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Glenn Beck is a “lying sack of dog mess.”

Sarah Palin has been credited with telling the biggest lie of 2009 when she suggested that Trig would be evaluated by the President’s “Death Panels.”  Fortunately “numbers” are not subject to “misreporting.” They are what they are. The “numbers” that reflect the popularity of Beck and Palin, and their concurrent decline, convey a consistent story.

Palin’s poll numbers have been in a steep decline, and are currently the lowest ever. In March of 2011 a Washington Post/ABC poll showed that only 58% of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents, think highly of Palin. This represents a drop of 30% from her favorability ratings during the 2008 campaign of 88%. Palin’s “unfavorable” numbers are also illustrative of her decline in popularity, with 37 % of all Republicans and GOP-leaning independents now holding a negative view of her. During the same period Glenn Beck’s favor-ability ratings and viewer-ship suffered a dramatic decline. In 2009 at least 20 advertisers pulled their ads from Glenn Beck’s Fox News program, after the right-wing host denounced President Obama, as a “racist” who “has a deep-seated hatred for white people.” The advertisers dropping their ads from Beck’s show, include the nation’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart, ConAgra, GEICO,, Men’s Wearhouse, Procter & Gamble, Progressive Insurance, RadioShack, Roche, SC Johnson, Sanofi-Aventis, Sargento, State Farm Insurance, Allergan, Ally Bank, Best Buy, Broadview Security, CVS, Re-Bath and Travelocity.

Beck’s loss of advertisers was only the beginning of his problems. His ratings and reputation have been in free fall. His show has lost more than one million viewers over the course of the past year, falling from an average of 2.9 million in January 2010 to 1.8 million in January 2011. He now ranks fifth among Fox’s six weekday talk hosts. “It’s hard to gain a million viewers,” says Eric Boehlert, who follows Beck’s shows for the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters, “but it’s really hard to lose a million viewers.” By 2011 over 300 companies, including Proctor & Gamble, UPS, and Coca-Cola had stopped all advertising on Beck’s show.

Hence, it would come as no surprise to learn that Beck and Fox have announced the end of Beck’s show. The numbers don’t lie. But the numbers don’t tell us WHY Beck lost popularity. Consider the possibility that Beck’s decline in popularity was a direct result of his relationship to Sarah Palin. Remember just how tight Beck and Palin have been over the last two years:

1. Palin wrote about Beck in Time Magazine’s article identifying the 100 “most influential people.” Palin said:

“Who’d have thought a history buff with a quirky sense of humor and a chalkboard could make for such riveting television?”

With words such as “amazing” and “patriotic,” she writes Beck “inspires others to learn and respect our nation’s history.

2. Beck called Palin “One Hot Grandma.

3. Beck appeared with Palin in Alaska for a rally on Sept. 11. Palin introduced Beck and explained “He could be anywhere on the Earth today, and he chose Alaska!” Palin sat next to Beck for a three-hour show that resembled a tent revival more than a political forum.

4. Beck was given the opportunity to conduct the first televised interview of Palin after the 2008 election. In the hour long interview, with the Statute of Liberty in the background, Beck shed tears as he said: “We had something in common, and I called her up because I just was moved by the way she reacted to the birth of her child. She was real. I for once didn’t feel so alone. I didn’t feel surrounded by others, and neither did she. Her approval rating as governor at the time was about 90 percent. This is before the media circus, before all the political bull-crap. Sarah Palin was just a mom of five doing a job that needed to be done. She was my kind of leader.”

5. Beck and Palin were so tight that there was even a suggestion that they might be on the same ticket in 2012.

6. Beck and Palin were aligned at the Restoring Honor Rally.

7. Beck and Palin teamed up in Tulsa Oklahoma and Kansas City for the “Taking Our Country Back” rallies. If the rallies had been successful 10 more rallies were contemplated.  I guess they weren’t “successful.”

Thus, it is incontrovertible that Beck aligned himself with Palin. Conservatives, like George Bush, who felt Palin was “unfit” would lose respect for Beck as they lost respect for Palin. It would be hard for Beck to pretend that he didn’t notice as Palin demonstrated her total lack of understanding of our “North Korean Allies” on his show.   Even those conservatives who supported Palin might have taken offense by Beck’s apparent use of Palin to boost his ratings and popularity. When Beck exclaimed “bull crap”as Palin identified “all of them” as her favorite founding father in his interview in Jan. of 2010, Beck displayed his lack of respect for Sarah Palin.

Beck and Roger Ailes of Fox have announced that Beck will be leaving his show later this year.  Mr. Ailes himself has previously indicated his displeasure with Palin. He told her to “Lie low,” with regard to the Gabrielle Giffords shooting. “There’s no need to inject yourself into the story.” Palin received the same advice from her lawyer and other confidantes. Of course, she didn’t follow that advice.   Ailes was not happy.

Now Glenn Beck is trying hard to distance himself from Palin. He has said that he doesn’t see Palin running for president and that “ she has done some damage to her political brand.” “Sarah Palin, I don’t think, wants to run for president.” Beck went on to explain that Palin “ made a mistake by selling her personal story in her first book after leaving the governor’s office, rather than demonstrating some policy credentials. She should have come out with that first book, and it should have been deep policy.” “It should have shown that, yes, she knows where Russia is. She didn’t help herself by doing some things to shore herself up.”   Beck has gone so far as to actually endorse Michele Bachmann.

Beck has reacted to his dismissal from Fox quickly by attempting to distance himself from Palin. It certainly appears that he attributes his loss of popularity to his alignment with Sarah Palin. If his immediate efforts to distance himself from Palin don’t work, he may have to resort to the Vicks.

Beck and Palin held the rally in D.C. which was given the title “Restoring Honor.”  Rick Perry, the Governor or Texas, was noticeably absent from this rally.  This was particularly offensive to Rick, since his book, On My Honor, was all about the Honor of the Boy Scouts.  Maybe Rick’s Boy Scout Uniform no longer fit him.  I don’t know if Sarah or Glenn ever had a Boy Scout or Girl Scout Uniform to wear, but I know they didn’t wear it this weekend.  I was a girl scout and worked hard to earn many merit badges.  I know Sarah is younger than I am, so if she was ever a girl scout (which I have never heard her mention), she would be able to take advantage of some of the new merit badges that are now available.

  • Cinematography: This badge has been introduced for celebrities who used to be politicians, and wish they had a talent for something.  B.S. (Beautiful Sarah) has demonstrated her flute playing ability in the Miss Wasilla contest, but since that time talent scouts have been frantically searching for another option.  B.S. made her acting debut in Sleeping Beauty II, but since that time she seems to have difficulty remembering her lines without use of her hands.
  • Fingerprinting: This badge involves taking prints and identifying the unique characteristics of each.  B.S. has an unfair advantage with regard to this badge as she has a lot of friends and relatives who have had personal experience with fingerprinting.  Diana made her mark when she was arrested for burglary, and Todd had personal experience when he was arrested for DWI.  Star Parker has committed armed robbery and shop lifting but it is unclear if she was ever caught, so B.S. may not be unfairly advantaged by her association with Star Parker, at least with regard to merit badges.
  • Couch Potato: The badge involves an in-depth analysis of gender portrayals in the media, or by Senators from Arizona.  The badge is awarded to the scout who demonstrates her mastery of waving and winking to get what she wants.  This was one of the first badges B.S. earned.
  • Sew Glam: This badge introduces girls to the world of creative solutions when you don’t have time to sew on the campaign trail, and you have to buy clothes when you have limited time to shop.   B.S. earned the equivalent of two of these badges by spending $150,000 in two short months.  She epitomizes all the honor is about.
  • Fun with Money: This badge was designed with B.S. in mind.  Never before has any Girl Scout demonstrated an aptitude to having fun with money.  B.S. is a role model for all scouts!  She honors the scouting tradition by making so much money.
  • The Choice is Yours: This badge is awarded to the scout who is willing to make choices that may not be popular, but are in the financial best interest of the Girl Scout.  This merit badge was created in honor of B.S.’s announcement of her resignation as the Governor of Alaska.
  • Art in 3-D: B.S. believes in 3-D art as exemplified by the animal heads in her office.
  • Books: This badge is awarded to the scout who writes books.  Note there is a separate badge for reading, but B.S. has not yet earned that book.
  • Earth Connections: Many people think of the environment and conservation when they think of “earth connections”.  However this badge was designed to be awarded to the scouts who understand that the earth is only here to serve mankind.  Girl Scouts can receive this merit badge by exterminating species of animals, shooting animals from helicopters, initiating a program of financial reward for killing animals, and/or polluting the environment.  B.S. is thus far the only scout to achieve excellence in each of these areas.  She has been awarded 4 Earth Connection Badges, which has resulting in receipt of the Black Star Award.
  • Global Awareness: Girl Scouts appreciate the importance of neighbors, whether living next door or in Africa.  B.S. has demonstrated her kinship to her next door neighbor, by respecting his privacy and building a really large fence for him.  Likewise she had demonstrated her fondness for people around the world by waiving to them.
  • Science Discovery: B.S. earned this award the day she was searching for fossils and discovered the human footprint inside the dinosaur footprint.
  • Oil Up: B.S. has demonstrated her commitment to getting oil out of the ground, regardless of where it may go after it comes out of the ground.  Across this great country, B.S. has become associated with sludge and muck.
  • Dentistry: B.S. has honored and respected dentists around the country by chanting “drill baby drill”.  No one would dispute the fact that B.S. has earned this merit badge.

Given the numerous merit badges B.S. has earned, it is now clear why she was chosen to speak at the Restoring Honor Rally.  She and Glenn Beck, the “lying sack of dog mess” were the perfect combination of people who personify honor.

$16,000 to dine with Dumb and Dumber?! The thought of it makes my stomach turn. If you have that much money to burn, buy yourself a clue. – Torie

P.S. I am not sure which one is Dumber. They are pretty neck and neck in the intelligence department.

For roughly 7 months I have been writing daily about the outrageous behavior of Sarah Palin.  In the multiple articles written, I have worked hard to document everything I have covered in each post.  Since we were introduced to Sarah Palin in the fall of 2008, we have learned a lot about the hypocrisy of Sarah Palin.  It is useful to be reminded of the multitude of examples of the hypocrisy of Sarah Palin.  I have listed a few examples below, but because of the length of this article, I have omitted the citations.  Please refer to past posts if you have any question about the truth of the statements below.  I bet you can think of others.  Please help me fill in the list and I’ll post an updated version by the end of the week.  Thanks for your help.

Specific Examples of the Hypocrisy

Of Sarah Palin

  1. Palin established a PAC asking for money from her supporters so that she could make contributions to candidates who shared her point of view. However Palin seems to have had a hard time finding any candidates to whom she was willing to donate money.  Of the hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to her PAC, only about $10,000 has been donated to any particular candidate.
  2. Vaughn Ward, a candidate endorsed by Palin, doesn’t seem to know any more about world geography than Palin.
  3. Todd took a leave of absence from British Petroleum because of the appearance of a conflict of interest.  When he decided to return to work there was still the appearance of a conflict of interest.
  4. Sarah Palin said that the reason Todd needed to return to work at BP was because they had kids almost old enough to be college age, and she and Todd were not independently wealthy.  The hypocrisy is that two of the kids are now college age, and neither is in college, and now Todd and Sarah are independently wealthy.
  5. Sarah Palin calls herself a “feminist”, but she supported the Supreme Court decision in the Ledbetter case, where the Court ruled that Lilly Ledbetter was not entitled to back pay from her employer, even though the employer intentionally discriminated against her, paid her less than her male counter-parts, and even though her employer hid the facts from her until after she retired.
  6. Katie Couric, a woman, did more damage in her interview of Sarah Palin, than a man could have done.
  7. Sarah Palin was probably picked by McCain because he thought he needed to pick a woman to attract the woman’s vote, but in fact the vote of women for Obama far exceeded that of men.
  8. Even though Palin knew that the Bridge to Nowhere would never be built, she authorized the construction of the Road to Nowhere leading from the airport to the edge of a cliff.
  9. Even though Palin knew that Wasilla didn’t own the property where she wanted to build a hockey center, she authorized construction nevertheless.
  10. Palin mocks President Obama for being a Constitutional law professor, but she was never even a student in a Constitutional law class.
  11. “common sense conservatism” is Palin’s motto, but she has no common sense.
  12. At the Republican Convention in 2008 Palin introduced herself as a “hockey mom”, but hockey moms of Alaska indicated that Palin missed most of the games.
  13. McCain chose Palin as his running mate, but he wouldn’t endorse her after the 2008 election.
  14. Palin told us in her book that “no” she would not have resigned her office as Governor if she aspired to be the President, but the reality is that she is quoted in Trailblazer as saying even when running for Mayor, that she would like to be the President.
  15. Sarah Palin is a conservative evangelical, but she goes to Las Vegas and horse races.
  16. The half-term-ex-Governor opposes drinking of alcohol, but she advocated allowing bars in Wasilla to stay open virtually all night, and Todd would drink in the garage of the family residence.
  17. Palin’s son Track served in the military and made it home without any significant injury.  Even though Palin supports the don’t ask, don’t tell policy, it could have been a homosexual soldier that saved Track’s life.
  18. At virtually every speech given by Palin, she points out the members of the military in attendance, and thanks them for their service.  She does not ask them about their sexual preferences, so the members of the military she is honoring don’t tell about their sexual preferences.
  19. Palin has repeatedly criticized President Obama but she wasn’t willing to finish her term as Governor of Alaska.  Thus a non-politician thinks it appropriate to repeatedly criticize the President of the United States.
  20. Palin was elected by people of Alaska who were fed up with corrupt politicians.  Now the people who know her best, Alaskans, like her the least.
  21. Sarah Palin is identified as the author of Going Rogue, but in the Katie Couric she couldn’t name a single publication she reads.
  22. Being a good Christian we would expect Palin to love her neighbor.  However it seems that having Joe McGinniss, a peaceful man living next to her, that has not done anything to bother Sarah or her family, is more objectionable to Sarah Palin than living next to people who were convicted felons.
  23. Sarah Palin suggested that Joe McGinniss was invading her privacy, but the only picture taken was a picture taken from the Palin house of Joe McGinniss.  In the picture Mr. McGinniss isn’t even looking towards the Palin house.
  24. Palin felt the election of 2008 was in “God’s hands”.  John McCain and Palin lost the election, so God must have wanted to make sure Palin didn’t become the leader of our country.
  25. From the night of the Republican Convention, Sarah advertised herself as a “hockey mom” but the hockey moms of Alaska organized a group of hockey moms who indicated that Sarah missed most of the games.
  26. Palin indicated that she doesn’t presume to know God’s will, but she did write a note to herself in God’s voice, and published it in her best selling book.
  27. The half-term-ex-Governor indicated that it is the entire family’s responsibility to ensure that all the family members had the health care they needed.  However when Bristol’s baby needed health care, it wasn’t Sarah and Todd who provided it; it was the state of Alaska and the federal government.
  28. Even though Sarah Palin has been an outspoken opponent of abortion, she hired Lynn Vincent to be the ghost writer of her book.  Lynn admitted publically that she had an abortion.
  29. Even though Palin suggests that she would never consider having an abortion, she did have an amniocentesis when pregnant with Trig.  The procedure of an amniocentesis carries some risk of a spontaneous abortion.
  30. Even though Palin made a point of saying in her speech at the Republican convention that she said “no thanks” to the bridge to nowhere, she originally was an advocate for the bridge.
  31. During the campaign of 2008 both McCain and Palin worked hard to brand themselves as “mavericks”.  However by the time McCain was running for re-election in Arizona, his identity changed, and he was no longer a maverick.
  32. Palin indicated she was opposed to earmarks.  However she hired a lobbyist while serving as mayor of Wasilla for the very purpose of obtaining earmarks for Wasilla, and he did.
  33. In spite of saying that she was opposed to earmarks, Alaska, while Palin was Governor accepted earmarks to study the mating habits of crabs, and the DNA of harbor seals.
  34. In multiple speeches Palin has indicated she is opposed to higher taxes.  However while Mayor of Wasilla; Palin was responsible for increasing the sales tax.
  35. Palin tried to ban the book Daddy’s Roommate even though she refused to read it.
  36. The very people hired by the McCain campaign to help Palin were the most critical of her, suggesting that she was mentally unbalanced.
  37. Palin indicates she favors teaching abstinence, but she was pregnant when she married Todd.
  38. Even though Sarah Palin has indicated that teaching abstinence is appropriate, her own daughter, the one who was an unwed teenage mother, thought teaching abstinence was not very realistic.
  39. Sarah Palin has been an outspoken advocate for the importance of family, and Todd’s family helped Sarah get elected.  However when Faye Palin, Todd’s step mother ran for mayor, Sarah Palin wouldn’t endorse her.
  40. Even though the Discovery Channel has been associated with programs highlighting the wonders of nature, and even though Palin enjoys killing animals, the Discovery Channel hired her.
  41. One of the television channels that hired Sarah Palin is Fox News but they often don’t report the “news”.  In fact Glenn Beck indicated that he doesn’t report the “news”, but he is a commentator.
  42. Even though Palin lives in a true wilderness, and one of the most beautiful states in America, Palin seems to have no respect for the environment of the animals of Alaska.
  43. While Alaska is realizing immediate effects of global warming, Palin still doubts the merits of the global warming theory.
  44. Todd was advertised as a “stay-at-home-dad” but he never seemed to stay at home.
  45. Palin uses the word “rogue” to describe herself, but that word is defined to mean a scoundrel, or a mean spirited person.
  46. Palin mocks President Obama for using a teleprompter, but she writes on her hand.
  47. Palin’s new book is about virtues, but she is evidently going to rely upon the philosophy and teaching of others to write about virtues in HER book.
  48. Palin’s friend who suggested she wasn’t taking care of her kids, was mysteriously killed in a plane crash shortly after talking to Sarah about this problem.
  49. Palin says in speeches that she wants to balance the budget.  At the same time she advocates an increase in military spending and lowering of taxes, which are both inconsistent with balancing the budget.
  50. People pay $100,000 for a speech Palin has given before.
  51. CSU Stanislaus has $93,000 to Palin to give a speech, but they don’t have enough for any scholarships.
  52. Palin has become recognized as an advocate for the right to life movement and special needs kids. Even though she has given speeches to these groups she charges for her performance and expenses.  She did make a donation of her time to the NRA when she spoke at their national convention.
  53. Trig is a “special needs” child, but his mom relies on someone else to meet those needs.
  54. In her book, Going Rogue, Palin describes herself as a “public servant”.  However the main service she has performed for America is ensuring the loss of McCain in the 2008 election, and resigning her office as Governor.
  55. British Petroleum has been the focus of people in this country, regardless of political ideologies, but Palin in her recent Facebook post, blames the radical environmentalists for the BP spill.
  56. Palin’s proclaimed area of “specialty” is energy.  However she resigned her position as Oil & Gas Commissioner after serving less than one year.
  57. In multiple speeches, and during the campaign of 2008, Palin characterized herself as a “real American”.  However the average American doesn’t make $12,000,000 in less than one year, they don’t fly in private planes or first class on commercial airlines, and most of us have to watch the Academy Awards on our television.
  58. Grandma Palin says that family matters should stay private, but she or her family received $300,000 from People magazine for pictures of her grandson.
  59. Palin indicates that we should all seek “divine intervention” but she must have forgotten to tell her sister-in law how to pray, so she wouldn’t have ended up in jail.
  60. Palin indicates that she would never presume to know what God’s will, but she did presume to write a letter to herself, in God’s voice.
  61. Even though Palin called for the resignation of Rahm Emanuel because he used the word “retarded”, it was appropriate for Rush Limbaugh to use the word because it was in the “satirical sense”.
  62. When Glenn Beck interviewed Palin and asked her which of the founding fathers was her favorite, and she gave the same answer to him that she had given Katie Couric when asking about the sources of her information, saying “all of them,” Beck said “bullcrap”.
  63. In the same week Palin was interviewed by Glenn Beck to talk about Joe McGinniss, and expressed outrage at the alleged invasion of privacy of her children even though Mr. McGinniss hadn’t done anything to her children, Glen Beck had devoted at least 10 minutes to mocking Malia Obama, the President’s 13 year old daughter.
  64. While Sarah Palin was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential people, the best person Time could find to write about Palin was Ted Nugent.
  65. Even though we may have suspected Sarah Palin was a racist, her own father indicated that her reason for leaving Hawaii, was that all the Asians made her feel uncomfortable.
  66. Even though Palin regularly mentioned Bill Ayers during the 2008 campaign, suggesting that Obama was “paling around with terrorists”, Sarah’s own husband was a member of the Alaska Independence Party for at least 6 years, and that party advocated secession for Alaska.
  67. While Palin was critical of Obama for attending church where his pastor was saying unpatriotic things, Palin’s pastor was in Africa hunting and capturing witches.
  68. Even though Palin didn’t support public health care, as a child she went to Canada for medical services provided through their national health care system.
  69. Even though Palin feels that the extended family should be responsible for paying the cost of health care for all family members, Palin’s first and only grandchild, relied upon public health care, because Todd was 1/8 Eskimo.
  70. In spite of the fact that Palin’s dad is a school teacher, she doesn’t seem to place much emphasis on education.  None of her kids are in college. Todd doesn’t have a college degree, and Piper has repeatedly missed school to accompany her mother.
  71. Even though Palin was aware of the fact that BP was ignoring safety standards, and intentionally risking the lives of its employees and the environment, Palin was proud of her success in converting Alaska’s interest from a royalty to an interest like that of a shareholder.

Malia is taking a much needed break this weekend. Over the next two days, Torie Thompson will be guest blogging. 

(Part 1 of 2)

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin could best be described as doctrinal and philosophical kindred spirits. Both tout their Christian morals and “common sense” philosophy along with their patriotism and politics.  They also share a mutual fondness for one another, with Beck gushing in an interview that Palin is “one of the only people that I can see that can possibly lead us” and Palin writing for Time Magazine that Beck is “an inspiring patriot”. While their commonalities appear innocuous, they are actually insidious.  

Both incite divisiveness and even violence with their anti-intellectualism and historical perversion.  One of the most egregious examples of late is Beck’s promotion of the book The Red Network: A “Who’s Who” and Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots. The book was written in 1934, and as the name implies, is an anti-communist rant. Despite having been poorly researched and written, Beck lauded the book implying that Americans need engage in acts harkening back to the Red Scare.  

During the Red Scare a sort of communist paranoia overtook the U.S. In The Red Network, the author Elizabeth Dillings accuses everyone from Albert Einstein to Eleanor Roosevelt to even Gandhi as having been a radical socialist based upon utterly nonsensical “evidence”, such as Einstein’s daughter marrying a Russian and Dilling’s inability to understand his theory of relativity. Does any of this remind you of the inane smear campaigns by Beck and Palin 

If Palin read, this a book she would enjoy. 

The United States is facing the worst environmental disaster in the history of our country.  Forty six South Korean soldiers were killed in an attack by North Korea.  As a result of this attack tensions have been heightened in one of the world’s most perilous regions. Israel attacked a flotilla bound for Gaza and killed at least 10 armed civilians while the ship in question was in international water.   Sarah Palin mentioned this one in a Facebook post, suggesting that she is some expert on Israeli/Palestinian relations.  The point of the article was to condemn the lamestream media, suggesting that they had not provided all the facts. Palin suggests that SHE knows what happened, and that Israel was justified in killing these people.  Last time I checked Palin has never even been to Israel, much less been involved with military personnel in Israel.  We certainly haven’t heard that Sarah Palin has been granted some national security clearance.  Even John McCain, recognized by Palin as a war hero, hasn’t been offering his opinions about this incident.

Obama hasn’t recognized Grandma Palin as an authority on international relations.  She probably doesn’t even know where the Pentagon is located.  Palin has not commented on Fox about this incident.  She has devoted an entire interview to talking about her peaceful neighbor.  She must know more than the UN Security council which is engaged in an “impartial investigation.” After 10 hours of debate, the UN Security council called for the immediate release of hundreds of civilians held after the raid.  The deaths and injuries were condemned by the UN, EU and other countries. The US, in contrast, was restrained in its response, expressing regret and saying it was “currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy”.  Thus we know that the Obama administration is attempting to gain all the facts before reaching any conclusion.  Unlike Palin, even some Israeli commentators expressed reservations about the operation, fearing international isolation. Alon Liel, a former Israeli ambassador to Turkey, said the situation could have been averted. “Definitely we made mistakes and in retrospect anything would have been better – including letting the boats reach Gaza.”

Countries in Europe are facing the worst economic disaster in a century, and the United States isn’t far behind. The United States is at war with Iraq and Afghanistan.  We have been at war in Iraq for seven years, and over 4,000 soldiers have lost their lives in that war.   We have been at war in Afghanistan since 2001, with over 1,000 US soldier’s sacrificing their lives in that conflict. The combined cost of these two wars to the United States has exceeded one trillion dollars.

The people of Haiti remain in a state of devastation following the earthquake.  Over 1.5 million people are still living in tents and the international community has pledged $5.3 billion dollars in construction aid, and even that will likely be insufficient.  I don’t remember Sarah Palin doing anything to help the people of Haiti.  (Maybe this is also a “minority type thing”).

In spite of these national disasters, the killing of soldiers around the world, and a global economic crisis that exceeds anything in my lifetime, Sarah Palin has focused national attention on a peaceful neighbor living next door.  The only crime of this peaceful neighbor is that he is planning to write a book.   There is not even an allegation that Joe McGinniss has done anything illegal or inappropriate.  Palin has said with regard to this neighbor that she would not retreat, she would “reload”.   The local newspaper in Wasilla has threatened McGinniss, suggesting that he should beware of the law in Wasilla that allows a property owner to use deadly force if someone trespasses.

Sarah Palin solicited an interview with Glenn Beck regarding this peaceful neighbor.  In that interview Palin indicated that the picture provided, was a picture of Joe McGinnis, on his deck, not a picture of Palin.   The only person who has even allegedly taken a picture of a neighbor is Sarah Palin who took a picture of her neighbor, McGinniss, when he was standing on his deck looking into the forest, not towards Palin’s house.  Palin threatened Joe McGinnis on Beck’s show indicating that Mr. McGinniss had “better leave my kids alone”. McGinniss has not committed any act that could even allegedly be characterized as bothering her kids. Beck suggested McGinniss was “hounding” and “stalking” Sarah and her family.  He suggested Todd deserved a medal for not punching McGinniss, and that Sarah Palin’s womanhood had somehow been violated.  Beck had the temerity to suggest that the cost of Palin’s 14 foot fence was a hardship, even though Palin is now worth over $12,000,000.00, and even though the fence was built by Todd and his buddies.

Most amazing of all, Beck expressed outrage that McGinniss had acted inappropriately regarding the children of Palin.  Not only has McGinniss not had any contact or interaction with Palin’s kids, but Mr. Beck has established himself as an authority on verbal abuse of children.  It was just this week that Beck lodged an all-out attack against Malia Obama on his national radio show.  Malia is the President’s 13 year old daughter, and the only thing she did to attract Beck attention was to express concern about the national environmental disaster in the Gulf.

Malia Obama’s brief comment suggested a maturity that far exceeds that of Sarah Palin.  I wish the half-term-Ex-Governor was more concerned about the environmental devastation occurring in the Gulf Coast than her neighbor who is peacefully renting a house in Wasilla to write a book.  Palin’s kids have not been threatened.  Sarah and Todd have only had neighborly discussions with Joe McGinnis.  Thus the closest thing to a threat or harassment is the conduct of the Palins in taking a picture of their neighbor enjoying the peacefulness of the view from his deck.

Maybe Palin is concerned that someone will be able to document how little she sees her own children.  Maybe Palin is concerned that McGinniss will realize that she has little or no contact with Willow, Bristol, or Trig.  Whatever her concern, it is not based upon anything Joe McGinniss has done.  Evidently the neighbors who occupied the house before McGinniss were ex-convicts, who were drug and/or alcohol addicts.  That didn’t seem to cause Palin enough concern to build a 14 foot fence.  We can only surmise that Palin is more concerned about someone discovering the truth about her than harm to her children from drug and/or alcohol addicts.

National and international disaster, war, and economic problems are enough to cause politicians and news commentators to have to be selective in their choice of news stories.  When the focus of Sarah Palin is the next door neighbor who is writing a book, something is terribly wrong with Palin’s priorities.  Perhaps she should have the revelation that Joe McGinniss living next to her was part of God’s plan.  Maybe she should write a note to herself, in God’s voice, explaining to herself that Joe is a nice man, a peaceful man, who is simply writing a book.  He is Caucasian.  He is not a devil worshiper.  He is not homosexual.  He isn’t even shooting moose in her neighborhood, so there are just as many for Palin to shoot as before Joe’s arrival.  Grandma Palin needs to be reminded that the country and the world have many more serious problems than a neighbor peacefully renting the house next door to write a book.  I know the half-term-Ex-Governor will never read the book, but some of us can’t wait.  If anyone is guilty of harassment, or violating a neighbor’s right to privacy, it is Sarah Palin who has been guilty of harassing Joe McGinniss.

Shock was the reaction most of us had when Sarah Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska.  Many of us mistakenly assumed she was in politics because she wanted to do all she could for the people of Alaska, and America.  We thought that she was a patriot and that her motivation to become involved in politics was to become a champion for conservative values.  The majority of Americans were dismayed that McCain had picked such an ill equipped, uneducated, and incompetent running mate.  Some women were thrilled to have a woman on the Republican ticket.  Some of us were dismayed, humiliated, and embarrassed that Sarah Palin was chosen as a representative of women.  We made the mistake of assuming that even if Palin was incompetent, that she must have been motivated by a desire to improve Alaska, and the country, even if her presence actually had the opposite effect. We blamed John McCain for his criterion for a female running mate; attractiveness.

Since Palin’s resignation, we have been constantly reminded that her resignation was the best thing for her personally and for the country as a whole.  As soon as she resigned she began to amass a fortune.  She hired Lynn Vincent, wrote her book, traveled on her book tour, and began booking speeches and giving television interviews.  In less than one year Palin’s income has exceeded any amount she might have achieved in her entire lifetime.  For the rest of the country Palin’s resignation was an unanticipated gift.  As if the Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric interviews were not enough, we have now had over one year to assess Sarah Palin’s competency, or lack thereof.  She doesn’t give spontaneous interviews, but only canned speeches written by someone else.  She posts Facebook posts which are also written by someone else.  When she gives “commentary” on Fox, we are reminded of how very hard it is for her to answer even pre-screened questions.  When Palin is finished speaking at a convention or on Fox, we are left with a sense of disbelief and violation.  Even Glenn Beck, who has aligned himself as her friend and partner in crime, used the word “bullcrap” to describe one of her answers.

When Time Magazine identified her as one of the world’s most influential people, it was Ted Nugent who was chosen to write his assessment of her.

The half-term-Ex-Governor has given speeches to the Tea Party Convention, the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, right-to-life causes, charities attempting to raise money for special needs kids and adults, and she has even been booked by CSU Stanislaus, an institution of higher learning.  Make no mistake.  Palin is not doing these speeches as a charitable gesture.  She is not attempting to improve her education or the plight of the less fortunate.  Her motivations for these speeches are immediate, direct, and transparent.  Her sole motivation is financial.  The only speech she has given which she has advertised as being done out of the goodness of her heart is the speech for the NRA Convention.  She obviously has a tender spot in her heart for guns, and killing things.

Palin has been a big attraction in Las Vegas.  She has been paid by groups having a national convention in Las Vegas including the Bowlers Convention, the Wholesale Liquor Distributors, and now the Global Real Estate Convention.  To my amazement, people listening to her speeches are surprised at her lack of substance.  Here are just a couple of comments from her recent speech at the Global Real Estate Convention:

From The Dirt Lawyer’s Blog:

Speaking of disappointment, let’s talk about the keynote address from Sarah Palin. In short, it was a standard stump speech with a few superficial comments about shopping centers and retail real estate. It was awful and a borderline train wreck in my opinion. All Palin had to do was add in a paragraph about the pending disaster of carried interest and she would have not only won over the crowd but gotten significant fundraiser cash from the industry if she runs in 2012. As it stands, I do not know if she knows what carried interest is.

David Bodamner, at Retail Traffic:

Lastly, most people I spoke with were massively disappointed with Sarah Palin’s keynote. She made a few mentions of malls and shopping, but largely gave a standard stump speech. The notes that connected most with the audience were a few choice digs at President Barack Obama, warnings against excessive regulation and some pro-business and pro-free market remarks. However many felt disappointed that Palin didn’t make more of an effort to talk about issues important to the industry. She did not, for example, say anything about the tax treatments of carried interest-a topic that surely would have resonated with the audience. And it wasn’t like she didn’t talk about taxation at all. She talked about higher taxes when making comments about the recent health care reform.

What many of us knew after the election of 2008, but others are just now discovering, is that Sarah Palin is totally incompetent and inept.  Perhaps the fact that the country has three years to learn from John McCain’s mistake is a blessing in a black leather jacket.  Each time she makes an appearance we are a little more aware of the lack of education, leadership, and competency of Sarah Palin.  Each time we pause to remember Sarah Palin saying “drill baby drill” and then “stall baby stall” there is a realization that Palin could have been deadly to the people of this country if she had ever risen to a position of power.  The only power she has at the moment is the ability to make money, and that power seems to be fading.  If we are good students of history, we won’t let the disasters of the past repeat themselves.

In the event you need help deciphering the speeches of Palin, remember this post.

It was November 4, 2008 when John McCain lost the election to Barack Obama with Sarah Palin standing by his side.  Within two weeks of John McCain’s announcement of Palin as his Vice Presidential Candidate, McCain’s popularity started a steep decline that never recovered.  Palin explained that whatever happened during the election was God’s plan.  Thus it must have been God’s plan to protect the United States of America and ensure that Palin would never be close to the White House.

Consider the effect of Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck.  In November of 2009 there was speculation that Palin might pick Beck as a running mate.  Palin has been very complimentary of Glenn Beck; calling him an “inspiring patriot.” At that point in time Beck enjoyed very high ratings on Fox news.  Over the next few months, Palin became increasingly associated with Beck.  These contacts are significant:

1.  Jan. 11, 2010Palin joins Fox News as a contributor.

2.  Jan. 13, 2010Beck conducts an hour long interview with Palin.

3.  March 14, 2010Palin and Beck host the “Taking Our Country Back” event in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It is worth noting that when the “Taking Our Country Back” event was announced, the plan was to hold events in Tulsa and Kansas City.  If the reception was favorable more cities were to be scheduled.   I found one article indicating that the Kansas City event did happen, but found nothing online or on Palin’s website to indicate that any other appearances have been scheduled.

4.  April 18, 2010-Chris Matthews interviews Joe Klein who suggests that the language used by Palin and Beck meets the definition of sedition.

5. May 14th, 2010 NRA Convention– Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck were featured as the headliners at the NRA convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Palin told the audience that Obama would “ban guns if he could” and Beck encouraged the NRA members to fight the “Marxists at the polls”.

Significantly, Beck has realized a major drop in his television ratings since his association with Palin in January.  In his January interview with Palin, Beck explained that he had not ever met Sarah Palin before that interview.  Since that initial interview, and since he first met Palin, Beck has seen his audience fall almost 30% from 2.9 million viewers in January to 2.1 million viewers in April.

Is this purely coincidental?  Is this a sign that Palin has caused Beck to lose a significant portion of his audience?  Does this drop in ratings indicate that Palin is lethal?  We know that Palin is no longer a politician, and she is not a regular commentator on Fox, so there are no recent surveys to indicate any decline in the popularity of Palin.  We do know that the price of tickets for Palin’s event in Dallas dropped from $10,000 per ticket to $250.00. We also know that before Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska, her approval rating had dropped to an all-time-low, from 89% to 54%.

Since the Katie Couric interviews we knew Palin was not a competent politician, or world leader.  It evidently took John McCain a period of time to realize that we expect more from our President, or Vice President, than a pretty face.  The people of Alaska, Republicans and Democrats, demanded more.  Glenn Beck evidently didn’t get it.  I wonder if he has figured it out yet.  Palin is lethal.  I’d be more than happy for Glenn Beck to go down with Palin.  They deserve each other.   In my mind Beck was a loser before he associated himself with Palin.  However he did have a significant following for his Fox show.    Palin has been a loser since she lost the Miss Alaska Pageant, and carried on that tradition with John McCain.  We can still smell what Palin is shoveling. Beck is just now beginning to realize that he stinks too.

Sarah Palin referred to Glenn Beck as a “rodeo clown” in her article for Time Magazine, which was supposed to be complimentary.  Later Whoopi Goldberg called Glenn a “lying sack of dog mess”.

As you  know Glenn Beck, like Palin, addressed the crowd at the NRA convention, he was  mentioned in my post today, and his lack of credibility are obvious.  Thus it is only fitting that I share with you one of my favorite commentaries on Beck.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.—glenn-beck-s-nazi-tourette-s

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