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Most people would call this child molestation, sexual abuse, and/or rape. In some countries they call this marriage.

1. In 2012 the UN reported that 1/3 of girls in developing nations are married before their 18th birthday. One out of nine will be married before their 15th birthday.

2. The World Health Organization reports that one million girls under 15 are giving birth every year. Their pelvis’ are too small for child bearing. They are 5 times as likely as women 20 and over, to die during child birth or pregnancy. If the child does survive they may suffer from fecal and urinary incontinence.

3. Over 60% of these girls have no education.

child marriage india

In the United State we are more sophisticated. Our teen mothers are not girls married off for money. They are girls like Bristol Palin who just decide to be mothers before marriage. Note …there is a difference between deciding to have premarital sex, and getting pregnant. Getting pregnant requires the decision NOT to use contraceptives. Remember, Bristol wanted to get pregnant.

The rate of teen pregnancy is no better in many deep red states such as Mississippi (55 percent), Texas (42 percent) and Georgia (45 percent) than blue states like California (40 percent), New York (41 percent) and Massachusetts (34 percent). Clearly this is not a problem caused by liberals preaching free love, or teens turning orgiastic when they have access to free condoms.

The irony is that conservatives have long warned about the breakdown of the American family. There is a social cost when faith triumphs over science, when celebrities peddle nonsense and when that ignorance is foisted on the rest of us as policy. Yes, Bristol, actions have consequences. The fact that she wanted to get pregnant out of wedlock is frightening. It seems she doesn’t care if society has to support she and her children. Here are the facts:

1. About 4 out 10 children were born to unwed mothers. Nearly two-thirds are born to mothers under the age of 30.2

2. Of all single-parent families in the U.S., single mothers make up the majority.

3. According to U.S. Census Bureau,3 out of about 12 million single parent families in 2014, more than 80% were headed by single mothers.

4. Today 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 — a total of about 17.4 million — are being raised without a father and nearly half (45%) live below the poverty line.

5. For those living with father only, about 21% live in poverty. In contrast, among children living with both parents, only 13% are counted as poor.

bristol pregnant on DWTS

bristol pregnant on DWTS

Let me begin by clearly stating my biases. I have written two books on Sarah Palin, and lost money on them. I have written on this blog for 4½ years and have never earned a penny for my time. I have a suit pending in Federal Court, to attempt to uncover the truth about the Palins, and have incurred over $30,000 dollars in attorney fees. I have received death threats. My family has been threatened. Just this week, I received a copy of a complaint filed by a “concerned citizen” with the Texas Bar asserting that I was practicing law without a license. I was unable to respond as there was no return address given by this “concerned citizen.” The citizen wasn’t concerned enough to get their basic facts right, as a single phone call to the Texas Bar would have confirmed that I am an active member in good standing. I have never had a complaint filed against me, and never had an ethics violation filed. Yet this “concerned citizen” copied Sarah Palin on this letter. Certainly, this coward, who was unwilling to disclose his name or address, was predictably, a Palin supporter.

Today an article written by David French appears in the National Review. The first paragraph of this article is strangely similar to the first paragraph of an article he wrote last fall defending Bristol after her “f” tirade at the Palin family brawl. Both articles devote the entire first paragraph to the accomplishments of he and his wife. Anyone reading either article would have been drawn to the article to read about poor pathetic Bristol Palin, who has been victimized by the liberal elites. However Mr. French advertises himself at the outset, having used Bristol’s name to garner attention.

If you read far enough to get past the personal advertisement, Mr. French’s defense of Bristol is focused on her advocacy of both abstinence and birth control to prevent teen pregnancy. Mr. French writes:

The grace of God gives us not just the humility to acknowledge failure and disappointment but also the resolve to face an uncertain or intimidating future.”

Thus Mr. French refers to Bristol’s pregnancy as a “failure” and a “disappointment.” I guess he forgot to check Bristol’s blog . She didn’t seem to have been given the “grace of God” when she referred to the “giddy assholes” in her blog post. When she called people who criticized her “giddy assholes” she didn’t seem to be seeking enlightenment, but instead vengeance. Most importantly, Mr. French seems to have missed the part where Bristol declared this was a “planned” pregnancy. She WANTED to get pregnant. Bristol wasn’t abstinent. Bristol wasn’t using birth control. She was a single woman who WANTED to get pregnant.

Bristol has made it clear that this was not a “failure” but a victory. It was not a “disappointment” but a time to be proud that she achieved her goal. Mr. French must not have realized that Bristol’s goals had changed.

Bristol got what she wanted…another child out of wedlock. People, like myself, who have written about Bristol’s pregnancy are not “haters”. I don’t hate Bristol. What I hate is the hypocrisy of being an advocate for abstinence, making money off people who believe in what she is saying, but living a completely different life. What I hate is a person trying to generate publicity for himself by using Bristol’s pregnancy to get attention. What I hate even more is defending Bristol’s “failure” and “disappointment” by arguing that she advocated both abstinence and contraception. Obviously she didn’t practice abstinence, or use contraception, because she wanted to get pregnant, and she did.

Thank God Britol avoids “situations.”

This is certainly a “less than ideal” situation.

bristol oct 10, 2010

bristol pregnant in white shirt

The internet is filled with scandal this morning. Bristol Palin has announced that she pregnant once again…out of wedlock. But you knew that. We knew in May there was something terribly wrong with her engagement to Dakota Meyer. Pregnancy was one of three things that could have explained this rushed engagement!

The really interesting thing is that Bristol hasn’t said when she is due or who is the father. Time will tell but I predict she will have a “premature”-on time delivery, and we’ll never know who the real father is. Wait, that reminds me of some other Palins.


sarah trig 7

Two things come to mind. First is the interview she did with Oprah.

The second is that December 8th may now become the day we celebrate the blessed immaculate conception of a child born to Mary and Bristol.

immaculate conception

Maybe Sarah should write another letter to herself from God explaining how this is really a blessing, and He won’t give the Palins something they can’t handle. Maybe Sarah could revive the SarahPalin channel by posting videos of Bristol’s pregnancy, and the actual birth of her child.

palin bristol engagement

When Bristol and Dakota Meyer became engaged, media sources across the country publicized the news on the first pages. Sarah, Bristol, and Dakota were posting on Facebook every day about the news. Some of us thought that the engagement was much more of a media stunt than an indication of the plans of Dakota and Bristol for the future. We learned about Range 15,the movie for which Dakota was trying to raise money. Now we know that the engagement worked. Even though the wedding has been called off, Dakota Meyer accomplished his goal. He has become a celebrity. His Facebook hits tell the story. Here is a graph of the number of people who visited Dakota’s Facebook.

dakota meyer facebook page graph

Until the announcement of the break-up, Dakota enjoyed a rising number of people visiting his Facebook. Immediately after the announcement on the 19th, there has been a dramatic drop in people interested in him. Perhaps what is most troubling to Dakota about the break-up, is that nobody is interested in him now that he is no longer living with the born-again-virgin.

Perhaps what is most troubling to Bristol about the break-up is that her trial-divorce attorney in Alaska can’t represent her in Kentucky.

bristol and levi

bristol palin promoting abstinence

bristol cameo see through

bristol arizona home

bristol palin dancing with stars

bristol gino

Trust your Instincts. If it smells like a fraud, it probably is. If it reeks of a publicity stunt, it probably is. If it looks like Sarah Palin is using Dakota Meyer, she probably is.
“m” sent this link to the story published by politicalgates. Thanks m for sharing!
As indicated in that article, Dakota had been seriously involved with another girl since at least October of 2013. As late as December 20, 2014 it appears Dakota was still involved with Reagan Judd.

Dakota and reagan 11-11-13

Thus Dakota Meyer was seriously involved with Reagan Judd for over one year. They were still together as late as December of 2014. Sarah Palin and Dakota Meyer filmed the episode of Amazing America, when they first met, sometime before that episode aired on May 9,2014. Even if Bristol happened to meet Dakota during the filming of the show, it is clear that there was no relationship at the time. Dakota was still seeing Reagan Judd, and would see her for at least eight more months. At least as late as Dec. 20, 2014, Dakota was still posting pictures of himself and Reagan Judd on Facebook.

dakota and reagan war memorial

dakota and reagan dec 20 2014

According to Bristol she met Dakota during the filming of Amazing America. Bristol reported that “I’ve seen him in a few places where our paths have crossed since.” Nobody has indicated that they haven been dating for any amount of time.
Initially it is important to note that Bristol was self-conscious about how many times she has seen Dakota, a man who lives in Kentucky. Ironically, it seems that Dakota had seen Sarah more than Bristol, at least before they moved in together.

Jan. 23, 2015 was the day in Las Vegas on which Sarah and Dakota were photographed with this sign. Bristol was not pictured.

palin fuck you Michael Moore

On February 26, 2015, Dakota introduced Sarah at the CPAC meeting, at Sarah’s request.

On March 13, 2015 Bristol and Dakota were engaged.

That is only two and one-half months after the last time we can confirm Dakota was still involved with Reagan Judd.

In less than 6 days after the announcement of the engagement, Bristol had her house for sale, on March 19, 2015.

By April 13, 2015 Bristol and Dakota were living together in Kentucky.
Thus in a period of four months, Dakota broke-off his relationship off with Reagan Judd, who he’d been involved with for over a year, started a new relationship with Bristol, got engaged, and Bristol moved into his house, which wasn’t as nice as hers. Sarah reportedly bought the ring.
Something feels wrong about this relationship. Could it be that:
1. Sarah is orchestrating this to help her get elected to some political office.
2. Dakota is orchestrating this to help him get elected to the Senate? It does appear that Dakota has political aspirations.
3. Bristol is pregnant again??? It wouldn’t be the first time.

bristol pregnant in white shirt

It also wouldn’t be the first time one of the Palin kids has rushed to get married, given the fact that a baby was due in less than 9 months.

wedding photo track and britta

If Dakota and Bristol feel this is the right thing for them, it is not my place to question the speed with which they may the decision to get married. The real problem is that there is already a child involved, and Tripp is the victim of the rush to marriage. He has lost his home, his father,his school, and his friends. The only thing he gets out of the deal is to shoot a gun.

dakota tripp gun

todd palin sunglasses

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

Todd Palin is Bristol’s daddy. It’s hard to anticipate what effect it might have on Bristol if she knew that her father was a pimp.

prostitutes by car

She might become promiscuous, thinking that Dad promotes and makes money off sex. She might think that if it’s ok for dad, it’s ok for Bristol. She might resent her father’s use and abuse of women, and try to send her father that message in a very public way. She might plan to get pregnant out of wedlock, which would be undeniable proof that she was having sex as a teenager.

bristol preg

She might name her son, the one conceived out of wedlock, for her father’s prostitute, “Tripp.” She might try to follow his lead and make money off men’s interest having sex with her. Alternatively, she might do all of the above.

1. She was pregnant out of wedlock. Her pregnancy became the subject of national attention as a result of her appearance at the RNC in 2008 when she was reportedly pregnant.

2. When her son was born she chose the name “Tripp,” spelled with two P’s. Shailey Tripp, Todd’s prostitute, spelled her name with two P’s.
Both Bristol and Levi say it was Bristol’s idea to name the baby Tripp. Bristol doesn’t explain the name in her book except to say she decided she wanted a T name, to go with Todd, Track , and Trig

3.In case there was any doubt that Tripp’s name was somehow connected to Todd, remember that one of Tripp’s middle names is “Mitchell”.

Todd’s middle name is Mitchell.

4.Bristol has created the appearance of being promiscuous as a result of the number of boyfriends she has had.

bristol gino

5.Bristol has made hundreds of thousands of dollars off her promiscuity. When Tripp was born she sold pictures of him to People magazine for $300,000.00. When she became a spokesperson for the Candee’s Foundation she earned $262,500.00 from this “charitable foundation.” They selected her because she was a very well-known young woman who was famous because of having sex as a teenager.
Bristol has never admitted how much money she made for Dancing With the Stars. Clearly she was invited on the show because of her celebrity as the child of a mother who espoused conservative attitudes about sex, birth control, and abortion. Other people who have appeared on DWS have disclosed the amounts they were paid:
$125,000 payment for joining the show and being on the first two episodes.
If the contestant makes it past the second week they earn:
Weeks 3 & 4: $10,000 per week ($20K total)
Weeks 5 & 6: $20,000 per week ($40K total)
Weeks 7 & 8: $30,000 per week ($60K total)
Weeks 9 & 10: $50,000 per week ($100K total)

The most amazing thing is that she seems to be proud of her claims of chastity, and her sexual exploits. Here are specific examples:
She was pregnant at the RNC.

After giving birth she gave an interview and said that “abstinence was not realistic.”

She described herself as a “Born Again Virgin.

She got paid by the Candee’s foundation for being a spokesperson for abstinence.
She made this commercial:

The word “situation” is used in the commercial instead of sex. Bristol says that she avoids situations.
Then Bristol gets a new boyfriend and they move in together. Bristol described that relationship with Gino as a “trial marriage.”

At some point the trial marriage resulted in a trial divorce.

Then Bristol was seen out of control at the family brawl, wearing clothes that would not generally be worn by chaste women. Bristol talked about her “thong dress.”

bristol pee

Bristol and Dakota announced their engagement on March 14, 2015.

Within three days, at least by March 17, 2015, Bristol’s house was for sale.

By March 24, 2015 it appears Bristol and Tripp had moved to Kentucky.

At least by April 12, Dakota Meyer announced to the world on Twitter that he and Bristol were living together. He posted a picture of he and Bristol shooting a gun. His words were:
Myself and bsmp2 celebating our first week living together in KY by shooting our warsport. What a romantic way to celebrate your time together as a couple.

bristol and dakota shooting

In summary, within less than a month, Bristol got engaged, moved thousands of miles with her son, to live with a man. That man was so happy to be living together that he posted a picture of the happy couple for everyone in the country to see…even those people who thought Bristol was still a born-again-virgin.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not objecting to people living together. Only 3% of people in America remain abstinent until marriage. What I object to is making money promoting abstinence while not being abstinent, and being so bold about the fact that you are not abstinent. Given Bristol’s previous employment as an ambassador of abstinence, Dakota and Bristol should at least pretend that they are not living together. When Tripp wakes up in the morning does he know which man will be in bed with his mother? What does he call them…a trial daddy?

bristol blowing gun

Given Bristol’s considerable vivacity and ability, it should come as no surprise that she has been offered a job to co-host a morning radio show! Can’t wait to hear Bristol discuss how well abstinence works and how tough it is to be a teen mom while staring on two reality shows, a music video and doing photo shoots with Us Weekly, In Touch, People and Harper’s Bazaar.

From the moment we were first introduced to Sarah Palin at the Republican National Convention in 2008, her children were on a first name basis with America.  Within three days of the convention, we learned that Bristol was pregnant.  In a press release announcing Bristol’s pregnancy, Palin also stated that Bristol would keep the baby and marry the baby’s father Levi Johnston.  For many people, men and women, Sarah’s attitude regarding Bristol’s pregnancy was unforgiveable.  It wasn’t a shock that Palin had a 17 year old daughter who was not a virgin.  It was Sarah’s reaction to the news that her daughter was pregnant that was so shocking.  Proclaiming that Levi and Bristol were going to marry was a clue that Sarah was out of touch with the reality of the situation.

The reality is that teen pregnancy in the United States is a significant social problem.  There are health risks for the babies born to teen mothers.  Their children are more likely to suffer health, social, and emotional problems.

Moreover, for the first time in more than a decade, teen pregnancy rates rose 3% in 2006. Since 1990 there has been a clear downward trend of teen pregnancy rates, but the trend is now reversing itself. The increase in birth rates for teenagers was true for all racial and ethnic groups.  Many suggest that the increase is attributable to abstinence-only sex education instituted during the Bush administration.  Funding for abstinence education doubled from 2000 to 2003 to $120 million.  By 2008, funding was at $176 million.  Significantly the focus on abstinence and the shifts in pregnancy occurred about the same time.

Bristol Palin’s pregnancy was particularly troublesome because Sarah Palin was her mother.  If Sarah wasn’t aware of the general information relating to teen pregnancies in the United States, surely she might have learned from her own mistakes.  Sarah was herself pregnant before marrying Todd (Benet 57). It was financially very difficult for the couple when they married, so this unplanned baby and marriage was less than ideal.  Todd and Sarah were unable to support themselves when first married and had to live with Sarah’s sisters.  Todd had to take a job working snow-removal trucks in Anchorage, working the red-eye shift (57).  At the time of Sarah’s marriage, she and Todd were not teenagers, and it was still very difficult.

Given Sarah and Todd’s experience, we expect that they would make sure that their children learned from the mistakes that they made.  Yet Bristol Palin acknowledges that she never had the “sex talk” with her mom or dad.  The failure of Sarah and Todd to have the “sex talk” with Bristol is even more egregious given the fact that Levi and Bristol where sharing a room in the Palin house.  According to Levi, Sarah “probably knew” they were having sex.

Even before Palin became John McCain’s running mate, she seemed worried about what a grandchild would do to her political career. According to Johnston, she had a plan for how to handle her daughter’s unexpected pregnancy, which was to adopt the grandchild as her own.  Why would Sarah Palin accept the nomination by John McCain, knowing how hard this would be on her family?  (Heilemann and Halperin 360) Sarah was specifically asked, “Have you thought about the impact on your family?  Would you be 100% committed to this project going forward?”  (360) Sarah’s answered, “Yes, 100%” (361).

Yet in Going Rogue, Palin describes Bristol’s shock and horror when the media became aware of her pregnancy, “Mom!  The whole world knows about this.  It’s bad enough that Wasilla knows, but now the whole world knows” (Palin 234). Palin’s re-telling of this story suggests that she and Bristol were victims of unfair media hype.  She would have us feel sorry for her and Bristol.  I feel sorry for Bristol for having such an ignorant mother who was so self-centered that she put her own ambition ahead of the interest of her child.  I don’t feel sorry for Palin.  She was warned about the impact of the publicity on her family, and knowingly accepted the nomination of John McCain.

Not only are Bristol and Levi not married, or living happily ever after, but they are now in the midst of a lawsuit over custody rights of their child.   Bristol previously admitted in a nationally televised interview, that abstinence was not realistic.  Now that Bristol identifies herself as a “born again virgin,” she has become an Abstinence Ambassador for the Candies foundation. Upon questioning by Oprah, she is confident that she wants to refrain from sexual intimacy until marriage. Bristol has now stated that “abstinence is practical and very realistic for some people”, and that she does believe it is a do-able, modern day approach to pregnancy prevention.

Her position on pre-marital sex once again, reflects an unrealistic view of human sexuality.  The vast majority of Americans have sex before marriage.  Not only is this true today, but it has been true for 70 years.  Nearly 9 in 10 women born in the ‘40’s had sex before marriage.  According to a national survey, 95% of women in the United States today have had sex before marriage.  Thus it would be quite unusual if Bristol refrains from sexual intimacy before marriage.  Palin failed her daughter before Bristol’s pregnancy, and is now failing her once again by encouraging Bristol to promote the idea that she will refrain from a sexual relationship before marriage.

Webster defines “prostitute” as a person who “deliberately debases himself for money or other consideration…a person who deliberately lowers his standards for financial gain.”  Webster’s Third New International Dictionary.   Sarah Palin seems to have no standards for herself if money is involved.  She is willing to associate herself with bowlers and liquor distributors in Las Vegas, if the price is right.  By example, Sarah has taught Bristol that if the price is right you can say anything.  Bristol is making a significant income for a single mom with no college experience. She has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, has sold pictures of her baby for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and she now gives speeches for thousands of dollars to promote the importance of abstinence. Sadly Bristol seems to have learned from her mother, that if the price is right, it is perfectly acceptable to debase herself.  Thus the only thing wrong with Bristol is her mother.

I feel sorry for Bristol Palin because Sarah Palin is her mom.  Trying to be sensitive to the difficulty that Bristol must face, I have refrained from dedicating an entire article to Bristol.  When Sarah Palin suggested that the pregnancy would all be O.K., because Levi and Bristol were going to be married, I didn’t comment.  When the Palins sold pictures of Bristol’s baby for $300,000.00, I made only passing remarks.  When Bristol stated in an interview that “abstinence was not realistic”, I commented only regarding Sarah Palin.  Yet the recent news about a feature in Harper’s Bazaar relating to Bristol Palin was too much for even me.

I can’t fault Bristol for taking advantage of people who are willing to pay her thousands of dollars to give speeches, interviews or take her picture.  I fault every company who has taken advantage of her teenage pregnancy for the sake of a buck.

Consider what is happening in our country.

Our society has focused publicity, magazine articles, television interviews, and celebrity status on Bristol Palin that she would never have had if she had not had a baby.  Her personal wealth is directly attributable to the fact that she had a baby out of wedlock as a teenager.  Obviously we are rewarding Bristol for having a baby instead of pursuing a career, an education, and/or an enduring relationship with a man.   Unquestionably we are rewarding and celebrating the fact that Bristol Palin was not abstinent, and didn’t use birth control.  Unquestionably we are making Bristol wealthy because she used poor judgment and acted irresponsibly.  Perhaps it is time that WE refrain from poor judgment and irresponsibility.

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