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Yesterday Bristol posted her condemnation of the President for inviting Ahmed Mohamed.  Her remarks were written on Bristol’s blog, Patheos, which advertises it is a blog “Hosting a Conversation on Faith.”  The amazing thing is that the blog itself features Editor’s picks of articles that highlight the importance of respect for all religions.  On of the “Editor’s Picks” is the article “Lessons from Ahmed Mohamed Story”

14 yearold bomb irving


Here is an excerpt from that article:

“And don’t stop at the gates of the masjid. Reach out to the non-Muslims in your community. We cannot segregate and ghettoize ourselves and think that we will sully our souls by interacting with those who have a different faith than we do. This is a different kind of bigotry but just as reprehensible. You live here. Live here. Live with the Black neighbor and the Latino neighbor and the Korean neighbor, Muslim or non-Muslim. You will enrich yourself and your neighbors, and they won’t be afraid of you when they know you. It’s hard for bigotry to stand in the face of a welcoming smile and a plate of baklava.”

So Bristol is using a blog, promoting tolerance for different religions, to condemn people who promote tolerance of different religions.  The Home Page of the patheos blog has links to:










Progressive Christian


I wonder if the host of this blog realizes that Bristol is using it for condemnation of religious tolerance?

muslim hatred

bristol monkey

whose best friend makes pornographic videos

bristol's friend one bed

who assaults people and curses like a sailor

and the woman who relieves herself in public,

bristol hiding face at party

has attacked President Obama on her blog.  Bristol wrote:

In case you missed it.  The President invited Ahmed Mohamed to visit the White House to show the President his homemade clock.  The fourteen year old was arrested after someone reported that he was building a bomb.

It was just August of this year that Sarah defended Curt Schilling’s comparison of Nazis and Muslims.

Bristol Palin has attacked President Obama for reaching out to a child who was the victim of a racist event.  By inviting this young man to the White House the President  has helped the country appreciate the importance of celebrating the ingenuity of all of America’s young people.  By focusing attention on this young Muslim boy, the President has helped to country learn by example, of the devastating consequences of racism in Anerica. Only a person who condemns education and ingenuity and promotes bigotry would complain about this gesture by the President.  Even Fox News didn’t suggest that the President had acted inappropriately.
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rick perry cheerleader

It wasn’t Rick Perry’s indictment for abuse of power that caused him to announce his decision to quit running for president.

rick perry mug shot

It wasn’t his unethical use of the Emerging Technology Fund that caused him to drop out.  It wasn’t his agreement to locate a nuclear waste dump in Texas that resulted in public shame that caused him to quit.


It wasn’t his history of cutting funding for volunteer fire departments across Texas in a year with record drought, resulting in fires burning out of control in Texas that caused such embarrassment that he felt he had no choice but to resign.

texas fire

It wasn’t even his history of hunting at the nigger-head lodge that earned him the title of the first Republican to quit the 2016 race.

rick perry niggerhead jpeg

It wasn’t his association with Sarah Palin that caused him to be shunned by Republicans.

palin perry one

palin perry two

palin undefeated

It was his Oops moment that nobody can forget!

As glad as I am to see Rick Perry never again in politics, it is amazing to me that one moment in a debate four years ago could cause a candidate to drop out of the current race.  Especially when The Donald has positioned himself NOT to participate in the next debate, it is obvious to me that the Donald is doing everything possible to ensure that his lack of understanding of issues remains hidden from the public eye.  He insults Mexicans, women, and Fox News commentators.  Yet Trump remains #1 in the polls.  The Republican Party continues to be the laughing stock because The Donald is the favored candidate and he is so proud of his bigoted , misogynistic attitudes.  When the former leader of the KKK  and the openly anti-Semitic, David Duke, praises Donald Trump and identifies him as the “the best of the lot,” it is clear that the GOP has far to go if they hope to be a viable alternative to the Democratic nominee in 2016.  Rick Perry’s departure from the race is a good start, but only a start.  If the Donald remains the leading candidate into the early part of 2016, the damage to the GOP may be irreversible.



Rick Perry has been indicted on two felony counts for using his office as Governor to coerce a public official.

rick perry mug shot


This morning Ken Paxton, the Republican attorney general of Texas, was indicted on two first-degree felonies for securities fraud, and a third-degree felony for failing to register with the state to sell securities.

Paxton is accused of having defrauded two individuals of more than $100,000.


 In case you were wondering what an attorney general is doing when he’s not committing securities fraud here are his duties:
  • defend the laws and the Constitution of the State of Texas
  • represent the State in litigation
  • approve public bond issues

To fulfill these responsibilities, the Office of the Attorney General serves as legal counsel to all boards and agencies of state government, issues legal opinions when requested by the Governor, heads of state agencies and other officials and agencies as provided by Texas statutes, sits as an ex-officio member of state committees and commissions, and defends challenges to state laws and suits against both state agencies and individual employees of the State.

The Office of the Attorney General has taken on numerous other roles through the years. Texas statutes contain nearly 2000 references to the Attorney General. In addition to its constitutionally prescribed duties, the Office of the Attorney General files civil suits upon referral by other state agencies. In some circumstances, the Attorney General has original jurisdiction to prosecute violations of the law, but in most cases, criminal prosecutions by the Attorney General are initiated only upon the request of a local prosecutor.

Thus,inTexas the very person charged with enforcing the law is charged with breaking the law.

Securities fraud violations above that amount are first-degree felonies under state law. If convicted, Paxton could face a sentence of five years to life in prison and a fine of not more than $10,000.

Ted Cruz  has identified Paxton as  his good friend.

“Ken Paxton is a direct result of Ted Cruz’s support and the broken ethical standards set by Greg Abbott,” said Texas Democratic strategist Matt Angle of the Lone Star Project, “Barely a year ago, Abbott and Cruz couldn’t hug Ken Paxton closely enough. Now they need to find the guts to explain why they backed Paxton and how they will clean up the mess they’ve made.”

As recently as a month ago, Cruz was standing by Paxton.

“Ken Paxton is a good man,” the senator said during a book signing stop at the Costco in Arlington. “I trust that the judicial and the criminal law system will proceed fairly and appropriately to investigate any allegations of criminal violations.”

paxton and cruz

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