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After the murder of nine Black people in South Carolina much attention has been focused on the Confederate Flag which is displayed at the capital in South Carolina.

south carolina capital confederate flag

The history behind the flag on the grounds of the State Capital is complicated. Back in 2000, civil rights activists successfully lobbied to have a much larger Confederate flag removed from the Capitol dome. However the removal of the larger flag was done as a compromise. By law, the South Carolina Heritage Act decreed that just about all other tributes to Confederate history would be virtually untouchable. The only way to change anything of that nature — including the smaller flag that was erected on the State House lawn — would be to gain the endorsement of two-thirds of lawmakers. Thus it is the decision of the South Carolina legislature to take down the flag.

However the people who vote to allow the flag to continue to fly are human. Even Republicans would feel pressure to take the flag down if other Republicans took a strong stand against the symbol that has been associated with slavery it seems likely that the lawmakers would vote to take it down. Now that the Confederate flag has become associated with Dylann Roof and the murder of 11 Blacks as they prayed in church, it seems that taking down the Confederate Flag Down is the least the lawmakers could and should do.

dylann roof confederate flag

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have spoken out and indicated that the flag should be taken down. It belongs in a museum, not flying over the state capital. However Republican candidates have been unwilling to take a stand on what seems to be common sense. Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Lindsey Graham, and Rick Santorum have all be specifically asked if the flag should be taken down. Each refused to take a stand.

This is not a political debate. It’s not a Democratic or Republican issue. IT’s about decency and common sense. If we find ourselves in 2016 with a President who is unable or unwilling to make this type of decision, imagine the failure of leadership that would be sure to plague his/her presidency. Even Nikki Haley, the Republican Governor of the State, has now spoken out and announced that the flag should be taken down. How is it that the Republican Governor of the State of South Carolina is willing to take the bold action to remove the symbol of slavery in the south, but candidates for President are not willing to do the same?

confederate flag

2016 is the year of the next Presidential Election. Since before the 2012 election the GOP has waged a war on women. Mitt Romney’s reference to Binders full of Women was just one example.

binders of women one

binders of women two

The GOP continues in the tradition of a war on women with the recent remarks of Jeb Bush and Scott Walker.

Jeb Bush advocated shaming women who become single mothers. Jeb wrote in his book that we should become a society that relearns “the art of public and private” disapproval. He specifically used the word “shame” when explaining that we should make women who become pregnant out of wedlock feel shamed.

In other words, it wouldn’t be enough to make the most of “less than ideal circumstances“, but we should go further by making the promiscuous woman feel shamed.

bristol pregnant in white shirt

Scott Walker joined the club to disparage women, and made a concerted attempt to exercise dominion and control over women. Walker was more interested in paternity rights of rapists, rather then protecting the rights of pregnant women. Walker opposes abortion unless the father has has agreed. That means if a woman were raped and became pregnant with her rapist’s baby, the woman would still not be able to abort the fetus without the consent of the father. That means that a victim of rape would be unable to abort the product of conception unless she knew her rapist, could find him, and could secure his consent.

scot t walker

scott walker women rights

The logical conclusion is that in the event of a pregnancy resulting from a rape, the criminal will still have control over woman.

The war is real, and it’s getting worse.

war on women elephant

war on women stop sign

Dennis Hastert was the Republican Speaker of the House from 1999 to 2007.

dennis hasert

He is the longest serving Republican Speaker of the House in history. Corruption and payoffs have been recently alleged against Hassert. In May he was indicted for structuring bank withdrawals to evade bank reporting requirements and then making false statements to federal investigators. Prosecutors said that the money was to compensate for and conceal misconduct by Hastert against an individual more than three decades earlier.

Today more allegations have emerged. The allegation is that Hastert was a child molester. It is alleged that during the time he was a his high school wrestling coach he has homosexual relations with one of students.

Hastert wrote that Steve (the student he allegedly abused) was his “great, right hand man” as the student equipment manager of the Yorkville, Illinois wrestling team. It’s not amazing that a member of the Republican Party abused a student while his wrestling coach. It’s not amazing that a member of the Republican party was a closet homosexual. The amazing thing is that Republicans continue to pretend that they are the party of “family values” and that homosexuality is wrong. It is amazing that they so strong object to gay marriage while leaders of their party are not only homosexual, but having homosexual relations with minors.

gay marriage

This is exactly what is wrong with politics.

funny republicans

Rick Santorum hasn’t held elected office since 2006. That means that by the time of the 2016 election, he will be in his tenth year as a loser. He lost the Senate race to Bob Casey in 2006. He lost the Republican primary to Mitt Romney, who himself was the loser in 2012. Now, for some reason, Santorum thinks it will be worth while to try his hand a losing again. It’s not as if there are not already Christian Conservatives already running. However Rick and Ted can split the evangelical vote and the Democrats will sit back and laugh.

ted cruz laughing athim

cruz and palin witchhunter

It’s not as if he can wish away his Google Problem.

rick santorum google problem

It’s not as if he can pretend his wife didn’t live with an abortion doctor above his clinic for six years.

santorum wife Karen and boyfriend thomas allen of six years

It’s not as if he doesn’t still wear sweater vests.

rick santorum sweater vest

It’s not as if anyone could forget his problem with Blacks and homosexuals as pointed out by Stephen Colbert.

The new problem for Santorum is that the first GOP debate will be governed by Fox News’ rules. It seems that Fox feels that only 10 Republicans should be allowed to participate in the debates. Santorum doesn’t even have enough support to rank in the top ten GOP candidates.

Perhaps Rick would be better off to simply join Sarah in suggesting that she might run, instead of announcing that she will run. To Rick’s credit, he is ahead of Carly Foirina in the polls, and he doesn’t even have ovaries.

carly fiorina red dress

The really funny thing is that if Fiorina can’t get herself into one of the top ten spots, how can she fulfill her purpose of criticizing another woman?

Yesterday I posted an article on the number of Republicans who have posed with Child Molester Josh Duggar. I found pictures of Duggar with Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Scott Walker.


duggar cruz

duggar paul

“m” brought this article from Raw Story to our attention. The story illustrates virtually all the leaders of the GOP have associated themselves Josh Duggar, the admitted child molester. The long list of leaders of the party of the Christian conservatives to have posed with Dugar includes:

Reince Priebus

Jeb Bush


Bobby Jindal

Rick Perry

Mike Huckabee

Rick Santorum

Ted Cruz

Scott Walker

Rand Paul

and of course Sarah and Bristol Palin.

palinduggar one

palin bristol duggar

You could excuse these politicians for posing with Mr. Duggar as they probably didn’t all know that he was a child molester. However the type of people that Republicans have knowingly associated with paints a graphic picture of the character traits they look for in their supporters.

ted nugent and gun

rush animal in chains

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WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 25: Chairman and CEO of the Fox News Network Roger Ailes participates in the "America's Best Leaders: How do they lead? Where are they taking us?" National Issues Briefing hosted by U.S. News and World Report October 25, 2005 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The talk was held in collaboration with the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images for U.S. News and World Report)

WASHINGTON – OCTOBER 25: Chairman and CEO of the Fox News Network Roger Ailes participates in the “America’s Best Leaders: How do they lead? Where are they taking us?” National Issues Briefing hosted by U.S. News and World Report October 25, 2005 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The talk was held in collaboration with the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images for U.S. News and World Report)

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

newt gingrich poster chutzpah

pat robertson quote feminism

gop family values

gop family values two

sanford family values

This was the confrontation of a college student and Jeb Bush regarding ISIS.

It seems that Bush can’t help himself, since he has repeatedly defended his brother’s decisions while in office.

• George W. Bush tried to partially privatize Social Security. Jeb Bush supported his brother’s scheme, despite being governor of the state with the largest number of retirees. His current position should worry future retirees even more. He wants to raise the retirement age, guaranteeing a reduction in lifetime benefits for Gen Xers and beyond.

• George W. Bush inherited the Clinton surplus — the largest in history — and turned it into the largest deficit in history. He did so in part through massive tax cuts, which disproportionately benefited the wealthiest Americans. Amazingly, Jeb Bush has reportedly turned for advice to an architect of his brother’s tax cuts for the rich. Jeb has said this year, “I am proud of President Bush for standing for what’s right as it relates to tax policy. … And we should make the (Bush) tax cuts permanent.” Here we go again.

• Jeb’s immigration proposal closely tracks his brother’s path to legal status. This infuriates the GOP’s conservative base. And if you want to see a tea partier’s panties in a wad, remind him that Jeb’s Common Core education plan is basically the little brother of W’s No Child Left Behind.

• In 2010, CNN’s Candy Crowley asked Jeb Bush where he disagreed with his brother “publicly or privately.” He said, “I’m the only Republican that was in office when he was in office as president that never disagreed with him. And I’m not going to start now.” When Candy pressed him, Jeb said, “Till death do us part.”

Jeb may be his brother’s keeper, but he won’t be doing it from the White House!

carly fiorina red dress

In 2008 John McCain chose Sarah Palin because she was a woman. She wasn’t bright. She wasn’t intellectually curious,
meaning of course, that she wasn’t even interested in trying to educate herself. She knew nothing about geography, the United States Supreme Court, or dinosaurs. She didn’t even know what it is that the Vice President does.

palin funny one

Sarah lacked experience. At the time she was tapped, she had only served on city council in Wasilla, and had been the Governor of Alaska for 1 1/2 years.

Carly Fiorina has indicated she is interested in running on the Republican ticket for President. While she hasn’t declared herself to be a candidate, it seems a matter of time. She is the Sarah Palin of 2016 because she is a woman, and the GOP seems to think they need a woman on the ticket. They want Fiorina to attack Hillary, as it might somehow be impolite for a man to criticize a female opponent. Fiorina isn’t qualified to be the President, the Vice President, or even a CEO of a large company.

Fiorina has never held elected office. In the only campaign she participated in she lost. That was the race for Senate in California. Palin lost in her race for Lieutenant Governor. Both are losers.

Fiorina has been married twice. Sarah Palin has only been married once, but it appears she has had as many men as Fiorina.

palin brad hanson natl enquirer

Fiorina’s husband is employed as an executive with AT&T. Todd isn’t employed, but has experience working as a pimp.

Fiorina has never had children. Palin has had at least four.

Fiorina was the CEO of HP, but she was fired. Palin was never fired from any large company because she was never employed by any large company.

carly fiorina on fox hobby lobby

Fiorina outsourced over 30,000 jobs. Palin never supervised even 100 workers.

Fiorina carried $500,000 in unpaid campaign debt for years. Palin had a similar amount of debt due to ethics complaints.

The only thing that is actually comparable between Palin and Fiorina is that they are both women. Fiorina is being advertised by the GOP as a candidate, only because they feel that they must portray themselves as supportive of women. The ironic thing is that by promoting women who are unqualified to run for the highest office in the land, the Republican Party demonstrates it’s antiquated view of women. It is clear that there are no qualified Republican women to run for President because the Republican Party doesn’t view women as competent to lead. By their indication that only a woman could criticize Hillary, the GOP has indicated that the 2016 election will be about gender and not about issues. When Sarah Palin was tapped as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, women across the country were offended. The GOP has obviously learned nothing from the Palin fiasco in 2008. We have been plagued as a country with the damage done by Sarah Palin for the last 7 years. Please don’t subject us to 7 more years of watching the destruction that Carly Fiorina could cause.

palinwild eyed

(the last half of this segment features Palin as his #1 Supporter)

It’s official. Ted Cruz has announced that he will seek the presidency in 2016. Donny Deutsch on MSNBC said that Cruz was the new Sarah Palin. Certainly Cruz and Palin are both frightening people to hold any elected office. However I find Cruz to be much more frightening. Here’s why.

1. Palin ran for V.P. and Cruz is running for President.

2. Cruz is smarter than Palin. I know you are thinking that everyone is smarter than Sarah Palin, but Cruz is said to be brilliant. He attended Princeton undergraduate, and Harvard Law School. He was described by his Harvard Law Professor as “off the charts brilliant.

3. Palin left college without making any real impression on her classmates. She was a non-factor. Cruz on the other hand created a vivid memory among his classmates. SEVERAL classmates described him with words like “abrasive,” “intense,” “strident,” “crank,” and “arrogant.” Four independently offered the word “creepy,” with some pointing to Cruz’s habit of donning a paisley bathrobe and walking to the opposite end of their dorm’s hallway where the female students lived.

4. Palin endorsed Cruz and campaigned with the Pimp in Texas for him.

palin texas boots cruz

sarah and todd ted cruz

Cruz has said that he wouldn’t be in office today but for Sarah Palin.

5. Cruz like Palin has said some crazy things. However Palin said most of hers after she held no elected office. Cruz said these things while he was a Senator. Here is just a sampling of crazy things Cruz has said:
a. “‘Net neutrality’ is Obamacare for the Internet”
b. “Instead of nominating a health professional, he (Obama) nominated someone who is an anti-gun activist”
c. Obama just a “social worker” who wants to put ISIS “on expanded Medicaid”
d. “It is the job of a chaplain to be insensitive to atheists”
e. “I didn’t threaten to shut down the government” (remember he is the one who led the charge and cost the country 24 Billion Dollars).
f. “I will renounce any Canadian citizenship”
g. “I expect them to start quartering soldiers in people’s homes soon”
h. “Gay marriage” leads to Christianity becoming “hate speech”
i. “I am a very, very proud wacko bird”
j. “I have never seen a Hispanic panhandler”
k. “Your world is on fire!”
l. “Green Eggs and Ham”

6. Even John McCain, who picked Sarah Palin, thinks Cruz is a “wacko-bird.

7. Ted Cruz has recently announced that he believes in science, but there is no scientific proof of global warming. He was wrong!

8. Even Pat Robertson doesn’t support Cruz as he seems to prefer gaining attention for himself even if it is at a cost to the Republican party. Robertson cited Cruz’s delay tactics that allowed Democrats to push through multiple nominations of Obama.

9. Cruz’s government shut down cost the country $24 BILLION DOLLARS.

10. Ted Cruz’s own GOP has pointed out his stupidity in his recent attempt to shut down the government…again. Here are a few quotes:

a. “I’ve seen this movie before, and I wouldn’t pay money to see it again,” Georgia GOP Sen. Johnny Isakson.

b. Asked if Cruz had created an opening for the Democrats, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch said, “I wish you hadn’t pointed that out.”

c. “You should have an end goal in sight if you’re going to do these type of things,” Hatch added, “and I don’t see an end goal other than just irritating a lot of people.”

d. Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake said the strategy doesn’t bode well for the new Republican-controlled Congress. “I fail to see what conservative ends were achieved.”

11. Cruz advocated bringing assault weapons into a Senate hearing on gun safety. His idea was to waive unloaded guns around to demonstrate how safe they are.

12. Cruz was one of three votes against confirmation of John Kerry as “Secretary of State. He explained that “I was compelled to vote no on Senator Kerry’s nomination because of his longstanding less-than-vigorous defense of U.S. national security issues, and, in particular, his long record supporting treaties and international tribunals that have undermined U.S. sovereignty.”

13. Palin is a natural born American citizen. Cruz was born outside the United States. There is a legitimate question about whether Cruz can even meet the qualifications under the constitution to run for President. Even if the Supreme Court rules that he is allowed to run, there is a real question about whether any person born outside the United States, and whose father was not an American citizen should be allowed to hold the highest position in the Government of America. There is already forming a Ted Cruz “birther” movement.

palin cruz hug

boehner gutless

With a majority of Republicans in the House and the Senate, it seems logical that there would never be a time when our military or DHS would be threatened with lack of funding. However it seems that funding for DHS hangs in the balance. If Congress doesn’t act soon the people working night and day to produce the documents requested two years ago might not get paid. Secret Service agents might not get reimbursed for the massages they already paid for, although they may have paid less than the going rate. Air Marshals might not be able to meet other Air Marshals in Hawaii! The country could come to a stand-still!

homeland security

Just Say NO to BS

The Ignorance of Sarah Palin

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