Americans Must Take Responsibility for the Election of Donald Trump

We did it.  Americans allowed Donald Trump to be elected in November of 2016.  Voter turnout in 2016 dipped to nearly its lowest point in twenty years.  Roughly 55% of voting age citizens turned out to vote in the election of our President.  In 1996 only 53.5% of people voted to re-elect Bill Clinton. Donald Trump... Continue Reading →

We Should All Care!

Melania Trump, the slave to fashion, chose a green jacket to wear to Texas on her recent trip to visit migrant children who were separated from their parents.  In a message, enblazened on the back of her jacket she made a bold statement, "I really don't care, do U?"   It's hard to believe that... Continue Reading →

In America Sophie Wouldn’t Have a Choice!

In the movie Sophie's Choice, a mother is given the unimaginable demand that she make a choice which of her two children will stay with her, and which will be taken away. For any parent, this is the worst possible circumstance.  It is a telling example of the horror of the holocaust. As I... Continue Reading →

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