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The truth be damned!  With the Palin family, it is always about media attention, rather than making any attempt to reveal the truth.  It seems that People Magazine has now embraced that philosophy.  In a series of articles People has demonstrated its willingness to publicize anything Palin, without journalistic comment, observation, or integrity.  Whatever the Palins do or say is what they print.  No explanation or editorial perspective is ever given.  People prints what is told to their editors.  It’s as if they are unconcerned with finding the truth.  Instead it is all about number of views.

The Palin family has been featured repeatedly on People since the birth of Sailor.  It’s as if there is some contract to provide a story to People that is controversial.  The Palins seem to be unaffected by the appearance of selling their children for money, celebrity, and fame.  Here are the specific storied from the last month:

12-24- Birth of Baby Sailor

Palin, 25, took to Instagram on Thursday to share the news with a sweet snap of herself and her bundle of joy in the hospital.  “My sweet Sailor Grace was born yesterday, our family couldn’t be more complete,” she captioned the photo, adding a double heart emoji.

bristol sailor pink

12-25 Sarah calls Sailor best Christmas gift ever

Sailor was born just two days before Christmas. The baby girl is Bistol’s second child. She welcomed son Tripp in 2008 with then-boyfriend Levi Johnston.

bristol tripp hospital with Sailor


1-5 Suit by Dakota Meyer

People reports that suit was filed by Dakota with no analysis of the potential reason, the importance of the date of the delivery, or the potential implications of a DNA test that revealed that Dakota was not the father.

1-19 Track involved in attack on girlfriend

1-19  Sarah’s endorsement of Trump

1-25  Back to real life-

bristol back to wrok

Suggesting that Bristol really worked at a dermatology clinic, and had taken off only a month from her “regular job”, People advertised that Bristol was returning to work.  People reported that Dakota Meyer was the father and that this was the first time Bristol had left the baby in the care of another.

People failed to post a picture of Bristol and Sarah shooting guns, without Sailor.


bristol shooting range after baby

People failed to report that Bristol worked for Dr. Jack Me-off.

1-28 post re Tina Fey

2-5  Another Picture of Sailor and Tripp

This is the picture that People featured:

tripp and sailor school

People noticeably mentioned the birth of Sailor in NOVEMBER.  That information is contrary to the information provided by both People and Bristol.   As of this posting there has been no clarification or correction of that report.  People reported:

“Palin welcomed the newest addition to her family in November, announcing the news in a sweet Instagram snap of herself and her bundle of joy.”

People didn’t post this photo:

bristol baby photoshopped

People didn’t comment on the fact that Sailor was wearing a hat in school, even though her coat and blankets had been taken off.  Was there something about Sailor’s hair that Bristol was intent on covering up?

2-6   This is today’s article.  People reports :

“The single mother of two recently returned to work after just one month of maternity leave, following Sailor’s December birth. ”  There is no attempt to reconcile the previous article that identified November as the month of Sailor’s birth.

This is the photo posted today:

bristol and baby instagram one

Again, the hair of Sailor is covered up.  Also it is clear that Bristol isn’t working as she still has her coat on, and she is holding her baby…at work!

It is clear from the pictures posted and the articles accompanying them that People Magazine has traded journalistic integrity for sensational stories.  The Palin family has traded the privacy and confidential interests of the Palin children for the money paid to them by People Magazine.  Maybe they will do a story in February on life behind bars for Track Palin.  They might feature Britta and Kyla visiting Track in jail, demonstrating the importance of quality time that a father should spend with his daughter.

If the Palin family gets really desperate, they could sell a story to People about life in Rehab, featuring a selfie with Sarah getting a tan at her new home for Patients going through de-tox.

palin tan hand

palin wonkey eye

Obviously, we can’t confirm the truth of the information below, or if it actually came from Sarah’s niece.  However it sounds credible.  “Gene” shared this information.  Thanks Gene!


”  This was posted by Sarah Palin’s niece on 1/23/2016:

MyAuntLivesOnEnsure1:28 PM
Track went home and packed some stuff, Piper said….and then a guy in a white truck drove him away. He could be back now for all I know. My aunt isn’t really talking to my mom since I decided I was not going to stop posting here. But I still talk to some other people in the family.

I was told Jordan’s parents tried to get her to go home with them (mom and step dad) and she would not stay after the first night but then when the media blew up she said she might go back. (Don’t know if she did or not)

Trig and Piper were both at Bristol’s when all this went down. Trig basucally lives with her now and Piper helps with all the kids. Piper said track and Jordan and Bristol were all “piss moaning drunk” and she put on the minnion movie for the kids to distract them. Tripp was not there.

She said track and Jordan were the only ones at my aunt’s house when the actual incident happened. She also said lots of guns are still there so obviously nobody took them away. That is insane.

I don’t know anything about my aunt and trump, except that she has spoken in very crude terms about him before and seemed to hate him. She has said he turned orange by getting blow jobs from chimps and that the silver spoon up his ass is so big it’s touching the underside of his hair plugs, ect. I’m pretty sure he is paying her for all her “support”.

French asked for a raise and was denied…..just FYI.”

Donald Trump's windswept bouffant hair Donald Trump at Trump Turnberry Golf Course & Resort, Ayrshire, Scotland, Britain - 02 Jul 2014 Funny-haired US businessman Donald Trump was at his newly purchased Turnberry Golf Course and Resort Scottish links golf course with ever-doting Eastern European wife Melania Trump. Renamed Trump Turnberry, it brings the number of golf courses owned by the property magnate to 17. The businessman has already pledged GBP 100 million to renovate the hotel that overlooks the Turnberry course, which he bought last month, and he will discuss more developments during a visit to Ayrshire today. It is Mr Trump's second Scottish course, following on from his Aberdeenshire resort which opened in July 2012. Plans for a second golf course, club house and hotel on the same site remain on hold amid a bitter dispute over a proposed wind farm adjacent to the resort, involving Alex Salmond, the BBC and local protesters. (Rex Features via AP Images)

palin endorses trump

After Sara Palin’s suggestion that Track was a victim of PTSD, and the lack of treatment for same was Obama’s fault, “Jo Ann” posted the following comment:

“If I can speak as a former Alaskan-grown-and-raised person (mostly in Wasilla, no less), therefore speaking from experience, domestic violence/parent abandonment/drugs/alcohol/prostitution/poor schooling/low income/out-of-wedlock birth/fetal alcohol syndrome/gun violence/mental illness/rape/prison time is everyday life in Alaska.

The exception is that Sarah is a wealthy woman, and whose children are suffering from ‘affluenza’ and have been neglected to the nth degree. Thus, they can by with anything they want because they face NO consequences at all – most people I grew up with were very poor (working class) and definitely had to face corporal punishment for our misbehavior. This bordered on criminal parental physical/mental abuse.

Sarah is clearly a sociopath whom blames others for all her problems. I know many people like this. My now-deceased father adored Palin. One brother debated her in her first governor’s race. My other brother did the Palin’s plumbing at the compound and I have a sister who, as an entertainer, played many gigs for Sarah. I thank my lucky stars I never had to encounter the beast.

I had a son in Iraq for two tours – he wasn’t driving an officer around like Track, he was in COMBAT. That involves killing people and people trying to kill you. He has PTSD but has NEVER threatened any person since his return. Sarah is so full of BS to blame Obama for Track’s violence. What a load……Track probably had it since he found out Todd is not his real father. But his is not an uncommon attitude among Alaskan men, both young and old. They definitely have a chip on their shoulder and are always looking for a fight (generalizing here but true). They are ticked off and you do not want to engage them. Trust me. Do not engage. Evade.

Trump made a HUGE mistake with this crazy one. Sociopaths don’t feel empathy – nothing – except they MUST be on stage and receiving adoration at all times. Anything else is beneath them, including their own children. I am the product of sociopathic parents. It isn’t fun – it’ll drive you crazy if you don’t exit the situation as soon as possible.

Perhaps I should file a lawsuit against Trump for stirring up my own PTSD when Sarah recently appeared on stage with him. I had successfully recovered from the 2008 election and was doing fine until………..flashback. “(Hello API? We’ve got an emergency here!”) Now the nightmares are starting again. I’ll think tonight I’ll be watching two shows – ‘Deliverance’ (I hear banjos) and ‘Idiocracy’. Yep, apparently this craziness is how the world truly works or maybe it’s because I’m a former Alaskan who believes if one can survive Alaska, they can survive ANYTHING. Even Sarah Palin.”


Thank you JoAnne for sharing your perspective and insight into the Palin family.  I suspect that many residents of Wasilla know this to be true, but are afraid to speak out.  If more people would speak out, there’d be safety in numbers.  We can’t afford another Presidential race where Sarah Palin has any power of persuasion!  Tell all your friends to comment on blogs and tell what they know.  On behalf of every American, I thank you.  Malia

track palin arrest




“Sarah Palins niece posted this comment on another site tonight:

MyAuntLivesOnEnsure6:35 PM
Also anyone who is a “insider” that says track has only been violent since his fake military “career” must only have been an insider for about as long as track spent in Iraq. (In other words NOT LONG)
He has been a violent prick for like 10 yrs. Maybe longer. But he started beating the shit out of people on his own fuckin sports teams (hockey) when he was in like 9th grade. He was known citywide for being an aggressive asshole by 10th. If you literally blinked at him wrong, he would thrash your ass right there on the ice. I bet there was 50 games where he was pulled before 2 full mins went by. He also has gone apeshit on my uncle more than once. He drinks to almost blackout stage and it’s like the booze goes in and the fists come out. He has had broken ribs twice and a fractured wrist and a concussion. All from fights he picked with different people over the last couple yrs.’


Shamus sent this link: which says it all.


Sarah Palin explained that her son beat and kicked his girlfriend due to PTSD.  Never mind that Track had a drug problem before going to war.  Never mind that Track has been home from service for over 5 years.  Never mind that his father and role model is a pimp.

todd sunglasses

05_Flatbed_WEB - JANUARY Original Filename: enquirer_spread.jpgvia Flatbed Web

05_Flatbed_WEB – JANUARY Original Filename: enquirer_spread.jpgvia Flatbed Web

Never mind that his mother has explained that “Boys will be boys.”

boys will be boys

Nevermind that Track had just come from Bristol’s house where he got drunk.  Maybe Bristol’s best friend Marina was there.

bristol and marina kissing

Maybe that helped define Track’s views of women.

When Sarah referenced the “elephant in the room” she wasn’t talking about the GOP elephant.

trump elephant

She wasn’t talking about these.

elephan two

elephant funny

She was talking about Track’s abuse of women, his substance abuse problem, his dangerous threats with guns, and the fact that his parents didn’t care enough about him to go home to help.  Instead she blamed his problems, and violence, on President Obama, and suggested that Track was suffering from PTSD.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Veterans, of both political parties, took offense at Palin’s remarks.

If you think Sarah was genuinely concerned that Track was suffering from PTSD, listen again to her remarks.  When endorsing Trump she spoke with venom in her voice.  She was in attack mode.  As she explained the “ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM” it was clear.  Her tone didn’t change.  She didn’t get choked up when talking about the tragic problems that occurred in her home, with her oldest son.  There was no grief, no emotion, no sorrow, and no sympathy expressed for Track or any soldiers suffering from PTSD.  It was simply another opportunity to attack Obama.

palin pit bull

Not only was Sarah Palin telling lies about Track suffering from PTSD, but she was also telling a bigger lie about Obama not trying to help soldiers who suffer from PTSD.  It was Senate Republicans who withdrew funding for our soldiers.

Veterans have a 50% higher rate of suicide than the general population.  Instead of using this opportunity to focus attention on that problem Palin attacked Obama.  Every 9 seconds in America, a woman is assaulted or beaten.  Instead of using this opportunity to focus attention on this tragic problem for women in America, Sarah Palin chose to announce her support for Donald Trump, one of the great misogynists of our time.

trump elephant cartoon






  In Sarah Palin’s recent appearance, endorsing the Donald, not only was Donald Trump complimentary of Palin;  he described her as “spectacular”.  I guess he missed the interview of Steve Schmidt by Anderson Cooper, where coincidentally he referred to dealing with Sarah Palin as causing PTSD.


Donald Trump forgot about he PTSD suffered by Nicole Wallace following the ’08 campaign, as a result of Sarah Palin.

Here is the full event where Trump described his respect for Sarah Palin.  He said he has respected Palin for “so long.”  She has an “incredible” husband, and an “incredible” family.  (1:13:22)

But, her incredible husband is a pimp.

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp


boys will be boys two

Both Todd and his attorney refused to deny he was a pimp.

Sarah refused to deny Shailey Tripp’s description of Todd’s anatomy.

Trump said he also wouldn’t rule out adding Palin to his 2016 ticket, if he wins the nomination.

The Donald must not have seen the coverage on Fox the day after the 2008 election.


HOwever, the most repugnant thing that happened is that Sarah blamed Track’s recent domestic violence arrest, and threatened suicide on PTSD arising from his service in the armed forces in 2007 and 2008.  She then suggested that the problem was really President Obama’s fault because he has failed to make services available to help out veterans.


  1.  It has been 7 years since Track was in the armed services.  Since that time he has married, divorced, and become a father.  There was no mention of PTSD during that time in his life.

britta baby shower

wedding photo track and britta

2.  Track has been living at home, so if he suffers from PTSD, it is likely the result of too much exposure to his mother.

3.  There are four treatment centers available to Track in Alaska for vets with PTSD.  There is one in Wasilla:

Wasilla Vet Center
851 E. West Point Drive, #111
Wasilla, AK 99654
Phone: 907-376-4318
Toll Free: 1-800-478-4318

Certainly we have never heard before that Track was suffering from PTSD, or that he was seeking help, or that he didn’t get the help he needed at the local center.

More significantly, if Track really had PTSD, the worst thing a caring family could do would be to leave Track at home, without support, with a lot of guns in the house.

bristol gun

STARS EARN STRIPES -- Season: 1 -- Pictured: Todd Palin -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

palin gun shop

Let’s pause for a moment and consider what type of a man hits and kicks a woman.  Regardless of whether he has PTSD or was intoxicated, domestic violence should never be tolerated.  The image of Track’s girlfriend hiding under the bed in fear, having been hit in the face, and kicked, is unforgivable.  If anyone will have PTSD it is the woman Track battered.

It’s been over a year since my post on the Palin Family is White Trash.  That post followed the Palin family brawl.  That brawl involved Sarah, Todd, Track, Bristol, Willow, and Tripp.  There was no suggestion of PTSD at that time.  Certainly Todd, Sarah, Bristol, Willow and Tripp had never served in the military.  Bristol has had another child out of wedlock.  Track has battered a woman.  Bristol’s best friend is a porn star.  There is more proof than ever that this family is filthy white trash.

bristol pee

bristol marina with sailor

marina with black man

trailer homes

 sarah palin valley trash

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