Bristol and Sarah Palin are Textbook Failures as Mothers

Nobody is a perfect parent.  We all make mistakes.  However most parents haven't made careers off of their children.  From the outset it was clear that Sarah Palin was more than willing to use her children for political benefit.  Who could forget her at the Republican Convention parading Trig around as an advertisement for her... Continue Reading →

Seth Meyers Laughs at Trump’s “Best People”-You Won’t Believe!

Some of these people you probably knew about, but...others you can't believe how bad they are!  

Trump Demands FBI/DOJ Investigation Into Obama’s Killing of Elvis

In an early morning tweet, Donald Trump declared "NO MOOR" (sic).  Lots of people think they have seen Elvis.  Others think that they know how to spell "more". Elvis has been spotted in the Movie Home Alone, in Vicksburg, Michigan, at the Burger King in Kalamazoo, in Graceland, and perhaps most importantly for Donald Trump,... Continue Reading →

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