Trump Loved Shutting Down the Government… Until Now

When House Republicans sought to shut down the government in the as a way to stop the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Trump was a cheerleader for the effort.  Trump tweeted that the Republican leadership should not be afraid of a government shutdown. They should be afraid of not defunding ObamaCare.   Trump argued in 2013... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Blamed the President for the Government Shutdown

Everyone remembers when Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz blamed the White House for the Government Shut Down. Now that Palin's buddy Trump is in the White House, and Republicans are the dominant party in both the House and Senate, she fails to comment on who is responsible. She simply links to an article that someone... Continue Reading →

Rolling Stone Reports Porn Star Says of Trump: “Wow What a Dick”

 With a wife like Melania Trump, it is not hard to believe that Donald Trump has had sex with porn stars. What's hard to believe is that anyone would NOT realize that Trump was repeatedly involved with pornography. Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal reported that Stormy Daniels, a porn star, was paid $130,000 to keep... Continue Reading →

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