Pussy Grabbers Describe Pedophiles,Rapists, and Pimps as “Fine” People

Donald Trump pretends that he is a better President than Lincoln.  The ironic thing is that if he were actually better than Lincoln, he would never say that about himself. There are at least 24 things that Trump proffeses to be the best at in the world. Thus it is not surprising that Donald Trump... Continue Reading →

Brett Kavanaugh’s Guilt by Association and Failure of Memory Give Validity to Claims of Harassment

Trump's selection of Brett Kavanaugh for a position on the US Supreme Court has resulted in the accusation that he groped, assaulted, and attempted to rape a woman when he was a teenager. Kavanaugh has denied the accusations. Thus the question is who to believe.  I don't assume that women always tell the truth.  However... Continue Reading →

Mr. Magoo is Kryptonite to Trump

Donald Trump disrespects Jeff Sessions by calling him "Mr. Magoo." It's no secret that Donald Trump demands loyalty above all.  Nothing makes Donald Trump madder, or feel more betrayed, than a person doing anything he perceives as disloyal.  Jeff Sessions seems to have fallen into that category. Sessions was the first Senator to endorse Trump... Continue Reading →

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