Donald Trump: The Eraser

When a four year old child gets caught doing something he/she knows not to do, a common response for a child is to lie or pretend that the bad deed never happened. It seems our President never learned the importance of admitting a mistake and taking responsibility for the act.  If he can pretend that... Continue Reading →

Trump is Like Palin: They Share “Political Incompetence”

Peggy Noonan of the Conservative Wall Street Journal has consistently written in the Journal as a conservative sharing her views.  Peggy has compared Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, noting they both have " antic statements, intellectual thinness and general strangeness." She notes that "there is no hard constituency in America for political incompetence," and that is... Continue Reading →

Greg Popovich Dunks on Donald Trump, the Soulless Coward!

For those who love basketball, you gotta love Greg Popovich.  He is the 10th winningest coach in NBA history.  When you watch the Spurs play Popovich always answers reporters questions succinctly.   It is clear that he says what he thinks and is all business.  He is the NBA coach that seems to be the least... Continue Reading →

Bush, Obama, and General Kelly Speak Out Re Being an American

Three different people spoke out yesterday to address the turmoil in America today.  The name "Donald Trump" was not mentioned, but it was clear that they were addressing the dysfunction in America that has been caused and/or exacerbated by Donald Trump.    

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