Shut-Up Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has established a new low for politicians, even though she no longer holds any political office. We knew she gave the keynote address to the Tea Party Convention in Tennessee for which she was paid $100,000.00.  We knew that even Michele Bachmann, the pillar of conservative morality, withdrew from participating in the convention due to concerns about Judson Phillip’s decision to run the Tea Party Group as a for-profit enterprise.  Just as a reminder, the following was known before Palin’s speech, over one month ago:

      1. Judson Phillips, the attorney and organizer of the Tea Party Convention, is an attorney for drunk drivers.  His legal practice has been struggling for years, the address on his firm’s web site is actually the address for a construction company, and he meets his clients in Starbucks.  A fellow attorney describes him as “barely adequate”.
      2. Phillips previously filed personal bankruptcy.
      3. “From the beginning he talked about wanting to make a fortune off the Tea Party movement.”
      4. According to one source, Phillips has referred to himself as the “original founder of the Tea Party movement in Tennessee”

During her speech at the Tea Party Convention Sarah Palin said:

      1. “It’s great to be at the Tea Party Convention.”
      2. “I am a big supporter of this movement.”
      3. “I believe in this movement.”
      4. “America is ready for another revolution and you are part of it.”
      5. Palin referred to the Tea Party Movement as “beautiful”, and as being representative of “common sense conservative principles.”

Either Sarah Palin was foolish enough to endorse a movement she knew nothing about, or she knowingly endorsed a movement that was corrupt from the outset.  Maybe she just liked Judson’s Phillips attitude about using politics as a money making scheme.  We now know the identity of the person who paid Sarah’s speaker fee of $100,000.00. Bill Hemrick, a conservative fund-raiser, paid the $100,000.00 speaker’s fee Palin charged, and the $18,000 charged for the private jet used by Palin to fly to Tennessee.  We know this because Hemrick has recently sued Judson Phillips, for among other things, banning Hemrick from the Tea Party Convention!

This “beautiful” movement according to Palin, has been associated with 1) people using racial slurs including the “ni—er” word, 2) people spitting on members of Congress, 3) people harassing gay members of Congress shouting at Barney Frank with lisp-y screams and calling him a “faggot”, and 4) disrespecting a man with Parkinson’s, by yelling and throwing dollar bills at him.  The attitude seems to be that people who get sick are somehow responsible for the fact that they are sick, even when their disease has no known association with anything over which people have control.

Moreover, people who are “targeting” lawmakers seem to have the point of view that they are not their “brother’s keepers”.  The tea baggers seem to think that if lawmakers feel that we as a nation should attempt to help those in need of medical care, that those law makers should be punished.    This week Democrats who voted for health care reform began receiving death threats.  One had a coffin left on his lawn and another was told snipers would kill the children of lawmakers who voted “yes”. Several Democrats had their offices vandalized, and a gas line was cut at a home that was thought to be owned by Representative Tom Perriello.  Palin has encouraged these terrorists through her Facebook page, suggesting that people should “target” certain Democrats, with a map showing targets, and gun sights, and she encouraged readers to “reload”.  Does she feel NO responsibility to lead by example?  Does she feel no responsibility to protect the right of everyone in this country to have an opinion?  Is she surprised that the people who didn’t vote for she and McCain, had a political view different than hers?  Is she “targeting” all of us who didn’t vote for her?

Until now, I was critical of Palin for many reasons, but I was more critical of John McCain for putting someone so ill equipped to serve, in a position to potentially become the President of the United States.  He knew better, but seemed to be motivated by his own political ambition.  Until now I didn’t begrudge Palin for taking advantage of people who were willing to pay her thousands, or millions of dollars for pictures, for books, for endorsements, for speeches, or to host T.V. shows, thinking that those who supported her deserved what they got.

Until now, I thought Palin was not smart enough to understand the damage she was doing to the image of women, and to the fabric of this nation.    Given her use of a map with targets and a reference to “re-loading”, it is now obvious that Palin knows exactly what she is doing.  I hold Sarah Palin, all who endorse her, and all who make money off of her, accountable for inciting people to behave in such a reprehensible way.

When our Congressmen and women are threatened and the lives of their children are threatened, based upon their vote in Congress, we can no longer call our country “civilized”.  I am embarrassed for the United States of America, and patriotic Americans.  Republicans, Democrats, and Independents should each be equally outraged.  We should demand more, and expect more from ALL citizens of this country.

It is especially egregious when a person who purports to be a “holy person” “prays” for the death of a person because of his/her political belief.  A minister in Orange County has sent out an e-mail to all of his congregants asking them to pray that the children of the Democrats who voted for health care reform become fatherless, and that their wives (assuming that all the law-makers were men) become widows. What happened to those Christian teachings found in Matthew chapter 25, verse 31?

31 “When the Son of Man comes as King… Then he will divide them into two groups… He will put the righteous people at his right and the others at his left. 34 Then the King will say to the people on his right, “Come, you that are blessed by my Father! Come and possess the kingdom which has been prepared for you ever since the creation of the world. 35 I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me a drink; I was a stranger and you received me in your homes, 36 naked and you clothed me; I was sick and you took care of me…”

In previous posts I have focused on the use by Palin of a connection to God, when it suits her purposes.  When she was tapped to be John McCain’s Vice President, she was not nervous because it was “God’s plan” (Game Change).  Curiously, it wasn’t God’s plan that McCain loose the election. In her interview following the formal remarks of Palin at the Tea Party Convention, Sarah explained to the leader of the movement that the solution to the country’s woes was that we needed to start seeking “divine intervention”.   Yet when it comes to health care reform, Palin is not satisfied to seek divine intervention. I guess it never occurred to her that maybe it was divine intervention that health care reform passed. Instead Palin “targets” Congressmen and inspires violence by suggesting that it is time to “reload”.  This is not what I would expect from a “holy” person.  This sounds much more like the rantings of a criminal or a terrorist.

If you are not religious, and only a patriot, what about our own Statute of Liberty, the most powerful image to people around the world of what America is? In the days of mass immigration, countless thousands’ first glimpse of America was that great torch lifted up as a beacon of hope, suggesting that America could be home for even the poor, the tired, and the huddled masses longing to be free.

The citizens of this country must now step up and respond to Sarah Palin.  We can engage in non-violent protest of Palin by:

    1. Responding to her on Facebook.
    2. Stop watching Fox News.
    3. Stop watching the Discovery Channel.
    4. Support each of the Representatives who supported health care reform.
    5. Encourage everyone you know to refrain from buying any books authored by Sarah Palin.
    6. Voice your attitudes about her behavior on every blog you read.

(If you have other ideas, please post them as comments so all who read this can see additional ideas.)

The people who objected to McCain’s nomination of Palin constituted a majority in 2008, and our numbers are growing.  Palin is not a leader in the Republican Party, and she is no longer a politician in any party.  We must make our voices heard and let our feelings be known.  Grandma Palin does not represent us and we don’t want to hear from her anymore! The power of our voices can be deafening, if we raise our voices together.  Even common-sense-conservatives understand the evil inherent in killing people. Palin is an abuser, and she will do or say whatever makes her money.  Don’t we call that a mercenary?  If we stop paying her, maybe she will shut-up.

17 thoughts on “Shut-Up Sarah Palin

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  1. Don’t know if you heard about this petition:

    Boycott the Discovery Networks
    To remove Sarah Palin from host of Discovery’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska

    This petition is to inform the Discovery Networks of our intentions to boycott the following channels in response to their decision to have Sarah Palin as the host of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, to air on TLC. It’s reported she will recieve 1.2 million per episode.

    Palin’s policies, such as her lack of belief in evolution, are harmful to the scientific theory. She also has an ugly record of animal rights abuses. Her encouragement of aerial wolf hunting using a $150 bounty per wolf, was luckily overturned by the AK supreme court.

    Spread it around – and keep up the great work you do!!


    1. Thanks for your help, and for the letter people can copy to the Discovery Network! If we all work together, we can make a difference! Malia


  2. Also too, also…snark
    Boycott Discoveries Sponsors

    BOYCOTT THESE SPONSORS – Let them know your disgust with their choice of Palin:

    Volkswagen Group of America
    (703) 364-7000
    Target Corporation
    Bally Total Fitness. Inc
    Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
    send email here:
    (408) 349-3300
    Troy-Built (owned by MTD)
    Frito-Lay (ad was for Sunchips)
    (972) 334-3471
    Proctor & Gamble (ad was for Gillette razors)
    (513) 983-1100
    Unilever Products (ads for Dove Soap and Degree Deodorant)
    201 894 7760
    Nationwide Insurance World HQ
    feedback: 1-800-882-2822
    customer svc: 1-877-669-6877
    Sprint Nextel Headquarters
    Johnson & Johnson (only ad was for Pledge dusting products)
    (732) 524-0400
    or send a note at:


    1. Geat idea! We will all avoid these sponsors. I understand Palin is speaking right now to help McCain, and he won’t condemn the map with the targets, so we know what his values are…as if his nomination of Palin wasn’t enough to indicate that. Thanks, Malia


  3. I don’t think leaving comments on her fb page is worth the time. Some deluded toady of hers deletes any negative comments & I find it unlikely she bothers to read even the positive comments.


    1. So you’re saying she has no idea that she’s a idiot? That actually makes sense. No one has told her yet. You guys have got to get that message across to her. I have a feeling none of the people around her have the balls to mention it.


      1. Unfortunately, I am not sure she understands anything…and certainly not her limitations! Maybe we can help her learn! Thanks for the comment. malia


  4. My favorite is the last comment saying that no one has told Sarah yet that she is an idiot, and she isn’t smart enough to catch on to it by herself!


    1. I agree, but it shouldn’t be our secret! I wish we could find a way to let her know. Maybe if we could convince a friend of hers to write it on her hand she might catch on! Malia


  5. Here’s the thing – it really and truly WILL make a difference if everyone who objects simply STOPS watching the Discovery Channel.
    But people will not.
    Even the well-intentioned passionate people who read and comment on these blogs will not actually, really and truly, refuse to turn on that channel.
    That’s our weakness. We think that what we individually do while no one is watching won’t impact anything. But it does.
    I personally know literally thousands of people who object to this new Palin show, but they all like Discovery and TLC. They are not going to sacrifice their own gratification.

    …and Discovery, the advertisers, the sponsors, Corporate America…they KNOW this…


    1. Evelyne,
      Welcome to the blog, and our community. We may need this type of information more than every as long as Perry, Bachmann and Palin remain a threat. We have a lot of people reading and commenting and sending relevant links and information, so the comments are worth you time too. Thanks, and welcome! Malia


    2. Evelyne,
      Thanks for becoming a member of our community. I try to post articles that are serious with citations of authority, and some that are funny too. Please share with us what you are thinking, Malia


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