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Yesterday I posted an article on the number of Republicans who have posed with Child Molester Josh Duggar. I found pictures of Duggar with Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Scott Walker.


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“m” brought this article from Raw Story to our attention. The story illustrates virtually all the leaders of the GOP have associated themselves Josh Duggar, the admitted child molester. The long list of leaders of the party of the Christian conservatives to have posed with Dugar includes:

Reince Priebus

Jeb Bush


Bobby Jindal

Rick Perry

Mike Huckabee

Rick Santorum

Ted Cruz

Scott Walker

Rand Paul

and of course Sarah and Bristol Palin.

palinduggar one

palin bristol duggar

You could excuse these politicians for posing with Mr. Duggar as they probably didn’t all know that he was a child molester. However the type of people that Republicans have knowingly associated with paints a graphic picture of the character traits they look for in their supporters.

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WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 25: Chairman and CEO of the Fox News Network Roger Ailes participates in the "America's Best Leaders: How do they lead? Where are they taking us?" National Issues Briefing hosted by U.S. News and World Report October 25, 2005 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The talk was held in collaboration with the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images for U.S. News and World Report)

WASHINGTON – OCTOBER 25: Chairman and CEO of the Fox News Network Roger Ailes participates in the “America’s Best Leaders: How do they lead? Where are they taking us?” National Issues Briefing hosted by U.S. News and World Report October 25, 2005 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The talk was held in collaboration with the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images for U.S. News and World Report)

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This was the confrontation of a college student and Jeb Bush regarding ISIS.

It seems that Bush can’t help himself, since he has repeatedly defended his brother’s decisions while in office.

• George W. Bush tried to partially privatize Social Security. Jeb Bush supported his brother’s scheme, despite being governor of the state with the largest number of retirees. His current position should worry future retirees even more. He wants to raise the retirement age, guaranteeing a reduction in lifetime benefits for Gen Xers and beyond.

• George W. Bush inherited the Clinton surplus — the largest in history — and turned it into the largest deficit in history. He did so in part through massive tax cuts, which disproportionately benefited the wealthiest Americans. Amazingly, Jeb Bush has reportedly turned for advice to an architect of his brother’s tax cuts for the rich. Jeb has said this year, “I am proud of President Bush for standing for what’s right as it relates to tax policy. … And we should make the (Bush) tax cuts permanent.” Here we go again.

• Jeb’s immigration proposal closely tracks his brother’s path to legal status. This infuriates the GOP’s conservative base. And if you want to see a tea partier’s panties in a wad, remind him that Jeb’s Common Core education plan is basically the little brother of W’s No Child Left Behind.

• In 2010, CNN’s Candy Crowley asked Jeb Bush where he disagreed with his brother “publicly or privately.” He said, “I’m the only Republican that was in office when he was in office as president that never disagreed with him. And I’m not going to start now.” When Candy pressed him, Jeb said, “Till death do us part.”

Jeb may be his brother’s keeper, but he won’t be doing it from the White House!

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In 2008 John McCain chose Sarah Palin because she was a woman. She wasn’t bright. She wasn’t intellectually curious,
meaning of course, that she wasn’t even interested in trying to educate herself. She knew nothing about geography, the United States Supreme Court, or dinosaurs. She didn’t even know what it is that the Vice President does.

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Sarah lacked experience. At the time she was tapped, she had only served on city council in Wasilla, and had been the Governor of Alaska for 1 1/2 years.

Carly Fiorina has indicated she is interested in running on the Republican ticket for President. While she hasn’t declared herself to be a candidate, it seems a matter of time. She is the Sarah Palin of 2016 because she is a woman, and the GOP seems to think they need a woman on the ticket. They want Fiorina to attack Hillary, as it might somehow be impolite for a man to criticize a female opponent. Fiorina isn’t qualified to be the President, the Vice President, or even a CEO of a large company.

Fiorina has never held elected office. In the only campaign she participated in she lost. That was the race for Senate in California. Palin lost in her race for Lieutenant Governor. Both are losers.

Fiorina has been married twice. Sarah Palin has only been married once, but it appears she has had as many men as Fiorina.

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Fiorina’s husband is employed as an executive with AT&T. Todd isn’t employed, but has experience working as a pimp.

Fiorina has never had children. Palin has had at least four.

Fiorina was the CEO of HP, but she was fired. Palin was never fired from any large company because she was never employed by any large company.

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Fiorina outsourced over 30,000 jobs. Palin never supervised even 100 workers.

Fiorina carried $500,000 in unpaid campaign debt for years. Palin had a similar amount of debt due to ethics complaints.

The only thing that is actually comparable between Palin and Fiorina is that they are both women. Fiorina is being advertised by the GOP as a candidate, only because they feel that they must portray themselves as supportive of women. The ironic thing is that by promoting women who are unqualified to run for the highest office in the land, the Republican Party demonstrates it’s antiquated view of women. It is clear that there are no qualified Republican women to run for President because the Republican Party doesn’t view women as competent to lead. By their indication that only a woman could criticize Hillary, the GOP has indicated that the 2016 election will be about gender and not about issues. When Sarah Palin was tapped as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, women across the country were offended. The GOP has obviously learned nothing from the Palin fiasco in 2008. We have been plagued as a country with the damage done by Sarah Palin for the last 7 years. Please don’t subject us to 7 more years of watching the destruction that Carly Fiorina could cause.

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(the last half of this segment features Palin as his #1 Supporter)

It’s official. Ted Cruz has announced that he will seek the presidency in 2016. Donny Deutsch on MSNBC said that Cruz was the new Sarah Palin. Certainly Cruz and Palin are both frightening people to hold any elected office. However I find Cruz to be much more frightening. Here’s why.

1. Palin ran for V.P. and Cruz is running for President.

2. Cruz is smarter than Palin. I know you are thinking that everyone is smarter than Sarah Palin, but Cruz is said to be brilliant. He attended Princeton undergraduate, and Harvard Law School. He was described by his Harvard Law Professor as “off the charts brilliant.

3. Palin left college without making any real impression on her classmates. She was a non-factor. Cruz on the other hand created a vivid memory among his classmates. SEVERAL classmates described him with words like “abrasive,” “intense,” “strident,” “crank,” and “arrogant.” Four independently offered the word “creepy,” with some pointing to Cruz’s habit of donning a paisley bathrobe and walking to the opposite end of their dorm’s hallway where the female students lived.

4. Palin endorsed Cruz and campaigned with the Pimp in Texas for him.

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Cruz has said that he wouldn’t be in office today but for Sarah Palin.

5. Cruz like Palin has said some crazy things. However Palin said most of hers after she held no elected office. Cruz said these things while he was a Senator. Here is just a sampling of crazy things Cruz has said:
a. “‘Net neutrality’ is Obamacare for the Internet”
b. “Instead of nominating a health professional, he (Obama) nominated someone who is an anti-gun activist”
c. Obama just a “social worker” who wants to put ISIS “on expanded Medicaid”
d. “It is the job of a chaplain to be insensitive to atheists”
e. “I didn’t threaten to shut down the government” (remember he is the one who led the charge and cost the country 24 Billion Dollars).
f. “I will renounce any Canadian citizenship”
g. “I expect them to start quartering soldiers in people’s homes soon”
h. “Gay marriage” leads to Christianity becoming “hate speech”
i. “I am a very, very proud wacko bird”
j. “I have never seen a Hispanic panhandler”
k. “Your world is on fire!”
l. “Green Eggs and Ham”

6. Even John McCain, who picked Sarah Palin, thinks Cruz is a “wacko-bird.

7. Ted Cruz has recently announced that he believes in science, but there is no scientific proof of global warming. He was wrong!

8. Even Pat Robertson doesn’t support Cruz as he seems to prefer gaining attention for himself even if it is at a cost to the Republican party. Robertson cited Cruz’s delay tactics that allowed Democrats to push through multiple nominations of Obama.

9. Cruz’s government shut down cost the country $24 BILLION DOLLARS.

10. Ted Cruz’s own GOP has pointed out his stupidity in his recent attempt to shut down the government…again. Here are a few quotes:

a. “I’ve seen this movie before, and I wouldn’t pay money to see it again,” Georgia GOP Sen. Johnny Isakson.

b. Asked if Cruz had created an opening for the Democrats, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch said, “I wish you hadn’t pointed that out.”

c. “You should have an end goal in sight if you’re going to do these type of things,” Hatch added, “and I don’t see an end goal other than just irritating a lot of people.”

d. Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake said the strategy doesn’t bode well for the new Republican-controlled Congress. “I fail to see what conservative ends were achieved.”

11. Cruz advocated bringing assault weapons into a Senate hearing on gun safety. His idea was to waive unloaded guns around to demonstrate how safe they are.

12. Cruz was one of three votes against confirmation of John Kerry as “Secretary of State. He explained that “I was compelled to vote no on Senator Kerry’s nomination because of his longstanding less-than-vigorous defense of U.S. national security issues, and, in particular, his long record supporting treaties and international tribunals that have undermined U.S. sovereignty.”

13. Palin is a natural born American citizen. Cruz was born outside the United States. There is a legitimate question about whether Cruz can even meet the qualifications under the constitution to run for President. Even if the Supreme Court rules that he is allowed to run, there is a real question about whether any person born outside the United States, and whose father was not an American citizen should be allowed to hold the highest position in the Government of America. There is already forming a Ted Cruz “birther” movement.

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With a majority of Republicans in the House and the Senate, it seems logical that there would never be a time when our military or DHS would be threatened with lack of funding. However it seems that funding for DHS hangs in the balance. If Congress doesn’t act soon the people working night and day to produce the documents requested two years ago might not get paid. Secret Service agents might not get reimbursed for the massages they already paid for, although they may have paid less than the going rate. Air Marshals might not be able to meet other Air Marshals in Hawaii! The country could come to a stand-still!

homeland security

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Mitt Romney has announced that he won’t join the list of losers who will compete to lose the 2016 election.

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Sarah Palin spoke this weekend at the Oil Palace in Tyler, Texas, a small town in East Texas. She was introduced at the event by Texas Governor Rick Perry, who referred to half-term-ex-Governor Palin as one of the “great Americans of our time.”  Certainly Perry and Palin have many things in common, not the least of which is a total lack of respect for the truth.

Consider the similarity in the willingness of Palin and Perry to lie.  While many examples of the lies of Palin have filled pages of this blog for months, I have worked hard to limit my comments to Palin.  I have intentionally refrained from sharing my feelings about Rick Perry.  Perry’s description of Palin at the Tyler event has come close to putting me into a coma. My doctor has indicated that the only potentially therapeutic treatment for my condition is to write.  Thus I ask you to consider the similarities between Palin and Perry:

1. Both Have Been On the Cover of Newsweek Magazine

Palin:  “Saint Sarah” graced the cover in June.

Perry: Perry was featured with the title “Don’t Mess with Texas”.

2. Both Claim to be “Fiscal Conservatives”

Palin: Palin has described herself as a “fiscal conservative”. Palin said she was opposed to federal earmarks for Alaska, but she hired a lobbyist for Wasilla and received millions of dollars in federal funding.  Palin said she opposed to the Bridge to Nowhere, but she originally favored it. She said she opposed to earmarks, but the truth is that she accepted millions of dollars to study the genetics of harbor seals and the mating habits of crabs.

Perry:  Before Palin quit her job as Governor of Alaska, she endorsed Rick Perry.  Palin described Perry as a “true conservative”.   She cited one of Perry’s top campaign issues as his opposition to federal financial bailouts. The truth is that Texas, under Perry’s fiscal conservative leadership, has accepted $16 billion in federal stimulus funds.  The state of Texas is in the throws of a financial crisis, with approximately $18 billion in debt. Given the financial crisis in Texas, and given the identification of the financial crisis as a “top issue”, one would expect the Governor to be devoting extra time to his job, and to solving the financial problems of the state.  In 21 weeks of work, Perry enjoyed 16 long weekends and worked an average of seven hours per week. Do you think he has solved the financial crisis yet?

“How long will the folks in Washington keep spending money that they don’t have, for solutions they haven’t thought through, for problems they really don’t understand?” Perry asked.

The Wall Street Journal noted that the stimulus is the reason that Texas has a balanced budget. State debt has doubled during Perry’s term as Governor, but fortunately for him he has had time to write a book by the title, “Fed Up.”  His publisher described the book as describing federal policies as a “legitimate threat to America’s continued leadership in the free world.”

Rick Perry, the true fiscal conservative, has spent taxpayer’s money for items including:

    1. Over $130,000 for parties, food, drinks and cable TV.
    2. At least $18,000 for “consumables” such as household supplies and cleaning products.
    3. A $1,000 “emergency repair” of the Governor’s filtered ice machine.
    4. A $700 clothes rack.
    5. A little over $70 for a two year subscription to Food & Wine Magazine (probably to give him ideas on throwing all of those lavish parties at our expense!).
    6. Maintenance on the heated pool has cost taxpayers at least $8,400.
    7. Grounds and lawn maintenance has topped $44,000.
    8. A 6,386-square-foot rental home located on three acres of land and which was advertised in 2007 for sale at $1.85 million. The Governor’s mansion only had 2,750 square feet.
    9. He has only one housekeeper, on full-time chef, one part-time chef, a mansion administrator, and a steward.  The salary for these servants is $195,770.00.

3. Both SAY They Advocate Transparency in Government

Palin:   Sarah Palin has explained the importance in making the financial matters of public record.

Perry: Perry also says he demands transparency in government, but ignored state law, and his own executive order, that required all state agencies to be “accountable and transparent.” It was the stimulus spending information that he conveniently failed to post. Perhaps “opaque” would have been a better choice of words for Rick Perry’s budget.

4. Both Sued the Federal Government on Environmental Matters

Palin:  Before Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska she sued the Federal Government seeking to remove polar bears from the endangered species list.

Perry: Rick Perry sued the EPA over its regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Both Shoot Animals for Pleasure

Palin: Palin and her parents have a long history of killing animals.  Both Palin and her parents surround themselves with proof of the animals they have killed.

Perry: Perry has been known to jog with a laser cited pistol, and shoot animals during his morning run.  Even Fox “News” reporters found this story a little frightening.

6. Both Have Been Associated with Seceding from the U.S.

Palin Todd, Sarah husband, was a member of the Alaska Independence Party for 6 years.  The primary focus of the party was secession from the United States. The Alaska Independence Party was founded by the “rabidly violent” anti-American Joe Vogler, who is quoted as saying, “I’m an Alaskan, not an American.”  “I’ve got no use for America or her damned institutions,” Palin herself provided the opening remarks to the Alaskan Independent Party Convention of 2008, saying:

“I am delighted to welcome you to the 2008 Alaskan Independence Party Convention….I share your party’s vision of upholding the Constitution of the State…Your Party plays an important role in the State’s Politics… We have a great promise to be a self-sufficient state…Keep up the good work, and God Bless You.”

Perry: Rick Perry made national headlines when he said:

“We’ve got a great union. There’s absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know who knows what might come out of that. But Texas is a very unique place, and we’re a pretty independent lot to boot.”

7. Both Sound More Like Preachers than Politicians

Palin: Of course Palin is no longer a politician.  In an interview she was asked:

“Do you think the mainstream media and the left understands your religious faith, Governor Palin?” Her answer: “I think that there’s a lot of mocking of my personal faith,” she said. “And my personal faith is very, very simple. I don’t belong to any church”.

Palin has repeatedly advocated prayer as a solution to the countries many challenges.  Her solution is to seek divine intervention.  In religious gatherings she has asked the congregation to pray that the war in Iraq is “God’s plan”, and she has asked the congregants to pray for a $30 billion national gas pipeline.  Sometimes with Palin it’s hard to remember if you are in a prayer meeting or a legislative session.

Perry: Perry has been compared to a “tent revival preacher.” Perry has said:

“We are in a struggle for the heart and soul of our nation…Do we believe in the primacy of an unrestrained federal government? Or do we worship the God of the universe, placing our trust in his eternal, natural laws, and defending his children?”

8. Both Are In Bed With BP

Palin:  In spite of the many examples of the violations of safety standards by BP in Alaska, Palin has blamed the environmentalists for the Gulf Oil spill. In her Facebook post Palin made reference to the “extreme greenies,” and used the BP spill as a reason to justify drilling in ANWR.

Palin’s history with BP is extensive.  Of course her husband worked 18 years for BP.  As early as 1995 Palin was aware that BP admitted to felony charges for environmental crimes on the North Slope (Palin 95).  She was also aware that BP had actually injected illegal and hazardous substances into wells to save money (95).  Palin’s history of knowledge of the atrocities committed by BP is long and colorful.

Before resigning as Governor, Palin admits that she knew:

“…that BP had been trying to save money for years by cutting corners on oil pipeline maintenance on the North Slope.  This was very serious: leaks and spills from corroded pipelines were all too common and harmed the environment…” (153).

The largest land spill in the country occurred at the BP Prudhoe Bay field in Alaska, in 2006. An estimated 212,252 gallons of oil leaked from a BP Oil Transit Line.  Even today the consequences of that spill still linger.  Palin was sworn in as Governor in December of 2006. Thus not only was she aware of BP’s history of conscious indifference to safety regulations, but she was Governor during the time of the clean up, and the suit by the EPA.  In March of 2009, before resigning as Governor, the EPA sued BP for a string of violations related to the spills in Alaska.  The EPA alleged federal violations related to numerous problems with BP’s operational practices at Prudhoe Bay.  That suit, seeking tens of millions of dollars, alleged that the company failed to implement an acceptable spill-prevention and control plan and was delinquent in repairing pipelines which they were under federal orders to fix.

Perry: Perry has suggested that the Gulf Oil disaster was:

“…just an act of God that occurred… From time to time there are going to be things that occur that are acts of God that cannot be prevented.”

Perry’s first instinct after the explosion was not to blame people responsible, but to indicate it must have been an act of God. Rick Perry went on to say that BP has “historically had a very good safety record from my perspective.”  He must have just forgotten about the largest explosion in the state of Texas, which occurred in 2005, during the time he was Governor.  The families of the 15 people killed and the 170 people injured in that explosion probably wouldn’t describe the safety record of BP as “very good”.

The Texas refinery was one of two BP refineries that accounted for 97% of all “flagrant” violations in the U.S. refining industry.  Not only was BP responsible for virtually ALL of the refinery violations in the country, but most of the violations cited were classified as “egregious willful,” according to a Center for Public Integrity investigation of Occupational Safety and Health Administration records.

Here’s a look at how those violations breakdown:

  • 760 egregious willful
  • 69 willful
  • 30 serious
  • 3 unclassified

Most violations came, according to the Center for Public Integrity, because BP failed to fix the problems identified as the cause of the 2005 Texas City refinery explosion. “The only thing you can conclude is that BP has a serious, systemic safety problem in their company,” Jordan Barab, deputy assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health, told the Center for Public Integrity.

As if the explosion and the people killed or injured, on the day of the Texas City tragedy were not sufficient to get Governor Perry’s attention, OSHA imposed the largest fine in history against BP as a result of its many failures at the Texas City plant.  In October 2009, just six months before the Gulf Oil explosion on the Deep Water Horizon well, OSHA imposed a record $87 million fine against BP for lack of compliance with safety regulations, and for failure to make agreed-upon improvements at its Texas City refinery.  The US Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis, reported that during 17 inspections since the explosions four years ago, OSHA found 270 cases where BP failed to comply with changes; BP had previously agreed to make.  Additionally OSHA found 439 “willful” violations involving pressure release systems on units at the Texas City refinery.

“The fact that there are so many still outstanding, life-threatening problems at this plant indicates that they still have a systemic safety problem in this refinery,” Jordan Barab, acting assistant secretary of labor for OSHA, said.

If Perry didn’t know about the safety record of BP, then he was grossly negligent.  If he knew, then he lied when he indicated the BP had a “very good” safety record.  Consider these facts to help you assess whether you think he was consciously indifferent, or that he lied:

1.  BP donated $250,000 to restoration of the Governor’s mansion.  When Rick Perry needed to raise money to restore the Governor’s Mansion after a major fire, he turned to his friends at BP. According to the Austin American-Statesman, “The largest donation is $250,000 from energy giant BP America.” (Source: Austin American-Statesman, January 30, 2009)

2.  Perry paid BP for jobs already in Texas.  Perry gave BP $750,000 to create 150 jobs in League City, Texas. It was soon revealed that, “50 already work for BP and live in the area.” One expert called it, “a classic case of getting paid for doing what you’re going to do anyway.” (The Houston Chronicle, January 13, 2005)

3.  Perry has been widely criticized for his Texas Enterprise Fund after a report revealed that almost half of the companies that received taxpayer dollars have, “failed or struggled to meet job goals.” The companies, including key player in the subprime mortgage market Countrywide Home Loans, have been given a total of $363 million taxpayer dollars. (Source: Austin American-Statesman, January 28, 2010)

If you still have any doubt about whether Rick Perry truly thought BP had a “very good safety record”, please watch this two minute video.

Of all the people who are, or have been, politicians, can you think of anyone who would have been in a better position to anticipate the worst environmental disaster in the history of our country than Palin and Perry?

9.  Both Are Losing Popularity

Palin: By the time Palin resigned as Governor, her popularity had declined from an 89% approval rating to 54%.

Perry:  Rick Perry is an unusually weak incumbent, and his opponent, Bill White is an unusually strong challenger.  Only 36% of voters in Texas approve of Perry and 49% disapprove. Independent voters are particularly dissatisfied with Perry, with 55% indicating he is doing a poor job.  White meanwhile is better known and better liked than most challengers running across the country this year.  Thirty-seven percent of voters have a favorable opinion of him compared to 25% with an unfavorable one, and he posts positive numbers with independents at a 35/24 spread.

There is one difference between Perry and Palin.  Palin resigned as Governor, and Perry is still the Governor.  Surely if people know the facts, we won’t re-elect Perry.  Please help me make people aware of all the facts, about both Palin and Perry.

Both Democrats and Republicans have been associated with political scandal for years.  Democratic standouts include former Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer, whose involvement with a prostitute led to his resignation, and Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich, who was arrested on federal corruption charges of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and solicitation of bribery, including attempting “to obtain personal gain … through the corrupt use” of his authority to fill Barack Obama‘s vacated United States Senate seat. Recent Republican standouts include, Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina who traveled to Buenos Aires for a rendezvous with a mistress without telling anyone where he was going for at least four days, and Alaska Senator Ted Stevens who was convicted of seven corruption related felonies.

Even though these politicians are associated with different political parties, they have two things in common.  They were each immoral, and the degree of their failings was not obvious until AFTER they were elected to office.  Imagine the absurdity of electing a politician AFTER we were aware of their misdeeds, demonstrated immorality, and their violation of the law and total lack of respect for our system of government.  Certainly we would not expect ANY person to endorse a person for political office who was an admitted felon, a person who admitted to a history of intentional abuse of the government, or who herself repeatedly engaged in the very type of behavior that her political party condemned.  Sarah Palin, the politically shrewd leader that she is, has amazed us once again.

When Grandma Palin she said she was a “maverick” we didn’t think she meant, resigning as Governor, building dikes in the Gulf of Mexico, or endorsing a woman named “Star”.  She did resign as Governor; she did suggest we consult the Dutch regarding building dikes; and she has now endorsed Star Parker.  Palin describes Parker’s life as an “incredible story”.

Star Parker’s life story includes:

  1. Ms. Parker’s first book was entitled, Pimps, Whores, and Welfare Brats.
  2. Star Parker was dependent on welfare for almost 6 years, and who described welfare as having a “magical and sometimes luxurious hold” (Parker 7).
  3. Ms. Parker is proud of her public “service” to keep condoms out of public schools (7).
  4. Parker advertises the fact that she has had FOUR abortions (136).  She reports a conversation during the second abortion visit to a clinic where the woman working the desk remembered her from a visit 6 months earlier, and suggested that she consider using the pill.  Parker’s flippant response was to suggest that Parker’s preference of an abortion to birth control ensured the continued employment of the receptionist at the abortion clinic (20-21).
  5. Even after her second abortion, Parker continued to be sexually “active” and had a third pregnancy in a little more than one year (21).
  6. Parker explains that the notion that a woman owns herself hurts the black community.
  7. According to Parker, Socialism violates the 10 Commandments.
  8. Parker admits to committing welfare fraud.
  9. Parker admits to armed robberyArmed Robbery is a felony in California.
  10. Parker admits to breaking and entering.
  11. Parker explains that the reason women can’t cook is because public schools have replaced home economics classes with sex education classes.
  12. Leftism, according to Parker, is an “equal opportunity destroyer”.
  13. Parker feels that unmarried childless women are a drain on society because they rely on government to care for them in their old age.
  14. Parker’s shrewd analysis of the problems in society today are the result of men without wives and children who then become promiscuous and criminals.
  15. HIV, according to Parker, is the result of men committing sodomy in prison and spreading it to women upon release from prison.
  16. Parker favors the abolition of Social Security. Parker astutely reasons that abortion is the reason that we have fewer people in the work force and thus the insolvency of the Social Security Administration is the result of abortions.
  17. Even though Parker has had four abortions herself, she now opposes “choice” for other women.  She also opposes the use of the pill, and all forms of contraception. Interestingly Parker is now 54 years old, so maybe for her contraception is no longer necessary to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Any one of these attitudes would be enough to result in an educated, thinking and competent adult become physically ill.  However Palin is not sickened by Parker’s views.  Palin supports it; she embraces it; she endorses it.  If any of these positions were made known AFTER Palin’s endorsement, maybe we would understand that it is hard to determine every view of every candidate that you might support.  Yet all of these positions and comments were made by Star Parker BEFORE Palin endorsed her.

Even if Palin didn’t have the political insight to do her own analysis of Star Parker, did Palin fail to consult with the Republican Party’s own website before exercising her own savvy judgment?  If half-term-ex-Governor Palin, or anyone on her staff, had spent five minutes doing their homework they would know that:

The California Republican Party website doesn’t even feature Star Parker as one of its candidates even though Parker is running as a Republican for House of Representatives, yet the site does include pictures and information on Republicans running for Governor, Senate, State Treasurer, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and the State Controller.

The Republican Party’s stance on crime includes recognition for the importance of enforcing existing criminal laws, and a mandate for harsher penalties for crimes committed.  The Republican Party has especially targeted crimes involving the use of guns.  I wonder if Star Parker was ever in their gun sights.

The Republican Party has supported doubling abstinence education funding, and they oppose school-based clinics that provide referrals, counseling, and related services for contraception.  Ms. Parker is no longer in school, so why would she care?

The Republican Party supports a “pro-life” Amendment to the Constitution.  Thank heavens they do not support “punitive action” against women who have had an abortion.  If they did the Party might not be “pro-life” with regard to Star Parker.

Do you think that the Republican Party was targeting Star Parker when it explained that:

“We must decrease (welfare) abuse caseloads and increase accountability in the child protection system. … Government should work with faith-based groups that provide adoption services. We call for local efforts to help the children of prisoners”?

The Republican Party has emphasized the importance of traditional family values identifying families as the “cornerstone of our culture…and the building blocks of a strong society.”  The Republican Party offers an “approach based on our common values and our common hopes.” If Star Parker and Sarah Palin represent the common values and hopes of the Republican Party, then the Republican Party is hopeless.

The U.S. Department of Forestry today announced the escape of two female Grizzly Bears from a traveling circus. The circus was under investigation for ethical violations and animal rights advocates have lodged repeated complaints relating to the abusive conditions imposed by sounds emanating from the circus.  Circus performances were characterized by outrageous ticket prices, and repetition of old tricks that were unimpressive to audiences foolish enough to purchase tickets.  However cameras were never allowed to film the performances, so the perception of similarity of tricks performed by the bears was subject to the variability in memory of members of the audience.

One of the bears answers to the name “Sarah,” and the other answers to “Star”.  It is not clear if these names represent an apparent attempt to attract media attention.  Sarah is slightly younger, and is of lighter complexion than Star bear.  Star may be readily identified by her darker fur color and the length of her fur.  Seeing a bear can be a most memorable and exciting experience.  However BEWARE!  These bears are quite hungry and have no fear of humans when it comes to seeking out food or money.  These bears are extremely adept at foraging for food and money.  They have demonstrated the ability to mislead and use their cunning to draw in their prey.  These Grizzlies, especially the younger one, has been known to even kill other bears.

Bears have been known to swim, climb trees, bend open car doors, and pry out windshields.  They have demonstrated their ability to adapt their lifestyles to the availability of food and money.  Star has a history of living off of the food and money she could take from humans. Sarah has a history of killing any animal in her path.

Both bears seem to have a similar view of the world in which they live.  Both say and do things that serve their purpose at the time, but things they say are often directly contrary to previous behavior.  Under NO circumstances should you allow these bears to persuade you to give them food or money, as they already have more than enough to sustain them for the foreseeable future.  Both bears have similar traits, so you may be able to distinguish them from other bears.  Similarities include:

  1. Star had 4 abortions.  Sarah only contemplated having an abortion.  Both are now openly critical of any other bear that might make the choice of having an abortion, even if the pregnancy was the result of abuse by a papa bear, or by a rogue bear.
  2. Both Star and Sarah bears are now grandmothers, so they tend to be less protective of their offspring.
  3. Bears that prefer bears of the same sex should be especially mindful of avoiding any contact with these two bears.  Each seems to lack respect for homosexual bears.
  4. Even though both bears became pregnant before forming a life long bond with a papa bear, neither bear advocates use of birth control.  Mating for these bears is serious business and appears to be for the sole purpose of procreation.  This may result in unanticipated acts of aggression.
  5. Star and Sarah bear have worked to create the impression that they are self reliant and self sufficient.  However the reality is that these bears are very cunning.  Star bear has a history of relying upon zoo keepers to provide food and shelter for her, and Sarah bear has a history of relying upon zoo keepers for medical treatment of her family members.
  6. Both bears believe that they are the highest creatures on the food chain, and that they were created directly by God, in his image, and discount anyone who suggests that bears evolved from other creatures.
  7. Both bears have published books.  While it appears Star has established her ability to read the same is not true of Sarah bear.
  8. Experience with illegal drugs is a common characteristic of both bears.
  9. Both bears have had periods in their past where they were not employed; Sarah after she resigned from the Oil & Gas Commission, and Star while she was on welfare.
  10. Both bears have spent time in Alaska, so the people of Alaska should be especially cautious.
  11. Star bear has a history of taking things from stores without paying for them.  Sarah bear seems to have been cleverer about things she takes, as evidenced by her accumulation of swag at the Academy Awards.
  12. Both bears indicate they love their freedom, so any attempts to cage these bears may be met with violent behavior.  If either bear is spotted, please contact the Forestry Department immediately so that experts can re-locate the bears to a remote location where no harm may be caused.
  13. Even though these bears have a lot in common, they should never be left alone together.  Sarah bear has a long history of turning on those who might have previously been perceived as friendly.  With names that both start with the letter “S” the bears may become confused and try to eat the food of the other.  Sarah bear also has a history of discomfort with bears with skin and fur pigment different than her own.  Thus we may not be able to predict violent behavior of Sarah bear towards Star bear if they are left alone.
  14. Both bears seem to think there is a big bear in the sky that controls their destiny, so if confronted by either bear, drop to your knees with folded hands, and pray.
  15. Sarah bear has a history of unpredictability.  She has repeatedly demonstrated her lack of respect for community organizers and humans who might be associated with a message of hope.  Star bear has a history of community involvement and advertises a message of “hope”.  Thus Star bear should exercise extreme caution if Sarah bear begins to growl.

Two final words of CAUTION:  (1) Sarah bear believes she has “common sense”.  This is an especially dangerous trait of this Grizzly.  She lacks any common sense as illustrated by her tendency to abandon her own bear cubs, her insatiable desire for bear meat, and her ongoing attempts to build dikes in the ocean where she can’t reach the ocean floor and at a distance so far from shore that she could never swim back.  (2) DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS!  Never give bears food or money.  Giving food or money to these bears will only encourage dependence.  Dependence on others for food and money will inevitable result in the demise of these bears teaching them a lifestyle of dependence.

Grizzly Bears can injure or kill people.  When pressed they usually retreat, sometimes abandoning their cubs.  If you spot either Sarah bear or Star bear DO NOT ATTEMPT CONTACT!!  Contact the Wyoming Game and Fish department at (307) 777-4600 between 8:00-5:00 Mountain Time.

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