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This article is Part III of the discussion of the Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF). The previous articles are here.  In these articles the unequivocal facts indicate that Rick Perry, through the Texas Technology Fund has diverted tax payer money to his supporters. The State has produced virtually no accounting, and state auditors have cited over 20 infractions of common accounting practices regarding the fund. The Governor’s office hung up on me when I tried to get basic information relating to any revenue paid to the state by recipients of millions of dollars in state funds. E-mails were not returned. It has been one week since I made phone calls and placed e-mail inquiries to the Office of the Governor,  the Emerging Technology Fund, and to the Governor’s press office.  No information has been provided, no return calls have been placed, no return e-mails have been forthcoming.

This final article documents just a few of the outrageous payments of money to specific donors of Rick Perry. Undoubtedly there are many more examples, but it is difficult to connect the donors and recipients of the money, as the recipients are companies, and it is difficult or impossible to determine the identity of all the people associated with the recipients of the millions of dollars given out by the Texas Emerging Technology fund.

1. Charles Tate has donated a total of $424,000 to Perry. Tate had investments in ThromboVision, which was awarded $1.5 million from ETF on 4/20/07. ThromboVision declared bankruptcy on 9/2/10. Shortly before the declaration of bankruptcy, Charles Tate donated $100,000 to Perry’s campaign on 5-25-10.  ETF did not know about bankruptcy filing until it was reported in the news. .

Tate also had investments in OrthoAccel Technologies, which was awarded $750,000 on 2/2008 from the ETF.

Mr. Tate also started the Texas Life Sciences Center for Innovation and Commercialization which vets applicants for ETF.  Hence Mr. Tate himself, has become an integral part of the process of approving companies who are awarded millions of dollars of tax payer monies.  Perhaps Governor Perry thought it would be convenient to consolidate the process of applying for state money and the awarding of state money in the same person to limit the expense associated with reviewing an application.  After all, who better to know whether Mr. Tate’s companies should be awarded tax dollars, than Mr. Tate himself?

2. Charles Miller has donated $125,000 to Perry and also had investments in ThromboVision.

3. Phil Adams has donated $315,000 to Perry.   Adams also went to Texas A&M with Perry. Adams had investments in Terrabon, which was awarded $2.75 million from ETF on 7/30/10.

 Adams has also employed Perry’s children, given Perry Big 12 tickets, and provided transportation and lodging for games.

4. James Leininger has donated $265,000 to Perry and is investor in Gradalis, which was awarded $1.75 million from ETF on 2/2009.

Leininger has also taken Perry on hunting trips, paid for Perry’s airfare, room and board and given Perry tickets to Spurs game.

5. John McHale has donated $50,000 to Perry and is an investor in Gradalis.

6. Joe Aragona, general partner at Austin Ventures, donated $80,000 to Perry. His donations included the $25,000.00 award of  6/29/2006.

Austin Ventures was invested in, and had board members on, NanoCoolers, which received $3 million on 3/2009 from ETF. The company closed 8 months later on 11/2009. 

7. William McMinn has donated $152,000 to Rick Perry. McMinn had investments in Carbon Nanotechnologies, which was awarded $975,000 from ETF. 

8. David Nance has donated $80,000 to Rick Perry. Mr. Nance had only $1,000 of his own money invested in Convergen, it received $4.5 million from ETF in 2009. 

The regional panel that reviewed Convergen’s application turned down the company’s $4.5 million request when it presented its proposal on Oct. 7, 2009. But Mr. Nance appealed that decision directly to a statewide advisory committee (of which Mr. Nance was once a member) appointed by Mr. Perry. Just eight days later, on Oct. 15, a subcommittee unanimously recommended approval by the full statewide committee. On Oct. 29, the full advisory committee unanimously recommended the approval of Convergen’s application. When asked why the advisory committee felt comfortable recommending Convergen’s grant, Lucy Nashed, a spokesperson for Mr. Perry, said that the committee “thoroughly vetted the company.” “Lucy” was one of the people in Governor Perry’s office that did not return my calls or e-mails, even though the Director of the ETF sent me an e-mail confirming that she would be calling me back.

9. Charles Amato has donated $32,000 to Perry. He had investments in Seno Medical Instruments, which received $2 million in ETF money.

10. Young Turks cites others.

This detailed analysis demonstrates a pattern or routine of Rick Perry and the Texas Emerging Technology Fund of giving away taxpayer money to supporters of Rick Perry. Thus Rick Perry used tax payer money to support his campaign for Governor, and now President. No wonder Rick Perry has so much money for his campaign. No wonder Rick Perry has been elected Governor of Texas for three terms. In Texas we have the best government that money can buy, and that’s a pathetic government.

As applicants to the Texas Emerging Technology Fund present their applications to Rick Perry, they likely feel like they are watching an excerpt of Jerry McGuire.

The only difference between Rick Perry and Cuba Gooding Jr. is hair.

Do you know the difference between Sarah Palin and a Pit Bull? By her own admission, lipstick! Palin seemed to think she was very clever at the Republican Convention when she told that joke. The truth is that Pit Bulls are a dangerous breed of animal!

Pit Bulls are the breed of dog responsible for the greatest number of human deaths. Thirty-two percent of human deaths from dogs are from pitbulls. Rotweillers are responsible for the second greatest number of human deaths, and they account for almost half as many at 18%.  Pit Bulls are so dangerous that a large number of jurisdictions have enacted breed-specific legislation due to the number of deaths.

Dangerous” is how some would describe Sarah Palin. In case there had been any confusion about the dangerous character of her rhetoric, Gabby Giffords herself commented on violence provoking rhetoric, and Sarah Palin in particular.  The families of the six people who were killed in Arizona would agree with Palin’s characterization of herself as a “pit bull.” Even her bus tour has been criticized as dangerous. Up to 15 cars transporting media and reporters are closely following her bus because she has refused to notify the press about her schedule. It has even been called the “Dangerous Mystery tour.

For over two years we have listened to Palin’s repeated and unrelenting attacks on Barack Obama. From his handling of the Gulf Oil Spill to producing pictures of Osama bin Laden’s body, Palin is credited with the most prolific attacks on, and disrespect of, Barack Obama. Now the pit bull has turned on her own kind. With the Republican primary ahead, Palin knows only how to operate in attack mode, so that is now her approach against her fiercest competitor in the Republican primary, Mitt Romney. In a recent poll, Palin andRomney each have 16% of the Republicans surveyed.

Romney was in New Hampshire when he made his announcement that he would run for the GOP nomination in 2012. While on her bus tour, Palin acknowledged that she plans to visit New Hampshire. Even though she doesn’t believe in coincidences as explained in Going Rogue, Palin now says that the timing of her trip to New Hampshire is purely coincidental. However the pit bull came out when Palin attacked Romney in New Hampshire the same day that Romney was in New Hampshire to make the announcement. Attacking Romney on health care, the pit bull said:

““In my opinion any mandate coming from government is not a good thing,”

“[E]ven on a state level and even a local level, mandates coming from a governing body, it’s tough for a lot of us independent Americans to accept, because we have great faith in the private sectors and our own families, and our own businessmen and women making decisions for ourselves.”

Twisting the political knife in a bit further Palin said that appealing to the tea party will be a “big challenge” for Romney.

By way of contrast Mitt Romney has gone to great lengths not to attack Sarah Palin.

Some Democrats have been hopeful that Palin would run against Obama, thinking Palin would be the easiest of the GOP candidates to beat.  Up until this point I had focused on the ease with which Obama could demonstrate that Sarah Palin was ignorant, unqualified, and incompetent. However those of us opposed to Palin may realize an additional benefit of having her run in the primary. With a pit bull loose in the GOP primary we may see attacks on every GOP candidate who runs against Sarah Palin. The fact that the pit bull only has one gear, that of attack, she may help Obama win the 2012 election with lethal attacks on every GOP candidate. Her most recent attack on Mitt Romney sends a clear message: she is running, and she is only concerned with her own election, rather than helping the GOP. As with the race in Alaska between Murkowski and Miller, Sarah Palin is only focused on her own agenda, rather than helping the GOP. Her bite may be fatal to the GOP. Even if Palin doesn’t ultimately win the GOP nomination, the fatality of her bite may prove to be lethal to the Republican Party.

Mark Halperin is the co-author of Game Change.  He, like many of us, perceives that Palin may actually run in the 2012 race.

M just sent this link with some great images from the bus tour.  Gotta See These!  Thanks “M”.



Newsmax is known for offering discounts on Palin books, and helping promote the “Palin” name.  However today Newsmax makes its position clear that they favor Bachmann over Palin for 2012.  It’s funny that for the last two years Newsmax has made money off of Sarah Palin, but now that the next election is on the line, Newsmax makes it clear from this article that Palin is not their choice.

This is an interesting round table discussion regarding Sarah Palin. They agree that the world is not big enough for Bachmann and Palin. They also report that Democrats would be thrilled to have Palin as the opponent of Obama. She is not a strong candidate in the general election, and what she is doing will not broaden her base. Thus there is real question about what she is doing and why.


Steven Levingston of the Washington Post discusses Frank Bailey’s book on Palin. He quotes Blind Allegiance as describing Palin as “erratic” “vindictive” and “unethical.”

He quotes from the book that “Palin’s priorities and personality are …”not only ill suited to head a political party or occupy national office, but would lead to a disaster of, well, biblical proportions.”  We already knew that, but it’s nice to get confirmation from someone other than Steve Schmidt and John McCain.

There are three things we can be sure of…taxes, death, and that Sarah Palin won’t declare if she’s going to run for President in 2012. As soon as the election of 2008 was over we listened as reporters began asking questions about whether she would run. As early as Dec. 2008 we knew that McCain would NOT endorse her. However whether she was qualified and who would endorse her never seemed to be relevant to Palin’s consideration. Of the many things Palin has said over the last two and one half years, she never indicated that part of her deliberation would be to assess whether she was qualified. She never suggested that if the leaders of the GOP sought her out, that she would consider running.

Sarah Palin has indicated that her decision might be based upon: (1) overcoming the “warped and perverted description” of her record,  (2) Palin’s assessment that it’s time a “woman became president”  (3) whether she perceives that God has opened a door or (4) if in her wisdom she thinks it is the “right thing to do for our country.”

Palin has been asked so many times whether she will run, that we know that when she finishes speaking we will not know the answer, but will simply hear another reason why people should elect her when she does announce. Now in the long and colorful list of responses to this burning question Palin has mentioned “good” “traditional things about America” and our “free enterprise system. ” Whatever the “right track” is, she wants to get us on it. . Sarah Palin has made the memorable statement that she has that “fire in her belly.”

Sarah was not specific about the degree, severity, or specific location of the “fire” in her “belly”. The first and most effective remedy for indigestion is a simple antacid.

If over-the-counter antacids don’t remedy this burning sensation, perhaps Palin should seek help from her therapist. Maybe she needs to adjust her medications?

Previously I have documented behaviors attributable to Sarah Palin that were consistent with Bi-polar disorder.  In the book Game Change, there were 25 adjectives or phrases used to describe behavior of Sarah Palin that was consistent with Bi-polar disorder. Another post related to a tongue disorder known as “Tardive dyskinesia” that was associated with Seroquel, the leading drug for treatment of Bi-polar disorder. Another common side effect of Seroquel is abdominal pain.

Lithium is one of the oldest and cheapest mood-stabilizing mediations for bipolar disorder. Abdominal pain is also one of the side effects associated with Lithium.

Americans do not want Sarah Palin to decide to run for President for the wrong reasons. We don’t want her to run because she thinks it will boost her speaking fees. We don’t want her to run so she can get an upgrade in her living quarters. We don’t want her to run because she wants to fly on bigger private planes. We don’t want her to run so that she can see the world. We also don’t want her to run thinking that the burning in her stomach is anything other than a side effect from her medication. That fire presents a significant danger to our country.

Let’s work together to put that fire out. Only YOU can prevent fires!

He didn’t say “I could have been a contender” and he didn’t say he was fired. He didn’t say that he knew he was a “quack” that he would never be elected.  He didn’t say that he knew Obama would be re-elected,so why try?   He simply said what we already knew, which is that he was more interested in making money than running for President.

Sarah Palin has established herself as interested more in money and less in public service.

Resigning as Governor would be just one example of Sarah’s focus on money. Certainly Levi Johnston said:

“I had assumed she was going to go back to her job as governor, but a week or two after she got back she started talking about how nice it would be to quit and write a book or do a show and make “triple the money.” It was, to her, “not as hard.” She would blatantly say, “I want to just take this money and quit being governor.”  She did quit being Governor,and she has raised millions of dollars personally and through her PAC.

The SaraPAC has raised millions of dollars over the last two years. More PAC money has been used to purchase Palin’s own book, than to support political candidates. In this way PAC money was used to personally benefit Palin . There seems to be no end to requests for contributions. The PAC has even requested money for a “Surprise Birthday Party and gifts” for Sarah, even though they had at the time $1.3 million dollars on hand.

Today the SarahPAC is sending about 400,000 direct mail solicitations to raise money for her political action committee titled “2012 Can’t Come Fast Enough.”  Perhaps Palin is taking advantage of Huckabee’s announcement to bow out of the race. Perhaps she is thinking that donors will be more likely to donate money now thinking that her poll numbers are less important because those polls favored Huckabee over her. So even if Palin does not plan to run, and instead plans to run away, she is wise to solicit as much as she can NOW.

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