be primary care giver and may actually, finally be attending elementary school. The (great)grandparents are a bit old to be raising a special needs child who needs lots of attention and instruction, and all five are on the move a lot themselves.

    So, where’s TriG?


    1. Bonnie, Thanks for the comment!!! I hadn’t heard this about Trig’s “real family”. Wouldn’t it be amazing if it is true that Trig is not her real child??? Maybe we will find out the real story before 2012? Thanks, Malia


  5. Unfortunately, you can never tell from a blog comment whether it is an honest comment or a troll saying what they think we want to hear.

    Babygate is the key.


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