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Republicans disagree who would be represent them in 2016. However the one thing they agree upon is that they DO NOT WANT Sarah Palin to run in 2016. The one thing that most (59%) Republicans agree upon is that they DO NOT WANT Sarah Palin to run in 2016. Even more impressive is the revelation that the GOP voters surveyed said they would rather be “right” and lose the election than have a candidate of their choosing win the election but represent values different than their own. Thus it appears that GOP voters are so opposed to Sarah Palin that they wouldn’t vote for her. Even if nominated they’d still rather lose the election than have someone like her that disagrees with many of their positions, elected to office.

palin two immoral m


At the end of 2014 Sarah was noticeably absent from Facebook. Many readers expressed concern that there had been a drug related incident within her immediate or extended family. If that occurred, nothing was ever disclosed by Sarah when she reappeared.

The last three posts of Palin convey a clear message. Sarah is all about attracting publicity any way she can. If you think I’m being harsh, look at this picture:

palin dolly parton

But now she posts the trailer for Amazing America, which features her co host, Tara Conner, a porn star.

tara conner on amazing america

tara conner porn one

tara conner porn two

tara conner porn three

(and these are only the pictures I can post)

Palin condemns President Obama for not attending a rally in France which was designed to help the people of France show their solidarity. It would have been a nice gesture for Obama to attend that rally. However Obama has condemned the terrorist attacks in France. He has personally voiced condemnation for the violence.

Sarah failed to mention these remarks in her Facebook post. She did mention the President’s middle name, concluding her attack on Obama by referring to him by “Barack Hussein Obama.” The only explanation for using his name “Hussein” in her post about our President is the hope that uninformed supporters might confuse the Arabic name of our President to one who supports radical Islamic terrorism.

Finally there is a post regarding politics. In her Jan 6, 2015 post, Palin writes about her support of voting out John Boehner as the Speaker of the House.
There was no follow up post congratulating Boehner for being elected to that position again. Given this defeat, it is clear that the Undefeated Candidate has suffered yet another political defeat. The “Undefeated” remains “defeated.”

palin undefeated

palin rages

baracuda eating fish

It’s a typical response for Sarah Palin. When she screws up, she refuses to admit her mistake.

There was the Paul Revere comment, when she declared that she didn’t make a mistake.

Remember Bristol’s colorful interview with the APD in which she gave a 1 ½ minute interview and used over 10 expletives.

Instead of apologizing for the crude language of her daughter, Sarah Palin declared that she was a “proud mama” and the behavior of her children “makes her heart soar.”

Remember in her book, America by Heart, Sarah wrote:

• “What matters is quantity time. Judging from my own experience – four kids- chidren crave prolonged attention, preferably undivided” (page 103)
• “90% of fatherhood is just showing up.”(page 103)
• “The founders simply took it for granted that a republic relies on informed and virtuous citizens, and that informed and virtuous citizens are created in turn by strong families.” (page 109)
• “The foundation of national morality must be laid in private families” (page 110)
• “After all, the damage done to the American family by widespread divorce and children without fathers is relative recent in our history.” (pages 113-114)
• “…this lack of fathers translated into high crime rates, rampant drug abuse, educational failure, and chronic welfare dependency.” (page 115)
• “In many cases, the difference was strong, intact families—the families our Founders deemed essential to the success of our republic.” (page 115)
• “Standing up for the family wasn’t fashionable then and it is even less fashionable now.” (page 116)
• “…families do matter and fathers do matter.”( page 117)
• “Many people have argued, rightly, that the core problem is the weakness of families. Two-parent families do some obvious things. They provide more people to watch over and care for children, and they supply male role models for young boys.” (page 118)
• To avoid poverty, do three things: finish high school, marry before having a child, and produce the child after you are twenty years old.” (page 119)

Yet her two oldest children are already parents, and their children were conceived out of wedlock.

Remember in the Troopergate matter when she said she had been vindicated which was the opposite of the legislative finding?

Then there was the shooting of Gabby Giffords after Palin posted cross-hairs on her Facebook page of Ms. Giffords. Palin had the audacity to claim that SHE, Sarah Palin, had been the victim of a Blood Libel.

Today, people across the country, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Tea Party Supporters, and even Sarah Palin fans have expressed outrage at the photos of Trig standing on the family dog. The photos have become national news. Here is a sampling of stories from across America, and around the globe, about the outrage expressed over Palin’s posting of the Trig photos.

trig steppin on dog

trig standing on dog

trig washing dishes while standing on dog

International Business Times

The Times of India

An internet search of the key words “sarah, palin, trig, dog, facebook” results in 671,000 separate articles.

Instead of posting an apology, posting a picture of Trig petting the dog, or posting a video of the dog running to show she wasn’t hurt, Sarah goes on the attack. She attacks President Obama as a result of a story that has NOTHING to do with Obama.
Here is her post today:

Defense of this (last decade) racist action is disgusting and wrong, as is defense of the even more recent immoral actions of our President’s with any association he embraced with the racist Jeremiah Wright and the anti-American domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. I’ll add to Levin’s list: Do political “leaders” think Americans are so stupid we don’t recognize the despicable double standard here, and that we’re so weakly complacent that we’ll put up with this?
– Sarah Palin

Mark Levin

The story
to which she makes reference relates to a warning David Duke, a former KKK leader, issued to Republicans who criticized another Republican for a 2002 meeting he had with Duke.

Thus Sarah has taken a story that had to do with criticism of Republicans, and a condemnation of Republicans for racism, and made up her own attack on Obama for a meeting he had with Bill Ayers 20 YEARS AGO, which was investigated during the 08 campaign and determined to be insignificant. That is her response to criticism of her for posting pictures she took, of the child she claims to have birthed, standing on the dog she claims to have bought for Trig, and suggesting that this gives her hope for the New Year.

It is my hope for the New Year that this post, and these pictures, open people’s eyes to the evil woman that Sarah Palin is, and has been. She has no regard for anyone except herself. Even a special needs mother would recognize that standing on the back of a dog was wrong. Even a child would understand that taking a picture of the act would create proof of the unkind act. Even a moron would realize that even if you thought the pictures of Trig were funny, or inspiring, that some people would be offended. A moron would never post the pictures on Facebook. Sarah Palin did.

palin funny face

Newsmax is known for offering discounts on Palin books, and helping promote the “Palin” name.  However today Newsmax makes its position clear that they favor Bachmann over Palin for 2012.  It’s funny that for the last two years Newsmax has made money off of Sarah Palin, but now that the next election is on the line, Newsmax makes it clear from this article that Palin is not their choice.

This is an interesting round table discussion regarding Sarah Palin. They agree that the world is not big enough for Bachmann and Palin. They also report that Democrats would be thrilled to have Palin as the opponent of Obama. She is not a strong candidate in the general election, and what she is doing will not broaden her base. Thus there is real question about what she is doing and why.


For years we have been told the Republican Party is the political party who promotes “family values”.  Sarah Palin has given lip service to that position through her TLC show where she proclaims that she loves Alaska like she loves her family.  The title of her latest book, America by Heart:  Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag, Palin attempts to reinforce the value of “family”.  However the truth is that traditional “family values” is the antonym for Palin family values.

Both Todd and Sarah have been reported as having extra-marital affairs.  Sarah was pregnant out-of-wedlock, and there is a real possibility that her first child is actually the child of another man. Todd and Sarah live in separate structures on the property in Wasilla, they don’t sleep together, and evidently throw cans at each other when tempers flare.  Her fifth child may be someone else’s first child. Bristol not only is an unwed mother, but was a 17-year-old pregnant teen at the time her mother was running with John McCain.  If McCain and Palin had been elected, it would have been the first time the Vice President’s illegitimate grandchild would be living in the white house with her.  Now with the announcement of Track’s spontaneous wedding with only parents in the “picture” and a party to be held later, there is great suspicion as to why the rush?

When Sarah Palin announced that Bristol was pregnant she was quick to say that Bristol was keeping the child, and that she would marry Levi.   The amazing thing about the announcement was that Palin thought that plans to marry would make the pregnancy acceptable.  Like her marriage to Todd, she suggested that marriage to Todd would make her out-of-wedlock pregnancy acceptable.  Sarah Palin misses the point.  If a woman is too young when having a child she risks her health and that of the baby.  If the mother is too young she may not be mature enough to be the best mother she can be. As we have seen with Bristol, completing an education is difficult or impossible if a baby is in the picture.  If a man and woman marry too young their chances of having a happy and healthy marriage decline.  It can happen; it’s just not as likely.  Sarah Palin and the Republican Party miss the point to suggest that marriage alone is a sign of traditional family values.

With the recent focus on Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, and his “love child,” it is important to pause and consider the number of Republicans who have established their true attitude about traditional family values.  There was Dick Cheney’s daughter who is lesbian and she and her partner became parents.     Thomas Jefferson had 7 children out-of-wedlock.

Ted Nugent, the promoter of Palin through the Time Magazine article, had two wives and eight children, including three children out-of-wedlock.

In February of this year Congressional Republicans were involved in running a prostitution ring.

The list of Republicans who deviated from the GOP’s traditional party platform regarding family values could provide material for an entire year of SNL episodes.

Here are just a few worthy of note:

Mark Foley

U.S. Representative
(September 28, 2006)

The Crime: Sending sexually laced, grammatically challenged instant messages and e-mails to teenaged boys in the Congressional page program for more than 10 years.

The Hypocrisy: Chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children and one of the foremost opponents of child pornography in the Senate.

The Quote: “get a ruler and measure it for me”

Ted Haggard

Leader of the National Association of Evangelicals
(November 2006)

The Crime: Paying male prostitutes for sex and snorting crystal meth.

The Hypocrisy: A powerful force in the evangelical movement, Haggard participated in weekly meetings with President George Bush and top advisors where he gave spiritual advice. He taught that homosexuality was an abomination and actively lobbied against gay rights.

The Quote: “I did not have a homosexual relationship with a man in Denver.”

Larry Craig

U.S. Senator
Senate Liaison for Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign

(June 11, 2007)

The Crime: Soliciting sex from an undercover cop in an airport bathroom

The Hypocrisy: Craig twice voted against adding the words “sexual orientation” to the federal hate crimes law. Craig also voted to give states the right to refuse to recognize gay marriage–a right they already had, but the Senator wanted to really, really prove he didn’t like gay people.

The Quote: “I am not gay; I don’t do these kinds of things.”

Bob Allen

Member of the Florida House of Representatives
Florida Chairman of John McCain’s Presidential Campaign

(July 11, 2007)

The Crime: Offering an undercover cop $20 to allow Allen to blow him in a men’s room in a public park. After being arrested, Allen tried to explain that he only offered to blow the cop because the cop was a “burly black man” and he “didn’t want to become a statistic.”

The Hypocrisy: Allen was one of 21 Florida legislators to sign Gov. Jeb Bush’s friend-of-the-court brief supporting the state’s ban on gays adopting children, and he co-sponsored an unsuccessful bill that would have enhanced penalties for “offenses involving unnatural and lascivious acts” such as indecent exposure.

The Quote: “I certainly wasn’t there to have sex with anybody and certainly wasn’t there to exchange money for it.”

Glenn Murphy Jr.

National Chairman of the Young Republicans
Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party

(July 28, 2007)

The Crime: Murphy got a fellow Young Republican drunk and then spent the night at his house. The other young man woke up in the middle of the night to find Murphy giving him mouth-to-penis resuscitation. After this incident, a 1998 sexual battery report came to light in which Murphy was alleged to have done the exact same thing.

The Hypocrisy: Murphy was a well-paid political consultant for Republican candidates and often advised them to use gay marriage as a wedge issue to paint their opponents as out of touch with traditional values.

The Quote: “I was in the Sound of Music in High School…don’t ask” (from his now-defunct Myspace page.)

The Video: Unfortunately, the Young Republicans took down all of their videos of Mr. Murphy. So instead, I give you:

Here is a more complete list:

In considering the current we site of the Republican Party, under the “issues” section there is no reference to family values or abortion or homosexuality. Maybe they will add these in a few more weeks after the focus on Arnold, Track Palin, and Republican Rep. Paul Scott has died down.   Maybe the Republican Party and Sarah Palin should stick to politics and just consider family matters off-limits?

If case you are wondering about what’s happening with each of the potential GOP candidates, here is a helpful summary:

1, Bachmann – “LensCrafters is not happy that Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann has yanked the company into America’s abortion debate,” the New York Daily News says. “The international eyewear retailer requested that the Tea Party darling and aspiring presidential candidate stop using the company’s name days after Bachmann said Planned Parenthood was ‘the LensCrafters of big abortion.’”

2. Barbour – Gov. Harbour’s visit to Riley’s Gun Shop in Hooksett, New Hampshire “underscored not only Barbour’s support for Second Amendment freedoms, but also his affinity for the ideals embraced in the lead presidential primary state,” the Boston Globe writes.

3. Huckabee – Without the aid of anyone in the Huckabee camp, a group of Iowa loyalists to the former Arkansas governor have started a campaign – complete with online radio show, Facebook page and telephone campaign – to stay committed to the state’s 2008 caucus winner, the Des Moines Register writes.

4. Palin: Sarah Palin will attend a Tea Party Tax Day Rally, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, in Wisconsin on Saturday, The Hill reports.

5. Paul: Ron Paul has formed a “testing the waters” campaign.

6. Romney : “Since his defeat in the 2008 GOP presidential primary, a few political friends have given generously to Romney’s political operation, providing him a financial and organizational edge as the 2012 campaign gets underway,”

7. Santorum: Rick Santorum told the New Hampshire Union-Leader’s John DiStaso that he found the biggest encouragement to take the next step toward a presidential candidacy in the reception he received in New Hampshire.

8. Trump: “The Donald ducked a question about how many members serve in the House of Representatives.


Fox News is reporting this morning on the straw poll results from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).   Fox admits that Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Gary Johnson were the winners, ranking them 1,2, and 3.   However without citing any excuse, explanation, or evidence, Fox suggests that the poll was the result of stuffing the ballot box.  According to Fox it was the “disrespectful libertarians” who hijacked the poll.


CPAC is the conference of “America’s Oldest and Largest Grassroots Conservative Organization,” and is considered the “leading entity in providing conservative positions on issues to Congress, Administration Officials, State Governments, the media, policial candidates and the public.”


The following conservative voices were heard at this year’s conference:


Rep. Michele Bachmann
Gov. Haley Barbour
Hon. John Bolton
Andrew Breitbart
Arthur Brooks
Herman Cain
Ann Coulter
Gov. Mitch Daniels
Hon. Newt Gingrich
David Horowitz
Wayne LaPierre
Sen. Mike Lee
Sen. Mitch McConnell
Rep. Ron Paul
Sen. Rand Paul
Hon. Tim Pawlenty
Gov. Rick Perry
Hon. Mitt Romney
Hon. Donald Rumsfeld
Rep. Paul Ryan
Hon. Rick Santorum
Phyllis Schlafly
Sen. John Thune
Rep. Allen West


Fox, the source for “fair and balanced” reporting reported that:

Libertarian elements, because of their strange combination of policies that add up to anarchy without moral limits, don’t mix with conservative ideals. And, because of that, perhaps they should have their own conference and let all the pot-smokers and gay marriage supporters come and complain about how the U.S. shouldn’t be fighting terrorists, while they slander public servants…”


Needless to say I didn’t attend this conference, and I don’t pretend to know what conservatives might be thinking.  However it is amazing to me that Fox thinks it knows better than conservatives what conservatives are thinking.


 Have a great weekend!  Malia

Wassup video re 2008 election

  This is a great video about McCain in the 2008 election.  Must See!!!

 “Bush shoe dodge” as you have never seen it before.

It doesn’t take an expert to realize that the national debt is the single most challenging problem facing our country at this time in history.  During the election of 2008 McCain “suspended” his campaign to focus on the economy.  Gas was $4.00 per gallon; the rate of unemployment was frightening; Wall Street was a disaster; banks were in crisis; the auto industry was on the verge of bankruptcy; and health care in the United States was more expensive than in virtually any other country in the world.  In 2008, the combination of George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, and the economy, were a fatal combination for the Republican Party.  The national debt has now increased.  If we are to have a chance of saving the country, it is incumbent upon each of us to understand how we got here, and took look for committed leaders to solve our economic challenges.

Students of history know that certain facts are incontrovertible:

1.  Our nation began its existence in debt as a result of the Revolutionary War.

2.  Before Jackson left office he was successful in reducing the national debt to $18,000.

3.  The national debt has increased as a result of every major war.  The national debt has virtually never been reduced since Jackson.

4.  Since 1946, Democratic presidents increased the national debt by an average of 3.2% per year.

5.  Since 1946 Republican presidents have increased the national debt by an average of 9.2% per year.

6.  Republican presidents, Reagan, Bush, and Bush II raised the debt an average of 10.8% per year.  That means that for every dollar a Democratic President raised the national debt in the last 30 years, Republican presidents have raised the debt by $2.52.

7.  Since 1961 the debt of the United States has never been reduced.

8.  The United States is borrowing more money than all other nations on Earth combined.

9.  The national debt has grown and continues to grow at an unsustainable rate.

10.  In the past 60 years, when the Republicans were in control of the presidency and both Houses of Congress, neither debt nor government spending was reduced.  Both Democrats and Republicans are responsible for the national debt.  “We the people” have been the beneficiaries of this spending.

11.  For at least 10 years, the cost of Social Security and Medicare was known to be unsustainable.

12.  For the 2010 budget the following costs are incontrovertible:

a. 20% ($715 billion) dedicated to defense and national security spending

b. 20% ($708 billion) dedicated to social security

c. 21% ($753 billion) dedicated to Medicare, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program

13.  Studies have shown that 5% of Medicare patients who die each year account for 30% of Medicare’s costs, with 75% of the expenses of the last year of life occurring in the month before death.  This translates into roughly $226 billion which represents dollars spent during the last year of life for medical treatment of people on Medicare.  Of that $226 billion dollars, $169 billion is spent in the month before death.

14.  The national debt as of April 20, 2010 was 12.8 trillion dollars.

15.  As of April 1st 2010, the federal government spent $202 Billion on interest payments alone.

Given this historical analysis, it seems there is little about which informed people might argue.

  1. The debt of the United States is unsustainable.
  2. The solution to the economic woes of our country will require the cooperation of the President and both Houses of Congress, and elected officials, regardless of their political party, who are committed to finding solutions to economic challenges facing the country, instead of increasing their own personal wealth.
  3. Increasing military spending, increasing entitlements, and cutting taxes are inconsistent with reducing the national debt.

Sarah Palin has branded herself as a “fiscal conservative”.  How many times have we heard Ex-Governor Palin giving a speech about cutting taxes, increasing military spending, and concurrently reducing the national debt, without offering any explanation about how anyone could possibly accomplish those conflicting goals?  Of course the minor details of implementing such an economic philosophy are not her concern since she has divorced herself from any responsibility for governance of any portion of the country.  Isn’t it ironic that people pay large sums of money to hear her talk about reducing the national debt, while the debt increases each day along with Palin’s bank account?  At the end of the speech the audience lacks any idea about how these conflicting goals could possibly be achieved, but they are more adamant than ever that the government should be able to accomplish the goal, because Sarah said it was so.  Sarah Palin has become a millionaire, while our country sinks further in debt.  Who would disagree with a pretty lady when she says that we should lower taxes, protect our country from foreign enemies, and balance the budget?  Divine intervention is the only answer that Palin offers to accomplish her goals.  She is right about that.  She has also figured out how to suggest a solution to the financial crisis that would not negatively impact anyone.  If God could save us, then we don’t have to make any hard choices.  A miracle is the only solution to our national debt if we are unwilling to make some hard choices.  The problem is that if divine intervention was the answer, it seems like God would have intervened long before now.  Patience is a virtue, but if God was going to save us, surely it wouldn’t take him more than 200 years.

In the past it would have been political suicide for any politician to express a desire to limit or reduce Medicare, and/or social security, and/or to increase taxes.  People with the money are the ones funding the political campaigns, so who would win an election by advocating an increase in taxes?  People supported by social security and Medicare represent a substantial voting block.  If those senior citizens are not going to live to realize the consequences of the financial catastrophe we will face if the debt is not addressed, why would they vote to elect a candidate who would negatively impact the limited life they have left?

Because Sarah Palin is no longer a politician, and because she doesn’t articulate a specific plan for implementing any policies she promotes, the only yard stick available is her record as an elected official.  As mayor of Wasilla, Sarah Palin inherited a town with NO debt and left the town in debt in excess of $22,000,000. Certainly that would not be consistent with my definition of a fiscal conservative.  When Palin resigned as Governor, Alaska was the state with a 70% debt to GDP ratio, which was the highest state debt burden in the country.  Palin advertised herself as a politician opposed to earmarks.  The reality is that before she resigned as Governor, she requested $198 million in earmarks for Alaska.  While mayor of Wasilla, a town of 6,715 people, Palin hired a lobbyist, which led to the tiny town of Wasilla receiving almost $27,000,000 in federal tax dollars. Either Sarah Palin doesn’t understand what an earmark is or she’s lying.

This doesn’t sound like “common sense” to me; it sounds like a celebrity attempting to increase her personal wealth at the expense of America. If we are truly patriots, we must learn to recognize the motivations of people who are happy to take advantage of our fellow citizens.

Republicans, Democrats, and even Tea Baggers are all responsible for our national debt.  Republicans have been associated with increases in military spendingDemocrats have been associated with increases in entitlements. Even Tea Baggers have demonstrated their objection to governmental spending while advocating for more defense spending, and displaying signs suggesting that we should not touch their social security or Medicare.

The only commitment Sarah Palin seems to have is the commitment to increasing the balance in her personal bank account as fast as she can. Palin suggests that the current national budget is “immoral” and constitutes “generational theft”. The only thing truly “immoral” is lying to people about being opposed to earmarks, when you hired a lobbyist to obtain earmarks, and received over $26,000,000 of our federal tax dollars in earmarks.   The only “generational theft” that I have seen is the use of Palin’s own PAC funds, which were donated by retired people, that Palin ultimately used for her personal benefit.

Most politicians are quick to say that the debt is “unsustainable.”   Yet who have you seen that is willing to run on a platform of raising taxes, reducing entitlements, or reducing military spending?  Sarah Palin is the worst offender.  She intentionally misleads and/or lies. She chose to remove herself from a political position where she might actually have had a chance to facilitate change.  She is quick to criticize those with more education and experience than she, suggesting that they must not be praying hard enough to be worthy of divine intervention. Thus to criticize Sarah Palin is perceived by some as criticizing God.  The only divine intervention for which I pray for is the recognition of the hypocrisy of Sarah Palin.  The United States desperately needs solutions, and politicians willing to do that which is necessary to facilitate them.  Sarah Palin is no longer a politician.  She is a wealthy celebrity.  If Lady Gaga were to become an advocate for a political ideology, her celebrity status would suffer.  Lady Gaga has the common sense to limit her performances to singing.  Unfortunately Sarah Palin lacks common sense, though she does have a lot of personal cents.

Just Say NO to BS

The Ignorance of Sarah Palin

Rebuttal to the Rogue


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