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Only 2 million watched this one, but it’s funny too!

This is the scene from the movie Naked Gun.

This is an actual scene from a council meeting in Houston Texas.

This is the one you could get from SarahPAC for a donation ranging from $100-$200 dollars.

sarah pac 2015 calendar

These are a much better buy, and much more entertaining.

1. Nuns Having Fun

funny calendar one

2. Awkward Family Photos

funny calendar two

3. Cow Yoga

funny calendar three

4. Yoga Dogs

Yoga Dogs Clendar

5. Funny Golf Pictures

funny calendar five

6. Underwater Dogs

funny calendar six

7. Cow Abductions and Other Alien Phenomenon

cow abductions”>Stephen Colbert said it best as he described the Sarah Palin bus tour/family vacation/violation of copyright laws which ended almost as soon as it started with a call to jury duty for which Palin never served.

palin bus
Here is the post that has no point:

Hmmm, as people all over the country are reminding each other, this Hillary Scooby-Doo Tour thing sure looks familiar. We’re flattered the liberals think the idea is really keen! Since it’s ‪#‎ThrowbackThursday‬, it’s also pretty keen to thank the democrats for taking a page out of our playbook and also to share the picturesque, sincere, no-media “One Nation” RV trek of ours a few years ago. From way up North in the natural resource-rich state of Alaska down to the inspirational, loud and patriotic Rolling Thunder Rally in DC to a calm clambake on a cool New Hampshire night, it was a blast to introduce American people and places to folks who crave the reminders of what makes our nation exceptional and free! Our tour is proof we dare not go backwards and fundamentally transform America; instead we must move ahead to fundamentally restore all that is good and safe and strong in America. And we’re pretty good about doing it without letting the media get in the way. (In fact, it was great to see the media finally have to do what the rest of the middle class does every single day – WORK FOR IT. Though I don’t know why they were frustrated not being able to keep up with us, I mean, I was in our bus wrapped in the Constitution!)
So here’s a little secret – a video from the SarahPAC vault that’s never been released until now. (I knew it’d come in handy someday.) Makes me want to fire up the RV again, load up the kids… Enjoy!
– Sarah Palin

I’m not the only one who couldn’t understand the point of the rant.

I’m left thinking that Scooby Doo would have had his typical response.

These people made more sense as cartoon characters than Palin has ever made.

The Daily Cardinal announced the opening of Sarah Palin’s latest money making project, the Wasilla Taxidermist Shop. You will enjoy reading the article.

The inspiration for the new shop is unclear. Speculation is that it was either the dead animals with whom Sarah has posed for pictures,

palin dead animal one

palin dead animal two

palin dead animal four safari club

palin dead animal five safari club

or the people she has posed with for pictures that made us feel so bad that we thought we were dying!

palin boner two

palin boner

The actual name of the shop hasn’t been announced yet, but the top contenders are:

1. If Looks Could Kill

2. Sarah’s Stuffed Animals

3. Sarah’s Stiffs

4. Hard Bodies

5, Rigid Members

6. Firm Figures

4. Animals Gone Rogue

5. Cadaverous Carnivores

6. Extinct, Expired, but still Erect

7. Bodies, Bones, and Boners

What’s really funny about this skeleton is that there are no bones in a real human associated with reproduction. You probably knew that. What you may not know is that other mammals do have such a bone. I learned this when a dog of mine broke his jumping a fence. Even the vet laughed when he explained what was wrong with my poor dog.

If Sarah had been in the class, I doubt there would have been anything remarkable about this model.

It’s been weeks since Sarah Palin made her memorable appearance on the SNL anniversary show.

palin tan hand

We know she is scheduled to speak at the NRA convention. The convention doesn’t start till Friday the 10th. Today is Tues. and we haven’t heard from her in many days. Even her Facebook posts have been links to other sites or stories.

Speculation is running rampant. Where is Sarah? What is she doing? Why has she dropped out of the public eye? The following are some possible explanations:

1. She is in rehab.

palin wonkey eye

2. She is learning to shoot before the convention.

palin dead hog

3. Dakota Meyer shot her.

dakota loading gun

4. She is picking out and paying for the attire of Dakota Meyer for his wedding.

bristol kissing dakota

5. She is hiding from creditors.

6. She is hiding from the postman who is trying to deliver a certified letter from Fox terminating her agreement with them.

7. Todd played an April-Fools joke on her and hid all of her wigs, and she is waiting for Amazon to deliver new ones.

palin wig 7

8. Sarah thought April-Fools pranks lasted all month, so she’s waiting for May to re-emerge.

9. Sarah shot herself in the foot trying to clean her gun for the NRA convention.

10. Trig found his birth certificate in the desk drawer. He left to find his biological mother. Sarah just left.

11. Sarah has gone to the James J. Rowley training center for Secret Service agents, to help Todd pass out his business cards.

david chaney and prostitute

12. Nobody has seen her for several days. She was last seen hitchhiking.

palin amazing america thumbs up

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