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Whatever Sarah Palin can say or do to condemn, ridicule, and disparage President Obama, she does. Thus it is not surprising that she has taken to Facebook to laud an article written by Caroline Glick. Palin fails to acknowledge who Glick is. Palin simply cites her single article which attacks Obama for his limited response to the piracy of Iran in forcibly commandeering a ship known as the Maersk Tigris. The ship is flagged to the Marshall Islands. Glick shares her view that commandeering the ship is an “act of war” and therefore the United States should go to war with Iran.

Here are the facts. Glick is an Israeli citizen, and has served as a foreign policy adviser to Netanyahu from 1997 to 1998. She writes for the Jerusalem Post. Her article condemning President Obama’s actions regarding the Marshal Islands freighter appeared on 4-30-15. One month before Glick published an article suggesting that Obama was at war with Israel. That article was published on 3-26-15 and was entitled “Managing Obama’s War Against Israel.” Hence Glick is clearly of the opinion that Obama can do nothing right when it comes to Israel. Clearly, Glick views Obama as her enemy and the enemy of Israel. Because Palin also views Obama as her enemy, it is not surprising that Palin has cited Glick’s article as proof that Obama is the devil. Not surprisingly, Palin doesn’t offer any suggestion of what she thinks Obama should do.

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Make no mistake. I am a strong ally of Israel. I wish we could do more to be of assistance to Israel. I think President Obama should have embraced the visit of Netanyahu when he spoke to Congress recently. Yet I am hoping the United States will do all it can to avoid war with anyone, and especially another country in the Middle East. Conflict in the Middle East began thousands of years before I was born and will likely continue for the foreseeable future. I don’t pretend to have a solution, and I surely know Sarah Palin has none. What I do know is:

1. The United Nations reported that more than 51 MILLION refugees were displaced by the end of last year. Forty percent of those originated in the Middle East.

2. War in Iraq resulted in over 32,000 American soldiers wounded.

3. War in Iraq resulted in the deaths of 4493 American soldiers.

4. An estimated 211,000 citizens of Iraq died in the war.

5. An estimated 21,000 Afghan people were killed in that war.

6. An estimated 6,802 American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan.

Sarah Palin has never fought in a war. She doesn’t even understand the name for a particular conflict.


She doesn’t know the difference between North and South Korea, or the country/ continent of Africa. She probably thinks Shiite and Sunni are different kinds of tea from China.

It is ludicrous for Sarah Palin to pretend to know about the politics of the Middle East. How dare Sarah Palin pretend to be an authority about anything other than how to get people to give her money.

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For years it has been obvious that Sarah Palin does whatever she perceives to be to her political advantage, regardless of whether she actually feels strongly about the subject of her remarks. For example she regularly claims to be particularly offended when anyone uses the term “retard”, but if it’s Rush Limbaugh or Ted Nugent using the word, she doesn’t seem to care.

Sarah has repeatedly pretended to be a friend of the Jewish people.

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In 20008 she actually attended a Channukah celebration and helped light a menorah.

moose menorah

She visited Israel early in 2011.

palin star david two israel

She wears a Star of David.

palin star david one

In 2010 she posted a Star of David on her Facebook, wishing everyone a Happy Rosh Hashana.

In 2011, Palin visited Israel, attempting to convince people that, she cared about Israel, and perhaps indicating that she might be planning to run for President in 2012.

In April of 2011 she specifically wished the Jewish people “Happy Passover.”

In 2012 she wished Jews a Happy Yom Kippur.

In 2012 she also pretended to be an expert on the meaning of Hannukah. After lighting her menorah, she wished everyone a “Happy Hannukah.”

In 2013 she wished Jews around the world a Happy Yom Kippur.

Just a couple of weeks ago she congratulated Prime Minister Netanyahu on his re-election.
“Congratulations, Prime Minister Netanyahu,” said Palin on her Facebook page. She captioned a photo of her and her spouse, Todd, standing alongside the Israeli premier and his wife. That picture was posted creating the impression that she was recently in Israel. In fact that picture is several years old.

palin and netanyahu

The picture, taken in 2011 at the prime minister’s official residence in Jerusalem, shows the two couples smiling for the camera, the azure stripes of an Israeli flag swirling around a pole in the background.
“ Congratulations, Prime Minister Netanyahu. Thank you to the good people of Israel for supporting a leader who will stand up and fight for all the free world while other leaders sit down. The Heartland of America will sleep better knowing Bibi remains the voice of reason and strength in the beautiful nation of Israel; for when Israel is safe, we are safe. March 17th 2015.” This post was particularly troubling as it was clear that Paln wouldn’t say a word about her preferred candidate until she knew who won.

This year Palin has not posted a word about Passover. The first night of Passover was Friday, March 3rd, and the second night was Sat. the 4th. Sarah Palin didn’t care. Not a word was posted. She didn’t attend a Seder. She probably doesn’t know what a matzah is.

I wouldn’t expect a woman who isn’t Jewish to celebrate Passover, or to even know what a matzah is. I wouldn’t expect someone who isn’t concerned about the future of Israel to know that the Prime Minister of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, described Israel as an old wound that needed to be removed. However it is apparent that Sarah Palin was disingenuous to pretend that she was ever an advocate for Israel when it was to her political advantage. When it was clear that she had nothing to gain, she was oblivious to the concerns of Israel, even though they are more compelling than ever.

Sarah Palin has said nothing about the annual Seder dinner held at the White House.

white house seder

Perhaps Sarah is jealous that President Obama seems to have more Jewish friends than Sarah has any type of friends?

Sarah Palin sent a message of congratulations to Netanyahu through Facebook. Does she think the leader of Israel sits at his desk and reads her Facebook postings? Does she think that the newly re-elected leader of Israel has nothing else to do except sit around waiting for a social media message from the quitter from Alaska? Sarah Palin hasn’t held elected office since 2009. It’s been almost 6 years since she was an acting politician. She didn’t see his address before Congress, because she isn’t in Congress. If her message had been signed by the mother of the fiancee of Dakota Meyer, Netanyahu might have recognized who she was. He probably missed her show where she appeared as a hitchhiker, Amazing America. He probably didn’t even see the first season of Amazing America.

The good thing is that Netanyahu probably didn’t have time to see these news stories either.

The one he should have seen was this one:

palin idiot

“grassroots” just sent out the following e-mail:

News just broke that President Obama has launched a clandestine political attack on Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an effort to defeat Netanyahu in Israel’s upcoming elections.

Reports indicate Obama has dispatched Jeremy Bird — National Field Director for the Obama presidential campaign — along with other key U.S. election operatives to Israel to spearhead the “anyone but Bibi” campaign.

It gets worse.

It now appears that Bird and his team are working through an organization called “OneVoice” — an international group pushing the “two state” solution in Israel. And here’s the kicker…

OneVoice receives direct funding from the United States government and touts the U.S State Department as one if its “partners” on its website!

That means Obama is using U.S taxpayer dollars as well as his key operatives to interfere in the elections of Israel — a sovereign nation that happens to be one of our strongest allies in the entire world.

Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver — one of the nation’s leading constitutional attorneys — calls this “a profound overreach by our President and a truly contemptible act.” Mat is mobilizing resources at Liberty Counsel to expose the President’s despicable actions against Israel’s sitting Prime Minister.

Right now, Liberty Counsel is rallying citizens to stand with Israel against these and other attacks by signing a “Proclamation Of Blessing For Israel.” We wanted to make this opportunity available to our team. If you want to make a strong statement against Obama’s blatant political attack against Prime Minister Netanyahu and ongoing efforts to undermine Israel, go here to sign Liberty Counsel’s proclamation:

I will attempt too verify if this is accurate.


Update: Here is one of the articles which discusses the allegations. It is unclear what the White House’s response will be.

Since when does one’s choice of jewelry and home decor count as foreign policy experience? So what if Sarah Palin dons a Star of David necklace and hangs an Israeli flag in her home? Her “love” for Israel and the Jewish people is at best shallow and at worst, and most likely, shameless pandering.

The United States is facing the worst environmental disaster in the history of our country.  Forty six South Korean soldiers were killed in an attack by North Korea.  As a result of this attack tensions have been heightened in one of the world’s most perilous regions. Israel attacked a flotilla bound for Gaza and killed at least 10 armed civilians while the ship in question was in international water.   Sarah Palin mentioned this one in a Facebook post, suggesting that she is some expert on Israeli/Palestinian relations.  The point of the article was to condemn the lamestream media, suggesting that they had not provided all the facts. Palin suggests that SHE knows what happened, and that Israel was justified in killing these people.  Last time I checked Palin has never even been to Israel, much less been involved with military personnel in Israel.  We certainly haven’t heard that Sarah Palin has been granted some national security clearance.  Even John McCain, recognized by Palin as a war hero, hasn’t been offering his opinions about this incident.

Obama hasn’t recognized Grandma Palin as an authority on international relations.  She probably doesn’t even know where the Pentagon is located.  Palin has not commented on Fox about this incident.  She has devoted an entire interview to talking about her peaceful neighbor.  She must know more than the UN Security council which is engaged in an “impartial investigation.” After 10 hours of debate, the UN Security council called for the immediate release of hundreds of civilians held after the raid.  The deaths and injuries were condemned by the UN, EU and other countries. The US, in contrast, was restrained in its response, expressing regret and saying it was “currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy”.  Thus we know that the Obama administration is attempting to gain all the facts before reaching any conclusion.  Unlike Palin, even some Israeli commentators expressed reservations about the operation, fearing international isolation. Alon Liel, a former Israeli ambassador to Turkey, said the situation could have been averted. “Definitely we made mistakes and in retrospect anything would have been better – including letting the boats reach Gaza.”

Countries in Europe are facing the worst economic disaster in a century, and the United States isn’t far behind. The United States is at war with Iraq and Afghanistan.  We have been at war in Iraq for seven years, and over 4,000 soldiers have lost their lives in that war.   We have been at war in Afghanistan since 2001, with over 1,000 US soldier’s sacrificing their lives in that conflict. The combined cost of these two wars to the United States has exceeded one trillion dollars.

The people of Haiti remain in a state of devastation following the earthquake.  Over 1.5 million people are still living in tents and the international community has pledged $5.3 billion dollars in construction aid, and even that will likely be insufficient.  I don’t remember Sarah Palin doing anything to help the people of Haiti.  (Maybe this is also a “minority type thing”).

In spite of these national disasters, the killing of soldiers around the world, and a global economic crisis that exceeds anything in my lifetime, Sarah Palin has focused national attention on a peaceful neighbor living next door.  The only crime of this peaceful neighbor is that he is planning to write a book.   There is not even an allegation that Joe McGinniss has done anything illegal or inappropriate.  Palin has said with regard to this neighbor that she would not retreat, she would “reload”.   The local newspaper in Wasilla has threatened McGinniss, suggesting that he should beware of the law in Wasilla that allows a property owner to use deadly force if someone trespasses.

Sarah Palin solicited an interview with Glenn Beck regarding this peaceful neighbor.  In that interview Palin indicated that the picture provided, was a picture of Joe McGinnis, on his deck, not a picture of Palin.   The only person who has even allegedly taken a picture of a neighbor is Sarah Palin who took a picture of her neighbor, McGinniss, when he was standing on his deck looking into the forest, not towards Palin’s house.  Palin threatened Joe McGinnis on Beck’s show indicating that Mr. McGinniss had “better leave my kids alone”. McGinniss has not committed any act that could even allegedly be characterized as bothering her kids. Beck suggested McGinniss was “hounding” and “stalking” Sarah and her family.  He suggested Todd deserved a medal for not punching McGinniss, and that Sarah Palin’s womanhood had somehow been violated.  Beck had the temerity to suggest that the cost of Palin’s 14 foot fence was a hardship, even though Palin is now worth over $12,000,000.00, and even though the fence was built by Todd and his buddies.

Most amazing of all, Beck expressed outrage that McGinniss had acted inappropriately regarding the children of Palin.  Not only has McGinniss not had any contact or interaction with Palin’s kids, but Mr. Beck has established himself as an authority on verbal abuse of children.  It was just this week that Beck lodged an all-out attack against Malia Obama on his national radio show.  Malia is the President’s 13 year old daughter, and the only thing she did to attract Beck attention was to express concern about the national environmental disaster in the Gulf.

Malia Obama’s brief comment suggested a maturity that far exceeds that of Sarah Palin.  I wish the half-term-Ex-Governor was more concerned about the environmental devastation occurring in the Gulf Coast than her neighbor who is peacefully renting a house in Wasilla to write a book.  Palin’s kids have not been threatened.  Sarah and Todd have only had neighborly discussions with Joe McGinnis.  Thus the closest thing to a threat or harassment is the conduct of the Palins in taking a picture of their neighbor enjoying the peacefulness of the view from his deck.

Maybe Palin is concerned that someone will be able to document how little she sees her own children.  Maybe Palin is concerned that McGinniss will realize that she has little or no contact with Willow, Bristol, or Trig.  Whatever her concern, it is not based upon anything Joe McGinniss has done.  Evidently the neighbors who occupied the house before McGinniss were ex-convicts, who were drug and/or alcohol addicts.  That didn’t seem to cause Palin enough concern to build a 14 foot fence.  We can only surmise that Palin is more concerned about someone discovering the truth about her than harm to her children from drug and/or alcohol addicts.

National and international disaster, war, and economic problems are enough to cause politicians and news commentators to have to be selective in their choice of news stories.  When the focus of Sarah Palin is the next door neighbor who is writing a book, something is terribly wrong with Palin’s priorities.  Perhaps she should have the revelation that Joe McGinniss living next to her was part of God’s plan.  Maybe she should write a note to herself, in God’s voice, explaining to herself that Joe is a nice man, a peaceful man, who is simply writing a book.  He is Caucasian.  He is not a devil worshiper.  He is not homosexual.  He isn’t even shooting moose in her neighborhood, so there are just as many for Palin to shoot as before Joe’s arrival.  Grandma Palin needs to be reminded that the country and the world have many more serious problems than a neighbor peacefully renting the house next door to write a book.  I know the half-term-Ex-Governor will never read the book, but some of us can’t wait.  If anyone is guilty of harassment, or violating a neighbor’s right to privacy, it is Sarah Palin who has been guilty of harassing Joe McGinniss.

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