Who knows what Dr. “CBJ” is doing now that Sarah Palin is done having babies?  In the past it was clear that CBJ reported things that weren’t true, or at least inconsistent with Bristol and Sarah’s account of the birth of Trig.  Thus the following is not factual.  It was January of last year that Immoral Minority reported that Dr. CBJ ended her greater than 30-year tenure as a family physician to work full-time for Alaska CARES, the Providence-owned child advocacy center in Anchorage, where she has worked part-time since 2005.  Interestingly, Alaska CARES is a center to provide care for abused children, and because CBJ has worked there since before the 08 election, it is the subject of much speculation how Sarah Palin and/or Trig and/or Bristol initially came into contact with CBJ.   

 I am simply imagining what CBJ might say to Sarah if she wrote her a letter.

palin crazy glasses


Hey Sarah,

I saw your facebook post with pictures of the cut above your eye.  Give me a break!  Hillary was nowhere near you and if she had wanted to hurt you, she could have done a better job than that.

I’m not making up any more stories for you!  First you made me look like a fool with that Trig story.  Then there was the family brawl when I had to stitch up Track but you made me do it in your kitchen.  Then that snowmobile story was almost…almost…as unbelievable as the birth of your fifth.  Then you couldn’t even remember where Trig was supposedly born!

I refuse to defend your wild stories any more!  This latest is so unbelievable that only a doctor who never  intended to practice again would defend you.

palin injured

If you cut yourself jogging where’s the dirt or mud?  Why no abrasions on your hands, elbows or knees?  For God’s sake did you change clothes into your hospital garb before you went to the hospital?  Do you always go jogging with eye-make up on?  Simple logic would tell an ordinary person that if you fell and hit your head, and not your hands, elbows, or knees, and hit head first you’d probably hit your cheek bone first, not your forehead.  And, where are the scrapes and scratches on you cheek?  What a crock of it.  I’m not backing you up on this story.   You don’t pay me enough!

Just wear one of your wigs with bangs for a few days, and nobody will notice.

palin wig

I haven’t received my last month’s payment.  I know you aren’t hauling in the bucks like you used to, but our deal isn’t dependent on your revenue stream.  I refuse to keep providing “obstetric and gynecological care” to your girls if you fall behind on your payments.

I know that cocaine is your drug of choice, and oil drums along snowmobile paths are your favorite place to partake.

joe mcginnis book

However I got a letter in the mail from US Surgeon General this week.  Don’t panic.  Nobody has proof that you have a drug problem.  This letter was sent to 2.3 million physicians around the country.  The US Surgeon General is asking  for the help of American doctors in responding to an “unprecedented”  epidemic of opioid abuse and deaths.

Between 2013 and 2014, deaths from synthetic opioids skyrocketed by 79%, according to a new CDC report released Thursday.  I’m sure your family is partly to blame for that increase!

Sarah I’ve done what I can for you to help with the charade that Trig is your son.  That didn’t cause a death.  It was just …frankly…embarrassing for me to act like I told you it would be alright with me for you to get on a flight from Texas to Alaska, when you were pregnant with your fifth child, that we knew would have problems, after your water broke.  Now, with this realization that opioids are responsible for so many deaths, it is important that you tell your family they should retreat, and stop reloading.  Whoever hit you, did they know who you are?  Did they know that people at Mat Su will say anything to tell the story you want to tell?

You know that now I only care for abused children, so if I can help with any of yours, feel free to call.  However, I’m putting you on notice, that from now on you’ll have to get your prescriptions from someone else, somebody will have to defend your story about getting hit by a rock, and I won’t consider taking payment from SarahPAC any more!


PS.  Tell Todd I have a sprinkler system in my house,  and I don’t fly my own private plane.

palin church fire



Who could forget Sarah Palin demanding the resignation of Rahm EmanuEl for calling someone a “retard?”

Shortly thereafter Rush Limbaugh used the word, and Palin explained that it was OK for Limbaugh to use the word because he used it in the “satirical” sense.



Donald Trump took it a step further and mocked the disabled.

Now Ann Coulter joins the group and refers to “retards” in her new book.   Defending Trump, she explains that he was doing a “standard retard” impersonation.  Ms. Coulter suggests that Trumps behavior was not offensive as his remarks were clearly not meant to make fun of a disabled reporter, but to simply compare the reporter to a “standard retard” because he didn’t articulate his question well.  Coulter misses the point.   Even if Trump wasn’t mocking the reporter, to be mocking a “standard retard” would be offensive to anyone with a special needs child in their family…like Sarah Palin.

palin thanksgiving trig arm neckchocking

Yet Palin endorses Trump!  Coulter endorses Trump.  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was originally passed by both Democrats and Republicans.    If it were to be re-considered today, it seems there would be no reason to expect Donald Trump to be a proponent of the law.



3 months.

Three months is what Brock Turner is scheduled to serve after his conviction for rape of an unconscious woman behind a dumpster.  He was originally sentenced to 6 months in jail, but he’s being released early for good behavior.  Six months in jail is was a criminal might be sentenced for Petty Shop lifting…if it’s a first offense.  Yes, that means that if you are caught stealing a candy bar from Wal Mart, and it’s the first time you’ve been caught, you might have to serve more time in jail than Brock Turney did for rape.  If you leave your dog in a car that’s hot you might serve more time in jail than Mr. Turner did for rape.

dumpster rape

In Sarah’s latest Facebook post she provides her supporters with a close-up picture of an injury!  Here’s the pictures:

palin injured

While I’m sure that her head hurt, it is amazing that Sarah is so obviously desperate for attention that she posted a close-up view of a bloody cut above her eye.  It seems that the cut was treated with super glue and did not require stitches.  In the picture on the bottom right, it is clear that the only real cut is above the eyebrow, and any blood below the eye simply ran down her face.

Leave it to Sarah to try to make her injury about politics.  Her commentary isn’t that she fell while running. She somehow tries to tie her injuries to Hillary.

The only thing Palin accomplished by this post is to convince anyone reading that if her logic seemed difficult to follow, she now has a head injury to explain her inability to think clearly.  The post makes no sense.  Instead of simply saying I fell and hurt my head, Sarah suggests that …wait I don’t know what her point is?  It doesn’t make sense.  Here is what she said:

“Leave Hillary Alone, Bullies

Aww, c’mon guys, give her a break. Anyone can be out of commission…. for weeks on end… whilst in the heat of battle for the highest office in the land. No press conferences for nearly a year? No scheduled campaign events for days upon days? No statements, no answers, no accountability, no problem. Layin’ low to run out the clock before November, but you’re SEXIST for noticing it.

And you’re MISOGYNIST for questioning a female’s fitness. Good t

nd you’re MISOGYNIST for questioning a female’s fitness. Good thing media didn’t hound the crap out of ’08 candidate John McCain for his decades-old military medical records or I’d guess them to be hypocrites.

Leave Hillary alone! All that email-evidenced yoga, and wedding planning, and cookie-baking-grandma-duty wears you out. Believe you me.

Heck, even those of us claiming to be fit as a (seasoned?) fiddle, hit bumps in the wellness road. Even I. Especially I. (Remember Piper’s middle name is “Grace”; mine isn’t.)

Rock-running recently, I tripped over my own two feet and crashed & burned face-first. I recovered with the doc’s SuperGlue, and now any man who asks “what happened?” I’ll refer to as just a mean ol’ SEXIST bully.

Glad for Hillary’s protective media’s precedence. The next woman running for POTUS has no need to answer to much of anything, for we’ve got weddings to plan, and Down Dogs to do, and cookies in the oven! So just leave us alone, boys.

– Sarah Palin”

For a long time it was hard to imagine a reason that a public figure would be unable to speak in sentences, make a point, or support a point through logical reasoning.  Now we understand.  It is a head injury!  Of course we feel sorry for anyone who suffers from a head injury and can’t think straight.  Following the recent injury, I have more questions than answers:

  1.  How many times has Sarah received a head injury in the past?
  2. Who took her to the hospital?
  3. Did she really suffer a head injury as a result of a can thrown at her by Todd?


4.  Was she rescued by an anonymous snowmobile good Samaritan?

5.  Were Piper and Willow laughing at her?

willow and piper at hospital

6.  If Sarah fell while Rock Running why didn’t she hurt her knees, elbows, and/or shoulder?

7.  Why wasn’tt here dirt or mud on her clothes and face?  Obviously the picture was taken before her face was cleaned up.

8.  Were drugs involved?

9.  If she hurt herself as described, where are her glasses, how badly were they damaged, and why don’t we see the impression of the ear piece on the side of her head?  Why isn’t there an injury to the inside of her nose when the glasses would have been pushed into her nose when they impacted with the ground?

10.  I thought Rock Running was something people did underwater?  Surely the water in Alaska is too cold to rock run?


11.  What the hell does Sarah’s injury have to do with Hillary Clinton?


hillary laughing blue


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