Thumbs Down Sarah! School Not a Priority for the Palins

Last week headlines advertised the apparent lack of respect Sarah Palin has for John McCain, by wearing a visor with McCain’s name blacked out.  Sarah explained that her reason for blacking out McCain’s name was her desire to go “incognito”.  However the more distressing story was the fact that Sarah and Todd and the girls were in Hawaii, soaking in the rays, while Piper and Willow were supposed to be in school.

A check online of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District where both Piper and Willow were supposed to be in attendance, indicated that school was in session while the girls were with their parents on a beach in Hawaii.  Their student handbook states,“…Every parent, guardian, or other person having responsibility for or control of a child between 6 an 16 years of age shall insure that the child is not absent from attendance.”  Knowing that the girls would be out of school for the holiday break, why would Sarah take them out of school before the scheduled break?  If the girls had already missed a significant number of school days because of accompanying their mother on the campaign trail and the book signing tour, why would a responsible mother take them out of school again for a pleasure trip?  Is Ex-Gov. Palin exempt from the requirement that she insure that her children are not absent from school?  If she is exempt from compliance from the school’s guidelines, she shouldn’t be.  Especially after they have missed so much school that it is hard to catch up.  (See Matt Lauer interview with Piper).

In her book, “Going Rogue”, Ex-Governor Palin, demonstrates her attitude about kids who skip school.  On pg. 267 she describes a child who admits he “skipped school” and Palin “playfully” scolds him, and then gives him a “big thumbs up”.  What we do must be consistent with what we say to our kids.  If we tell them “school is important”, then we must show them by our actions that we mean what we say.  Maybe Sarah never told them school was important. Obviously Sarah considers beach time much more important than school time.

In “Rebuttal to the Rogue”, education is shown as just another one of Palin’s many inconsistencies.  On pg. 50 of “Rebuttal to the Rogue” Sarah is quoted as saying:

“…America needs to be putting a lot more focus on that (education) and our schools have got to be really ramped up…”

Yet it seems that Palin herself doesn’t put a significant focus on education, and it wouldn’t matter if the schools in Alaska were “really ramped up” if her children are not in attendance at the school that is “really ramped up”.

Forget her political views, both conservatives and liberals value education.  In this case Sarah doesn’t seem to represent either political group!

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    1. Mary Beth,
      I appreciate your interest! This is new for me as I got started writing for the blog post because of the book Rebuttal to the Rogue. There are sooo many web sites and articles regarding Palin, that I have to use some discretion to decide what to write even if I personally believe what I read, I feel I have to write only things from reliable sources. Thanks for your vote of confidence, and I will work to earn your interest. Malia


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