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Children Writing About the Ocean


The next time you take an oceanography course, you will be totally prepared.


1) – This is a picture of an octopus. It has eight testicles.(Kelly, age 6 )


2 ) – Oysters’ balls are called pearls. (Jerry, age 6)


3) – If you are surrounded by ocean, you are an island. If you don’t have ocean all round you, you are incontinent. ( Mike , age 7)


4) – Sharks are ugly and mean, and have big teeth, just like Emily Richardson. She’s not my friend any more. (Kylie, age 6)


5) – A dolphin breaths through an asshole on the top of its head. (Billy, age 8)

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6) – My uncle goes out in his boat with two other men and a woman and pots and comes back with crabs. (Millie, age 6)


7) – When ships had sails, they used to use the trade winds to cross the ocean. Sometimes when the wind didn’t blow the sailors would whistle to make the wind come. My brother said they would have been better off eating beans. (William, age 7)


8) – Mermaids live in the ocean. I like mermaids. They are beautiful and I like their shiny tails, but how on earth do mermaids get pregnant? Like, really? (Helen, age 6)


9) – I’m not going to write about the ocean. My baby brother is always crying, my Dad keeps yelling at my Mom, and my big sister has just got pregnant, so I can’t think what to write. (Amy, age 6)


10) – Some fish are dangerous. Jellyfish can sting. Electric eels can give you a shock. They have to live in caves under the sea where I think they have to plug themselves in to chargers. (Christopher, age 7)

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11) – When you go swimming in the ocean, it is very cold, and it makes my willy small. (Kevin, age 6)


12) – Divers have to be safe when they go under the water. Divers can’t go down alone, so they have to go down on each other. (Becky, age 8)


13) – On vacation my Mom went water skiing. She fell off when she was going very fast. She says she won’t do it again because water fired right up her big fat ass. (Julie, age 7)


14) – The ocean is made up of water and fish. Why the fish don’t drown I don’t know. (Bobby, age 6)


15) – My dad was a sailor on the ocean. He knows all about the ocean. What he doesn’t know is why he quit being a sailor and married my mom. (James, age 7)

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MUST BYLINE: EROTEME.CO.UK Donald Trump admires pictures of himself from fans as he arrives at the Good Morning America studios NON-EXCLUSIVE November 15, 2011 Job: 111115P3 New York, New York EROTEME.CO.UK 44 207 431 1598

Ironically, just today the Donald can’t say enough great things about the Secret Service.  He said:
“First of all, the Secret Service is unbelievable,”
 “I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to the secret service. Because I go around, mark and all these guys, I go around saying how great they are. They are great. These are great, great people.”

In light of the scandalous behavior of the Secret Service, the only conclusion that is possible is that Trump relates to men who solicit prostitutes, exchange pornographic material, masturbate in their office in front of women, and who use government computers to hire male prostitutes.  Now we know Trump’s definition of “great, great people.

Trump also said he has the “common sense” to excuse him from reading any national media sources.

It seems Trump’s common sense has failed him.  Yesterday and today, Radar Online, has reported outrageous things, confirmed in government documents, about the corruption within the Secret Service.  I wouldn’t expect that Trump or his staff would read my blog, but surely they consult articles on the internet???  Today several media sources have reported on the story:
Radar Online
Drudge Report:
Maybe Donald Trump doesn’t have the common sense he thinks!!!
trump gif
It’s not surprising that Trump is singing the praises of the Secret Service.   CNBC reports that the price to taxpayers for the protection of Presidential candidates is running at an all time high.  The amount the United States allocates to protect its presidential candidates has climbed steeply this year, surpassing $200 million.  Candidates’ use of the taxpayer-funded Secret Service has come under question in recent days. Donald Trump left the campaign trail for the grand opening of a golf course that bears his name.  That means that we the United States taxpayers are paying to protect Trump, while on a trip for promote a person venture, overseas, when he holds no political office.


secret service badge

Yesterday I reported that Radar Online had picked up the story of the blatant corruption, cover-up, and coercive behavior of the agents in the Secret Service.  Today another article has been published giving more examples of corrupt behavior and use and abuse of tax payer money revealed in the documents produced by the Secret Service and the Office of the Inspector General.

The amazing thing is that the Judge in my FOIA suit has ruled that NO attorney fees should be reimbursed to me.  His justification is that my request for these documents does not result in any  “legitimate public benefit.”  He further explains that there is no “new evidence not previously available that warrants the extraordinary relief sought”.  Here is the complete order:

The only case cited by the Court as as justification for his ruling is Cotton vs. Heyman..  That was a case where the Plaintiff was an employee of the Smithsonian Institution who was fired.  She made a FOIA request to obtain documents regarding her employment history to support her employment discrimination suit.  Thus her request was clearly designed to assist in her own suit against the government.  It seems painfully obvious that that case is dramatically different than my own.


In the case at hand the purpose for the FOIA requests were to bring to light government corruption, the attempts to cover up that corruption, and the coercive behavior of A.T. Smith used to attempt to thwart me in my pursuit of the information and documents requested.  I have no personal financial interest in the information.  I make no money off my blog.

The Federal Government describes the FOIA this way: 

“Since 1967, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has provided the public the right to request access to records from any federal agency. It is often described as the law that keeps citizens in the know about their government. Federal agencies are required to disclose any information requested under the FOIA unless it falls under one of nine exemptions which protect interests such as personal privacy, national security, and law enforcement.”

foia performance chart

Louis Brandeis, an Associate Justice on the United States Supreme Court from 1916 to 1939, said:

Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.” 

The reality is that in the absence of being reimbursed for attorney fees incurred in bringing light on government corruption, no citizen will fight to gain the documents necessary to uncover that corruption.  It took over four years to gain these documents.  It took the combination of my legal background, and the financial ability to pay the attorney fees necessary to obtain a Court Order requiring production of these documents.  Now that the documents have been produced, at an expense in excess of $100,000.00, my only option may be to appeal the decision of the trial court.  Such an appeal will result in expenditure of even more time, more attorney fees, or untold personal time that will not likely be reimbursable under the current FOIA law.  Understand that I have not asked for reimbursement of the value of my time in fighting to obtain these records over the last four years.  I personally reviewed the thousands of pages of redacted documents that were produced to me.  I made no request for reimbursement of my personal time for review of the documents.  When Radar Online contacted me about the documents, I voluntarily produced summaries of relevant quotes from the documents, as it would be too time consuming for a national publication to personally review the thousands of pages produced by the government.
foia cartoon
John McCain said: “Excessive administration secrecy…feeds conspiracy theories and reduces the public’s confidence in government.”
President Obama said:  “I’ll turn the page on a growing empire of classified information.  We’ll protect sources and methods, but we won’t use sources and methods to hide the truth.”
Senator John Cornyn, my Senator from Texas said:  “Open government is fundamentally an American issue, not a Republican or Democrat issue.”
If America is ever to be the country that we dream it could be, we must curb the rampant government corruption and intimidation of an average American who fights to hold our government accountable.  We must ENCOURAGE citizen involvement by, at a minimum, reimbursing out of pocket expenses when a citizen substantially prevails in proving government corruption.  We must stop rewarding government employees like Mark Sullivan, the retired Head of the Secret Service, who was determined by Congress as having lied to Congress in a hearing before the Oversight Committee.   We didn’t send him to jail for committing perjury.  We allowed him to retire with full governmental benefits.  We rewarded him for overseeing 20 years of corruption in the Secret Service, and then lying to Congress, saying that the corruption within his agency did not exist.  When citizens of the United States began to find fault with the Secret Service for corruption and ineptness, the Secret Service then hired a PR firm, at the expense of tax payers, to convince taxpayers that the corruption and ineptness that did exist, did not.
foia banner

david chaney and palin  david chaney and prostitute  hotel cariebe


Finally, after four years of attempting to bring public recognition to the corrupt behavior of the Secret Service, there is a national news agency that has reported on the outrageous behavior.  The story quotes from specific documents produced as a result of the FOIA requests.  These were the documents produced only after the case was pending for a year, and after the entry of a Court Order.


If you are just joining the conversation, here are previous articles that refer to the documents produced.

  1. Part I:  Relevant Background
  2. Part II:  The Secret Service an Agency in Crisis: One Employee’s Account
  3. Part III:  Notice to the Congressional Oversight Committee
  4. Part IV:  Telling Lies is Part of the Culture of the Secret Service
  5. Part V: The Deception of David Chaney and the Secret Service
  6. Part VI:  Critical Documents Still Missing in the FOIA Suit
  7. Part VII:  Two Pages that Highlight the Culture of Corruption
  8. Todd Palin Prostitution Scandal: Part VIII David Chaney Admits History With Prostitutes!!!
  9. Todd Palin Prostitution Scandal:  Part IX:  The Secretsof the Secret Service Remain a Secret

10.  Todd Palin Prostitution Scandal:  Part X: Redacted Documents Might Be the Key!

11.  Todd Palin Prostitution Scandal: Part XI:  Tax Dollars Spent on Prostitutes, Alcohol, and Repair of Vehicles Damaged in DUI’s 

secret service badge

It is ironic that it is Radar Online that picked up the story, and it was Radar Online that recently reported:

  1.  Bristol Palin’s marriage.
  2. Track’s need for alcohol treatment.
  3. Track’s loss of custody.
  4. The Custody fight between Bristol and Levi.

The mistake you might make is trying to make sense out of Sarah Palin’s opinion of  Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.  Remember when she said that “family should be off limits.”  Yet she has uses her children every time she can.

sarah trig 9


Remember when she praised the Flavor of the Week, while getting his name wrong, because he was not part of the political calss?


Palin liked Cruz before he became part of the permanent political class.  Palin campaigned for him to help him become part of the permanent political class.  Before Cruz’s election to the Senate, Palin praised Cruz for being a leading voice for “common sense conservatives.”  She explained then that:  “Ted Cruz represents the positive change that we need.”

Yet Trump  says he has the “common sense“to know how to lead without reading.

Sarah Palin used her short-lived channel to praise Cruz during an interview of him.


Palin also sung praise for Cruz because he was “spanking” the media.


palin cruz at rally

However Trump has never shared Palin’s admiration for Cruz.  Trump and Cruz have a long history of disliking each other.  Cruz called Trump a pathological liar.



Trump called Cruz as the single biggest liar!


Cruz say Trump is a “sniveling coward.”


Trump attacked Cruz on public television.

Trump threatened to spill the beans on Heidi Cruz.

Cruz criticized Trump for having NY Values.

Thus, it should be no surprise that Cruz refused to endorse Trump.  Ted explained that he was not in habit of endorsing people who attack my family. Because Palin has been so quick to criticize anyone she perceived as attacking family members, it seems logical that she might limit her support for Trump after he attacked the family of a candidate Palin had previously endorsed.

Cruz explained:“I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father,” Cruz said at a morning meeting where he faced sharp questions from the Texas delegation in Cleveland.



Sarah, barracuda, has not only turned on Cruz, but posted this video making sure that everyone watches Cruz getting booed at the convention too far away from Alaska for Palin to attend.


Sarah, barracuda, has earned her nickname once again.

baracuda eating fish

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