New Fruitcake Recipe: Guaranteed to Please!

It's never to early to plan for the holidays.  Many people dislike fruitcake.  Yet it seems to be an inevitable part of every holiday season.  Maybe this new recipe will be the secret to finding a fruitcake that you like...enjoy!

Complete Distrust and Disunity In the White House; Mueller Laughs

In case you thought it was time for Robert Mueller to file charges, you are right. Recent reports indicate Robert Mueller's probe into Russia's election interference and potential collusion with President Donald Trump's campaign team indicate that the investigation has reached the point where Mueller may soon announce criminal charges.  Both the Wall Street Journal and CNN reported on... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Signaled a New Low in American Politics; Trump Signals the End!

Shock is the only applicable descriptor to the reaction of McCain's nomination of Sarah Palin in 2008.  Never before had a person so ill equipped to be the President come so close to being in charge of the country.  Sarah didn't represent dedicated mothers or competent politicians. She pretended to be economically conservative, but she... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump Takes a F.U. Attitude in Promoting His Businesses

Even before being elected President, Trump used his status as a candidate for President to advertise things that were designed to make him money.  Nothing was more obvious that his promotion of his new book Crippled America. Donald Trump has been the President of the United States for 8 months.  During that time he has... Continue Reading →

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