The Whole World Watched,…Literally…as Putin Mocked Trump

 Yesterday was the World Cup final.  This morning, Donald Trump,dressed in his signature red tie congratulated Putin for a "great World Cup."  This is a video of the trophy ceremony featuring the leaders of the two finalists and Vladimir Putin. The World Cup is one of the most popular events on earth. In 2014, 3.2 billion people... Continue Reading →

MUST SEE!!! Preview of Sacha Cohen’s “Who is America?”- Stop Gun Violence by Arming Your Preschooler

Tune in tonight to the Showtime premier of Cohen's show.

Sheriff Joe, Roy Moore, and Grandma Palin Share Character Flaws of Stupidity, Perversion, and Racism

You might know of Seriff Joe Arapio.  He was the one who violated the civil rights of Mexican Americans in Arizona by racially profiling them.  He was the one who was ordered by the District Court, and later a Federal Appellate Court to refrain from stopping people in Arizona because of their race.  He was... Continue Reading →

Trump Protestors Exceed Inauguration Crowd

In spite of Trump's claim that more people attended his inauguration than Obama's, the photographs told the real story. Trump has drawn huge crowds in Britan, but they are protestors, not supporters. Organizers of the Edinburgh protests estimate around 50,000 protestors turned out to make their objections clear.  Police estimate that the numbers were closer... Continue Reading →

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