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Sarah Palin sent a message of congratulations to Netanyahu through Facebook. Does she think the leader of Israel sits at his desk and reads her Facebook postings? Does she think that the newly re-elected leader of Israel has nothing else to do except sit around waiting for a social media message from the quitter from Alaska? Sarah Palin hasn’t held elected office since 2009. It’s been almost 6 years since she was an acting politician. She didn’t see his address before Congress, because she isn’t in Congress. If her message had been signed by the mother of the fiancee of Dakota Meyer, Netanyahu might have recognized who she was. He probably missed her show where she appeared as a hitchhiker, Amazing America. He probably didn’t even see the first season of Amazing America.

The good thing is that Netanyahu probably didn’t have time to see these news stories either.

The one he should have seen was this one:

palin idiot

“grassroots” just sent out the following e-mail:

News just broke that President Obama has launched a clandestine political attack on Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an effort to defeat Netanyahu in Israel’s upcoming elections.

Reports indicate Obama has dispatched Jeremy Bird — National Field Director for the Obama presidential campaign — along with other key U.S. election operatives to Israel to spearhead the “anyone but Bibi” campaign.

It gets worse.

It now appears that Bird and his team are working through an organization called “OneVoice” — an international group pushing the “two state” solution in Israel. And here’s the kicker…

OneVoice receives direct funding from the United States government and touts the U.S State Department as one if its “partners” on its website!

That means Obama is using U.S taxpayer dollars as well as his key operatives to interfere in the elections of Israel — a sovereign nation that happens to be one of our strongest allies in the entire world.

Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver — one of the nation’s leading constitutional attorneys — calls this “a profound overreach by our President and a truly contemptible act.” Mat is mobilizing resources at Liberty Counsel to expose the President’s despicable actions against Israel’s sitting Prime Minister.

Right now, Liberty Counsel is rallying citizens to stand with Israel against these and other attacks by signing a “Proclamation Of Blessing For Israel.” We wanted to make this opportunity available to our team. If you want to make a strong statement against Obama’s blatant political attack against Prime Minister Netanyahu and ongoing efforts to undermine Israel, go here to sign Liberty Counsel’s proclamation:

I will attempt too verify if this is accurate.


Update: Here is one of the articles which discusses the allegations. It is unclear what the White House’s response will be.

On November 5, 2008 I was so relieved that Sarah Palin would not be a “heartbeat away from the Presidency” that I was celebrating.  During the campaign I watched the news every night, but it was usually CNN or MSNBC.  Every time Lou Dobbs appeared on the screen I changed the channel, and if I ever watched Fox News, it was due to a mistake.  Certainly on November 5, 2008 we didn’t expect Palin would later resign as the Governor of Alaska.  Who could have predicted that a year after the election of 2008 Palin would become an analyst for Fox News?

Many of us have read Game Change, which documents the multitude of problems with Palin during the campaign.  As persuasive as this book appeared to be, some Palin supporters, if they read books, might think that the information reported in Game Change was unreliable because the names of each person reporting the information were not disclosed.  While the information appeared to be credible, and the authors were trustworthy reporters, Palin supporters could justify their disbelief by complaining that the names of the people providing specific comments had been omitted.

In my ongoing quest for the truth regarding Palin, I discovered an old Fox News clip that had previously escaped my attention.  It must have been “God’s plan” to cause this story to come to my attention, knowing that I would report it today.  The clip is by Carl Cameron, a reporter for Fox, who did a very revealing report the day following the election of 2008.  He explains that he had access to much of the information detailed during the campaign, but he was not allowed to report the story until the election was over because the information was “off the record” until then.  Fox News, the station that hired Sarah Palin, confirmed the very things reported in Game Change. John Heilemann and Mark Halperin’s Game Change, which was not published until 2010 confirmed what Fox News reported on November 5, 2008.

Sarah Palin was the person who was “thrilled to be joining the great talent and management team at Fox News” and found it “wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news.”

This is the “fair and balanced news” story reported on November 5, 2008:

Ron White is a very funny comedian, and he does one of my favorite comedy routines entitled “You Can’t Fix Stupid”.  I am not sure if that routine is applicable to Fox News, John McCain, Sarah Palin or all of the above?

Dear Sarah,

I know you have recently been campaigning for John McCain in Arizona in his race for re-election to the Senate.  Of course you feel a debt of gratitude. Your nomination by John, as hurried as it may have been, catapulted you into the national scene, making millions of dollars for you and your family members.  How lucky for you that a girl from Wasilla, Alaska with a very limited education and history in public service could be chosen for one of the highest offices in the country.  How lucky for you that you won the Miss Wasilla Beauty Pageant, so you were well qualified in the eyes of John McCain.  I know you hadn’t gotten to travel much outside of Alaska before your nomination.  Now, thanks to John McCain, you have gotten to travel all over the country by private plane.  I know before the election that no one cared about baby pictures of your grandchild, but now magazines will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the pictures.  I know before this election you didn’t have a lot of friends, but now you have over a million on Face Book!  Way to go Sarah.

The Arizona Senate race won’t actually occur until November of 2010.  John will be having a birthday before then, and I wanted to give you plenty of time to make all the arrangements for an appropriate party.  On Aug 29th John will turn 74 years old.  Wow!  John is amazing!  If he makes it to his birthday, he will have outlived his own life-expectancy.  Most men in the United States are lucky to live to the age of 74( but John isn’t letting that minor detail deter his race for yet another term.  Maybe it’s a good thing that he doesn’t use a computer so he doesn’t know what his life expectancy is.  If he is elected in November, and if he lives out his full term of six years, he would then be 80 years old! He is a high achiever for sure!

Precautions you might want to consider for his party:

  1. Have am EMT standing by just in case there is a medical emergency.  During the election there was an issue about whether he was a potential candidate for a stroke. (See, McCain gets lost on stage 9zA0x5Sg&annotation_id=annotation_576692&feature=iv;

See also,

McCain’s Left Eye Droops (Video) | Bitten and Bound

Sep 25, 2008 )  It’s his left eye that seems to give him problems so take the birthday photos from his right side.

2.  Let Cindy buy the gifts as she still has more money than you.

3.  Don’t invite Lilly Ledbetter to the party as John didn’t vote for fair pay for her and I think Lilly is still a little miffed about that.  She also would have a hard time affording a gift since she was underpaid for most of her career.

4.  Don’t invite Justice Sonia Sotomayor.  I know  John thought :

“There is no doubt that Judge Sotomayor has the professional background and qualifications that one hopes for in a Supreme Court nominee.  She is a former prosecutor, served as an attorney in private practice and spent twelve years as an appellate court judge.  She is an immensely qualified candidate.”  See,

but he still voted against her confirmation.

5.  Tell Cindy and Meghan to take the duct tape off their mouths so they can sing happy birthday….remember the duct tape they put over their mouths when they were protesting the don’t ask-don’t tell policy.

6.  Don’t let John tell any jokes at the party as some of the women attending the party might not think his jokes about rape are very funny.

7.  If a lot of John’s friends can’t make it, maybe you could get some of the older people from the local nursing home to come…you know the ones in the wheelchair and using the walker who served as the witnesses for your wedding.  Oh yeah, they probably are no longer around, so maybe you could take some of your kids since their school seems to allow them to miss school any time you wish.

Good Luck and have a great party!   Malia

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