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Most people would call this child molestation, sexual abuse, and/or rape. In some countries they call this marriage.

1. In 2012 the UN reported that 1/3 of girls in developing nations are married before their 18th birthday. One out of nine will be married before their 15th birthday.

2. The World Health Organization reports that one million girls under 15 are giving birth every year. Their pelvis’ are too small for child bearing. They are 5 times as likely as women 20 and over, to die during child birth or pregnancy. If the child does survive they may suffer from fecal and urinary incontinence.

3. Over 60% of these girls have no education.

child marriage india

In the United State we are more sophisticated. Our teen mothers are not girls married off for money. They are girls like Bristol Palin who just decide to be mothers before marriage. Note …there is a difference between deciding to have premarital sex, and getting pregnant. Getting pregnant requires the decision NOT to use contraceptives. Remember, Bristol wanted to get pregnant.

The rate of teen pregnancy is no better in many deep red states such as Mississippi (55 percent), Texas (42 percent) and Georgia (45 percent) than blue states like California (40 percent), New York (41 percent) and Massachusetts (34 percent). Clearly this is not a problem caused by liberals preaching free love, or teens turning orgiastic when they have access to free condoms.

The irony is that conservatives have long warned about the breakdown of the American family. There is a social cost when faith triumphs over science, when celebrities peddle nonsense and when that ignorance is foisted on the rest of us as policy. Yes, Bristol, actions have consequences. The fact that she wanted to get pregnant out of wedlock is frightening. It seems she doesn’t care if society has to support she and her children. Here are the facts:

1. About 4 out 10 children were born to unwed mothers. Nearly two-thirds are born to mothers under the age of 30.2

2. Of all single-parent families in the U.S., single mothers make up the majority.

3. According to U.S. Census Bureau,3 out of about 12 million single parent families in 2014, more than 80% were headed by single mothers.

4. Today 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 — a total of about 17.4 million — are being raised without a father and nearly half (45%) live below the poverty line.

5. For those living with father only, about 21% live in poverty. In contrast, among children living with both parents, only 13% are counted as poor.

bristol pregnant on DWTS

bristol pregnant on DWTS

Let me begin by clearly stating my biases. I have written two books on Sarah Palin, and lost money on them. I have written on this blog for 4½ years and have never earned a penny for my time. I have a suit pending in Federal Court, to attempt to uncover the truth about the Palins, and have incurred over $30,000 dollars in attorney fees. I have received death threats. My family has been threatened. Just this week, I received a copy of a complaint filed by a “concerned citizen” with the Texas Bar asserting that I was practicing law without a license. I was unable to respond as there was no return address given by this “concerned citizen.” The citizen wasn’t concerned enough to get their basic facts right, as a single phone call to the Texas Bar would have confirmed that I am an active member in good standing. I have never had a complaint filed against me, and never had an ethics violation filed. Yet this “concerned citizen” copied Sarah Palin on this letter. Certainly, this coward, who was unwilling to disclose his name or address, was predictably, a Palin supporter.

Today an article written by David French appears in the National Review. The first paragraph of this article is strangely similar to the first paragraph of an article he wrote last fall defending Bristol after her “f” tirade at the Palin family brawl. Both articles devote the entire first paragraph to the accomplishments of he and his wife. Anyone reading either article would have been drawn to the article to read about poor pathetic Bristol Palin, who has been victimized by the liberal elites. However Mr. French advertises himself at the outset, having used Bristol’s name to garner attention.

If you read far enough to get past the personal advertisement, Mr. French’s defense of Bristol is focused on her advocacy of both abstinence and birth control to prevent teen pregnancy. Mr. French writes:

The grace of God gives us not just the humility to acknowledge failure and disappointment but also the resolve to face an uncertain or intimidating future.”

Thus Mr. French refers to Bristol’s pregnancy as a “failure” and a “disappointment.” I guess he forgot to check Bristol’s blog . She didn’t seem to have been given the “grace of God” when she referred to the “giddy assholes” in her blog post. When she called people who criticized her “giddy assholes” she didn’t seem to be seeking enlightenment, but instead vengeance. Most importantly, Mr. French seems to have missed the part where Bristol declared this was a “planned” pregnancy. She WANTED to get pregnant. Bristol wasn’t abstinent. Bristol wasn’t using birth control. She was a single woman who WANTED to get pregnant.

Bristol has made it clear that this was not a “failure” but a victory. It was not a “disappointment” but a time to be proud that she achieved her goal. Mr. French must not have realized that Bristol’s goals had changed.

Bristol got what she wanted…another child out of wedlock. People, like myself, who have written about Bristol’s pregnancy are not “haters”. I don’t hate Bristol. What I hate is the hypocrisy of being an advocate for abstinence, making money off people who believe in what she is saying, but living a completely different life. What I hate is a person trying to generate publicity for himself by using Bristol’s pregnancy to get attention. What I hate even more is defending Bristol’s “failure” and “disappointment” by arguing that she advocated both abstinence and contraception. Obviously she didn’t practice abstinence, or use contraception, because she wanted to get pregnant, and she did.

Thank God Britol avoids “situations.”

This is certainly a “less than ideal” situation.

bristol oct 10, 2010

bristol pregnant in white shirt

The internet is filled with scandal this morning. Bristol Palin has announced that she pregnant once again…out of wedlock. But you knew that. We knew in May there was something terribly wrong with her engagement to Dakota Meyer. Pregnancy was one of three things that could have explained this rushed engagement!

The really interesting thing is that Bristol hasn’t said when she is due or who is the father. Time will tell but I predict she will have a “premature”-on time delivery, and we’ll never know who the real father is. Wait, that reminds me of some other Palins.


sarah trig 7

Two things come to mind. First is the interview she did with Oprah.

The second is that December 8th may now become the day we celebrate the blessed immaculate conception of a child born to Mary and Bristol.

immaculate conception

Maybe Sarah should write another letter to herself from God explaining how this is really a blessing, and He won’t give the Palins something they can’t handle. Maybe Sarah could revive the SarahPalin channel by posting videos of Bristol’s pregnancy, and the actual birth of her child.

palin bristol engagement

When Bristol and Dakota Meyer became engaged, media sources across the country publicized the news on the first pages. Sarah, Bristol, and Dakota were posting on Facebook every day about the news. Some of us thought that the engagement was much more of a media stunt than an indication of the plans of Dakota and Bristol for the future. We learned about Range 15,the movie for which Dakota was trying to raise money. Now we know that the engagement worked. Even though the wedding has been called off, Dakota Meyer accomplished his goal. He has become a celebrity. His Facebook hits tell the story. Here is a graph of the number of people who visited Dakota’s Facebook.

dakota meyer facebook page graph

Until the announcement of the break-up, Dakota enjoyed a rising number of people visiting his Facebook. Immediately after the announcement on the 19th, there has been a dramatic drop in people interested in him. Perhaps what is most troubling to Dakota about the break-up, is that nobody is interested in him now that he is no longer living with the born-again-virgin.

Perhaps what is most troubling to Bristol about the break-up is that her trial-divorce attorney in Alaska can’t represent her in Kentucky.

bristol and levi

bristol palin promoting abstinence

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