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Thanks BW for making our day with this witty post.

palin and tina fey


Sarah Palin has a long, colorful, and bloody history of eating her own.   She was given the name “barracuda” in high school, and it is as fitting today as then.    Barracudas are snake-like in appearance.

palin snake

Barracudas, like Sarah have prominent, sharp-edged, fang-like teeth.

palin fang

Barracudas, like Palin, are known for the large jaws, pointed heads, and obvious underbite.

palin underbite one

palinunderbite two

palin underbite three

palin underbitefour

Barracudas are ferocious, opportunistic predators, relying on surprise.  They have been known to eat their own.

From the time Sarah was Mayor of Wasilla, her friends have become her enemies.

A great example was her original support from the Murkowski family, and her later bitter feud with Lisa.

Perhaps the best example of the animosity between people who had been Palin’s strongest advocates, and later became her critics was Blind Allegiance.

blind allegiance

Sarah Palin supported, promoted,endorsed, and campaigned for Ted Cruz.

palin cruz hug

palin and cruz

palin texas boots cruz

Ted Cruz even gave Palin credit for his election.

When it was anticipated that Palin was going to endorse the Donald, Cruz felt that Palin had turned on him, like so many others Palin had originally supported, and later became their most outspoken critic.  Members of Cruz’s campaign have acknowledged that it was a “blow” to Cruz for Palin to endorse Trump.   They have said:  there is literally no excuse for Sarah Palin not to endorse Ted Cruz, if she believes even half the things she’s been saying over the years about mavericks and people who have taken on entrenched Republican interests. Donald Trump has done none of this. In fact, he specifically attacked Ted Cruz because the Establishment does not like him…

It is no wonder that Cruz was surprised and deeply disappointed that Palin had turned on him.  After all Sarah had said:

We’re proud to join conservatives in Texas and throughout the nation in supporting your campaign to become the next Senator from the Lone Star State.”

“Your conservative principles, passionate defense of our Constitution and our free market system come at a time when these cornerstones of our freedom and prosperity are under attack.”

 “Our shared goal isn’t just to change the majority in control of the Senate, but to assure principled conservatives like you are there to fight for us.”

Yet when Palin was interviewed about her endorsement of Trump she said it wasn’t even a difficult decision.

Now, in a Facebook post, Palin has gone on the attack.  Instead of simply not endorsing Cruz, she has become an outspoken critic.    She accused Cruz of “dirty tricks” and indicated that the Cruz campaign has engaged in  “typical Washington tactics.”  She thanked Donald Trump for “[opening] so many eyes to the lies, corruption and total lack of accountability that come so naturally to the permanent political class.”

Certainly many people see through Cruz’s campaign and recognize him for the scoundrel that he is.  He lies. He deceives.  He attacked President Obama’s eligibility to run for President when his own eligibility is more suspect than Obama’s.

cruz citizenship

He cost the country 24 Billion dollars by his outrageous and predictable waste of time in the Senate.

cruz reads to daughters green eggs ham cruz

Then after making his opposition to Obamacare his signature issue, he himself used it for his personal healthcare.  He also voted with the other 99 Senators to vote on the budget after devoting hours of the precious time of the Senate on his purported opposition to the vote.

However for Palin to endorse Cruz and campaign for him, and then to turn on him, is the best and most obvious proof that nobody should believe anything Palin says.  If her best judgment is to support a candidate, and then to do a total reversal regarding that candidate, why would anyone believe anything Palin ever said about anyone?  Who would trust the judgement of a politician/celebrity if their opinions of politicians were constantly changing?

Sarah Palin is a barracuda.  She makes a regular diet of eating her own.

baracuda eat own

She has also been called a pit-bull.  Maybe that nickname was also inspired by the things a pit-bull will eat.

dog eat own poop

Remember Cruz’s original position on Obamacare.


cruz citizenship


Remember he said that Americans are “suffering” because of Obamacare.


Then he voted with the other 99 Senators to  vote on the proposed budget and his time in the Senate was described as a big “waste of time.”


Then Mr. Cruz enrolled his family in nationalized health care.


Clearly Ted Cruz has lied, over and over again, about Obamacare.

In a recent Iowa event, an Iowa voter posed the unanswerable question to Ted Cruz…”What would you propose in place of Obamacare?”  The truth is that the best available research suggests that the majority of people covered under Obamacare ended up paying less money, not more, for their policies, while enjoying guarantees of coverage nobody had previously.  Overall, fewer and fewer Americans are reporting difficulty with medical bills and the proportion of Americans without coverage has fallen to historic lows. In Iowa specifically, the proportion of residents without health insurance fell by nearly half from 2013 to 2015, according to Gallup.

As for the claim that the Affordable Care Act has either destroyed jobs or turned millions of full-time positions into part-time ones, it appears to be just plain wrong. Anecdotal stories of employers capping hours got a lot of attention in 2014 and 2015, but experts have now had time to examine the data and they see no signs of a significant trend towards part-time work. (Also of note: the private sector has created jobs in every month since the Affordable Care Act became law.) Based on conversations with several well-respected economists, the websitePolitifact recently rated this favorite Republican argument “Pants on Fire.”

Now that Iowans are learning how Cruz has been deceiving them, Trump has regained the lead.  He stands at 28 percent, while rival Ted Cruz has slid to 23 percent.   So the implication is that Republicans in Iowa are learning that their favorite candidate has been lying to them.  They can no longer vote for Cruz, so who is left.  They can’t support Trump because of his policies, but because he’s the only one left whose name they recognize.  It’s a sad day for Republicans when the best they can offer is the Donald.  The Donald is the candidate who refused to participate in the debate for fear that Fox News would reveal just how hypocritical he is.  But the truth is that Donald Trump is a total hypocrite and he’s unapologetic.


donald trump frown

Remember, among other things, we should be frightened about Trump’s judgment as illustrated by his remarks about Sarah Palin.


It was the Summer of 2009 that Sarah Palin announced she was quitting.

It was the fall of 2015 that Megyn Kelly embarrassed Donald Trump with his own words about women.

Even though Trump denied it, he refused to participate in the next GOP debate if Megyn Kelly was going to be one of the moderators.  He claimed she didn’t treat him fairly in the previous debate, so he wouldn’t participate in this one.

The undisputed facts are that Trump couldn’t defend himself if reporters were unafraid of him.  He quit.  He refused to debate.


Ted Cruz did participate in the debate, but threatened to leave the debate due to the “mean” questions posed to him.

Palin quit.  Trump quit.  Cruz threatened to quit.  What does this say about the people who declare themselves to be prepared to lead this country?  If they are so quick to be unable to withstand questioning by a reporter, how could they ever be expected to withstand a direct attack by a foreign leader.  Qualities we look for in the leadership of our country include being calm, reflective, respectful, firm, persistent, and unflappable. When Cruz threatened to leave the GOP debate because he perceived the moderators to be “mean” it was embarrassing.

Finally, it is important to recognize that Donald Trump’s celebrity status is getting old.  He hoped that he could dominate the airwaves by directly competing with the Republican debate.  However the ratings are in, and Trump lost that bet.  The GOP debate on Fox has 12.5 million viewers.  By comparison, two of the cable channels that aired Trump’s show, that directly competed for viewers had only 1/10th of the viewers at 2.7 million.  Americans may have enjoyed Donald Trump as an entertainer, but clearly when it comes to choosing a President, we are not impressed with candidates like Trump, Cruz, and Palin who get going when the going gets tough!


cruz citizenship

For eight days I have been trying to determine what background check was done on Ted Cruz when he ran for Senate in Texas.  The law is clear that a person running for Senate is required to be a citizen, and must have been a citizen for at least nine years before applying for a Senate Seat.  “The 9-year rule helps ensure that foreign-born senators show more loyalty to the United States than to their countries of birth. This helps promote fairness when senators have to deal with treaties and make other foreign policy decisions.”

This evening I received the following e-mail from Donna Davidson, the Attorney fort he Republican Party of Texas:

Ms. Litman-

The Republican Party of Texas received your request for the ballot application filed in 2011 by Ted Cruz to be a candidate for the United States Senate.  The ballot application is below.
We have no documents reflecting anything related to background checks on this application as none are conducted.
This is the only record in our possession responsive to your request.
Thank you.
donna davidson
Donna García Davidson
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Capitol Station
P.O. Box 12131
Austin, Texas  78711
CMBL ID Number:  1800244746600
Here is the document attached:
As indicated in the e-mail the Texas GOP did nothing to confirm, investigate, or verify that Ted Cruz was a citizen.  Mr. Cruz represented that it was true, so they obviously assumed he was telling the truth.  Given this information it is crucial that Mr. Cruz verify, immediately, where and when his parents were married, and produce a marriage certificate which shows when they were married.  If they were not married when Ted was born, the he is NOT a citizen.  Somebody in Ted Cruz’s office should respond to the e-mail sent on Jan. 20th.  If Senator Ted Cruz is NOT a citizen, he certainly is not qualified to run for President, and his Senate seat should be the subject of a special election.
ted cruz government shut down

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