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Everyone is focused on the hypocrisy of Bristol Palin, the ambassador of abstinence getting pregnant….again.

However the recently announced pregnancy of Bristol is more evidence of the hypocrisy of Sarah, not just Bristol. Sarah has previously demonstrated her unabashed willingness to proclaim the importance of traditional family values. Sarah was pregnant when she married. Todd was a pimp. Bristol had been an unwed teen mother when Sarah came out with America by Heart. Now she is pregnant again, at least for the second time, and maybe more. Track got Britta pregnant out of wed lock. While he did marry her, they are now divorced. Sarah has four/five children. None are married. None have a college degree. Sarah has two/three grandchildren. Soon it will be three/four. Given her experience raising small Republicans, remember what Sarah wrote in America by Heart, found in chapter Four, “Raising Small-r Republicans.

palin valley trash family

• “90% of fatherhood is just showing up.”(page 103)

• “The founders simply took it for granted that a republic relies on informed and virtuous citizens, and that informed and virtuous citizens are created in turn by strong families.” (page 109)

• “The foundation of national morality must be laid in private families” (page 110)

• “After all, the damage done to the American family by widespread divorce and children without fathers is relative recent in our history.” (pages 113-114)

• “…this lack of fathers translated into high crime rates, rampant drug abuse, educational failure, and chronic welfare dependency.” (page 115)

• “In many cases, the difference was strong, intact families—the families our Founders deemed essential to the success of our republic.” (page 115)

• “Standing up for the family wasn’t fashionable then and it is even less fashionable now.” (page 116)

• “…families do matter and fathers do matter.”( page 117)

• “Many people have argued, rightly, that the core problem is the weakness of families. Two-parent families do some obvious things. They provide more people to watch over and care for children, and they supply male role models for young boys.” (page 118)

• To avoid poverty, do three things: finish high school, marry before having a child, and produce the child after you are twenty years old.” (page 119)

The Palin family has actually made money off the unwed teen pregnancy of Bristol. Even though Bristol herself has declared that abstinence is not realistic, she became an “Abstinence Ambassador” for Candies Foundation.
For that she made $262,500.00 from Candies alone.
Pictures of Tripp were a hot item. Bidding started at $100,000.00 and the ultimate winner was reported to pay $300,000.
Sarah can’t blame the media or the liberal elite for her family’s lack of values. It is clear that Sarah Palin proclaims the importance of traditional family values, but does not have them.

How could we forget the indiscretions of Eliot Spitzer, Mark Sanford, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani called a “notorious philanderer” by his third wife, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and admitted adulterer John McCain? Perhaps the reason for Sarah Palin being singled out as worse than the others, is that she has proclaimed the importance of family values in her book

america by heart

and in television shows.

sarah palin's alaska

trailer homes

Everyone who was conservative was in Iowa this weekend.

Rick Perry, the indicted felon was in Iowa this weekend.

rick perry mug shot

The Senator from Iowa known for her ability to castrate animals was on hand.

The minister preoccupied with the libidos of women was there.

A doctor was on hand in case any Siamese twins needed to be separated.

ben carson funny

A man with a drinking problem was in attendance.

Somebody with a vagina was there, but it wasn’t Sarah Palin.

carly fiorina red dress

How could Sarah miss an event like this? She has always turned out in Iowa in the past. One of her most memorable speeches was given in Iowa.

I know the barbecue in Kentucky was over.

palin kentucky barbecue

I know she got off the boat.

sarah wearing bristol's ring

They had motorcycles there and pretended to raise money for the Puppy Jake Foundation, two of Palin’s favorite things.

palin motorcycle bad hair day

palin motorcycle

trig on dog

Unable to answer the question, I went to Sarah’s Facebook post, and the answer was obvious. She was afraid that Joni Ernst might confuse Piper’s new pig with one of her own.

piper pig

Republican donors around the country are uncertain about which candidate they believe will be their nominee in 2016. The result is that they are giving small amounts of money to all the Republican candidates, except Rand Paul.

rand paul curly headed

Paul has been ostracized for his anti-Israel positions.

In lashing out at his detractors, Paul said that some of his critics “secretly want there to be an attack on the U.S. so they can blame me.” That is an outrageous charge, saying that some who disagree with him on the controversial program would prefer to see dead Americans so they can score political points.

Paul has also blamed Republicans for creating ISIS.

rand paul isis

It appears Rand Paul may have as much of a chance in the Presidential election in 2016 as Sarah Palin.

palin amazing america thumbs up

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the Republican Party seems to have formulated a plan for the 2016 race. The plan is to introduce so many clowns who claim to be running for president, that by the time the primary comes around the public will be so relieved that there is a “normal” person running, that he/she will clearly stand out from the crowd.

clown car republicans

So far it seems that the Republicans who have declared their intention to run have been carefully selected by the GOP to appeal to a particular demographic. It is obvious that:

Ted Cruz: He has been chosen to attract the people who like eggs.

green eggs ham cruz

Ben Carson: He has been chosen to attract the conjoined twin vote.


Carly Fiorina: She has been chosen to attract the votes of foreigners.

Overcrowded trains prepare to leave for the city after the final prayer ceremony of Bishwa Ijtema in Tongi, on the outskirts of Dhaka

Rick Perry: He hasn’t announced his intention to run, but will soon. He has been chosen to attract the felon’s vote.

rick perry mug shot

Rick Santorum: He hasn’t announced his intention, but he is “testing the water.” If he runs it will be to attract the resort water slide testers.

PR shoot for First Choice Slide Testers PHOTO MATT WRITTLE

Marco Rubio: He has declared that he will run. He will attract the vote of the IBWA (the International Bottled Water Association).

The Colbert State of the Rubio.

Rand Paul: He has been added to the clown car to attract the curly headed voters.

rand paul curly headed

Mike Huckabee is scheduled to announce his candidacy today. He is going to join to attract the vote of women who can control their libido.

Sarah Palin won’t enter the race in 2016. If she were to enter it would be to attract the vote of the mentally ill, but they keep getting confused about the day of the eletion.

palinwild eyed

The slogan for the Republican Party in 2016 will surely be “Send in the Clowns.”

palin hitchhiking

Thanks “m” for this link!

Republicans disagree who would be represent them in 2016. However the one thing they agree upon is that they DO NOT WANT Sarah Palin to run in 2016. The one thing that most (59%) Republicans agree upon is that they DO NOT WANT Sarah Palin to run in 2016. Even more impressive is the revelation that the GOP voters surveyed said they would rather be “right” and lose the election than have a candidate of their choosing win the election but represent values different than their own. Thus it appears that GOP voters are so opposed to Sarah Palin that they wouldn’t vote for her. Even if nominated they’d still rather lose the election than have someone like her that disagrees with many of their positions, elected to office.

palin two immoral m

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