The really great thing about “reality television” is that when we get sick of it we turn off the television.  Viewers may have thought it was fun to watch Sarah Palin pretend to hunt, but after the 4th shot we could simply turn off the power.  When Donald Trump told a female apprentice contestant that it must have been a pretty picture when she dropped to her knees, we not only turned off the show, but vowed never to turn it on again.  When a Defendant on Judge Judy revealed how stupid he was, we laughed, but we realized how ridiculous it was to waste time on such a show.

Tonight is the Presidential debate between The Donald and Hillary.  Trump’s propensity to lie indicates that whatever he says should never be believed.  The debate becomes meaningless if the candidates are not restricted to telling the truth.


However this debate has already taken on a “reality show” character by the pre-debate hype.  Donald Trump has ensured that.  Trump tweeted that “I will put Gennifer Flowers right alongside him (Mark Cuban).  Flowers herself has said that she will be coming to the debate.  She said: “Yes, I will be there.”

You remember Gennifer Flowers. She is the woman who had an affair with Bill Clinton and posed totally nude for Penthouse.



She is also the author of the book Passion and Betrayal in which she claimed that Bill told her that Hillary was bisexual.


Now the Trump campaign representative says that Ms. Flowers will NOT be at the debate. Ms. Flowers has become a sex columnist, so her expertise might qualify her for the moderator position at the next debate. The Donald himself hasn’t said anything.  So people watching the debate tonight may be focused on the people in the front row, and their scandalous sexual history, rather than the real issues that America will face during the next four years.

We live in a time that the country is consumed with stories about sex.  Consider these magazine headline stories:

ESD SEx Scandal (school in Dallas-teacher having sex with student)

Positions Most Likely to Make Women Orgasm

For a Happier Life Have Sex Once a Week

Millenials Are Having Way Less Sex than their Parents

Couples Who Have the Best Sex Have This in Common

Remember when People Magazine ran a cover story on David Beckham , PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive!  It was a “special double issue full of all things sexy.


Certainly Sarah Palin has promoted her image as a sex object, and has made no attempt to educate herself about issues.  Over the last eight years she has had multiple plastic surgeries to enhance her sexuality, but has done nothing to improve her intellect.

palin-naked-on-foxerect-palin-fanpalin-blowing-kissespalin-winkpalin-pink-shirt-new-yorkpalin no boobs


Trump has already set the stage for the debate tonight, by talking about the size of his hands.




His wife has been a model, and posed naked.

melania trump gq twomelania trump fourmelania trump eight boobmelania-trump-naked

Trump has fostered his image as a potential pedophile.


Trump befriends rapists.


Trump has been accused of rape of a 13 year old child.

Jeffrey Epstein has been convicted of rape and he’s a friend of the Donald.


What’s wrong with this country?  The election of our President is too important to turn it into a reality show about sex.  From the beginning, Trump has proclaimed his importance in this election because he could get ratings.

Like all candidates, he benefits from what is known as earned media: news and commentary about his campaign on television, in newspapers and magazines, and on social media. Earned media typically dwarfs paid media in a campaign. The big difference between Mr. Trump and other candidates is that he is far better than any other candidate — maybe than any candidate ever — at earning media.  Mr. Trump is not just a little better at earning media. He is way better than any of the other candidates.  Over the course of the campaign, Trump has earned close to $2 billion worth of media attention, about twice the all-in price of the most expensive presidential campaigns in history. It is also twice the estimated $746 million that Hillary Clinton, the next best at earning media, took in.

The ratings from this debate may be the highest in history.  Some are suggesting it could be as high as 100 million.    Pray that the American public knows the difference between a reality television show, and reality.  Pray that American voters vote for the candidate that is more qualified and more experienced, more tolerant, less abusive, and not a narcissistic psychopath.  People go to horror movies and pay millions of dollars to be scarred speechless.

Let’s leave the horror movies to Hollywood, and not turn them into reality television shows.  That show might result in Trump making a lot of money, but the tragedy of a Trump Presidency will endure long after Trump is no longer among the living.



As further proof of my point, an article has just appeared that Paula Jones would have loved to come to the debate, “just to make Hillary nervous.”

In light of the debate tonight, it is time for everyone to take a deep breath and find something to laugh about.




I have been accused of being blind to the lies of Hillary Clinton.  It’s not that I’m unaware of Hillary’s lies and deceptions.  The problem is that I have watched politicians lie so often that it is not surprising to me that Hillary is like most other politicians in her inability to tell the truth.  Hillary is much more preferable than Trump as our next President for a vast variety of reasons.  However the truth is that “truth” can’t be the basis for not voting for Hillary. The truth is that Donald Trump is a more   prolific liar than Hillary.  Politico did a comparison of the lies of Hillary and Trump.  Their conclusion was that “Trump’s mishandling of facts and propensity for exaggeration so greatly exceed Clinton’s as to make the comparison almost ludicrous.”

There were so many lies told by Trump that instead of specifying all 87 falsehoods, Politico used the following numbers to illustrate their point:

  • Number of appearances: 6 speeches; 1 town hall, 7 TV interviews; 0 press availabilities; 37 tweets
  • Combined length of remarks (speeches, interviews): 4 hours and 43 minutes
  • Raw number of misstatements, exaggerations, falsehoods: 87
  • Rate: 1 untruth every 3.25 minutes


Trump lies so often that his supporters should realize that they would support him regardless of what he says or does.  They would never vote for Hillary regardless of what she says or does.  It’s a sad day in America when we elect the President of the United States based upon an emotional response to the person, instead of facts, character, integrity, experience, education, policies, tolerance, and the promotion of non-violent resolution of conflict.


In case you needed an interpreter to understand Bristol’s comments about Hillary’s maternity leave policy, here is their translation.

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